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Sad hotel's fear: Yes, it's sad that apparently we can't control the fear inside someone else, justified or not, and this can cause misunderstanding and misconception of the reality. Sadly, it seems to occurs with paranoia at hotel's managers.
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rich-c: hello Robert
BobS: lo Richard
BobS: do we have the hotel ironed out????
rich-c: not fully but it's more their delay than mine
rich-c: let's say I'm waiting for stuff from them so if there is any delay it's their choice
BobS: ok I gave Daniel a copy of a registration form to use for convention. I will put your name and address on the bottom for sending monies, OK ??
BobS: then we can publish it to the list
rich-c: yes, that is how it should be
BobS: ok will finalize it, put it up on the ANN website and then send ti Daniel and he can put it out to the ADAM mailing list
rich-c: I will pay the hotel their fees them take reimbursement from the registrations
rich-c: in fact I will have to pass some on to Daniel for other expenses
rich-c: we haven't firmly settled on the lunch yet, I'm assuming a sandwich and salad platter will do
BobS: or just be the financial guru, pay the bills, and then straighten out the totals after convention
rich-c: no, Daniel can't prepay teh meeting room or lunches, I don't think he evenhas a credit card
BobS: he doesn't
rich-c: he certainly can't afford to cover the advance payments the hotel seems to be demanding
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BobS: my thoughts, he gets the big credits for organizing the convention, you handle the cash and bills, and I can help out with whatever
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
BobS: he Guy
BobS: hey
BobS: how's life in the big city????
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Were in for a warm spell. Forties by Friday
BobS: no kidding, us also, SPRING IS HERE
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BobS: was forty here today
changed username to Judy
rich-c: every Adamcon has always been a group effort, this one will be too
Guy B.: Thought I let you all know Jeanene's surgery went fine and she is home
BobS: yup
BobS: cool
Guy B.: Hi Judt
Judy: hi, Guy and Rich
rich-c: hi Judy
Guy B.: Judy
Judy: that is good to hear Guy
BobS: judy, judy, judy..............................
rich-c: that is terrific, Guy, that is no trivial operation
rich-c: I think we saw 7C today - that would be around 45F
Guy B.: It was an outpatient procedure and a friend of ours who is a nurse, stayed overnight with her to help her go to the bathroom at home
Judy: that helps her
rich-c: so now all she has to worry about is the cost
BobS: our long range olutlook shows no storms on the way
BobS: BUT we are not stupid, we will have some snow, but spring is coming
rich-c: ditto, we are clear till next Monday
Judy: us too just maybe some rain in the forecast
rich-c: when I looked at the radar today, there was not a dot of precip showing anywhere in range
rich-c: in fact in the whole province there were barely two little patches
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rich-c: check
BobS: you the undefined????
rich-c: was playing around, just wanted to be sure I was still on
rich-c: no, that I was not into
BobS: never found out why last week was such a pain in the .........
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rich-c: I have suspicions that tehre was something funny with the way Java loaded
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changed username to Daniel
BobS: did yo reload?
rich-c: hello Daniel
BobS: Hi Daniel
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Daniel: hello GuyB, Jusy, Rich and Bob
Daniel: who is undefined?
Daniel: whi is gone?
Judy: hi, Daniel
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rich-c: Daniel, I have not heard anything from the hotel this week - have they complained to you?
Daniel: I've got no phone or email fomr them after you talked with them.
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changed username to Golly G. Foster
BobS: me neither........ ;-)
rich-c: OK, maybe they have figured out that there is no need for urgency
Guy B.: Well, there is Guy F
Golly G. Foster: hello
BobS: by golly holly, look who is here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: their problem seems to be their management is paranoid
Golly G. Foster: :D
Judy: hi, Guy
rich-c: hello, GuyF
Guy B.: Where have you been my friend?
Golly G. Foster: Bonsoir Judy, Rich, Bob et Guy B!
Daniel: Guy?! Belle surprise!
Golly G. Foster: Me? Been around, just too tired to chat on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM.
rich-c: according to their website, they want photo ID for every guest!
Judy: before we get there
Golly G. Foster: Allo Dan! :)
rich-c: no, I think when you register
Judy: okkkkk
Golly G. Foster: Where's Pam?
Judy: and why?
rich-c: she usually doesn't make it until about 10, Guy
rich-c: they are crazy - literally paranoid type nuts
Judy: or just want proof of who stays in their hotel
BobS: so am I, but I am working on being kinder and gentler
rich-c: can you believe that with four months to clear it, they want photocopies of my credit card - both sides?
Judy: thought you got around that
rich-c: no, but I made my displeasure very clear
BobS: tellthem it doesn't have any money available and tellthe credit card company ot freeze it
rich-c: next step will be to complain to the Quebec Human Rights commission
rich-c: all that will do is lose us our convention site, Bob
Golly G. Foster: Sorry to hear you guys are having issues with the hotel Dan chose...
rich-c: in fairness, of the five hotels in the immediate area, it is likely the best for our purposes
rich-c: I harddly see their head problems as Daniel's fault, Guy - especially as they aren't at the level Daniel was dealing
Golly G. Foster: Never said it was Daniel's fault.
Golly G. Foster: It clearly seems to be an issue with the administration and the way they run things.
BobS: things will work out and we will see Montreal Afterall
rich-c: exactly
Golly G. Foster: Hope they won't be annoying once we are there.
rich-c: the regular staff I talked to seemed pleasant and cooperative, and eager to please
BobS: heckno, once we are there, we will have to much fun to bother with them
rich-c: maybe on a day off you could go over and quietly case the joint, warn us if there are trouble signs
rich-c: by the way, are they still part of the Best Western chain?
Golly G. Foster: I don't even know the hotel that we ended up choosing. :)
Golly G. Foster: I have been actively looking around for restaurants for the banquet though and put Sandra up to the task as well.
rich-c: Chateauneuf de Laval
BobS: Chateau Laval
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BobS: yea that too
changed username to Meeka
Golly G. Foster: OK. It's not too far off from the Costco I usually go to...
BobS: hi Meeka
Meeka: hi everyone
rich-c: hello Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
Daniel: hello Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Daniel: and whoe is undefined?
Golly G. Foster: Did you guys choose a sidetrip that you would like to go see? (Biodome, botanical gardens, Expo 67 island, etc...)
Daniel: if it's someone at the hotel : "hello! please talk!"
rich-c: a buddy of mine says the women will love the Carrefour Laval just down the road
BobS: and undefined individual
Golly G. Foster: Carrefour is an awesome shopping mall!
rich-c: he told me it makes our Yorkdale mall look second-rate
Golly G. Foster: Yeah, it is really high class. I never go there. Too expensive. :)
BobS: we could go drive the mall people nuts
rich-c: Guy, please remember that neither Jean nor I can travel on public transport
Daniel: Question : what is usually the budget for an ADAMCon banner?
BobS: got a call from Jean and they are planning on coming
rich-c: I don't kn ow - the Wick brothers made ours free
Golly G. Foster: We have roads in Montreal that lead to all of these places. :)
BobS: we paid $35 us last year
Golly G. Foster: If not, not too far off there is the "Cosmodome"... very close to the hotel.
rich-c: I have driven in Montreal - it is not an experience I am too eager to repeat
Daniel: and the banner last summer was about 24"x36", right?
BobS: about that I guess, there is not set size it needs to be
rich-c: and you can't get to Expo57 by car, it's Metro only
rich-c: soryy, Expo67
Daniel: well, only 10 years of difference
Golly G. Foster: There is an entrance off of the Jacques-Cartier bridge that brings you there with a parking... I go there often by car.
Golly G. Foster: But it's always better to take public transport.
Golly G. Foster: Perhaps the botanical gardens / biodome would be better suited then, since there is lots of parking close to the site.
rich-c: at our ages, Guy, any attempt to use public transit risks fatal injury
Golly G. Foster: But it's up to the organizing commity to decide!!!
Daniel: So, we need a neat place to visit, with a lot of parking, and not goes there by metro or bus
rich-c: I'm game for anything, though I prefer not to get into central city traffic
Golly G. Foster: Like I said, the Cosmodome is real close to the hotel, tons of parking and they have group rates. Dan, you should look into it, it's an interesting place.
rich-c: what does it offer, Guy?
Golly G. Foster: Also, there is no traffic since it's in Laval... we don't have to go into town.
Golly G. Foster:
Daniel: So, are we going to the cosmodome? well, it fits with teh space oddysseay theme.
Golly G. Foster: It's a Space Museum...
rich-c: and Guy, I have pulled a trailer through Montreal and over the bridge and through Longeuil, so I have experience
Golly G. Foster: I try to avoid the south shore (Longueuil)
Golly G. Foster: Dan: Yeah, it would fit the "Space" theme. Indeed.
rich-c: it's where we stayed when we visited Expo 67
Golly G. Foster: Oh, you were there for Expo 67? Cool... I wish I could have seen it, but I was 5 years away from being born. :)
Meeka: mom, doug wants to know when would be good to drop by for a haircut
Judy: tomorrow would work
rich-c: I was 37 when we went there, so could get full benefit
Daniel: I was not alive yet in 1967
Golly G. Foster: Nice... a memory that lasts a lifetime.
Meeka: he said that would work
Judy: and wonder if you would like to go to Meijer Garden to see the butterflies this week-end
Judy: will plan on that
rich-c: my first Worlds Fair was New York in 1939
Meeka: sure, sounds fun
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel: Hi Pam!
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Golly G. Foster: Rich: Will you be bringing down the trailer to Laval this year?
rich-c: OK Guy, Pam is here now - hi daughter
Pamela: I'm here
Golly G. Foster: Hi Pam...
Daniel: What do you think about a space museum?
Pamela: Hi Guy
BobS: morning Pamela
Pamela: evening, Robert
rich-c: no, I am trying to sell teh trailer as soon as possible - I can't handle it with my broken back
Golly G. Foster: Bring it down... I have space to park it. :)
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: HA good one
Pamela: Hi Judy
Judy: will talk about it tomorrow
Golly G. Foster: So Pam, not too irate from your parking experience of today?
Pamela: today was fine, it was yesterday that pi**** me off
Pamela: and Friday
rich-c: crowd at the GO station?
Pamela: film crew parking where they shouldn't be
Golly G. Foster: There was one day 2 months ago, where I arrived and there was NO parking at all, ANYWHERE. Had to park at Home Depot and walk for 15 minutes.... and then was scared I'd get towed. Got to work 1:30 hour late.
Pamela: not only taking up the paid spots but the free spots as well
Golly G. Foster: Can't wait for spring/summer to arrive so I can start biking to the subway again... I'll let someone park in the spot I usually take since they are so limited in parking space.
rich-c: yes, the city makes BIG bucks from filming rights and doesn't want to hear citizen complaints
Pamela: well they heard it from
Pamela: GO
Pamela: there was a supervisor there today
Pamela: however, there was no film crew today so no issue
Golly G. Foster: Dan: As-tu vu le site du Cosmodome?
Pamela: yesterday however, I got to the lot at 7:45 which should have been fine but every single space was full
Pamela: so I had to drive to Royal York station, pay to park there, and pay for my subway fare as well
rich-c: lovely
Golly G. Foster: At my lot, if you arrive past 6:15 AM, you are toast. No parking.
Pamela: yesterday cost me $11.23
Pamela: I was not a happy camper
Golly G. Foster: Can't you just take the bus/subway to work? Would it not be cheaper in the long run?
Pamela: actually, no Guy
Pamela: commuting by bus / subway would take me about an hour and a half
Golly G. Foster: Whereas by car?
rich-c: for a Laval commuter, what's the fastest/cheapest transport to central downtown Montreal?
Golly G. Foster: The subway. $2,75 directly to the downtown core.
BobS: jet plane
Pamela: assuming your bus shows up on time and can get through the traffic to the subway, you will then have to stand for another 35 minutes
Pamela: not my idea of a good time
BobS: yuck, RETIRE !!!!!
BobS: makes things aLOT easier
rich-c: Montreal has a fantastic network of commuter rail from the suburbs
Daniel: Well, it looks like Cosmodome is approximately 12$cnd+taxes per adult, and about 9$ for Rich, Frances and Jean.
Golly G. Foster: We have 2 subways stations in Laval now... they opened up 2 years ago approx.
Pamela: drive to the subway, $5 to park for the day, plus the gas it costs to get there and back plus the cost of the subway fare $3
Golly G. Foster: Sorry, 3 stations, not 2. :)
BobS: cost effective sidetrip Daniel
Golly G. Foster: They have group rates Daniel.
BobS: ummmm even better
Pamela: to take the GO train - six blocks from my place to the GO station, free parking (most of the time), 17 minutes from Weston to Union station
Pamela: one tank of gas a month if that
Golly G. Foster: I fill up twice a month and don't drive a lot... so you must not drive AT ALL.
Pamela: it's 8 km to drive to the nearest subway station
rich-c: and Guy, downtown Toronto is like downtown Montreal - sane people do not take cars there
BobS: naw she just gets GREAT mileage....or kilamage.....????
Golly G. Foster: I'm 4 Kms away from the nearest station... BUT in 10 years, I should have a station 800 M from my place. Yay.
Pamela: like I said, six blocks twice a day plus whatever trips for groceries etc = virtually no gas consumption
BobS: but lots of mufflers and tialpipes????
Pamela: not yet
Golly G. Foster: Actually Rich, I drive every single day (for my work) in downtown Montreal and it's really not that bad... It's the highway that's horrible to get out of the city in the evening.
Daniel: Well, I'm not sure guy... it looks like when they said a group they mean a group of school kids. But I'll check again to be sure
Pamela: still on the ones I had the day I got the truck
rich-c: huh, I filled up on New Years and still have 3/4 of the taank left
Golly G. Foster: What do you drive now Pam?
Pamela: yeah but you never go anywhere in the winter Dad
Pamela: 2002 Ford Escape, Guy
Golly G. Foster: Cool truck.
Pamela: oh yeah
Pamela: I love it
Golly G. Foster: 4X4 or the 2X4 version?
Pamela: 4 x 4
Golly G. Foster: Cool! :)
Pamela: which has come in handy a couple of times : )
Golly G. Foster: My winter beater truck is a 1998 Chevy Tracker and I love it as well! :)
Pamela: its a 3L V6
rich-c: though not this winter, when Guy and his buddies grabbed all our snow!
Golly G. Foster: Yeah, the Americans can keep the snow for next year too...
Pamela: smaller engine than the Taurus but not by much
Pamela: still lots of guts
rich-c: more powerful, though, by quite a bit
Pamela: city gas mileage ain't great but highway mileage is amazing
Daniel: well, we can make a reservation to get a deal for a guided visit.
Golly G. Foster: I have a 1.6L in my Tracker and it's more than enough for me.
Daniel: (sorry I'm still talking about the cosmodome web site)
Golly G. Foster: It's good Dan, check out the site and see if it would suit everyone. You know the requirements and budget.
rich-c: you will likely have to talk to them by phone, Daniel, but lots of time for that yet
Pamela: and interestingly enough, in direct opposition to the Taurus, it does not like the cold but the heat doesn't seem to bother it at all
Pamela: Daniel, did you tell Dad all the things that you put in the FB message to me?
Daniel: Well, they don't mention handicaped people, and the forfait for a group... at least for what I've seen so far. So I'll need to contact them to get info.
Pamela: which reminds me, I'm overdue for an oil change
Judy: oh, just walked to the kitchen just about did me in
rich-c: Guy, you know the area - can you gather some clues about nearby restaurants? we will need dinner out three days
Pamela: why Judy?
Daniel: ho no... well, I've said to Pam that I was thinking to be late, that Guy F willing to look for a restaurant, and Dale seems busy (not answering my messages).
Golly G. Foster: Ok 3 days of dinner and 1 evening for the banquet?
Judy: went to exercise this morning and haven
Judy: 't been in 3 weeks
Pamela: ahhhh
Pamela: gotcha
Daniel: Oh and Bob here did give me information about how it cost to print t-shirts where he did print the ones for ADAMCon 21.
Judy: been sick over here
Pamela: oh dear - colds?
Judy: ya, the one you can't get over for weeks
Pamela: oh, ick
Judy: coughed my head off
Daniel: And we need to check the registration form Bob did prepare based on the one for adamson 21.
rich-c: I think we will likely split into sub-groups for dinner, Guy - that is usually how it works
Golly G. Foster: Unfortunately, the closest Hooters bar and grill restaurant is in Longueuil... so we'll have to skip that one.
Pamela: I'm a firm believer in better living through pharmaceuticals
Pamela: the cough medicine became my best friend the last time I was sick
Daniel: except the banquet, all dinners are each one discretion, but having a bunch of suggested places is appreciate.
Golly G. Foster: OK, but what about lunch, during the adamcon?
Pamela: better to eat on site if we can Guy
Judy: didn't help a bit but ate cough drops like candy
Daniel: Lunch during the adamcon... Rich think we should eat at Subway, things like that.
BobS: I will get you the registration form Daniel, talked to Richard already about it
Pamela: y'all realize what this is becoming don't you?
Daniel: the lunch at the hotel to get a price cut for the meeting room is "not appealing".
rich-c: no, Daniel, I talked to Melanie and she can provide sandwiches and a salad/dip plate for very reasonable prices
BobS: uh effort
Pamela: it's the first ever AC organized by everyone
BobS: nno not the first, just one of
rich-c: we will also have to allow for drinks and munchies but that's for laterb- they have coffee, pop and juices
Judy: a vacation for all
Daniel: But, the rules of the hotel said no food at the meeting room from outside... but we can eat anything in our rooms.
Pamela: don't forget milk if possible Dad
Daniel: *not anything like the bed
Pamela: LOL Daniel
Daniel: And we have 2 birthdays... mine is friday, doug,s one is sunday.
Golly G. Foster: When is the Adamcon again? (dates)
Pamela: well, Guy will just have to bake a cake then : )
Pamela: 06 - 17 to 06 -20
Golly G. Foster: My son will turn 1 on 06 - 08.... a few days before... so include him in the birthday celebrations!
Daniel: starts the morning of friday, June 18. But generally people checkin the night before (June 17)
Pamela: well if we're stretching it, mine's the 26th : )
Golly G. Foster: OK, whoever has a birthday in June, we'll celebrate it at the Adamcon.
Pamela: works for me : )
Daniel: should we do teh celebration for eveyone during the banquet sunday? or two celebrations because one birthday is friday and the other one is sunday?
Pamela: just one for everyone Daniel
rich-c: makes sense to me
Judy: that will work
Golly G. Foster: I know a place in Montreal that gives you a few steak submarine if you show proof of your birthday.
rich-c: got a nice stout, Guy - Dieu de ciel peche mortel
Pamela: BTW who's our undefined?
Daniel: like a passport?
Daniel: I don't know who is undefined... maybe the hotel's staff
Judy: don't know been there a while
Golly G. Foster: Wish I could bring you on St-Denis street to a place called St-Boch. They have awesome "micro-brasseries" beers.
Daniel: or maybe it's this guy who did contacted me earlier this week who wanted to know more about a big coleco event.
Golly G. Foster: So, 3 months left till the con. Time passes fast!!! Anyways, gotta go to sleep, waaay past my bedtime. Nice to talk to everyone.
Pamela: gnite Guy
Pamela: nice to see you
rich-c: nite Guy
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: say hi to Sandra, and tell her we're looking forward to seeing her
Golly G. Foster: good night, I will, she's next to me taking care of baby, and she can't wait to see you guys too.
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Daniel: Well about only 2 months before knowing for sure who's coming and get our plans done for the event.
Pamela: time flies Daniel
Pamela: but you're getting things well in hand
Guy B.: Night Guy F
Daniel: bonne nuit GuyF
Daniel: too late
Guy B.: He's quick
Daniel: as a lightning
rich-c: Pamela, have you checked your email lately?
Pamela: last night, why?
rich-c: you got the forwards I sent you, then?
Pamela: oh yes, haven't opened them though - we were having 'net issues last night
Pamela: I did see the one about Susanne
Pamela: who is she?
Daniel: I still have to work on the poster... and I suppose I should consider that we'll use it also for the t-shirts... probably white t-shirts.
rich-c: yes, the net was really bogged
Pamela: (I mean, how is she related)
rich-c: she's your first cousin - professor at UBC
Daniel: The poster is also the banner... the idea came from teh fact that the previous banner did looks like a poster to me.
Daniel: same format
Daniel: bye Meeka
Meeka: ooops
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Pamela: Bob, does your tee contact have ladies T-shirts in plus sizes?
rich-c: nite Meeka
Guy B.: Bye Meeka
Meeka: darn key
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Daniel: Hi Dale!
Pamela: night Meeka
Guy B.: HI Dale
Pamela: Hi Dale
rich-c: hello Dale
Meeka left chat session
Judy: night Meeka see you tomorrow
BobS: got them last year, yes?????
BobS: same guy
Pamela: but those were mens
BobS: unisex shirts in vfarious sizes
Daniel: Soon or later, this Adamcon will have been organized by everyone... so before you all leave. Thank you, all of you.
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: can ask if he has 'womens'
rich-c: that's always the way it is, Daniel - consider the help your right
BobS: howy Dale
Pamela: was just wondering about a slightly more feminine version - the mens are often too high at the neck
BobS: tis just an ADAMcon tshirt my dear
Daniel: It's more than help, it's a COOP organisation where eveyone takes part of the decision and stuff.
Pamela: believe me Daniel, no man is an island
Pamela: I had more help than I can count
Pamela: it's our pleasure to return the favour
rich-c: yes, it's always been that way - in fact people geet quite upset if their help is turned down
BobS: yea
Daniel: ^.^; ok, note taken.
Judy: many hands make light work
Daniel: So, Bob and Rich - registration form
rich-c: actually, just Bob, I'm only the address where folks send their money
BobS: yes, will get it done!!!!! and forward to you for mailng list and whereever you want to put it put
Daniel: GuyF and Sandra - find a restaurant for the banquet (like he said earlier)
rich-c: and for teh other nights too, a fairly wide choice
BobS: easy is EVERYWHERE
rich-c: bet the Carrefour has a few nice ones, but pricey
BobS: Mickey D's is always available
BobS: we can find one is needs be
Daniel: the hotel staff will contact me again a month before the event to establish the final decision for the meeting room, lunch , etc. during these 3 days.
Judy: not for the banquet
rich-c: surprise, Bob - you will be in Quebec - it's very different
Daniel: I'm doing a poster-banner
BobS: AC11, AC15, AC10, AC16.......all done on the fly
rich-c: OK Daniel, you got my email about the lunch choices and prices?
Daniel: err... checking
rich-c: we will have to fine thing down there but Melanie strikes me as capable and obliging
Pamela: if you have a good relationship with the catering department, you're golden
Daniel: Rich, is it the part where you said that "I have told M. we'll consult on chat and let here know"
rich-c: well, they seem excessively generous with themselves on their markups, but they can be worked with
rich-c: yes, that is what I was referring to, Daniel. We need to decide what we want for lunch given what we have to spend on it
Daniel: the hotel's lunch menu ?
rich-c: what did she quote for coffee?
Daniel: coffee... you write here @ 17.95 per 10 cups
rich-c: the lunch menu will be whatever we want to buy and what we want to spend
Daniel: (thermos)
rich-c: yes, if you buy the coffee they throw in the makings for tea, too
Daniel: hmmm... so we take veggies platter and sandwiches... with 1 or 2 coffee thermos?
Daniel: seems reasonable
rich-c: how does everyone feel about a lunch of a sandwich plus a veggie/dip plate?
Daniel: we did something like that last summer, no?
Dale: the wraps weren't popular.
rich-c: Pam will have to answwer that
rich-c: Daniel, please remember - aucune de poisson!
Judy: yes, we had platters of meats and veggies and breads
Daniel: fish?
Dale: as long as there's water there. I don't really drink hot drinks with lunch.
rich-c: right - not sure if we are truly allergic or just react badly
Daniel: someone is fish intolerent?
Judy: don
Daniel: don't lick a stamp or an envelope then
Judy: 't know who
rich-c: Pamela and I, Russell I think, Frances mostly
Judy: keep hitting the return
Pamela: just not fans of fish, Daniel
Pamela: Russell is fine with it but I've never been able to eat it
Pamela: so if we have tuna, just make sure it's marked
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changed username to Bob
Dale: Hi Bob.
Bob: back again
Daniel: so... Russell, Pam and Rich don't like fish... do, no tuna and stuff in the sandwiches plates...
Judy: he got thrown out
Bob: give me dead cow
rich-c: right, Daniel
Bob: foroze up
Daniel: meat?
Bob: frose up
Bob: anyway you know aht I mean
Pamela: sandwiches, veggies / dip, maybe some fruit, juice, soda, coffee, tea and possibly milk
Bob: got jeffeyr down???
Judy: chicken,ham, turkey roast beef all work out better than tuna
Bob: tuna is for "Charloie" the tuna
Daniel: hmm... drinks seems limited. Except coffee, I've no information about price for juice...
rich-c: any, you can talk to Melanie abput whether we would want a deli platter (assorted means, and bread. separate;y, make our own) or individual snadwiches or sandwich plates
Pamela: remember Daniel, not everyone drinks coffee or tea
Dale: Eventually Bob.
Judy: if they don't offer it maybe we can bring it in
Daniel: Raise your hands those who drink coffee for lunch?
Pamela: I expect that will happen anyway Judy
rich-c: ask Melanie - you don't haveto decide tomorrow morning
Daniel: no one like coffee during lunch?
Judy: not Bob or I Daniel
rich-c: I do, Dan iel - get quite growly without it
Bob: they said we cn't bring food in, which usually means no wholesale food brought in....not the personal can of soda, etc
Daniel: and do someone may want coffee during the presentations?
rich-c: do recqall they have machines nearby in the hall for pop, maybe juice
Judy: only if it is cold in the room
Daniel: by phone she told me about a vending machine with various drinks and stuff to eat... probably quite expensive
Pamela: which I meant to ask, Daniel - is the hotel Coke or Pepsi, or do you know?
rich-c: you can ask about an extra pot of coffee in presentation periods, maybe even some cookies
Daniel: err.... Di dI've told you that you can eat anything you want, but in your room, so you can bring a soda you like and put it in your room for later, but there is no fridge.
Pamela: may I suggest?
Daniel: and you can't eat the bed, like I've said earlier.
Pamela: (well that's just no fun, Daniel!)
rich-c: that's OK we have our own poweered coller - will keep beer cold for days
Judy: too many germs in the bed anyay
Daniel: (well, I've said again "anything", and Dale wasn't there yet)
rich-c: anyway, if you have any taste for really seriously good beer, Quebec is at least sixth heaven
Dale: Where wasn't I?
Pamela: Daniel, if we have the hotel cater lunch, does that bring down the price of the meeting room?
Daniel: apparently, yes.
Pamela: okay
Judy: that would be good
Daniel: but not by much
Dale: So they watch us in bed in the hotel?
Pamela: factor that into your overall budget per person
Judy: that would help pay for the lunch
rich-c: o nly if we have a full Euoropean full three-course lunch @ $17. 95 pp + tax + gratuity
Pamela: set a price per person for lunch that you think is reasonable
Daniel: yes, and they want your id card with photo as soon as possible to be sure to identify you in the videos of the spycameras.
Dale: Ah of course.
Judy: that wouldn't be a reasonable lunch
Pamela: then give the catering manager that price per person and ask what they can offer us for it
Dale: Retinal scans are more accurate than finger print scans.
rich-c: they're a little [rimitive there, Dale, haven't discovered those yet
Pamela: and feel free to make suggestions such as those we've been discussing here
Daniel: but Dale, it's difficult to identify someone we see with a camera with only fingerprints.
rich-c: or else they are covert, which they well could be - they are seriosly paranoid there
Pamela: I suspect you will find that they are willing to work with you on it
Daniel: that's why this undefined person here makes me sick to not know who the hell is he or she.
Bob requested to ban <undefined>
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c: when's the last time you had to show photo ID to register at a North American hoteDale?
Dale confirmed ban
Bob: see, now they are gone
Daniel: feel better
Pamela confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
rich-c: or that they wanted photocopies of both sides of your credit card for the deposit?
Dale: I usually show them my drivers license.
Dale: It's not that unusual.
Dale: Maybe 40 to 50% of the time they ask to see your drivers license.
rich-c: I have never had any such request in my life
Daniel: I'm not against talking because we need to but I'm kinda tired now. So we'll take the sandwiches and veggies at the hotel during the 3 days? or just one or two days?
Dale: Although if they do a pre-authorization of your credit card, they are usually pretty satisfied.
rich-c: guess I look too affluent to risk insulting ; - )
Dale: I was hoping to go out to lunch at least once Daniel.
Bob: ok Daniel, we will get it done my man
Bob: keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
rich-c: we dont have to decide today, Dale, though we could give them the direction of our thinking
rich-c: next Wednesday is another day, and there's the coladam list
Daniel: we have a month to decide and precise our decisions.
Pamela: Daniel, we may have to have it in-house for all three days to get the discount on the meeting room for all three days
Dale: We were talking about going out to lunch on the Saturday maybe.
rich-c: there is no discount on acceptable terms, Pam
Dale: The discount isn't that deep.
Daniel: But rich seems to say that veggies and sandwiches are not in the deal for a price cut.
Bob: Richard has it handled
rich-c: that is right, but it saves us $200
Dale: But the lunch would be cheaper elsewhere.
Judy: we will go along with what you decide
Dale: And I get tired of sandwiches every day for lunch.
Daniel: well, they talked about lunch $15 per person or a kind of buffet $17 per person that can save $50 per day for the meeting room. but the veggies and sandwiches mentionned here seems to not be neither of these 2 choices.
Bob: roadtrip for lunch.......excellent adventure
Daniel: too bad then that the nearly restaurant will be a Subway
Daniel: *nearest
rich-c: the discount is $50, or $2,50 per person
Daniel: (I've told you that I'm tires now, I badly type words now... well, more than usual)
Bob: and hter will be others not too much further I am sure
Bob: time for bed.......
Guy B.: Bye Bob
Pamela: yes, time for bed for all of us
Daniel: I'm tires? wow!
rich-c: do we really want to spend $8.00 per person to save $2.50? that's no bargain
Bob: say HI to Jillian, Russell, Frances, and whoever else
Pamela: we will Bob
Bob: nite gang
Bob left chat session
Pamela: goodnite to you and Judy
Guy B.: Ok folks, same goes for me. Had a long day during this vacation week. See you all next week
Judy: night all
rich-c: nite Robert, Judy and all
Pamela: how's Jeanene, Guy?
Judy left chat session
rich-c: nite Guy
Guy B.: Surgery went well. She's home. Will be taking her to the doctor on Friday to remove her stitches
Pamela: good to hear : )
Pamela: give her our best please
Guy B.: Will do
Pamela: thanks and goodnight
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: I think the Slopsemas have the right idea
Pamela: think it's time for bed
rich-c: Daniel, keep in contact with the hotel, and keep us informed what happens so we can talk about it next week
rich-c: Pam, look at those emails, and give me a call soon
Pamela: will do Dad
Pamela: in the meantime, good night all
rich-c: OK, goodnight now, sleep tight
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Dale: I'm going to take off.
Dale: See ya.
rich-c: Dale, you have a stake in these decision, so do make sure Daniel has your input with copies elsewhere as appropriate
rich-c: meanwhile, goodnight!
Daniel: Bye Rich
Daniel: bye Dale
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Daniel: What should I say to the hotel this week?
Daniel: We didn't take a decision on anything so far
Dale: Not on anything?
rich-c: ask questions about the available lunch menus, as Pamela suggested
Daniel: well, nothing about the lunches
Dale: Did you reserve a block of rooms yet?
rich-c: ask casually about coffee break munchies - availability, price
Daniel: I've already asked for something like writing me back about a menu sample.
rich-c: they will do things off menu, Dan iel - ask
Daniel: the only mails I've got from them since my request was about the treasurer.
rich-c: reassure them that we will take 32 room nights
rich-c: they can talk to me since I will pay them
Daniel: So, you want me to phone them -or- write them?
rich-c: you may also tell them we will pay for the meeting rooms for the three days
rich-c: whatever you like,
rich-c: Daniel
Daniel: yes, rich?
Daniel: what are the important questions I should ask, if any?
Daniel: I was sure I did asked the questions
rich-c: let us be clear: the cost of the convention is only $6,400 roughly
rich-c: to you that is a tremendous sum, but to me it is not
rich-c: I will pay for the rooms in advance as required and collect from the others later
Daniel: The total with all the 32 night @ $94 + 3 days meeting room @ $250 + lunches (if we take them)?
rich-c: and if we come up short a night or two I will use it mysel;f
rich-c: in fact if we donm't I will buy extra
Daniel: what about telling people that if they want a rebate while staying at chateauneuf during this particular week-end to say that they came for the adamcon?
rich-c: yes, those add up to $6000 - 6500 I believe
Daniel: Well, since you said to let you deal with the money part, why should I intervine and ask if the cost will be roughly $6500?
Daniel: it's late and I don't catch up why
rich-c: OK - if people are for less than four days, figure out a per day figure that covers room, meeting room, lunch and day's activities
rich-c: set that as youir daily rate
rich-c: that will of course mean that they are getting the conven tion rate for the room anyway
rich-c: you don't have to ask them what the total cost will be, you can calculate it from the individual figures
Daniel: what about some people just pretending to be at the hotel for the adamcon... they may help us then to reach up the number of nights too and they get a rebate for the room price. could be a solution if we ar short in the number of nights
rich-c: with Adamcons you guess your costs, set a figure to cover them, and charge that
rich-c: we will not be short on the number of nights
rich-c: still if you have a friend who wants to join us for one night that can be arranged
rich-c: we are buying room nights - it's up to us more or less who uses the rooms
Daniel: ok... well, I don't knwo anybody who'll stay at the hotel... they prefer to stay at a friend's house.
rich-c: that's fine, Dan iel, if we end up with a night or two left over you can offer them as you please
rich-c: remember there will be people who will only wannt one or two nights because that's all they can stay
Daniel: hmm... like Dave
rich-c: that's why we contract for a bulk number of room nights without specicying how they will be distributed
Daniel: he seems to say that he'll be there but not the whole time
rich-c: we will find a way to accomodate him
Daniel: goodnight Rich
rich-c: maybe if he takes two rooms leaving two over I will take those for myself
rich-c: I have friends in Montreal and need extra time anyway
rich-c: bonsoir, Dan iel - dormex bien!
Daniel: bonne nuit Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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