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Boxer Justin: Anyone here..?
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: ???
Boxer Justin: Hello there.
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
Boxer Justin: Bob told me to come.
Daniel Bienvenu: I wonder why nobody's up already
Boxer Justin: This is my first time. Is it normally... this quiet?
Daniel Bienvenu: usually, I'm not the first one
Boxer Justin: I was in the middle of an email to Bob asking what happened.
Boxer Justin: Guess I could scratch that.
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Daniel Bienvenu: well, some nights it's quiet like this because of football or personal problems
changed username to Will
Boxer Justin: Actually, it's past my bedtime. I get up early. I just wanted to see if other Adam folk were really out there.
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Boxer Justin: I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.
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Daniel Bienvenu: I hope the others will show up soon then
Boxer Justin: lol that would be nice.
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Daniel Bienvenu: Well, nice to meet you B.J.
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't know why Bob told you to be online while he's not there yet.
Daniel Bienvenu: but welcome
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Boxer Justin: uh oh.. BJ? I should have used a different name. Yes, I was a boxer and yes, my name is Justin.
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changed username to Judy
Boxer Justin: Yeah! Tell Bob I was here then.
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Judy: Hi, Daniel and Justin
changed username to Guy B.
Boxer Justin: Hola Judy.
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Judy and Guy
Boxer Justin: Hi there B.
Judy: Bob is coming on
Guy B.: Brb
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Daniel Bienvenu: Yell at him if needed
Judy: hi, Guy
changed username to BobS
Boxer Justin: As yes, you're Bob's Judy.
Guy B.: Hi Bob
BobS: Hey Justin
Boxer Justin: Hey there Bob.
Judy: that would be me
BobS: you didn't blow it upyet, did ya?????
Boxer Justin: Have bad news; it's past my bedtime. I am usually out by 8:30 cause I get up early.
BobS: I blew up a data drive today.......bummer
Boxer Justin: No no, its working fine.
BobS: up REQAL early, eh?
Boxer Justin: Yea, I'll stick around a few more minutes.
Boxer Justin: Ah, question..
BobS: IF we could gewt Dale to archive and POST thew chats, you could read each week at your liesure
BobS: ask away
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BobS: tha is what we are here for
changed username to Meeka
Boxer Justin: I have another Adam, a broken one, well, I think its broken. Was wondeing if I could take the drive from that and add it to the working Adam without any problems.
BobS: RICHARD< that you?????
Daniel Bienvenu: hi Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
Guy B.: Hi Meeka
BobS: sure,
Meeka: hello
BobS: what is wrong with the other ADAM?????
BobS: bad video? SmartWriter not working?
Boxer Justin: That simple? Won't be any problems as long as I hook it correctly?
Boxer Justin: Well, when I turn it on, the printer goes nuts and there is no picture on the tv.
BobS: correct. I will email you the directions for hooking up a second drive.......foudn them onlikne somewhere, jsut have to remember where
Boxer Justin: The Adam I had as a kid, came with one data drive but I ordered a second, hooked it up and it worked.
BobS: pull the ;lugs you see inthe printer to disable the printer but keep as a power supply for the ADAM
Boxer Justin: But that was long ago.
BobS: see what thaat does
Daniel Bienvenu: (because I can't help you, I'll just be quiet... and then be back in a few minutes)
BobS: easy hookup
Boxer Justin: plugs in the printer..? I'll give that a whirl but will that correct the black screen on the tv?
Boxer Justin: As I said before, there's no picture.
BobS: under the removeable cover above the ribbon, there are about 4 plugs on the right side and they power the printer board and print head
BobS: if the printer won't reset, the picture is on hold
Boxer Justin: Hmm... will give that a try later then, well, sometime tomorrow.
BobS: OR try the printer I sent you with the OLD ADAM
BobS: and sewe if the console works
BobS: see
Boxer Justin: I read ya.
Boxer Justin: Why isn't anyone else chatting.?
Boxer Justin: I didn't mean to hog the chat space.
BobS: theys listening
Boxer Justin: Oh are they now?
Meeka: no biggie, we aoll take turns hoging it from time to time
Boxer Justin: lol oh ok.
Boxer Justin: Well, I better get going.
BobS: GuyB is iin Chicago probably doing email; Meeka is in Grand Rapids (my daughter) Jujdy is spouse;
Boxer Justin: That pillow is calling me.
BobS: ok, drop bacdk again OK?
Boxer Justin: Every Wednesday eh?
BobS: yup
Boxer Justin: Sounds good.
BobS: ok good sleep
Boxer Justin: Take care folks! Will be checking the archive for this soon.
Meeka: night
Judy: night Justin
Boxer Justin: Night Meeka & Judy.
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BobS: ok lets caht it up now
Daniel Bienvenu: back...
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello rich
rich-c: made it at last - damn computer keyboard wouldn't work
BobS: well about time richard
BobS: missed our newest convert
rich-c: hellobob, judy, meeka, Daniel and guy
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: actually saw it very bfriefly when I was trying to get on earlier
rich-c: but I had no cursor and no keyboard
Meeka: that sux
rich-c: so tell me about him
BobS: oh we told him about watch out for you !!!!! ;-)
rich-c: obviously, but everyone finds that out very quickly anyway
BobS: sent him an ADAM last week and he wants to add programs etc as he gets cash..
BobS: about 30 or so, had an ADAM when he was younger
BobS: still ahs one that doesn't work, he is gong to work on it
rich-c: I will oblige him as I can
Daniel Bienvenu: before someone ask me, I didn't talk directly to someone who prints t-shirts. But I know that there are companies who can do that... but the main problem seems the quantity. So far, it looks like we may need to print 24 t-shirts to be able to print them here. Did you get this kind of situation too? I mean the price is ok, less than $18 each (for 4 colors), but the need of printing 24 t-shirts seems to be an issue.
BobS: appartently works early mornign hours, as he is usually in bed by 8:30pm he said
Daniel Bienvenu: I've talked with GuyF lately and he's working on a list of restaurant with the help of Sandra.
BobS: can you sell some to your programming buddies???????
rich-c: OK, where does he live?
BobS: the only thing I ran into with cost was that say.......20 tshirts csot more than 25 because the setup fee was higher per shirt (setup fee was set price nomatter hom many shirts)
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale seems pretty busy, so GuyF will tak care of the restaurant part alone.
Daniel Bienvenu: Anyway, GuyF lives in Laval, he can visit these places.
rich-c: two dozen t-shirts is more than we need
rich-c: maybe Pamela can offer something about the place she used i n Toront
BobS: Justin lives in Pennsylvania
rich-c: was he the one asking about gamess on datapack?
BobS: could be
rich-c: be patient with me, btw, I'm using the laptop and it is harder to type on at any speed
Daniel Bienvenu: Let's suppose that the deal is 24 shirts for $15+taxes, that's $360+taxes... divided by 18 gives $20+taxes per shirt.
BobS: sold some to Richar Dent here in the states whho uses only data packs also
Daniel Bienvenu: This is if we want to compare.
rich-c: guy I was talking to got real annoyed - I told him no co[pyright games, on PD
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have the folder with the ADAMCON 21 paper on it. I did take a few notes during this time like the real times in the scheduling for each subject.
rich-c: and I quoted him datapack plus copying fee plus postage, which ended up near $20
Daniel Bienvenu: I see a list of restaurants, a map, something describing the group activity for saturday pm.
BobS: yes, Daniel......all stuff close to the hotel
rich-c: don't think these folks realize what postage costs these days, or take it into their calculations
rich-c: Daniel, have you talked to the hotel this wseek?
Judy: we got some of the information right in the hotel, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: About postage, I did get an issue with that a lot of time and still don't understand why it's cheaper to send my games in Alaska than B.C.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did write an email to Melissa, but got no answer yet.
Judy: because it is cold there and no one wants to be there
rich-c: difference in the way they class a package of that size
rich-c: packges to teh U.S. are actually classed by USPS rules though Canada Post doesn't say so
Daniel Bienvenu: Apparently, it's roughly the same price for shipping something anywhere in US, but not in Canada where the distance is a big factor.
rich-c: yes, the Canada Post website puts up a calcultor but doesn't say how it makes the calculations
rich-c: if you read the rules carefully enough you may be able to find a class that gives you a better price, Daniel
rich-c: anyway I have not heard ferom the hotel either - if they want to let things ride a week or two that's fine with me
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Daniel Bienvenu: Well, one time I did try a pre-paid envolopp and did help to ship something in Manitoba (I think) not as pricy as the usual way I did post to this place. but it was still pricy (about twice the price as shipping to US, five times if I consider the case of shipping to B.C.)
rich-c: we seem to have lost Meeka
BobS: oops
Daniel Bienvenu: For a second, I was thinking "ho no, we lost rich again."
BobS: the cheapest way to ship here is to use one rate boxes
rich-c: anyway Daniel, read the rules and see if your games can go as oversize lettermail, or small packets
BobS: found that out recently
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: heaven help me, I can't even spell my own name tonite
Pamela: hi everyone
Judy: hello, Pamela
Pamela: this does not bode well
Daniel Bienvenu: I did check about something called wedding anniversary colors... and it looks like 22 years anniversary is the color green. I don't know anything about printing on t-shirts, but do you think green is a good color? it doesn't match with the space oddyssey theme I tend to put on the event.
Judy: bob can't spell mine either so maybe it is the night
rich-c: yes, I'm having a night like that - the main computer suddenly stopped recognizing the keyboad and mouse
Pamela: I'm in favour of green, Daniel
Judy: greeen sounds okay with me
Daniel Bienvenu: dark green? green apple? green grass? what kind?
Pamela: not dark green, we did that a couple of years ago
rich-c: green if you can find a shade that works well, otherwise whatever is better
BobS: if it won't work with the logo picture, DON"T DO IT
Judy: depends on what green is available
Daniel Bienvenu: a not dark green... more blueish or yellowish or neither?
rich-c: Pamela, Daniel is having a problem finding a t-shirt supplier
Judy: more blue I would think
rich-c: yeds, the traditional Adam colour is blue
Daniel Bienvenu: not really a problem of finding one... just that it seems that those I've found all required at least an order of minimum 24 t-shirts.
Daniel Bienvenu: not dark green, and more blue... like cyan?
rich-c: Pam, did you have to buy a minimum of 24?
Pamela: no, I got our T's from that place on Yonge Street, remember?
Pamela: and did the transfers ourselves
rich-c: well, could we get them there and take them down with us?
rich-c: oh, right, it's the setup fee that's killing Daniel
Pamela: I'm not the one to ask - i didn't go that route
BobS: the setup fee is a BIG thing when only a small lot of tshirts
Pamela: Dale or Bob would be better
Pamela: Daniel, your logo is the rectangular "poster" you showed us, correct?
Daniel Bienvenu: I would like something related to the poster, yes... And I do need to redo the poster anyway to get a better resolution, so it will not look exactly the same.
Pamela: but the basic design is the rectangle, correct?
Judy: the trouble is the more colors you have the more the set-up is
Pamela: if so you might be okay to go with iron on transfers
rich-c: how many coloursw in that poster Daniel has made up?
Pamela: that wouldn't work with a complicated design like Neil had, but it will work well with a basic rectangle
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the poster is almost all black, except for the planet Jupiter and letters... and the colored colecovision logo, but it may change. to a simple white one
rich-c: well, if you use iron-on transfer you'd print them on a printer and colour should not be an issue
BobS: the convention is not about the logo and making the tshirts high in price, it is about US and our family together......
Daniel Bienvenu: I don't have a printer
Daniel Bienvenu: mine is broken
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway it will not works, right?
rich-c: yours too, eh?
Pamela: brb
rich-c: Pam has a laser printer but I'm not clear on whether it does colour
BobS: maybe Doug & Meeka can make them I think they have a color laser
Daniel Bienvenu: For the troubles, it looks like the link I gave you may be a fair solution... I've just notice a link at the bottom if we want to order less than 24 t-shirts. Well, it's not that cheap at the prices in the tables.
Daniel Bienvenu: T-shirts seems to be $25 each... if we don't get the minimum of 24 to get a deccent deal with them
rich-c: well, how they determine the colours in the tables is a question too
rich-c: that is a very complex picture iirc
Daniel Bienvenu: But again, that's just an example of what I've find while searching for a place to make t-shirts.
Daniel Bienvenu: I can reduce it and make it more cartoonish instead of realistic... using then less colors.
Guy B.: Ok back. Lot of e-mails
rich-c: I think given that illustration the only workable way will be for us to do them ourselves
Daniel Bienvenu: Dale told me that his t-shirts did cost about $18 each
Guy B.: Jeanene was in the hospital last week, but she is home. She's starting therapy on Friday
rich-c: I am not convinced that illustration will accomodate being reducted to three or four colours
Daniel Bienvenu: Here it's about $12+tx each for 24.
Judy: did she have more than her knee surgery?
rich-c: remind us Guy what operation exactly she had?
Guy B.: She was having difficulty moving and she was having a hard time breathing. I ended up bringing her to the emergency room
Judy: she is doing better now than?
rich-c: there were complications? heart problem? breathing problem?
Guy B.: Carteledge from her left knee
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I know some tricks about colors to make them appears to be other colors but they aren't.
rich-c: but do they work with t-shirt ink, Daniel?
Guy B.: Some complications developed. But, she is Ok now and will be starting therapy for the knee on Friday. My sister started hers this week
Pamela: good news Guy
Judy: what is wrong with your sister?
rich-c: she had conventional surgery then, not arthroscopic?
Daniel Bienvenu: it says here that they have aboute 52 different colors. it's like in these good old prismacolor crayon boxes I guess.
Guy B.: It was an outpatient procedure. She went home the same day.
rich-c: your sister you mean?
Judy: glad to hear she is better now, Guy
Guy B.: Annie knows now not to jump up on her. My sister had her Monday and she will be there on Friday. She loves going to my sister's
rich-c: I need to go get a beer - brb
Guy B.: Judy, my sister had the same thing Jeanene had done around Thanksgiving last year
Judy: got ya
Guy B.: I'm the only one who hasn't had knee problems, but that may change as it does run in the family
Judy: Bob and I both had knee surgery
Pamela: 52 colours of Ts I think Daniel
rich-c: but you both came through it OK
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it is fro t-shirts
BobS: Daniel just brought up a very real <-> ca $$$$ is a lot closer than it used to be
BobS: revised pricing to $390 us and $400 ca
Judy: oh, yes we did
rich-c: that is true - but it lets us compare prices more closely
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, it seems a standard to talk about up to 4 colors to print on a t-shirt... my ink jet printer did work on 3 colors and black.
Daniel Bienvenu: it's the proximity of some colors that simulate other colors and variations.. it's the dithering effect.
Daniel Bienvenu: the drops may probably bigger but the same principle can be applied
rich-c: if we do it at $375 US that will be fine - it will go into my US bank account anyway and be transferred to Adamcon as $400 Canadian
BobS: we are a small convention, we can't afford unlimited colors and dithering, etc
rich-c: Daniel, can you dither a silk screen?
BobS: whatever works Richard......Daniel pointed it out and I di check the rate today....
Daniel Bienvenu: the currency change in time... it's now about... $1cnd is $0.97us
Daniel Bienvenu: nearly parity
rich-c: we had already decided and committed to the $375/$400 rates, it's too late to change
BobS: tis up to Richard I guess.........I will take his word......
BobS: we can change it , it has only gone as far as don't have any other inquiries or payments, do you?????
rich-c: one reason I am doing the payments is so we don't have to fuss exchangerates that change by the minute
BobS: if you say it will work, we will leave it Richard...................
BobS: speak now or forever hold your getting married
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I should ask now why a difference of a few bucks to print a t-shirt ourself or pay someone to make them is an issue then
BobS: depends on how much difference Daniel
rich-c: look, even if the rates go to par, there is no guarantee they will stay there, and anyway the US dollarsa will be spent in the US
BobS: so yes or no Richard and we will work it
Daniel Bienvenu: ...
rich-c: 24 t-shirts @ $25 is $600, which is not trivial in our budget, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: err. rich, $25 each is if we don't order 24 t-shirts
rich-c: wouldn't you rather have tghat amount to spend on mid-afternoon munchoies or teh banquet?
Daniel Bienvenu: and it was an example of place I did find.
rich-c: the point is, Daniel, if we are going to get them let us use all our people to get the best deal
rich-c: who do we have that can proint up transfers? who can iron them on?
BobS: what does it take to make a transfer Pam??????
rich-c: well that's your place to lead, Daniel, find the placeds and pricdes then see who can ive you a better suggestion
BobS: I think D&M can do it for cost of stuff needed
Pamela: an ink jet printer and the transfers
rich-c: like, if Daniel send them the G|IF or whatever, they can make up transfers?
BobS: probably yes
BobS: transfers.........................??????????????
BobS: ya buy a packge of a certain size??????
BobS: me dumb here
Pamela: they come in two sizes IIRC
rich-c: so we would need the blank t-shirts - does the hotel have in-room ironing boards?
BobS: goes into printer like paper and comes out reeady to iron on ..................... YES???????
Pamela: yes
Pamela: you can buy the transfers at Staples
Pamela: they're made by Avery or Staples has their own brand
rich-c: I have heard that but never seen it done - though I think I've worn the results!
rich-c: so if Daniel sends the design to the Slopsemas, they can come back with teh transfers
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob did offer that to me, yes.
rich-c: well if you just buy blank t-shirts, all you'll haved to pay for is teh transfer paper
Pamela: one thing to remember about a dark background in a transfer, it sucks a LOT more ink
Pamela: you'd have to buy ink too
Daniel Bienvenu: I can imagine that more it's dark more there are ink
rich-c: even if you're using a laser printer?
BobS: and THAT kids, is why we alwasys kept to one color and an appropriate color tshirt to showcase it
rich-c: Pam, you beat the odds on this - what's your secret?
Pamela: I think it requires an ink jet
Judy: goes back to keep it simple
BobS: i have an ink jet...........
rich-c: ouch, I just refilled mine - $60 for four colours
BobS: ya, that is why dark colors are expensive
Pamela: so one has to weigh the separate cost of the tshirts, ink, transfers against the collective cost of having it done professionally
Daniel Bienvenu: And if I find someone to pay the difference between 1 and 4 colors tarification, that will makes the offer of 24 t-shirts for about $200+tx... which is a pretty good price .
rich-c: Daniel, do remember we are thinking of 16 people here, no all of whom will want t-shirts
Pamela: also remember Daniel that there will be a premium for larger sized t-shirts - and we have a few people who require larger sized t's
Daniel Bienvenu: the extra t-shirts can be given at the lottery, the idea of the 24 t-shirst is to get the deal by ordering the minimum of 24. So, even if we are only 15 to get a t-shirt, that will makes them only $13.3+tx each
Judy: and we need some bigger sizes that cost more
Daniel Bienvenu: I know, there are extra fees for larger ones. Dale talked to me about that during the weekend
Pamela: if you include all the kids and that Ron will probably want two, I come out at 25 shirts
BobS: am looking at VistaPrint in the us........check them in canada or the us site......seems to be good price.........just stareted looking
rich-c: Ron has yet to confirm he is coming - Susan is highly unenthusiastic
BobS: don't think Ron will make it
Pamela: he will still want a t-shirt Dad
Pamela: and he usually wants two
rich-c: that is likely true
Pamela: on my list are the following people:
Pamela: Bob, Judy, Doug, Meeka
Pamela: Richard, Pamela, Russell
Pamela: Dale, Jillian, Jeffrey
rich-c: your mother plans to come too
Pamela: Guy, Murray, Daniel, Neil
Pamela: t-shirts Dad -stay with the program
rich-c: Neil is a defi nite no
rich-c: oh, ok
Judy: Jean and Melanie
Pamela: okay, that makes 27
Daniel Bienvenu: If I compare at the level of 24 t-shirts, trivia is cheaper. but for lesss than 24, vistaprint is cheaper.
Pamela: Guy, Sandra, Talia, Tamara, Samuel
Pamela: Ron and Susan
BobS: will do some perusing of the internet for tshirts..........
Pamela: Erin and Rich
rich-c: I still only get 21 and will Guy want them for all his kids? and will Luc want one?
Pamela: sorry, that's 26 - I included Mom in that by mistake
rich-c: OK, two dozen could actually leave us short then
BobS: maybe 24 is not unrealistic, cost depends again many colors because it makes printing labor intensive
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll talk with the guy I'm thinking to see if he's willing to pay for the extra colors to get his logo on the t-shirts. And I'll talk with the guys and girls who are curious about the Adamcon and may want to join us and see if they would like a t-shirt too.
Pamela: I also didn't include Luc
rich-c: depends on how the printing is done, by the transfer method isn't it hugely cheaper?
BobS: ya mon.......Daniel, do it !!!!!
Pamela: remember that' it's offset by the fact that the big printing companies can buy and sell their t-shirts very cheaply
rich-c: it's not what they buy for, it's what they change that counts
BobS: and it he wants his logo on the tshirt, that pushes the cost up and he should pay for all of that.........
rich-c: wonder if your cousin would know t-shirt shops in Quebec City - I'd bet she buys lots
Daniel Bienvenu: I know at least 3 in Quebec
BobS: see?????? you got to talk turkeys to them Daniel..........nail them down to price
rich-c: yes, but I know someone in Ste. Foy who I believe buys lots of t-shirts
Daniel Bienvenu: I did look at this story of printing t-shirts... in the yellow pages, and internet. They don't have all web sites so yellow pages are useful
rich-c: I can ask her if ahwe can give us a useful steer
rich-c: Daniel, have you been listening?
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, you know someone in Ste-Foy...
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm here.
rich-c: who I believe buys a lot of t-shorts
rich-c: and I can ask her for advice
Daniel Bienvenu: so, what should I do to help?
rich-c: wait until I get her advice, then see if it is useful
rich-c: meantime think about teh other strategies
rich-c: make yourxself and if > then flow chart ;-)
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess we can wait about printing t-shirts... this will give me time anyway to finish the new poster with a higher resolution.
BobS: we got time to wait, that is true
BobS: we can get them online up to about 2 weeks befroe convention
rich-c: if it is going to be printed commercially, you should use a format that only supports 16 colours and low resolution
BobS: almost did it last year, but my guy came thru
BobS: for what it is worth, I jsut uploaded the preliminary logo to vistaprint and theie computer said GOOD PICTURE
Daniel Bienvenu: Almost anything I do can fit in 15 colors since year 2000, but only appears to have more colors if we look at a distance.
rich-c: think about it, Daniel - simplicity cuts cost, complication adds cost
Judy: I am tired so am calling it a night, so night all until next week
Pamela: goodnight Judy
BobS: I bailed out on the quote because the logo is not complete and I didn' twan them saving an incomplete logo
Judy left chat session
BobS: nite sweetie
rich-c: night, Judy, sleep tight
Guy B.: Well folks. Time for me to go too. See you all next week
Daniel Bienvenu: buy guyB
Pamela: gnite Guy
BobS: yes kids, time to go to the square rack......and lie down, close eyes, snore, and sleep
rich-c: nite Guy
BobS: by Guy
BobS: see you all next Wed
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: ok Bob meanwhile as you find out more, keep in touch
Pamela: g'nite Bob
BobS: keep up the good work gang
Daniel Bienvenu: I feel sorry tonight... we kinda put GuyB aside while talking alot about something regarding the organisation of the adamcon.
BobS: ok
BobS: he needs the experience too Daniel
BobS left chat session
rich-c: no, Guy put us aside, I'm still waiting for hi to anser a question I asked him an hour ago
Daniel Bienvenu: he doesn't need it tonight
Daniel Bienvenu: he doesn't needed to know this experience tonight.
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: so, what else we didn't think of?
rich-c: it does n't matter, Daiel - he spent teh first hour chacki ng his email
rich-c: if he was interested he'd be in participating
Pamela: alright guys, I'm outta here
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, our price is now firm and committed at $375US/$400 Canadian
Daniel Bienvenu: Should we get a kind of support for the poster instead of putting it on the wall?
rich-c: if there is exchange rate breakage as a result, that is my problem, so firget it
Daniel Bienvenu: maybe chateauneuf will not appreciate seeing us sticking posters on the walls of the conference room
rich-c: nite duaghter
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Pam
Pamela: never depend on being able to put something on a wall in a hotel, Daniel
Pamela: they tend to frown on it : )
Daniel Bienvenu: we lost Bob...
Daniel Bienvenu: ... goodnight Bob
Pamela: night Daniel
Pamela: g'nite Daddy
rich-c: the hoptel website says you are NOT allowed to stick anything on any wall
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Should I ask them if they have something for a poster-like picture to stand somewhere without being on the wall?
rich-c: you can always ask Melanie how you can put up a poster, or posters, and where
rich-c: although I suspect you will faint at the price
Daniel Bienvenu: So, I should get my own support-thing
Daniel Bienvenu: it's not food so they can't say anything against it
rich-c: they will probably find a way to charge for that too, but you can always ask
rich-c: if we actually had a way to put things up, I would enjoy it
Daniel Bienvenu: t-shirt, poster-banner, restaurants, hotel, a folder with paper inside, and an outside activity... what is missing?
rich-c: anyway you might have an issue carrying it on the bus from Quebec to \Laval
rich-c: OK - on the t-shirt, listen to the advice you got tonight and see what I can get from my cousin
rich-c: don't spend too much on the banner and ask Melanie where and how you can put it up
rich-c: restaurants - any information you can gatehr about nice places to eat near the hotel will be wselcome but other things are more important
rich-c: hotel - I haven't heard from them, does that mean they are happy with us?
rich-c: folder? whatever that is ab out, it's up to you - do you mean a programme?
Daniel Bienvenu: I mean the thing we all get at the conference room filled with paper like blank sheets, a map, restaurants list, etc.
rich-c: outside activity - just remember Jean and I cannot use public transit (but can carpool and my disability permit is honoured in Quebec)
rich-c: anything else?
Daniel Bienvenu: I guess the only think I didn't mention is "making public the registration form"...
rich-c: See what Bob already has posted at
Daniel Bienvenu: I did see it
rich-c: we can put more on the coladamlist later
rich-c: so, are you feeling reasonably comfortable for now?
Daniel Bienvenu: I think I'll feel better at the hotel while talking with you in person, not about the organisation or money, but simply about adamcon.
rich-c: things always work better in person, Daniel - but by that time you will have made it a success
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Rich.
rich-c: goodnight Daniel - sleep tight!
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