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Guy B.: HI Daniel
Guy B.: 3
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changed username to BobS
BobS: Daniel is AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gettign some eats in the kitchen???
Daniel B [away] changed username to Daniel B.
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Guy B.: At least I'm here. Be back, e-mails and burning music CD's
Daniel B.: good evening
BobS: hey Daniel.....yo uare back!!
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changed username to Judy
BobS: gets oem good eats in the ktchen???
BobS: ;-)
BobS: some
BobS: so where is Richard.........................
Judy: Hi, Guy and Daniel
BobS: he has got to get a good comptuer
BobS: like an ADAM
Daniel B.: not really, just drinking juice and
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changed username to Boxer Justin
Daniel B.: eating cookies
BobS: hi justin
Boxer Justin: Don't panic, I'm here!
BobS: ok
Boxer Justin: Hello there.
Judy: hi, Justin
Boxer Justin: Hello Judy.
Boxer Justin: What are we talking about?
Judy: Richard not being here yet
Boxer Justin: Now who's Richard?
Daniel B.: It took me 6 hours to clean up my desktop pc keyboard. I needed to use a screwdriver to open it and be able to unclip the wrist rest thing attached to it, and each key wasn't easy to pull off.
BobS: and Daniel sneaking off and gettign juice and cookies without offering us any
BobS: richard Toronto, the 'other' ADAM supplier for the canadian crowd
Judy: why do you need to take it apart is it that dirty
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Daniel B.: I don't know how to offer cookies through the Internet... it's still impossible as far as I know.
BobS: and just what did you do to the keyboard Daniel???? spill coke in it???
changed username to rich-c
Boxer Justin: Ah, how many fans of Adam up there?
Judy: hi, Richard
BobS: yo Ricahrd, ya make it
Boxer Justin: Speaking of cleaning, I need some more compressed air.
BobS: I need some electronic cleaner
rich-c: just for a minute, bob - checked in to tell you I will be along later
BobS: got to get to Radio shack I guess
Boxer Justin: What is electronic cleaner?
BobS: ok
rich-c: all teh gory details tehn
BobS: see you in a while
rich-c: ok - bye for now
rich-c left chat session
Boxer Justin: Whoa where ya going?
Boxer Justin: What did I miss?
Judy: talk later then
Boxer Justin: My gf was distracting me.
Daniel B.: I didn't do anything wrong with my keyboard... just wanted to clean it... there was a lot of dust and other particles I can't identify. It's normal to get dust inside our keyboards... it seems un-natural to clean it ourself because it's not easy to pull of the keys like I've said earlier.
BobS: must be Richard has something going on for a little while and will be back later
Boxer Justin: I told her, "This is MY time. This 9 PM chat is an EXCLUSIVE thing.." :)
BobS: you were growing DUST BUNNIES inside the keyboard!!!!!!!
Daniel B.: sort of
Daniel B.: maybe there are one inside your keyboard too. do you clean your keyboard sometimes?
Judy: yes, some things are very important like chat
Boxer Justin: lol exactly Judy
BobS: heck no, just get a new keybaord
Boxer Justin: As for dust bunnies, I don't grow 'em, they just show up.
Judy: we don't allow them in here Daniel
BobS: actually, what I do is keep ALL keyboards covered up so the dust does not get into them
Boxer Justin: Sounds like the mushroom joke..
Boxer Justin: Remember computer covers?
Boxer Justin: wow, those were the days.
BobS: keep ALL the stuff covered so that dust doesn't sneak in
Boxer Justin: I used to have one for my IBM PS/1
Judy: he does
Boxer Justin: in 1990
Boxer Justin: Those covers were shaped according to the computer, mostly IBM PC's.
BobS: got some.........keyboard covers (ADAM and homemade) on all keyboards, cpu covers over the ADAM printers and dot matrix printers
Daniel B.: good practice to cover our monitor, computer, keyboard and printer ... but I've never seen one person yet doing it now.
Boxer Justin: lol
Boxer Justin: exactly
Boxer Justin: I even had the anti-radiation screen for my monitor then.
Judy: you haven't been in our basement then
Boxer Justin: I love nostalgia, which is why I like the Adam so much.
Daniel B.: I had a screen to avoid the light reflecting on the screen.
Daniel B.: all gone now
Boxer Justin: I'm curious if you guys have your Adam's set up or just packed away.
BobS: tis like a computer museum........or something like that.......15 up and running at various times, probably another 12 sitting around
Boxer Justin: Yeah, mine was an anti-glare, anti-radiation screen.
Boxer Justin: Why don't we care for our eyes anymore?? Are these monitors radiation free now?
BobS: have 7 ADAM's set up, including one hooked to a 386 to steal hard drive space and disk drives
Boxer Justin: Wow, really Bob?
Boxer Justin: I would love to see that.
Boxer Justin: Have a photo?
BobS: probably somewhere
Daniel B.: Well, I have one Adam stored with a printer at one place. Another Adam, no printer, in a box. A PC tower with an Adam computer in it, stored in another box... and that's pretty much it.
Judy: can't use it in a box
BobS: Daniel, stored don't to use them
Boxer Justin: Daniel, when you say tower with Adam in it, you mean an emulator?
Daniel B.: I need space so I don't let my Adam plugged or set up.
Daniel B.: no no... it's a real mid-tower, with a real Coleco Adam board in it, that works fine, with a 3"1/2 diskdrive.
BobS: Dale Wick had an ADAM tucked into a mini tower including data drives and I think disk drives
Boxer Justin: What?
Boxer Justin: Man thats awesome.
Boxer Justin: I love to see this stuff.
Daniel B.: I guess I should then bring it to the convention
Boxer Justin: I am not an engineer, or even a around the house mechanic. I love to see how thats done.
BobS: what we need to do is to put an ADAM into a laptop case......and then have plugins for disk drives and data drives
Boxer Justin: Bob, so in that case, it's just a mod?
Boxer Justin: I have seen someone turn a Commodre 64 into a laptop.
Daniel B.: It's probably Tom C., the guy I'm talking about in my early messages about "let's talk about niad newsletter" and stuff. I've got all these Adam computers from him... and one of them is like a PC.
BobS: yes
Boxer Justin: Ah, wow.
Boxer Justin: Hmm...
Boxer Justin: Last week, I asked Bob about BBS's.
BobS: what I need is TIME......still not enough of it...........................
Boxer Justin: I know they still exist, but could a Adam hook into one, today?
BobS: as far as I know, there are no BBS's to talk to.....
Boxer Justin: No BBS for the Adam that is?
Boxer Justin: Here's an interesting article, mentions a few that still exists.
Boxer Justin: I want to get the AdamLink modem and actually use it.
BobS: well, IF there are bbs's, the ADAM can talk to them...
BobS: it is a text based service, and ADAM can do that
Boxer Justin: Hmm, interesting.
Boxer Justin: Wasn't sure how software played a role, whether it did or not. I have never hooked into a BBS, the closet thing to that was Prodigy, in 1990 to 1993.
BobS: befroe the internet became graphical, I was on the local fidonet (?) or whatever it was called, and actually surfed the internet when it could first be accessed
BobS: ADAM doews not have a graphical interface protocal, so.......
Boxer Justin: but it could still do a BBS, correct?
BobS: could get onto prodogy, compuserve etc
Boxer Justin: Well, I am a firm believer that anything is possible. That perhaps a browser for the Adam could be created.
BobS: we even got on the internet at one comvention.......Ron Mitchell had a friend who was a provider and we could telnet into the net text based
Boxer Justin: Whoa, explain that to me.
Boxer Justin: I don't understand. Sounds interesting.
BobS: the HUGE problem as I recall, was that the provider had to give you unbiased access to his connection in order to make it work.....and that does NOT happen anymore
Boxer Justin: I found an article online about a gentleman overseas that made a browser for his Commodore 64. It worked.
Boxer Justin: unbiased?
BobS: I don't htink that the ADAM is capable of running the graphics it takes to surf today
BobS: my P2 1 gb is losing ground fast
Boxer Justin: Well, I would settle for a browser that was only text based.
Boxer Justin: Text is everything, pictures and videos, I can live without on the Adam.
BobS: the provider had to give you unrestriced access to his software and connection if I recall................................imagine AT&T doing that
Boxer Justin: Hmm, I read ya.
Boxer Justin: Well, if I were a programmer, I would design a text based browser, just because I could LOL
Boxer Justin: Afterall, why use an Adam in this day? Not practical, but because we could.
BobS: I just went to the website you gave.......interesting, and it was pointed out about long distance, THAT was a problem
Boxer Justin: Yeah, I need to reread that article.
Boxer Justin: First of all, that site is awesome.
BobS: I called "Zonker" Bart Lynch's BBS in Kent, WA using zmodem on the ADAM as an automated call in to download and upload messages, then read them and replied to be uploaded the folling weekend
Boxer Justin: Well, here's the thing, I don't worry about long distance.. I use a Magic Jack for my calls. If I could hook my the AdamLink modem to that, I'm in business.
BobS: I even did a session on calling BBS's on the ADAM.......think it was about AC 08
BobS: about............1997 ?????
Boxer Justin: You did??
Boxer Justin: Is there a transcript??
BobS: what does the Majic Jack do??????????????
BobS: there was a acript the ADAM would run to automate Z modem
Boxer Justin: Never seen the commercial?
BobS: yes, but can't remember
BobS: and have not known anyone who tried one
BobS: 'had a serial card mooked to a 1200 baud modem. FAST,eh?????????
Boxer Justin: It's a USB device that you hook any landline phone to. So, gotta have a broadband account, computer running (LOL), then hook up the Adam to that :) Silly, but could work.
BobS: HA
Boxer Justin: REAL fast :)
BobS: should.........
Boxer Justin: I like my MagicJack.
Boxer Justin: 20 bucks a year, all the calls you want!!
BobS: we have satellite, so wouldn't work for us
BobS: Voice Over IP
BobS: the Magic Jack that is
Boxer Justin: Well, I thought MagicJack could work over any internet connection.
BobS: dsl thru AT&T
Daniel B.: I've a question... what is packcopy? ... Even if I don't have one, I've a pretty good idea what is copycart, but not packcopy.
Daniel B.: I'm reading messages going on in the mailing list about packcopy
Boxer Justin: Never heard of it.
BobS: PackCopy was a data tape copy program written about 1984/85 by Darrell Sage of and early newsletter
Boxer Justin: Could you copy from tape to disk? 5.25"
BobS: it was a good program, I have used it, but it did nothave all the features of ournewere copy programs lik FileManager
BobS: I think it could copy that way
Boxer Justin: Nice.
BobS: but not sure, got some copies of it around, but I alwasy use FileManager
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changed username to Me
BobS: I got so much stuff, it is hard to keep track of
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BobS: ok who's ME
Boxer Justin: Way past my bed time, but since I am not working tomorrow, I'm wide awake.
changed username to Me
Boxer Justin: Hi ya Me.
BobS: must be Ricahrde
Boxer Justin: Dang it!
BobS: now we NONE
Daniel B.: err...
Daniel B.: what is going on?
Judy: maybe Rich is having trouble again
BobS: so a vacatgion day tomorrow????
Daniel B.: it's probably rich, yes
BobS: Richard has to get a realiable computer mon
BobS: and one that can spell too
BobS: ;-)\
Boxer Justin: He have dial up?
Boxer Justin: ;)
BobS: no he has dsl thru tamcotec in Toronto
BobS: richard likes all the anti spyware stuff and maybe he is overloaded with it
Boxer Justin: ick, slows the computer down.
BobS: you got that
Boxer Justin: I stick with AVG and thats it.
Judy: but the last few weeks he has been having an awful time getting dumped
BobS: i even canned taht
Boxer Justin: Clean out with CCleaner and Glarry Utilities.
BobS: try to be REAL careful what I open and keep fingers crossed
Boxer Justin: LOL
Boxer Justin: I understand Bob, anti virus really does slow down the cpu, mccafee seems to be the worst.
Judy: all emails go thru mailwasher and that helps
Boxer Justin: mailwasher, hmm, never heard of that.
Judy: Bob could tell you more than me about it
Boxer Justin: well it sounds fairly obvious
Boxer Justin: as to what it does.
Boxer Justin: But, still, never heard of it.
BobS: a guy in Australia I think does MailWasher; got it a few years ago and am happy with it....only cost 30 us $$ get updates as they come out
BobS: looks at the mail, and I can delete on their site before I actually download what I want
Judy: all email goes there and then you download what you want to save
Boxer Justin: So their servers get effed up instead..
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changed username to ron
Daniel B.: CCleaner and Glarry Utilities? ... It sounds to me that you do visit "giveawayoftheday" web site sometimes.
ron: rumors of my disappearance are exaggerated
Daniel B.: ron6
ron: Hi y'all
Daniel B.: Hello Ron!
Judy: hi, Ron
Daniel B.: I do use CCleaner quite often
Boxer Justin: No, lol, I use Cnet alot.
BobS: hey Ron!!!!
Boxer Justin: Those programs have worked for me.
ron: evening Bob, Judy, Rich, Daniel, Guy, Justin
BobS: Justin needs to know HOW we got the ADAM on the internet from convention one year long time ago....................
Daniel B.: I did install Glary Utilities... a free copy because of giveawayoftheday web site.
Boxer Justin: I am running Windows 7, those 3 programs, and not a single problem.
Boxer Justin: Hi ya Ron.
ron: As I recall, there was a lot of wire
ron: and Compuserve
ron: and if we were lucky a hotel with more than one modem connection to the outside world
Judy: and push pins
Daniel B.: So many messages about copying Adam games I've never heard of before.
ron: oh yes, don't forget the push pins
ron: Compuserve provided the chat room. All we had to do was borrow somebody's account to get on
Boxer Justin: Games, funny, that's the last thing I would use the Adam for. I dunno, more interested in the programs that were created for it.
Boxer Justin: Like spreadsheet, word processor, etc..
Daniel B.: I'm a videogame programmer and I'm more a ColecoVision fan than an ADAM user.
Boxer Justin: Although I did play the Buck rogers game the other day and was impressed with it, I mean, for it's time, that was a cool looking game.
ron: Adamcalc, Wordstar,, Speedywrite
Boxer Justin: Hmm..
Daniel B.: That explains why messages about ADAM games interrest me
Boxer Justin: Exactly Ron.
Boxer Justin: I see Daniel.
Boxer Justin: So have you designed games for Coleco?
Daniel B.: We can say that, yes.
ron: certainly can
BobS: I want to say it was at ADAMCON 11 in Washington..........your provider let us take over his connection to call out on the ADAM
Boxer Justin: For yourself or the company?
Daniel B.: hobby
BobS: I could swear it was out your way that we did it
Boxer Justin: How do get them to work? Have them placed on a cartridge?
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BobS: how's Susan doing ron ?????????????????????????
ron: your memory is better than mind Bob. I was only the co-chair
Daniel B.: I've about 12 titles done in cartridges, yes.
changed username to rich-c
BobS: comeon richard. come IN
BobS: you made it
ron: Very well, thanks, Bob. She's pretty much ditched the walker now, and is getting about on her own power
Boxer Justin: Wow, Daniel, that's pretty cool. You have a catalog?
Judy: welcome back Rich
BobS: cool no problems then, that is good
rich-c: good evening again, all - and hi. ron
Daniel B.: no because it's all sold out as soon as I finish them... and I'm running on very limited ressources.
ron: No, it's gone ok. She still tires easily, but that's a case of building back her strength
BobS: true
Boxer Justin: Shame Daniel.
Judy: tell her hi from us
BobS: well Daniel has them......and you can run them onthe ADAM emulator on your ibm
ron: I sure will
rich-c: say hi from her vfellow hippie, ron
Boxer Justin: LOL, I don't have an IBM anymore, I use a Dell laptop.
ron: :)
Boxer Justin: Although I would like to get my hands on a IBM PS/1 again.
Daniel B.: Well, some of my games have been re-published by other people... and the coleco games hobby is growing in interrest since the time I've started.
BobS: same diff
Boxer Justin: The Ps/1 was an odd design like the Adam. You needed the monitor to turn on the system.
BobS: laptop wil lwork
rich-c: threaten to sue them, Daniel - those games are yours and protected by law
Daniel B.: hi rich
Boxer Justin: Growing? More people are into retro games these days eh?
Daniel B.: that goes beyond simple interrest
ron: I have not yet bought Windows 7. Resloved a while back not to buy any more operating systems unless I was buying a new computer
Daniel B.: a community of programmers and designers are making new games year after year.
BobS: Doug has it and is not impressed with it
Boxer Justin: Windows 7 came with my Dell, so all is good.
BobS: sucks memory really bad
ron: exactly
ron: Right now I'm into installing various distro's of Linux, and discovering what about each DOESN'T work
BobS: have you visited Joe Blenkle's website Justin>?????? and downloaded Virtual ADAM for the laptop?????
Boxer Justin: Wow, I can't say one bad thing about Windows 7. I'm able to video edit and chat with you guys no problem. Heck, I could edit video and watch a video without any problems. On my old Gateway, the video playing would stutter.
Daniel B.: There is even one project for a Coleco lightgun, a Coleco dance mat, and new expansion modules.
ron: Just what I need Daniel. A dance mat
ron: ho ho
BobS: well if your Dell laptop is set up with a fast enough chip and enoug memory, it shoudl handle it well
Boxer Justin: I tried the virtual Adam. Didn't understand how it worked. I just liked adding more drives, lol, made my Adam look beastly.
ron: Now tell me y'all
Boxer Justin: whoa whoa WHOA!
BobS: ok TELL YA
ron: Does Virtual Adam work on yer Vista boxes?
Boxer Justin: Whats this about a gun and mat??
BobS: Vista??????? only have XP
Boxer Justin: XP to 7 is the way to go. Vista... yikes...
BobS: Steve said that is why he wrote it Ron
ron: works fine there Bob, but I can't get it to read a disk image under Vista
BobS: not ANY??????
BobS: you got Steve Pitman's email??????
ron: the program loads ok, but will not boot disk images
ron: No none and I've tried all sorts
Daniel B.: the joystick port can't be used to get analog information, so more logic circuits is put in the lightgun to make it somehow work like the lightgun you may probably see for a pong clone system, or a NES console with game Duck Hunt.
Daniel B.: the project is only started and no production done yet, but it's a real project.
ron: yes, have already talked to him about it. He thought it was my permissions setup on Vista. Changed that, still no luck
Boxer Justin: Since the Adam has built in Coleco, will those accessories work on the Adam?
BobS: ask Daniel.....not me
Boxer Justin: I did :)
Daniel B.: As for a dance mat, the idea came from Commodore 64 fans who did a device to plug a playstation dance mat to the joystick port of a Commodore 64 computer. The same device should work (somehow) for the ColecoVision game system.
BobS: I ama user and a tinkerer................................nothing more, nothing less
Daniel B.: Technically, yes, they will work, except maybe the expansion modules
BobS: Ricard, got news??????? you alluded to it previously..........
ron: And Justin, just so as you know, I know even less than
ron: bob does
Boxer Justin: I had seen footage of someone using guitar hero on a C64.
rich-c: Daniel, I believe the original Amiga, before it was a computer, was a game with something like a dance mat
ron: I usually discover what doesn't work first
Boxer Justin: lol, thanks Ron.
Daniel B.: that's exactly this device, yes.
Boxer Justin: So Daniel is the guy to talk to.
ron: Daniel, Dale and Dr. Rich Drushel
Boxer Justin: I remember NEs had a mat for track & field.
Guy B.: Ok folks. Still here. On my 8th burning. But, should be finishiing up soon.
rich-c: sorry, Bob, no news - late because I have been feeling peaky and was off to see the doctor
ron: Smoke over Chicago
Daniel B.: Without the software part, a game to use these things, they are hardware projects. But like I've said, there are much more programmers and game designers than we think around the Coleco scene.
ron: Daniel, where's your website these days?
Guy B.: It's nice here. But, a change is coming
ron: Looking for some of your material on C programming (again)
Boxer Justin: Dang, I gotta get going guys. See you next week?
Daniel B.: I've no more web site... planning to make one eventually... but there's so much things to do.
Boxer Justin: Oh, I want photos of your set up Bob.
ron: Nice to meet you Justin
rich-c: night, Justin
Boxer Justin: I'll take a photo of mine as well.
Boxer Justin: Same here. Ron.
BobS: kk Justin
Judy: here also, was in the 60's yesterday and today but they are saying we may have snow this week-end
ron: I get on here when the wind is blowing from the north and there's a full moon
Daniel B.: However, I've a blog with my latest Coleco projects, including a kit to program ColecoVision games, that uses SDCC.
Boxer Justin: Hey, that goes for all of you, if you have a photo of your set up (Adam & other vintage computers), show 'em off next week.
Daniel B.: it's
Judy: what is the problem, Rich?
ron: Got it Daniel, thanks
Boxer Justin left chat session
rich-c: doctor wasn't sure, my numbers are ok, maybe a low-grade flu - sleepy, no energy, eyes tire too easily
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changed username to ron
Daniel B.: Lately, I've done a Flash application to act almost like the sound chip inside the ColecoVision... and I've added a big textbox to try coding your own sounds in the Coleco format.
Judy: when did this start?
ron: somebody shoot me please
Judy: why would we want to do that to you, Ron?
BobS: whic ron???????
ron: either one, it's a mirror image
BobS requested to ban ron
BobS: you asked for it
ron: there's two of me
rich-c requested to ban ron
BobS requested to ban ron
Judy: you don't like to be twins
rich-c confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Daniel B.: I think I'll use my Coleco sound emulation program for my future web site and also to make a presentation about how to code sounds in the Coleco format for later adding them into game projects.
ron confirmed ban
rich-c: serves you right - wyhen you re-enter, change your name
ron confirmed ban
ron confirmed ban
Judy: there you are down to one
ron: that's better
ron: totally inexperienced at this sort of thing Rich
Guy B.: Ok, I'm back. But, still burning music CD's
Daniel B.: err.. Justin is not there?
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
Judy: he had to leave
Daniel B.: bye Justin
rich-c: yes, I'm the one who keeps getting dumped - you should have seen it a couple of weeks ago
Daniel B.: hello Pam!
Pamela: hi folks
BobS confirmed ban
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: only here to say hi
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: hello Pamela
rich-c: ok then - quickly - Dr. Santo's brother died today
BobS: we that bad of company???????? :-(
BobS: and he is who?????
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: no, I'm just that exhausted : )
Pamela: i"m sorry to hear that Dad
BobS: work is SUCH a four letter word
rich-c: yes, I wonder if it was an older or younger brother
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: oh oh.......rona gain?????
Pamela: did it mention his age or his birthdate?
BobS: ron you here???????????????????
I'm here because I'm not all there
BobS: what do ya mean NO
Pamela: LOL Ron
rich-c: no, I found out because I wanted a consultation, had to go to a bacvkup
BobS: i don't know if we dare kill off "ron"
Pamela: oh
back in a sec.
Pamela: better not Bob
Pamela: just in case
BobS: since you are not all here, becsue you are not all ther, are you still here????
BobS: nope
Daniel B.: bye Ron
Pamela: anyway wanted to check in briefly
BobS: nowe they are both gone
BobS: it was NOt ME
Pamela: anything I need to know?
BobS: yes, ron is haveing a devil of a time stying on
moved to room Meeting Place
rich-c: double-check with me by phone later
Pamela: so I gathered
changed username to ron-shotinfoot
BobS: ]we luv ya and will miss ya
Pamela: later - tonite or later - tomorrow?
BobS: QUIT shooting your own self
Daniel B.: how's your foot, ron?
ron-shotinfoot: wounded
rich-c: whatever fits, Pam
ron-shotinfoot: seem to have discovered a new wierd mistake
Pamela: awww : ) thanks Bob
BobS: good one Daniel
ron-shotinfoot: Daniel, would you give me your website again pls
ron-shotinfoot: had it but lost it
BobS: yes quit hitting that key
Pamela: is tomorrow okay Dad? I'm going to bed shortly
ron-shotinfoot: I know eh?
rich-c: sure, Pam
Daniel B.: Daniel Bienvenu's blog is at
BobS: his too??????????????????????
Daniel B.: it's all in french with a few words in english... it's easy to figure out what are the various subjects.
ron-shotinfoot: ok this time I wrote it down on paper with a pen
BobS: DANIEL it sis in french, I can't read french !
rich-c: well Bob, time you learned
Daniel B.: Believe me, you can read my blog (sort of), don't panic.
ron-shotinfoot: good practice for me. After all, I'm supposed to be government trained
BobS: it is richard, but i need to learn spanish first........
rich-c: if necessary, we'll arrange a seminar for you in Montreal
Pamela: LOL
BobS: \tha would work
ron-shotinfoot: actually you got a good point there Bob. If the States has a second official language, that's it
Pamela: okay if there's nothing of import, I'll see y'all next week
ron-shotinfoot: niters Pamela. Don't do anything I wouldn't do
Daniel B.: Anyway, it's useless to blame on someone who simply write in his mother thong for his personal blog.
rich-c: night then, sleep tight
Guy B.: Bye Pam
BobS: get some sleep Pam and we will see ya later
Judy: night Pam
Daniel B.: bye Pam
Pamela: too tired for that Ron : )
ron-shotinfoot: sounds familiar (the guy on the other side of the mirror has the same problem)
rich-c: well I write my website in English and no one complains about that
Pamela: <grin>
rich-c: so why should anyone complain if a francophone writes in French?
BobS: see??? rich does that....................... ;-)
Pamela: g'nite all
BobS: auf wiedersehen
ron-shotinfoot: be well Bob
BobS: sionara
BobS: I am not leavin
BobS: just Pamela
BobS: I am well............retired
ron-shotinfoot: sorry bout that. We wouldn't kick you out my son
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
BobS: um....make that unemployed
Daniel B.: I've a question : When should I use "sweep" and when should I use "swept"? I'm confuse. I want to talk about the sound format to do a volume swept effect; should I say a sweep effect or a volume swept effect?
BobS: well I hope not
ron-shotinfoot: s'ok Bob. Retired sounds better
Judy: sweep
Daniel B.: There is a flood of packcopy messages... that's incredible.
rich-c: sweep is present tense, swept is past tense, Daniel
moved to room Meeting Place
Judy: but he is unemployed and getting unemployment
BobS: sweep would be present tense, Daniel................swept would be past tense or a time before
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
ron-shotinfoot: Hey Dale!
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: BUT retired !!!!!!
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Daniel B.: Hello Dale, I hope you did check your emails
BobS: mornign Dale
rich-c: good evening, Dale
BobS: hows the family???????????????
Dale: Daniel, I thought I replied this morning.
Daniel B.: And Bob... thanks for putting online the registration form.
BobS: noproblem
BobS: ned to get the word out
ron-shotinfoot: Daniel - hate to say this - but it's now confirmed that I will not be able to make it this year.
rich-c: I noticed your mailing list mailing - next step is to nag
BobS: i had a lot more poloshed announcement, but the mailing list would not accept it
ron-shotinfoot: will be with you in spirit
rich-c: pardon me, keep reminding
rich-c: much better if you could show up in body, ron
ron-shotinfoot: I know, I know
Daniel B.: I don't hate to say this... I did hope I'll see you again this summer, Ron.
BobS: makes sense Richard, I mailed it specail to Murray to make sure he got it
Dale: We'll miss you for sure Ron.
Daniel B.: hmm... I cant find your rply, Dale
rich-c: and we really wanted to meet Susan
ron-shotinfoot: well, one of these years
Judy: you will be missed ron
rich-c: make it soon, I won't have all that many left
ron-shotinfoot: :( pout
Dale: Strange Daniel. I see it isn't in my sent box either.
Dale: I must have written it, but not finished it.
ron-shotinfoot: you're too young for memory loss Dale
ron-shotinfoot: wait till you get to my age
Guy B.: Rats, won't the same without you, Ron
Dale: I didn't try to run your code, but I note that the compressed version of Wooooh! is bigger than the uncompressed version ;-)
BobS: that shouldn't be Dale.......
BobS: kind of silly to compress if that is the case
Dale: Well, I think I was interupted by the phone.
Daniel B.: Ron, just a supposition, if you did find a way to make it for the ADAMCon this year, what will you expect to see and did you wanted to talk about something?
Dale: I assure you that I reviewed your document, and had a wish list for repeating bytes and so on.
BobS: send it again Daniel
Daniel B.: Dale, that's why it was an example... not a real case. Compression works better with a lot more than a single word.
Dale: It does indeed.
Dale: Yes, I'm just teasing you of course.
ron-shotinfoot: Still favour an afternoon at Mount Royal Daniel. And I wouldn't mind doing a DVD presentation on something or other.
Dale: I was trying to think of how it would do with my Jump Gunnar Jump image data.
ron-shotinfoot: could send it to you, and you guys could throw darts at it for an hour
BobS: you better be careful Dale, Daniel is getting relly good at pulling your leg and teasing too
Dale: That'd be welcome Ron.
BobS: you're ON Ron.......go for it
Judy: but no darts at it
ron-shotinfoot: pushpins?
Judy: all out
BobS: ok pushpins
Daniel B.: If you do a dvd, send a copy to someone else, like dale, just to be sure we get one (if I forgot mine at home).
ron-shotinfoot: :)
ron-shotinfoot: will think about topics over the next few days and get back to ya's
ron-shotinfoot: right Daniel
BobS: how's my next week weather coming along???????????????????
ron-shotinfoot: windy, then sun
ron-shotinfoot: cooler than normal
BobS: want warmer than normal
rich-c: recovering from the Olympics yet?
BobS: been pretty good here lately and we are ready
ron-shotinfoot: we shot that all at the Olympics
ron-shotinfoot: the warm I mean
rich-c: well, the Paralympics will appreciate it
ron-shotinfoot: I watched the last part of the Gold Medal Hockey game, and part of the opening ceremonies. That was it
BobS: why??????
ron-shotinfoot: yeah. Think they need more media coverage.
rich-c: that's more than I watched - saw a bit of teh ceremomies since Frances had them on
BobS: not interested in them?
Judy: we watched all day and all night
ron-shotinfoot: Basically, I want to see a financial statement
BobS: we watched it everynight. LOVE the skiing and the bobsled and stuff
BobS: gonna lose money, don't they alwasy?????
ron-shotinfoot: suspect so. But the powers that be say no, it'll be in the black.
rich-c: yes, but this year we're the ones losing it
BobS: no way, njot after all the cancellations of grandstands due to the rains
ron-shotinfoot: I do admire the talent and the ability of the athletes. What I object to is the business and politics of the Olympics
rich-c: anyway, long as we win the hockey gold, no one cares about anything else
ron-shotinfoot: Talked to a cashier at one of our local grocery stores. She had tickets for her and her two kids to go to Cyprus Mt for some of the skiing events. They all got cancelled
ron-shotinfoot: She had a heck of a time explaining that to her kids
BobS: the rains prettymuch canned the Cyprus mountain stuff
rich-c: two of Frances' cousins were volunteers at the games
BobS: shame, because it would have been a great viewing
rich-c: and one of my cousins was an early torchbearer
ron-shotinfoot: yeah Bob. They ended up flying snow down from higher elevations
ron-shotinfoot: All in all, it was the warmest Feb on record, but NOW up there, they have lots of snow
BobS: with hay bales underneath to hold it up
ron-shotinfoot: figures eh?
Judy: they did show us them bringing in the snow
BobS: figures
ron-shotinfoot: Mountains on this coast can have a mind of their own
BobS: I guess
BobS: like Mount Washington in July for AC15?
rich-c: mountains usually do, and it doesn't pay to argue with them
BobS: darn cold up there
ron-shotinfoot: yeah.
BobS: and the little whiskey jacks
ron-shotinfoot: They should have moved the skiing to Mt Washington. A lot of the international athletes were using Washington for practice. Word was that it was great
BobS: and the underwear tree
ron-shotinfoot: 490 cm snow base
ron-shotinfoot: oh yes... it's still there Judy
Judy: go figure
ron-shotinfoot: least last time I was up
BobS: Justin was going to ask a really big ADAM question of Daniel...........did he??????
ron-shotinfoot: anyone know where Justin is located?
ron-shotinfoot: first time I've seen him on
BobS: Pennsylvania
ron-shotinfoot: ah
BobS: he is on the Facebook page
ron-shotinfoot: ok
ron-shotinfoot: We have a Facebook page?
BobS: scranton PA
Judy: I have never been on facebook
BobS: yes...........
ron-shotinfoot: me either. My son says I'm old-fashioned
rich-c: Daniel has a page, as do Pamela, Frances and Erin
ron-shotinfoot: suppose I should join up
BobS: not much going on, but we have one
rich-c: I have never been on and don't plan to either, ron
BobS: Frances takes on that project
ron-shotinfoot: :)
Dale: Jillian plays so many facebook games, it is insane.
rich-c: well, she is very restrictive as to who she accepts as friends
ron-shotinfoot: facebook, twitter, and all the like form a small part of what I don't know about computers
Daniel B.: Well, I did start a facebook page because I've heard about it at the adamcon and members of CCJVQ (the videogame collectors club that I'm also a member of) do have facebook pages... and collectively we share pictures of previous meetings and messages.
rich-c: she actually uses it because MSN bounced her hippies group
Judy: so is Bob he didn't even accept Mandy as his friend
ron-shotinfoot: somebody asked me the other day if I was on Skype
ron-shotinfoot: "Huh?" said I
rich-c: bob, how do you get those separate pages on Meeka's website - like
BobS: is that a swearword, he says, <tongue in cheek>
ron-shotinfoot: turns out that Telus would want another $40. a month if we used Skype from here. It's not good out in the boondocks
rich-c: I know David is on it - or is that not boondocks?
ron-shotinfoot: No, he's in town
BobS: that web address gets you to meeka's ADAM page........mine is ..........and fromthere i have links to other stuff
BobS: is taht what you are asking?????
ron-shotinfoot: and that is not the boondocks
rich-c: more how you set up those pages - can it be done with a phpBB board like mine?
BobS: I am sure it can
Dale: Can't you just use skype from your computer Ron?
BobS: email Meeka
ron-shotinfoot: Well people, I'm going to love ya's and leave ya's
BobS: mslopsema at hollowdreams dot com
ron-shotinfoot: be well
BobS: good to talk at ya ron, say Hi to Susan and be well, eh??????
rich-c: it's that time, ron - goodnight then
ron-shotinfoot: yup tks
ron-shotinfoot: poooof
ron-shotinfoot left chat session
Guy B.: Well folks, I'm going to go too. See you all next week
rich-c: night guy
Judy: night Guy
Daniel B.: My friends are using skype... not only for talking while playing online videogames with others, but also to phone other people without paying too much. It seems to work, even if the result may sometime be no sound at all or echo.
BobS: basically richard, I make a page, make a link to it on the main page and then upload the page to Doug's server......then check it to make sure i did it right......sometimes it works!!!!!!
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Judy: I am going to call it a night too, so night all
Daniel B.: bye ron, guy, and myself in a few minutes
Daniel B.: bye judy, bob, and rich...
Daniel B.: and bye dale.
rich-c: night, judy
Judy left chat session
Dale: Good night Bob.
Daniel B.: thanks again bob for the registration form online.
rich-c: daniel, I did write to my cousin, she is only familiar with long run t-shirt makers
BobS: and with that.......I will take a fond adios to ya'll also !!!!!
rich-c: but she will check further and let me knowe if she finds anything
BobS: see ya's next week
BobS: welcome Daniel
BobS: nite all
Dale: Daniel, did you email Neil?
Dale: about the shirts?
BobS left chat session
rich-c: night Bob
Dale: His supplier was willing to do any number.
Daniel B.: ok rich... I suppose she was aware of the same places that I did find out last week in the yellow pages.
rich-c: well she lives in Ste. Foy and deals with people in the area
Daniel B.: I didn't contacted Neil yet... well, not about the shirts.
rich-c: Neil is likelier to have an answer you can use, though
Daniel B.: let me guess... chandails Graphik, Publicite Meritas Enr. and Creations Sir Inc. those 3 print on t-shirts and are located in Quebec.
rich-c: she did not give me any names, but did say they usually wanted a $250 setup fee
Dale: So if you come for Saturday and Sunday, the reg form says you get 1 lunch. Which lunch is it? Saturday or Sunday?
rich-c: remember she runs a shop so buys in quantity
rich-c: I don't think anything has been settled about lunch, at least with the hotel
rich-c: and that sdounds like an idea Bob put in on his own
Dale: Well if you register for the whole weekend you get 3 lunches, but for Sat and Sun you only get 1 lunch.
Dale: So I'm not sure.
rich-c: anyway, gentlemen, I am rather ill and must pack it in
Daniel B.: bye rich
Dale: Get well. I'll see you later Richard.
rich-c: so I bid you both goodnight
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Daniel B.: another mail about packcopy? jeez
Dale: I'm going to depart.
Dale left chat session
Daniel B.: thats a real flooding email mania going on
Daniel B.: oops... talking to myself.
Daniel B.: * poof *
Daniel B. left chat session
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