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rich-c: hi meeka
changed username to Justin
Meeka: hi rich
rich-c: looks like we both arrived at the same time
rich-c: hello justin
Justin: Hello there.
Meeka: hi justin
rich-c: not sure we've met - I was late last week
Justin: Hmm, Rich, are you a programmer?
rich-c: no way, I'm a dealer, sort of, more or less
Justin: Canadian dealer?
rich-c: I live in Canada but mail to anywhere, in fact most sales are to the U.S. (of the few there are)
Justin: No, we didn't meet, Bob spoke of you.
rich-c: you've been warned, then ; - )
Justin: Pretty much :)
Justin: Shame to see only 34 members on the Adam fan page via facebook
rich-c: at the moment I am desperately wrestling with ten cartons of returns
Justin: 'What?? returns?
Meeka: some of us dont "facebook or twitter"
Justin: of what exactly? systems?
rich-c: I am not even on my wife or daughter's Facebook pages and will not be
Justin: don't facebook... i can udnerstand twitter as that is a pointless site, but facebook..? shame
rich-c: over the past two decades there is a minister out in Saskatchewan who has known and used his Adams
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rich-c: he has built up quite a collection of stuff over time
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Greetings All!
Justin: No kidding. Hmm...
Meeka: nope, i never caught the bug
Meeka: hi guy
rich-c: now he has to get rid of it and cannot bear to put it in the landfill, so he dropped it on me instead
Guy B.: brb
rich-c: hello Guy
Justin: Oh i see now.
rich-c: yes, now dealing with it is my problem - my wife is not happy
rich-c: I have seven boxes of stuff so far, a few a guy with a broken back should not carry
Justin: LOL sorry but my gf wouldnt be either. But she understands I have a thing about vintage computers like Tom Hanks collects typewriters.
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changed username to Daniel
Justin: Broken back? Dang, sorry bro.
rich-c: salut, Daniel - comment ca va?
Daniel: hello GuyB, Meeka, Justin, Rich, and others I can't see yet.
Meeka: hi daniel
Daniel: health = partial cold
rich-c: sure, Justin - wanna make me an offer on a pristine TI-99/4a?
Daniel: money = I'm broke for the moment
Justin: Hi Daniel.
Daniel: projects = compression algorithm in experimentation phase
Daniel: convention = I didn't work on it since the last 2 weeks.
Justin: Nopt just yet Rich, still working on getting more for the Adam via Bob.
rich-c: that's OK, the hotel seems to have simmered down since they got my credit card number
Daniel: If you're looking for a TI99/4a computer... I've one here I've never tried, but seems to be in good shape.
Justin: Sorry for the typos, multitasking here: phone calls, printing, chatting.
rich-c: that's OK, I doubt they will go away till I do
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changed username to BobS
Daniel: Hi Bob
Justin: :)
Meeka: hi dad
rich-c: did I say hi, Bob?
BobS: YO HO HO and a bottle of rum.......................
BobS: HI kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Meeka: what did the adjuster say?
BobS: as I am pulled screaming and kicking inot the computer telecom world of 2010
Daniel: Neil = still waiting for an answer concerning printing shirts.
BobS: adjuster comign tomorrow
rich-c: you sound very cheerful, Bob
BobS: dam#### cell phone fools
Daniel: Is there a party somewhere?
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Daniel: I'm missing a birthday party or something?
changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Judy: Hi, Everyone
rich-c: hi Judy - your husband is being obscure with us
Judy: had a bad day
rich-c: him or you? sympathy either way
Meeka: both :-P
Justin: Anyone good with Photoshop? I started this, but feel it needs something more:
Judy: first my car burned then the cel phones shut off
Justin: car burned??
Judy: had flames coming out of the dash
rich-c: what happened?
Judy: not good!!!!!
Justin: geezus!
Justin: Toyota?
rich-c: yikes!
rich-c: how bad was the damage?
Judy: ya, shared the dickens out of me and have been shaking ever since
rich-c: that's easy to believe!
rich-c: but you got it out? is it salvagable?
Judy: don't know yet the ajuster will be out tomorrow
Judy: should be
Justin: wow, you're ok, thats the main thing.
rich-c: the current cars are so complicated they often have to write them off for what looks like nothing
Judy: but the place the flames were coming out was out of the security light
rich-c: where is the security light and what does it do?
Judy: Amanda is our insurance agent and she first said it was totaled but Bob doesn't think it is that bad
Meeka: its the bnlinking red light on the dash
Judy: yes
Judy: that is the place
Judy: just blinks off and on all the time
rich-c: oh, the one that tells you the burglar alarm is armed?
Meeka: ya
Judy: makes you feel real secure
Judy: had the fire truck here and everything
rich-c: speak for yourself, I had the system taken out of my van - found the company had gone out of business
Judy: it was factory installed
rich-c: did want the van suddenly immobilized and "that number is no longer in service" when I called for help
Judy: is now sitting out in the driveway looking bad
rich-c: yes. they're a very popular option and very effective when working right
Judy: not this time
rich-c: the best ones are the immobilizers, won't let you start without the right key or code
Judy: that is what it is for
rich-c: do you not carry a fire extinguisher in your car?
Justin: i dont
Judy: Bob couldn't get the thing to work first
Judy: not in the car but there was one in the garage
Justin: how common is it to have a extinguisher in your car?
BobS: when you are in a hurry, things just don't work good ya know????
rich-c: I have always had one in all my cars
Justin: hmm..
Judy: you are not supposed to have fires in your car
Justin: Judy's right.
rich-c: of course anyone who races or rallies or does competitive events has to have one
Justin: Thats ridiculous.
Justin: Judy, you're in Nascar?
Judy: we stopped at the fire station this afternoon, need the report # for insurance and the firemen said I looked much calmer
rich-c: even for a parking lot gymkhana you are required to have one
Judy: not that I know of
Justin: How you holding up Bob?
rich-c: oh? if not calmer, perhaps less frantic?
Judy: he is much better than I am
BobS: heck I am good
rich-c: men are like that - hold it all in then fall apart totally when everything quiets down
Judy: not Bob
Judy: he had the fire out and the battery unhooked before the firetruck got here
Judy: and they are just minutes from here
Justin: When I flipped my truck, I walked out without a scratch, meart rate was fine. not nervous at all. A few minutes later, after I looked back at my truck, I started shaking uncontrollably, granted, it was the middle of Winter in North East PA.
Judy: there are different reasons to shake
rich-c: true, put putting a truck on its roof is a good one
Justin: Black ice around a curve, flipped over the median unto the other side, no trafiic, thankfully. Dodge trucks are good like that, safety wise, not a scratch, on me that is. A few on the truck :)
Daniel: Sorry to be quiet... I'm debugging my code.
Justin: Ah yes, this for Colecovision or something else?
rich-c: it's OK Daniel, just hang in there and talk when you have something to say
rich-c: if the code gets obstinate enough, maybe we will learn some new Quebec swear words
rich-c: so Judy, your car, that's the Crown Vic?
Daniel: yes, I'm still trying to develop my devkit... it's a hobby, but also years of work.
Justin: devkit? whats that?
Daniel: development kit
Judy: no we have a marquis
Daniel: it's a kit to help me develop games. I build my own tools and stuff to make these games.
rich-c: Daniel has his Masters in Computer Science so he tends to go over our heads sometimes
Daniel: I'm just currently try to make it works a fixed huffman encoding.
rich-c: I tend to view the Crown Vic and Grand Mark as the same
Judy: pretty much
rich-c: I mean, a Mercury is just a male Ford...
Justin: Daniel, whats your page again? To view your projects
Judy: it wasn't the new one anyway
Daniel: my blog about programming is at
Justin: Thanks
rich-c: yes, but big rear wheel drive Fords are an endangered species - may be gone after next year
Judy: don't know about that
Justin: Hey Bob
rich-c: they are even developing a front wheel drive Taurus as the police interceptor model
rich-c: you can see the story on my website -
Justin: <--the set up pics I promised
BobS: ya Justin
Justin: oops
Justin: made a mistake with the address
BobS: ya dude got nuthin
Justin: one, maybe two secs
Justin: jpeg files
rich-c: so far all I can see is that .png is .jpg under another name
rich-c: presumably so someone can make money off a viewer for the "new" format
Justin: Well, png is better in that it can be a transparent image
Justin: <-- this is a wallpaper i'm working on, but I need more. Any ideas?
rich-c: might make a difference to a professional graphics programmer but I doubt for a casual user
Meeka: bsck, had to help doug a minute
Justin: Well, web designers love png these days. So yes, you'll be seeing more of that format.
Judy: what is he up to?
Meeka: playing with his new box-o-junk....ahhhh...i mean box-of-playstation parts
rich-c: oh, web designers have all sorts of fads - no doubt .png will have its day
Judy: were you out buying again?
Justin: hmm...
rich-c: that's a very wifey remark, meeka!
Meeka: yesterday he got a huge box of pieces for 10 bucks
Judy: I seeee
rich-c: gee, I got ten boxes of Adam pieces for free
Judy: craigslist
Meeka: yes
Justin: Everyone has a right to a hobby, no?
Meeka: of couse :-P
Justin: lol
Justin: My gf is iffy about mine
rich-c: depends on the hobby - some are a bit unwise or antisocial
Meeka: lol, yup, mine is to harrase him about his
Daniel: Nice setup
Justin: but she loves the fact that my main love is boxing
Daniel: I like also the wallpaper
Justin: Thanks Daniel!
Daniel: nice lamp. ;-)
Justin: lol i knew someone would say something ;)
Justin: Every office needs a leg lamp.
rich-c: the vfirst television show I ever saw was the Joe Louis - Billy Conn fight
Justin: Do feel I need something more in the wallpaper.
Justin: GREAT fight!
Justin: Pittsburgh kid versus the Brown Bomber!
Justin: Idiot made the mistake of going toe-to-toe with Joe. lol Boxing him silly until then.
Justin: I used to fight out of Pittsburgh.
Justin: Won the Golden Gloves there.
rich-c: trying to outpunch Joe Louis did tend to be a losing strategy
Justin: Exactly Rich. If he beat you the first time, we whooped you worse in the rematch,
Guy B.: Ok back, Whew. Had a lot of e-mails
Justin: welcome back Guy
rich-c: how come, Guy? spam filter not working or something?
Guy B.: No, that's not the problem. My second e-mail address is where I get most of them.
BobS: heck I get spam all over the place
BobS: some guy named "justin" is sending me all knids of spam!!!!!!!!
rich-c: yes, the other morning I had 146 when I checked in
BobS: <grin>
Justin: HEY NOW!
BobS: got 10 email addresses I check daily, with allkinds of spam
rich-c: my ISP wants to sell me an extra-cost spam filter and I don't feel it's worth it
BobS: and 6 more on netzero I check biweekly with more spam
BobS: tis alright Justin
BobS: ;-)
BobS: that is why I got Mailwasher
BobS: blows them away
Justin: I gotta get to bed folks, see you next week. Hope you feel better Judy. Night Bob, night folks!
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel: hi Pam
rich-c: I find it is not very effective for me - it does usually recognize spam but you still have to check
Pamela: good evening
Justin left chat session
rich-c: hi daughter, wondering where you were
Pamela: it's amazing what a working modem will do!
Daniel: Justin... gone?
Daniel: he was fast
Pamela: tonite turned into a slightly busier night than planned!
rich-c: oh, what got to you?
rich-c: and fair warning, judy had a car fire
Judy: hi, Pam
Pamela: what????
BobS: hi pam
Judy: ya, tried to burn up my car
Pamela: what on earth happened?
Pamela: are you okay?
Judy: just started the thing
BobS: Meeka, what did doug buy????? a boxful........
Judy: just a bit shaky is all
Pamela: yeah, I'll bet
Pamela: this just happened today?
Judy: and smelled really bad
Meeka: a box of playstation parts
Pamela: this was the Aveo, correct?
Pamela: or whatever Chevy it is?
BobS: no the Marquis
Judy: no, the marquis
Judy: was going to swimming and backed the car out and it smelled funny
Judy: so dumb drove it back in the garage
Pamela: oh my
Pamela: poor you
Pamela: must have shaken you up some
Pamela: was Bob home?
BobS: I was in the shower
BobS: ran out bucke naked with a fire extinghuser
BobS: neighbors all laughed
Meeka: lol, ya, sure ya did
BobS: made me fell bad
Pamela: oh, now there's a mental picture
rich-c: did you manage to get a towel on before the fire department arrived?
Judy: then Bob told me to get it out of the garage so started the thing back up and drove it out at that point it started to smoke
Pamela: so did you determine the cause?
Judy: and opened the door and then the flames were coming out of the da\sh
Pamela: the dash!
BobS: flames luv
Pamela: what on earth???
Judy: no, but it was coming out of the security light
Judy: ya, in the car, nice right
Pamela: as Dad once termed it, a "cheery little blaze"
Guy B.: When did this happen Judy?
BobS: there WAS no joy in mudville
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BobS: about 8:30am
Judy: then it broke the windshield
changed username to mitch
Pamela: Hi Ron
mitch: Hi Pam
mitch: Hi y'all
BobS: evening Ron
Guy B.: HI Ron
Judy: hi, ron
Pamela: just how big were these flames????
rich-c: hail the Mighty Mitch
BobS: most of the flames were inside the dashboard
Meeka: hi ron
Judy: about 6"
mitch: flames?
rich-c: it broke the windshield? must have got awful hot down in there
Judy: in my car with me
BobS: finally read the directions to the fire ext and put the nozzle in the holes burned thru and BLASTED the sucker
mitch: oh no!
rich-c: lucky you didn't get a facefull of airbags. too
BobS: little fire just belos the windshield
Guy B.: How bad was the car?
BobS: tha is in the steering wheel
Pamela: I'm glad it happened at home.
BobS: needs a new windshield, new dashboard, new wiring harness, and a GOOD cleaning
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BobS: I cannot imagine it being a total loss
Pamela: did they determine what caused the fire?
rich-c: yes, but the wiring and triggers are down where the fire was may be the decisive factor in a writeoff
mitch: fill me in, how did all this happen?
Guy B.: Holy cow. So, you had a electrical short somewhere that started the fire
Judy: no one has checked it yet
Judy: probably
BobS: just started smoking and then little flame, then bigger flame, then POW i fire extinguished it out
Guy B.: I'm beginning to suspect that it could be a short.
rich-c: you expecting them to find a fried mouse or something?
mitch: nasty
BobS: no, it sets in the garage with lots of decon around
Pamela: you bought it new, did you not?
BobS: yup
BobS: only have 61,484 miles o nit
Pamela: so you should get any recall notices - Ford is good that way
rich-c: barely broken in by todays standards
Guy B.: What year was it?
BobS: twas in really nice shape
BobS: 2002
Meeka: hey mom, doug says saturday would work better for him
Judy: it doesn't look like it right now
Pamela: same year as the Escape
Judy: that is fine with us
mitch: Is that the one I rode in Bob?
rich-c: ouch - that means its writeoff value will be a minus quantity
BobS: yup
Meeka: k, we will plan on showing up mid afternoon then
Guy B.: That's older than mine and I have more mileage. Mine's 62000 for 2003 Cavalier
mitch: It was a nice car
Guy B.: At least no more problems with mine
Pamela: it is a nice car : )
Pamela: it just needs a little love right now
mitch: is it gonna be fixed?
rich-c: the big Fords have always been well made cars - that's a very unusual problem
Judy: should
BobS: Kelley blue book says about $6000, and then you go look at comparables and they have 85-90,000miles onthem and they want $7500-10,000
BobS: adjuster comes tomorrow mitch
mitch: ah, then you'll know
BobS: might have to fight to fix it, don't know
rich-c: well I gather from our trailer adjuster that if they declare a writeoff you can buy it back for 30% of the writeoff price
Judy: this afternoon I kept smelling that burning smell decided it was me
BobS: can't imagine more than $3000 to fix and clean, but........
mitch: and all of this took place right there in the garage?
Pamela: it's an odour that lingers, Judy
Judy: was awful
Pamela: both real and imagined
rich-c: depends on how hungry the garages are these days - down your way, I suspect they are bidding low
Judy: so went up and took another shower
Pamela: it will take a little while to get it out of your sensory memory
Judy: and it is just sitting there to remind me
Guy B.: The smell could linger for a while.
mitch: poor sad beast
Judy: the garage smell bad
Judy: will have to leave it open for a while
Guy B.: The important thing is you got the car out of the garage
BobS: most of the fire happened outside in the drive
rich-c: including the nude show ;-)
BobS: left the doors open all day to air things out. the longer it is closed up in the sun
Judy: then I didn't get it out straight so we had to try to move it and Bob came up witha way to do that
BobS: the worse it will smell
Guy B.: So where is the car now?
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BobS: wouldn't that be a sight???????
Judy: he didn't really got on pants and a jacket before he came out
changed username to Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
mitch: evening Dale
rich-c: hello
rich-c: hello Dale
BobS: and that was ALL I had on......pants and jacket and myslippers, good thing it was not cold
rich-c: don't know about you, but we had a gorgeous day today
Judy: but the firemen said he did really good
mitch: well I guess
Judy: yes, we did too
mitch: sure sounds like an electrical short
rich-c: yes, if you are going to have a catastrophe, at least have it in nice weather
BobS: running around. fire ext won't work,,,,,,,didn't have right wrench for battery......had to slow down and think and take time
Judy: yes, under the hood it looks normal
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changed username to Guy F.
rich-c: I gather, Bob, that pulling the battery cable did stop the blaze?
Pamela: so how did you move it?
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
BobS: all the damage contained to the dash near the drivers door
Guy F.: hi
BobS: no Richard, blaze was self sustaining by then
mitch: Hi Guy F
Judy: put a jack under it and rolled it over
Pamela: Hi Dale, Hi Guy F.!
BobS: fire ext killed it
rich-c: gooday Mr. Foster
Daniel: Hello GuyF., did you follow the hockey match tonight? Canadiens... last period... winning and then...
Guy F.: Just dropped in to say hello...
BobS: goday mate
Judy: hi, guy f
Guy F.: Daniel: Nope, no hockey game for me, I was busy starting the restoration of an arcade cabinet I picked up a few days ago.
Daniel: it's was 2 - 0, about 30 seconds left.... and then 2 - 2.
BobS: nail biter, eh?
BobS: and then????????
Guy F.: Holy cr*p. That must have hurt.
rich-c: oh dear - les Glorieux having an off night?
mitch: speaking of fire
Guy F.: Yeah, happens to the best of 'em... How are the Maple Laughs doing ranking wise? Haven't really checked out the rankings yet, I know the Habs are like 5th or 6th.. perhaps 7th after this game.
mitch: We had a little dramatics in the wee hours of last Friday morning
Judy: don't want anymore fires
Daniel: GuyF, did you start looking at restaurants for the adamcon banquet.
mitch: neighbour across the street had his rental property torched by a former tenant
Dale: Hi Guy F.
Pamela: OMG!
Pamela: what is going on?
Guy F.: Daniel: Not really Daniel, but I will give you a list of restaurants soon.
Judy: not a nice man
mitch: idiot had just been evicted and had apparently threatened revenge
rich-c: looks like the Leafs will miss out on the first draft pick, unless they throw a couple of games
Judy: now he will go to jail
mitch: fortunately for us there was no wind, otherwise the whole corner would have gone up, including us
mitch: oh yes, he's there
Dale: No, now they can't get in the playoffs, so they will get mostly wins.
Pamela: forgive me, but Holy Sh**!
Judy: ya, I agree, Pam
rich-c: yeah, that's one of the joys of running rental properties
Daniel: and the hockey match... Canadiens lost 2-3
mitch: we had a show of police and fire trucks at 1:30 am
Daniel: winning 2 - 0 and losing 2 - 3 in a few minutes.
Judy: and interupted your sleep too
rich-c: oh, that's just what you nheed just after getting settled in bed
mitch: oh yeah, that too. Was difficult to get back to sleep after all the excitement
Judy: for sure
Pamela: guess so
rich-c: well I will sleep well tonight - have a bottle of highly excellent Quebec stout to hand
BobS: heck stay up and sleep next day
Judy: did it burn it down?
mitch: could have been worse. Neighbour Stan's workshop was within 15 feet, and was full of welding gear, acetylene tanks and the like
Pamela: and by the way Dad, that fire at the Active Green & Ross this morning? Former Speedy location.
Judy: I tried a glass of wine to calm me but didn't really work
mitch: but the firemen managed to get protective foam on it
BobS: GET THE WIENERS boys, we's havin' a hot dog roast
Pamela: try another Jud
Pamela: y
mitch: yeah, the house was completely destroyed
Judy: that is awful
Daniel: Justin (boxer) what online earlier... showing us his setup of coleco adam, nex, and pc computer.
mitch: two adjacent properties, Stan and Peggy live in one and were renting out the other one
rich-c: there was a fire this morning? didn't notice, I'm afraid
Daniel: He gaves links like this :
Pamela: it'll be in the paper in the morning I'm sure
mitch: Poor Sue. She discovered how soundly I sleep. Would have slept through it completely if she hadn't woke me up
rich-c: big, was it? the Dufferin/ Lawrence location?
Pamela: no, Dundas and Hurontario
Pamela: two alarm blaze and partial evacuation due to burning tires
rich-c: that's not even in Toronto
Meeka: well, i am off, see ya al nest week
Dale: A friend of mine was accused of burning down a Petsmart. Luckily he wasn't there, and was at a family reunion. But a former friend of his was responsible.
Daniel: I'm going back to debuging my codes... there is something wrong about my huffman encoding
Judy: that will be a stinky fire
rich-c: nioght Meeka
Daniel: goodnight everyone
mitch: Nite Meeka. Say hi to Doug for me
Meeka: k
Judy: night Meeka see you Saturday
Dale: He had already decided that his friend was a pyromaniac and was dangerous to be with.
Pamela: nite Meeka
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: nite Daniel
Pamela: good to recognize when your friends are becoming dangerous to know
Judy: night Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Meeka
Pamela: night Daniel
mitch: different subject
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
mitch: just did a website for our church. They now think I can walk on water
Pamela: you mean you can't? : )
BobS: well, can ya???????
mitch: go check out
Judy: good for you
BobS: I alwasys thought he did..............................
mitch: NO. I can pass water, but not walk on it
rich-c: maybe I should get you to do an Adam page for my website
Dale: Well, maybe you can include a clip of that in your DVD presentation Ron.
Dale: Teach us all how.
mitch: right....there's a thought
mitch: no big deal really. The website provider gives you most of the tools
Judy: looks good Bob has checked it out
mitch: tks
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rich-c: what did you use? Wordpress? Almaya? Browzer?
changed username to Pamela
BobS: The Man with the Plastic Sandwich.............................Ron's own play????? you are a wirter too??????
Pamela: anyone else get dumped?
Judy: no
BobS: I love the little church
mitch: no the site offers free websites, and they make their own templates and editing tools available
mitch: it's neat.. Built in the '40s
mitch: and a really friendly congregation
Judy: how many members?
mitch: about 45 give or take
rich-c: if you are going to be their webmaster, you'd better be friendly ; - )
Dale: A plastic sandwhich sounds good to me.
BobS: that is little
Judy: our church is now consistered a mega church
BobS: susan's church?
mitch: but we seem to do ok financially. We're giving our pastor an increase in hours of work he's going from 1/4 time to 1/2 time, and maybe 3/4 next year
mitch: yes. Sue has goine there before we met
BobS: how big is the town of coombs?????
mitch: is it Judy? How many in the congregation?
Judy: where did you meet?
BobS: over 1000
mitch: through a mutual friend.
BobS: that is the interpretation of a mega church today
Judy: is growing so fast not sure but over 1,000
mitch: We actually didn't get married in this church. We were going to a bigger one in Qualicum until the fall of last year
mitch: then we thought we'd try Grace United. Never went back
mitch: that is large
BobS: and getting larger by the week
BobS: good problem to have, but bad problem to have.........
Judy: is a problem right now not enough parking space
BobS: expanded into the gym with a 2nd service, but that is now about full also
mitch: well, it's really all about keeping in personal touch (the ministers with the congregation)
rich-c: well, for a while they won't have to accomodate one big Grand Marquis
mitch: Thanks Rich, I was trying to remember the brand
Judy: have been taking the Aveo anyway
BobS: heck we take little toy car because the gas mileage is better.
Judy: better gas mileage
mitch: indeed it would be
BobS: probably haven't put more than about 10 iles a week onthe Marquis since August
rich-c: not an option I caqn exercise, but once the trailer is gone
rich-c: Frances will be pushing
mitch: Grand Marquis was probably starving for attention
Judy: I took it to swimming so I didn't have to take a key in the locker room
BobS: what the heck are you gonna do with the trailer??????
rich-c: I'm still on the tank of gas I bought New Year's Day
BobS: we use more than that
rich-c: still have a quarter left - think I should fill it tomorrow anyweay?
mitch: we now have one of these little Honda Fit thingies
mitch: 50 mpg plus
BobS: but it is full from probably a month ago, and then it was only on 3/4 tank
BobS: that the square one?????
rich-c: the trailer will likely be written off by the insurance company, or so the adjuster says
mitch: no, not that one Bob. Even smaller
mitch: but it will take two large dog crates in the back
Judy: is it hard to get in?
mitch: nope, surprisingly not. I was skeptic until I drove it
rich-c: I thought teh fit was the one that looked sort of like the Nissan Cube?
mitch: but it has more room than you'd thing from looking at it outside
Pamela: still like my baby truck
BobS: no that one is the "elemant" I think
Judy: that is the case with the Aveo has a lot of room inside the front seats
mitch: we looked at that one too Rich, but the room in back was too chopped up somehow
rich-c: if we replace (over my dead body) it will likely be with a Ford Transit
mitch: We were looking to get the dog crates in plus luggage
rich-c: I have to get my walker in now, maybe a wheelchair in future
mitch: Well Sue had a Ford Focus wagon, and would gladly have bought another, but they don't produce the wagon any more
rich-c: the Transit is more a tradesman's van, windows available, sort of replaces the Astro/Safari
rich-c: but we need to step up into our vehicles, with our backs
mitch: The wheelchair is a pain, but it did go in ok.
Pamela: interesting looking critter, that
Pamela: I just googled it
rich-c: reminds me - how is my fellow hippie doing?
mitch: Sue is far more economical than I am. I was a skeptic about going to a small car, but she was looking at insurance costs, and that sort of stuff. Which is why she handles the money
rich-c: whatevfer we have or buy, you'll likely inherit it, Pam, so keep aware
rich-c: remember your mother can drive so you may have to if I'm gone
rich-c: can't
mitch: we aren't going to write you off yet Rich
BobS: looks like the transit is low to the ground
Pamela: I'll have to practice on it while it's still on your dime : )
Judy: really
Pamela: don't forget though Ron, Dad has a history of keeping vehicles for a very long time
mitch: yes, I'm aware of that Pam.
rich-c: I'm not going to write me off either, Ron, but realistically any 80 year old is on thin ice
mitch: nothing wrong with that at all
Guy B.: Well folks. Time for me to go. Will see you all next week
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BobS: naw, got some years left richard
changed username to Pamela
mitch: Night Mr. Bona. Keep Chicago safe
BobS: nite GuyB
rich-c: face it, at my age you are one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel
Pamela: crap I just got dumped again
mitch: now there's a verbal image
Pamela: oops : )
Pamela: not my intention
rich-c: nite gUY
Pamela: gnite Guy
mitch: Anybody here got Vista with Virtual Adam running on it?
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: who could possibley want Vista?
Pamela: I was going to say that it probably means I will inherit it
Dale: Not me, I'm still on XP
Judy: night guy
Pamela: but not anytime soon!
mitch: thought I might pick your brains
moved to room Meeting Place
Dale: Everyone that I know that's on Windows 7 is pretty happy.
changed username to Neil
Neil: Hi all
mitch: It loads ok, but won't book any disk images....... mumbles something about error 5
Judy: hi, Neil
rich-c: well I have too much left undone to kick off in the nesxt little while
Pamela: Hi Neil
mitch: Hey Neil
Dale: Hi neil
rich-c: hello Neil, welcome aboard
Pamela: good to know, Papa : )
BobS: hi Neil
Judy: good to hear, Rich
Daniel: Neil?
Neil: Yup
mitch: Howz everything in Gatineau?
Neil: Gatineau is fine.
mitch: good
Neil: My studies unfortunately haven't gone so well.
mitch: aw
mitch: you still doing linguistics?
Neil: I'm at a point where I'm out of time and out of money.
mitch: that's a bad combination my son
Judy: that is too bad, Neil
Neil: So I'm fairly sure I'll withdraw from the PhD linguistics program at the end of April.
Judy: what is your plan now?
moved to room Meeting Place
BobS: Mitch,,,,,,I have seen that erro message.........and I am using XP
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Pamela
changed username to rich1
mitch: really Bob?
Neil: I think I need to look for a job in the Ottawa area.
BobS: I don't remember in connection with what file ......
rich1: sorry, my turn to get dumnped
Pamela: alright Dale, what did I do to offend chat? That's the third time I've beendumped in half an hour
BobS: will have to recreate it
Neil: Not sure if there's anything linguistic-related.
mitch: if you happen to run across it again Bob, give me some detail will ya
Neil: (I do have a Masters in linguistics)
BobS: it is your badmouthing of the website pam
Dale: Not sure Pamela.
BobS: i certily will sir
Dale: It's behaving for me so far today.
Neil: Maybe something involving computers and graphic design.
BobS: certainly will !!!!!!!!!!!1111
Pamela: maybe it doesn't like the new modem
Judy: you are not drinking enough
Neil: I do have a 3-year college diploma in graphic design too.
rich1: no, it just tossed me too
mitch: How about the U of Zero, or Last Chance U?? <evil grin>
Pamela: or maybe I've found Dad's magic key
mitch: aka University of Ottawa and Carleton University
Judy: or un-magic
Pamela: : )
Pamela: however I think I'd better take the hint and depart
Pamela: things to do before I sleep
BobS: it is called the "function" key pam. when you hit it, you get funtioned
Judy: night Pam, until next week
rich1: take care, daughter, and sleep tight
mitch: any chance of your picking it up later when things improve Neil? (and things WILL improve)
mitch: nite Pamela
Pamela: goodnight all
Pamela: stay safe and no more fires!
rich1: night Pam
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Dale: I think he'd most likely have to start it again.
Neil: Mitch: what about those universities?
Judy: will try
Pamela: talk to you soon
Pamela: kerpoof
Neil: You mean work at them?
mitch: would they employ you?
Neil: Possibly.
Pamela left chat session
Neil: For what, I don't know.
rich1: gather when while I was down we got bad news from Neil?
mitch: lecturer, expert person, researcher, or the like
Daniel: @ Neil : Did you get my request regarding shirts?
Neil: I've been told I can get a little work at the sociolinguistics lab where I'm studying.
Neil: But not full time and probably not at a very good rate of pay.
mitch: no probably not
Neil: It might do for now.
Neil: Or maybe in addition to something else.
mitch: well, any port in a storm
rich1: "demis" are not noted for their munificent remuneration
Neil: Not much chance of teaching.
Judy: be lucky to find any job around here
Neil: Professorial jobs are in hiring freeze mode everywhere.
rich1: sorry, what did I miss, Neil?
BobS: Neil, do what I did, call it unemployed,,,,,,,but retire instead
mitch: Sorry folks, must depart. my presence is required at the other end of the house
Neil: Another reason it doesn't make sense to continue,.
mitch: be well all, hopefully see ya's next week
BobS: /be good mithc say HI to Sue, and come back ya'll
rich1: OK Ron, our best to Susan
mitch: yes, will do tks
mitch: nite
Judy: night Ron until next week
mitch left chat session
BobS: yup time for us to retire also, bed is calling
BobS: see ya'll next week, K ?????
BobS left chat session
rich1: nite then Bob and Judy, wind down, take care
Judy: yes, am a bit tired had a hard day so night all
Judy left chat session
Dale: Bye Ron...too slow.
Neil: Rich, sorry, I'm withdrawing from the PhD program.
Neil: My last qualifying paper did not succeed and there's no time to do another one.
rich1: that is a tough and bitter decision, Neil - can you resume if times improve?
Neil: Tough to say if I might be able to resume at some point.
Neil: I think, that's a maybe.
rich1: but for now you re at a dead end - not qualified full and not progressing
Neil: It would probably have to be a different university if I did it.
rich1: that is no good place to be in
Neil: But I can't afford tuition anymore right now anyway.
Neil: Well, I do have a Masters degree in linguistics.
rich1: well, if they ever get over the depression, an American one might prove receptive
Neil: I'm sure that qualifies me for some things.
rich1: it does - as long as they are hiring - ask Daniel what a Masters gets you
Neil: Doesn't necessarily get you anything.
Neil: But neither does a PhD.
rich1: very true Neil and well worth remembering - which makes it no less tough
Neil: Yeah.
rich1: you have some entrpreurial skills and business experience, so you have a start
rich1: how good are you at simultaneous translation, courtroom quality?
rich1: one of Frances' friends who does that is complaining she's overworked
Neil: I'm no good at translation.
Neil: Sadly, I can barely get by in French.
rich1: understand full,, but too bad
Neil: despite living in Quebec for almost 6 year.
rich1: some just can't get it - like me
Neil: My listening comprehension is atrociously bad.
rich1: - funny you should say.....
Neil: My reading is okay.
Daniel: And your trip to visit Quebec during its 400th anniversary? You didn't speak french during that trip?
Dale: Jillian always like to say that although she is bilingual by Toronto standards, she is not "Ottawa bilingual".
Neil: Not much.
rich1: yes, we can play a bit with Daniel and GuyF, but they know we are just using, well, grace notes
Neil: I had a friend there who showed me around.
Neil: I spoke a little French and a lot of English with him.
rich1: we call it sesquilingual - we can read well, talk a bit, comprehend zero speech
Dale: Jeffrey has been trying to teach me to improve my pronunciation. But I'm still not very understandable I'm afraid.
Neil: I see.
rich1: good on Jeffy
Neil: It's a bit of a problem in Ottawa which is one of the most bilingual places in Canada.
Neil: Jeffrey always corrects his grandmother's pronunciation too.
Dale: Well, he makes me read to him in French. So, I have no choice but to try and improve my pronunciation.
Neil: So, no translation for me.
rich1: Hey, that's neat!
Dale: I'm sure I must have been better at it (although never great for sure), back in high school.
Neil: I'd like to do something with a lot of computer component to it.
Dale: But you forget it all if you never use it of course.
Daniel: Should take this opportunity at the adamcon then to try practicing a little bit
Neil: Web design is right up my alley actually.
rich1: well, traces do remain, Dale - I barely survived it in high school, you still manage a little
Neil: But I have a feeling there's a glut of web designers out there.
Dale: But how many of them are good.
Neil: Good question.
Dale: Any many that I've tried to work with are very specialized.
Neil: But I'm not sure how to break into it.
Dale: You have a pretty broad skillset in web design. So that doesn't hurt.
rich1: if you have one hand, Dale, the fingers will number the good with some left over
Neil: They are specialized in what ways?
Dale: Well, they don't program, or they don't know any graphic design, or they don't do CSS or they do CSS but not JavaScript.
rich1: I think you two need a family discussion, so I am going to bail
Neil: I see.
Dale: You know, they only do one slice of the problem.
Neil: Do we?
rich1: Neil, do keep us informed please
Neil: Well, I will.
rich1: and all, good night
rich1: colour me gone
rich1 left chat session
Neil: I'm not a great programmer to tell the truth, but I can do it.
Neil: G'night rich
Neil: I know design.
Neil: And I know CSS and HTML quite well.
Dale: But there is lots of premade code out there, and someone needs to put it together. That's easily within yout reach.
Neil: I was a little rusty on the latest CSS, but I've brushed up a lot in the last year or so.
Neil: Yeah
Daniel: I know more about HTML and Javascript than CSS... I'm not using really CSS... I should probably to format the page with it, but I kinda don'tfeel like making a web page now.
Neil: There's not much that really has to be written from scatch.
Daniel: I've a new coleco web site to do, eventually... but it'll wait
Dale: A newcoleco web site.
Neil: CSS seems simple to me.
Dale: That'd be good. Then I could update my links to your site.
Neil: But when I tried to explain it to people, I found that it takes a long time to explain it.
Dale: I feel that way about some of the AdamCon topics that I've preped.
Neil: So I suppose that I know more than I thought.
Dale: They seem easy, until you try to share the ideas.
Neil: Right, and that shows that you know something.
Dale: So Daniel was shopping for slik screened multi color tshirts
Neil: If it seems easy to you, you know a lot more than anyone else.
Dale: But the places that he looked at require him to make 24 shirts as a minimum run.
Neil: Tshirts hard to find?
Daniel: not really
Daniel: but I'm collecting information
Dale: That place that you used for the Ottawa AdamCon seemed quite flexible.
Neil: Silk screening has a big setup cost.
Neil: That's the problem.
Daniel: Before making a final choice. I want to know the possible solutions
Neil: Yes, they were very flexible.
Neil: But that was a heat transfer, not a silkscreen.
Dale: Was that an iron on full color transfer then?
Neil: Right
Daniel: I've find out that teh best deal is printing about 24 white t-shirts, 1 color... and that makes about 7$+tx each, but your t-shirt was using more than 1 color.
Dale: That is probably the best for a multicolor small run design.
Neil: So they advised strongly against coloured shirts for that.
Neil: Mine was like 32,000 colours.
Neil: I didn't need to do it that way, but as long as it was colour, I might as well go all the way
Neil: I think my other thought was to print in white on coloured shirts.
Neil: The problem is that they first told me they didn't need so much advance notice...
Neil: but for white they needed more advance notice than I had/
Daniel: ???
Neil: They could do the colour in 2 days or less.
Neil: For white, I needed to order 2 weeks in advance
Neil: More or less.
Neil: I have to go.
Neil: I'
Daniel: well, how then did you manage to print in urgence another t-shirt?
Neil: I am having issues with my Internet connection.
Daniel: ok, bye
Neil: I did the colour heat transfer.
Neil: It only takes 5 minutes to do.
Neil: If he has the white shirt in the right size, it's instant.
Neil: I may be back.
Neil left chat session
Daniel: so, he did transfer the pictures on t-shirts himself?
Daniel: I guess I'm alone
Daniel: goodnight then
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changed username to Dale
Dale: HI
Daniel: test
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changed username to Neil
Neil: I'm back.
Dale: Apparently the computer was jellous ice cream I just got, and it locked up.
Dale: I had to reboot.
Neil: Nasty of it.
Daniel: so, you did use a laser printer and use an iron to print t-shirts?
Neil: No, I used the guy in the mall.
Neil: He has a professional printer (ink-jet I think) and a t-shirt press.
Daniel: what is the name of the process if I want to find one near me?
Neil: Irons don't really work very well.
Dale: I tried an iron for AdamCon 12, and it was a bit of a disaster.
Daniel: I don't want to do it myself
Neil: Just what I was going to say.
Neil: It wouldn't recommend that.
Neil: With the iron, the transfers were incomplete]
Dale: But someone with a tshirt press would work out well.
Daniel: 40%... (my computer working in the background)
Neil: and not very washer-safe.
Dale: There was a good one in the Whitby mall, but I don't know if it is still there.
Daniel: what about those who offer to print 24 t-shirts or morefor a reasonable price?
Neil: I think it has to be someone with a t-shirt press.
Daniel: it's limited to a few colors, but if it's well made...
Neil: But I think 24 shirts is too many.
Dale: So Daniel, that is done with silk screening.
Daniel: too many... it depends
Dale: And you only know if it is well made after you get them back.
Daniel: I still don't receive feedback from my guys in Montreal, if they wanted also t-shirts of the adamcon.
Daniel: We'll be about 18 people, plus those in Montreal... it's near 24.
Neil: Well, it might be a good idea if you have people who want 24.
Daniel: the heat ... the fan is trying to cool down my cpu.
Daniel: How many guys did you contact before finding the one in the mall for the t-shirts?
Neil: Well, I actually only contacted him.
Neil: I walked past him every day from the bus to the university.
Daniel: and my last question for tonight... do you still have the picture (jpeg or whatever file format) ?
Neil: So, he was the first person I asked and I knew his quality was good.
Daniel: the picture you did use for the t-shirts?
Neil: I have, yes.
Neil: It was Corel Draw.
Daniel: Maybe I can read it. Can I have it?
Neil: But if you want it, I can give whatever kind of file you need.
Daniel: 50% ... my computer still working, it's kinda slow now to type.
Neil: I will try to find that file tonight.
Daniel: thanks Neil, and send the picture to ... (photoshop with layers, png, etc.)
Daniel: the format you think is the best
Neil: ok
Daniel: bye
Neil: Bye
Dale: maybe EPS something would be useful.
Neil: EPS would be better.
Dale left chat session
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