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Windows Update: Hello Rich, I'm terminating a Windows Update. I'll be back later. -Daniel
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: OK. it won't take long - it'd just for IE7
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hi
rich-c: Daniel was here but doing the Windows Update, so he has to reboot
Meeka: ahhh
rich-c: I have it downloaded but I'll install and reboot later
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Meeka: we been running ie7 for a while now
changed username to BobS
BobS: ya me too
rich-c: hi Bob
rich-c: I use Firefox but keep IE updated, it's easier to use on Microsoft websites
BobS: hey richared
rich-c: and I have it upgraded to IE7Pro
BobS: hi meeka
rich-c: you know, these days I read the news and can't tell fact from April Fool prank
Meeka: doug tried ie8 said it works great on windows 7, but said it is NO Good if you running anythind less
Meeka: hi dad
rich-c: yes, the geeky newsletters have been less than enthusiastic about it
BobS: ALL the facts lately seem like a joke
BobS: agree
rich-c: anyway I may not be too responsive tonight, the a-fib is acting up and I feel totally washed out
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changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: hello Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
Guy B.: Got really warm here today. Hit 78 degrees
BobS: hi guy
BobS: we hit 77
rich-c: yes, we're supposed to get that Friday - looking forward to it
BobS: 80 for tomorrow
Guy B.: Yep, same here.
Meeka: hi guy
rich-c: yep, and when you two finish with it, it'sd coming our way
rich-c: unfortunately it will be cold spring weather after
Guy B.: I have a new computer coming. It will be a former computer from work. Dell Optiplex 280
Meeka: thats cool guy
rich-c: don't know the Dell models - assume it's an Intel machine
Guy B.: And work is exploring about upgrading us to Windows 7
Guy B.: It is.
rich-c: what are you running now at work?
Guy B.: Win Xp Pro
Guy B.: And they are planning to install Office 2007 sometime this summer
rich-c: that's going to be a major effort then, you can't install 7 over XP Pro, you have to wipe the disc and start over
Meeka: doug says they dont like that model at work, they keep blowing the caps on the board
rich-c: the Optiplex you mean?
Guy B.: Yes, they know about that. What they are doing is randomly selecting some of us to see if our applications will work with the new system
Meeka: yup
Guy B.: I think that's why they started replacing our PC's with new one's the past year
rich-c: the answer is more than you think but the applied geekery need to do it is challenging
rich-c: yes, Win7 has much higher demands than even Vista - power hasd its price and it's high
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changed username to Justin
Justin: Sorry I'm late.
rich-c: hello Justin, welcome again
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Meeka: hi justin
changed username to Judy
Justin: Hola Rich, Meeka, everyone else.
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: if there's anybody here, you aren't late ; - )
Justin: What are we gabbing about?
Judy: Hi, everyone
Justin: Hi Judy, feeling better?
BobS: hi Justin
Judy: yes, been a better week
rich-c: Guy's work is retiring some computers so he grabbed one for himself
Guy B.: Hi Judy and Justin
BobS: Guy is gonna get a hand me down from work
BobS: REtired??????
Justin: Hey Bob.
BobS: more than tired?????????????
Guy B.: Be the third one I had. The other two Dells have been retired
Justin: Sent PayPal earlier today Bob.
BobS: yup got notification
Justin: okee dokee
Meeka: we have a llot of hand-me-downs round here too
Guy B.: I'll be back, Have almost 30 e-mails that I have to check
BobS: when they retire, do you give them a proverbial pasture to graze in????????????????????
rich-c: I'll bet your basement looks like my basement - computer peoples' homes tend to get cluttered
Meeka: yup.....thats what the basement is for...right :-P
BobS: um yes
rich-c: hope you can convince Frances of that, Meeka
Meeka: lol, your stuff, your wife, your problem.....sory rich
rich-c: although actually since we brought home all the trailer stuff and parked it there, she can't complain
Judy: we really have way too much stuff in the basement
Meeka: we do too, ubt lord forbid we part with it as we will need it right after we do
rich-c: my latest is ten boxes of Adams and parts from a minister in Saskatchewan
rich-c: Doug is getting you well trained, Meeka ; - )
Justin: Rich, how recently were those Adams being used?
Justin: Blown away to hear that you have 10!
Judy: so much for cutting down on your Adam stuff, Rich
BobS: how much have you unpacked yet?
rich-c: have no idea - fairly recentl;y, I'd guess - why?
Meeka: well, sort of, he placates me with cool toys to play with and decent equipment of my own to use
Justin: Just wondering what they were used for.
rich-c: he was an Adam addict, and couldn't bear to send them to the landfill - by the way 10 boxes not 10 Adams
Justin: ah
Justin: Thought maybe they were employed at some RETRO trade school or something.
rich-c: he wznted to send them to me, I told him he was nuts, but he pleaded so hard I said OK
Meeka: the latest was a second flatpanel for muy big puter
Judy: nice
rich-c: I'm not sure I want a flat panel - love the convenience but a CRT renders colours better
Meeka: yup
Meeka: makes editing things easier
Meeka: mine is just as good
Justin: You folks do video editing?
Judy: what are you editing?
rich-c: really? I've never noticed that between my CRT and laptops
Meeka: havent done much video justin, mostly photos
Justin: oh ok Meeka
Justin: Noisy bunch
rich-c: wonder where Daniel's got to? he was doing an update to Windows but should be back by now
Meeka: dont know
rich-c: and justin, you will find every once in a while the board acts up and bootsd some or all of us
BobS: heck didn't even see him
BobS: true especially you richard
BobS: ;-)
Judy: and last week Pam
rich-c: oh I have not had that much trouble of late - I think it was Pam had the last bad night
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Again
Meeka: hi daniel
Judy: there he is now, Hi, Daniel
Justin: i see
rich-c: we weree just wondering where you got to, Daniel
Daniel Bienvenu: I was here at 9pm, but I needed to install an update for Windows apparently
rich-c: did you have something more than yesterday's update to IE7?
Judy: we had a beautiful day today, it was warmer here than in Key West
Justin: The latest wallpapers are at
Justin: If you have any ideas you can throw my way, for a desktop wallpaper, lemme know.
rich-c: sorry, I don't use wallpaper, and my friends prefer cars, usually racers
rich-c: Frances has been tempted on occasion but what turns her on is fractals
Daniel Bienvenu: colecovision, coleco adam, atari, and commodore 64... My childhood in a few pictures
Justin: Well, thats what my wallpapers are about! Retro computing/gaming. But I need some more details.
Justin: I was trying to have one with the SmartBASIC screen and top of the keyboard, but that didn't work out too well. I suck a taking photos.
Daniel Bienvenu: My brother had a ColecoVision, an Atari 2600, and later a Commodore 64. I had a Commodore Vic-20 and a Commodore 64 later. My friend by then had a Coleco Adam and NES.
Justin: I have a couple in that collection with the Commodore 64 screen and top of the keyboard. vic-20 came before 64, yes?
rich-c: that reminds me, Daniel - do you have an Adam yet, and do you need one?
Justin: Funny, I have the NES sitting on top of my Adam, to my left.
Daniel Bienvenu: I've one that works, but not the disk drive. I've one like a PC tower that works fine too... and I think I still have an expansion module Coleco Adam that works.
rich-c: I wonder if I still have the Vic20 - have to do some basement archaeology
Daniel Bienvenu: My original Vic-20 is dead
Daniel Bienvenu: I did program on it during 10 years or more... it was too much for the computer.
rich-c: it wasn't the greatest powerhouse around
rich-c: I have never used the one I got
Daniel Bienvenu: After booting, the screen turned suddently black and the letters on screen started to wave, gradually collapsing, difficult to describe. So, it was the end for it.
Daniel Bienvenu: A friend of mine gave me another one, 10 years later, I think I still have it, never tried it yet.
rich-c: that sounds like one of the very early prank malware
Daniel Bienvenu: not it was simply the vic-20 dying, not a prank at all.
Meeka: mom........i found the link i was looking for the other night
rich-c: did the Vic-20 have the Basic program built in, on a ROM?
Daniel Bienvenu: I had the Commodore 64 a month later to replace the Commodore Vic-20. I was hesitating between Commodore 64 and Amiga 500.
Daniel Bienvenu: Vic-20 is a 64K machine, no bank swicthing, with BASIC builtin.
Daniel Bienvenu: The memory space for RAM was around 4K
rich-c: like Adam when you are running SmartLogo
Daniel Bienvenu: C=64 is a 64K machine, but it used bank switching, almost like Coleco Adam, so it was able to give a lot more RAM space.
Daniel Bienvenu: Vic-20, low resolution and no sprites. C=64, hi-resolution and sprites.
rich-c: yes, about all you can say for the Vic-20 is it was a nice toy for its time
Daniel Bienvenu: I did program a lot with it. Still remember a bunch of tricks, like POKEs and PEEKs to change to graphic mode and make sounds.
Judy: thank-you, Meeka have it saved will have to look at it latter but looks exactly like what I had in mind
Judy: finished another one of the little ones that I started Sat
Meeka: cool
Daniel Bienvenu: and the users manual that came with it was showing a keyboard with a face on it, with legs and arms, at almost every 2 pages.
Judy: it is a cute little doily
Meeka: it should be any easy pattern to do if I remember right
Judy: good for scraps of crochet cotton, takes very little
Meeka: yup
Judy: good that is what I like, easy
Daniel Bienvenu: @Justin : How did you manage to draw the ColecoVision logo like this? It looks like you did redraw it with nice lines and curves (like a graphics made with vectors).
Daniel Bienvenu: test...
rich-c: we're here, Daniel, just quiet
rich-c: giving Justin a chance to answer you
rich-c: I am waiting to hear from a taxi driver
Justin: sorry
Justin: stepped away, gonna read what you typed
rich-c: when I got in the cab Monday, I didn't know my cellphone fell out of my pocket
Judy: did you call the cel and see who would answer it?
rich-c: he found it this morning and will bring it by when he has a call up our way
Justin: Well, I got my hands on a pdf file of the Colecovision logo. Then I resized the C & V, and well, viola!
Justin: Also got my hands on the Adam logo as well.
rich-c: I always leave my phone turned off - lying on the cab seat it wouldn't ring
Guy B.: Ok Back
Guy B.: Hi Daniel
Judy: that would be no help then
Justin: I was having a difficult time matching the SYSTEM with the Colecovision, so I found what ever was the closest. Forgot the font name.
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Guy
Judy: glad he found it then
rich-c: fortunately when he found it this morning he turned it on to see who owned it - but no I D
rich-c: but then I phoned and we connected
Justin: I would like to make one with the Colecovision game system but I cannot find a high quality photo of it.
Daniel Bienvenu: More than 5 years ago, I did a font for Windows based on ColecoVision logo. It did works well... until a certain Windows Update that did screw up everything and make the file impossible to use, for no real reason. Many people asked me if the file was still available, but it was useless.
rich-c: Dale found a font very close to the Adam one - maybe if he comes on later we can ask
Judy: don't you have any numbers saved in your contacts?
Daniel Bienvenu: Spend a week and $100 on a font editor software to do that.
Justin: Dammit Daniel! Not yelling at you, just damning!
Justin: That would be a nice font to have.
rich-c: no, Judy, my phone is strictly a lifeliner, for dire emergencies only
Justin: Be great in my video editing projectss.
Daniel Bienvenu: video editing project?
rich-c: in fact it was unusual for me to phone for a cab instead of having the receptioist do it
Judy: I see
Judy: I take it you had a doctor appointment?
Justin: not anything specific, but I may do a retro computing one in the future. Just for sh-ts & giggles.
BobS: that is what AL cellphones are
rich-c: yes, then he wanted me to have an x-ray so I had to phone from the lab
Judy: everything okay?
rich-c: no, I ma having a very nasty bout of a-fib, for the second week in a row - first one faded away
Daniel Bienvenu: I did phone to a place where they do laser printing. I need to do a banner for the Adamcon as you may know. Well, I saw that they also do t-shirts... but they can't promise anything and I need to bring my own t-shirts for the big ones.
Daniel Bienvenu: I didn't realized before that bigger is the size, more it cost... 36"x24" poster is $30 to print.
Judy: that is not good, Rich
rich-c: no, we have started juggling medications to see what can be accomplished
rich-c: I take so many pills every day I rattle when I walk
Justin: Hmm, retro computing shirts... Wonder if they're out there.
Daniel Bienvenu: And, printing on white t-shirts seems to be the best solution... otherwise it's like $6 more per t-shirt... because of the white ink I suppose.
rich-c: I have an almost complete set of t-shirts from every Adamcon except the first
Daniel Bienvenu: Some guys are selling already t-shirts with Atari and ColecoVision logos on them. I think they are made by fans, not by people who own the rights to exploit these names.
BobS: ya knnow Richard, you would be better off if you got into permanent A fib like me
rich-c: you're likely right, Daniel, so they will be made to stop to protect the copyright
BobS: then you ajust to it and stay that way
Daniel Bienvenu: The laser printing way cost about $10 per white t-shirt, and it's colorful... not only a single color like serigraphy methods.
Justin: I'll take what I can get. Question, since Colecovision went bye-bye, are all their properties public domain?
rich-c: no, they belong to whoever bought the bankrupt estate
Daniel Bienvenu: The names Coleco and ColecoVision are property of Hasbro, and a company named River West Brand did bought the names to exploit them.
Judy: it is 10 plus the price of the t--shirt or just 10 dollars
rich-c: I am in permanent, Bob, it's just that it's busted out of control last two weekends
Justin: Hasbro... hmm... that's right, someone made a hand held Coleco game system a few years back, must have been Hasbro.
Justin: River West Brand owns the Coleco names now? Not Hasbro?
rich-c: yes, and teh rights to teh cartridge games went back to the creators, or were sold to third parties
Daniel Bienvenu: Back in the late 80s, Coleco Industries was bought by Hasbro and a couple of other companies, which I think included Telegames. also, Hasbro splited in two, with Hasbro on one part and Hasbro entertainment on the other part. And Hasbro Entertainment did own Atari copyrights... making the same company owning the 2 big names in competition of the early 80s
rich-c: they have gone through a lot of hands in 20 years, Justin
Daniel Bienvenu: Hasbro Entertainment became Atari now
Daniel Bienvenu: Or something like that
Justin: I can see that Rich. Daniel is doing a good job explaining.
Daniel Bienvenu: Ok, I find it back. Infogramm Entertainment bought Hasbro, and got Atari rights.
Justin: This is fascinating Daniel.
Daniel Bienvenu: Now I go tit right
rich-c: well, Daniel and Neil are our authorities on CV history, Judy
Justin: Ah, they're the go to guys for info eh?
Justin: Cause I am full of questions.
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not full of answers
rich-c: you can always just post them on the Adam mailing list - it has been very active lately
Justin: Adam mailing list..? What's that?
rich-c: in fact Joe Blenkle even managed to get a response out of Jim Walters - thought he had given up on us years ago
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BobS: go here and sign up for the list
changed username to Daniel
Daniel requested to ban Daniel Bienvenu
Justin confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
Daniel changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Justin: I gotta get to bed, but I am bookmarking that link
BobS confirmed ban
rich-c: you will find a place to sign up right on this adamcon,orwebsite - link on the home page I believe
Judy: night Justin
Daniel Bienvenu: I did a refresh on the wrong page... refreshing the java applet here
BobS: nite Justin
Meeka: night
rich-c: nite Justin
Justin: 'til next week!
Justin left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Justin
Guy B. confirmed ban
BobS: the list hs been jumpin a little lately with information
rich-c: eager young man, but not long on patience
Daniel Bienvenu: gone too fast. I did wanted to tell him that I don't know why it was Mattel who got the rights on Coleco and ColecoVision names during all that time after the backrupty, because Hasbro did bought almost all the coleco Industries by themself.
rich-c: he'll be back next week, Daniel, so patience till then
Meeka: well, i am off too, got a few things to do tonight before bed
rich-c: unless he signs up for the mailing list first, in which case we will hear sooner, no doubt
BobS: did Mattel buy the Cabbage Patch line and name?????
Daniel Bienvenu: That's why buying Hasbro did make Infogramm owning coleco and Atari in a single company.
Judy: night Meeka see you this week-end
Meeka: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: Mattel did dolls yes
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: night Meeka
BobS: so, is the cabbie gonna give ya back your cell phone?????
rich-c: he is supposed to bring it by when he has a call in this area
rich-c: this being Passover, I don't think many taxis will be called here
Daniel Bienvenu: I did look everywhere and I've no evidence that anyone still have rights on the coleco bios. Telegames don't have the rights of it, and it seems to be lost inside hasbro, now atari.
rich-c: unless there is money to be made from it the owner wont assert the rights anyway
Daniel Bienvenu: Telegames got the Coleco games
Daniel Bienvenu: but not the bios
Daniel Bienvenu: Hasbro bought almost all the coleco industries
rich-c: by now the patents may well have expired anyway - there may have been no reason to renew them
Daniel Bienvenu: Mattel got the brand names Coleco and ColecoVision, and also head-to-head
BobS: very true......about 25 yrs is the average......then they are for sure PD
BobS: for a while the roms that surfaced onthe internet got pulled, but now there are multiple sites freely advertising them and free for downloading
Daniel Bienvenu: 25 years... than means all the software I did use back then is now public domain, like logo, basic, and a lot of games... but it looks like companies wtill own the brand names and still fight for them. Like I can't use the wrd breakout.
Daniel Bienvenu: I should say "Breakout trade mark by Atari"
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rich-c: so the question is, are they not defensible (expired) or not being deefended?
changed username to Pamela
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello pam
Pamela: late greetings
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hello daughter, I was getting worried
Judy: better late than never
Pamela: not to worry Papa
Daniel Bienvenu: @Pam : I think it will be white t-shirts... for low cost reason.
Pamela: was a busy evening
Judy: have you been working late?
Guy B.: HI Pam
Pamela: no but was out running errands and since I was so close, picked R up from work
BobS: hi Pam
BobS: THAT is the thousand dollar question Richard
rich-c: yes, I'd have to look up US patent laws
Pamela: gonna have a busy few days
BobS: BUT, it reaches a point where even the most greedy of the bunch sees there is no money to made anymore
Pamela: no cheery little car fires this week?
Judy: what is up?
BobS: NO
rich-c: why, what do youi have to do?
Judy: no!!!!!!
Judy: not something I would like to repeat
Daniel Bienvenu: I think the brands are still defendable by the law, even if some don't really care anymore... but the software made back then, I guess people decided it's public domain long time ago now
Pamela: Friday in Wasaga with Cynthia, Saturday haircuts and dinner with Em and Criss, and dinner here Sunday with Barbara and Lindsay
Pamela: not to mention its kookoo nutso at work
rich-c: oh, will the insurance do the repair?
rich-c: I keep forgetting it's Easter weekend
Pamela: it snuck up on me
BobS: I think that is the case pd, or not drawing attention, but DON'T use the trademark
Judy: they do not want to so gave us a price for them to take it away and another for us to keep the car
Pamela: we'll get sprung early tomorrow and I still have stuff to do
rich-c: yes, I think trademarks last longer than patents, don't they?
Daniel Bienvenu: it's April fool day tomorrow... what should I do?
Pamela: how much to repair?
rich-c: Daniel, ignore it and it will go away
Pamela: nothing Daniel - just smile and look mysterios : )
Judy: they don't want to repair, says is 75% of the cost of the car
BobS: trademarks are worth re-patenting
rich-c: too bad, what are they writing insurance for, anyway
BobS: IF they use all new parts, the cost gets into the 75% rule for totaling the car
rich-c: they should pay up to 100% if necessary - comment Pam?
Judy: but Bob got the thing running and took ti to a few places to see what they would give us for it or repair cost
Pamela: uh uh
BobS: but if used parts like daashboard are available, price goes down
Judy: but their 100% won't replace it a couple of thousand short
BobS: had it to a registered mechanic today, and he flles the wiring harness is salvageable and a used dash and ducting and windshield woudl do well and a lot cheaper
rich-c: thee wiring harness is the killer because it's so hard to warrant and trouble if it doesn't work
BobS: first offer from the ins company is too low...................haven't gotten back to them yet
BobS: everything works except the headlight auto sensor, which burned up
Judy: and they say there are many different harnesses for the same car
rich-c: Pam, you live with Canadian rules, but do you know anything on this?
Pamela: no, i've been out of the game too long
Judy: Mandy is our insurance agent so she should help us some
rich-c: who are you insured with, Bob?
Pamela: well, that helps!
Judy: EMC
BobS: EMC..............and I don't remember what it stands for
rich-c: small, local outfit?
Pamela: not a name i recognize either
BobS: no, large outfit
BobS: ????......Manufacturers Comapnay
BobS: or some such thing
Judy: after the 10th of April we are changing insurance companies because they are pulling out of Michigan
rich-c: Equitable?
Daniel Bienvenu: Nest year, Quebec will instore fees for going to the hospital .. I don't fully understand but the reason seems to be that some people exploited the public system so much that makes the entire health system slowing down more and more. So, as a disuasive action, small fees will be charged to the person who enters the hospital... the story don't tell if it's for every cases or just for those who like to visit hospitals.
rich-c: ah, they won't be answerable to your state regulator so they figure they can shaft you
Judy: they were supposedly not charging enough and we have a freeze on rates so they can't raise them
Judy: was only the first offer we haven't got back to them yet
rich-c: same old song and dance - look at their financial statement for the year for the truth
Daniel Bienvenu: and taxes raising of course
Judy: they are staying with businesses but pulling out of personal lines
rich-c: Daniel - there is a limit what Quebec can do, because the federal legislation governs health care
Judy: we have had them for a while now
Pamela: I've been with State Farm since I was first insured and they're pretty good
rich-c: but face it, with pubblic services like anything else, you want them you have to pay for them
rich-c: Quebec has a lot of really neat high class public services - but they do cost
Pamela: well lets hope we don't have to try them out!
rich-c: reminds me I have to nag my insurance company about teh trailer - I should have had word by now
Pamela: put in on your to-do list Papa
Judy: they take their time and you are pretty much at their mersy
Daniel Bienvenu: I hope the poster will be ready in April<
Pamela: Dad's pretty good at handling them Judy
rich-c: well since my insurance is a group policy I can get teh group after them if the try to play games
Judy: that is good
BobS: well, hopefully we can work wsomthign out
Daniel Bienvenu: Talk to you all... next week. I need to go already.
Pamela: do you really want to keep the Marquis on the road?
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye, good night, take care!
BobS: well yes and no
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
Pamela: all right Daniel. Good news about the t-shirts and the poster
BobS: what's with the trialer
Judy: me, no Bob not sure
BobS: ????
Pamela: wow that was quick
rich-c: I want to see if they will buy it in or repair it
BobS: think the repari option is probasbly off the table
rich-c: problem is their appraiser knows squat about trailers
Pamela: get your own estimates Dad
Judy: yes, must have been in a hurry
BobS: but the damage probably added up, no????
rich-c: might be cheaper than buying it in - though frankly if they're smart they could make a profit on it
rich-c: it has far more desirable used pieces than the unit as a whole is worth
BobS: thouble is, you have to get someone to go OUT and give an estimate
rich-c: I can't move it for an estimate, Pam - my drawbar was stolen, remember?
BobS: that is the case with the car...but the yards don't want to pay for it
rich-c: there's only one repair shop left for 50 miles around and they charge $250 to come
BobS: a car worth $8000-8500 with a bad dashboard, and everything else perfect, and I can only get $1000 at a parts yard????? ridiculous
rich-c: that what your insurer is trying to tell you?
Pamela: agreed Bob
Judy: they say the yards will only give them $800
BobS: the idea of bringing the trailer for estimates is knida OFF the table.......................
rich-c: that'ds the message I got, bob
BobS: have the adjusters gone out yet, or don't you know
Guy B.: Well folks. I'm going to go. Will see you all next week
BobS: when did you have to get it out of the storage yard?//
Pamela: gnite Guy
rich-c: the Blue Book puts it as worth about $1450 US
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: night Guy
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: end of April, Bob
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: got 30 dasy then
BobS: or days
BobS: s the case may be
rich-c: the appraiser has been out, he has a truck camper but knows nothing about trailers
Judy: our insurance ends on the 10th of April so we will have to make a decission by then
rich-c: I'm waiting to hear from the adjuster - will nag them tonight or tomorrow
BobS: go for it
Pamela: is Mandy with the insurer or is she with a broker?
rich-c: told him $1250 for the trailer and $250 for the drawbar and we have a deal
BobS: she is the agent
BobS: go fit it Richard
BobS: for
Judy: she works for the insurance agency that handles several different companies
BobS: all they can say, geez, we'd rather fix it
rich-c: I plan to go for it and offer a hard time if I don't get it - it's a vry good deal
Pamela: so she can help you shop around
Judy: yes, she already gave some compairables so that sould help our cause
rich-c: if they pay to fix it I can sell it almost overnight for $1500 on Kijiji or Craigslist
BobS: we already have anew inssurance company lined up
Pamela: good : )
rich-c: can't suggest mine, they don't sell in the US
BobS: they don't know about us.....shhh
Pamela: I won't tell : )
BobS: ok
BobS: keep it hush hush
Judy: well, need to go to bed, was out working in the yard today and am beat
BobS: had car ifxed in Feb......bashed in grill and bnged up rubber front bumper
Pamela: yes it was a long day on this end too
rich-c: I'm also used up - goodnight, Judy
BobS: us too Richard. nite
BobS: nite Pamela
rich-c: ...and Pamela
BobS: have agood week
rich-c: and Robert
Pamela: gnite Bob
Pamela: g'nite Judy
BobS: see ya next Wed
BobS left chat session
Judy: night
Pamela: until next week - earlier next week
rich-c: good-oh
Judy left chat session
Pamela: Dad, I'll try to call on the weekend
Pamela: probably sunday
rich-c: OK
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
Pamela: but for now it's bedtime
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
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