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Meeka: hello
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changed username to rich - c
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changed username to Justin
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rich - c: having Java troubloe - brb
Justin: Hey yo Rich!
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Justin: This thing working yet?
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changed username to Meeka
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Meeka: hello
changed username to rich - c
rich - c: moving to other computer
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changed username to Justin
Justin: This thing working?
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Meeka: yes
changed username to Judy
Meeka: it is just acting up a bit
Judy: hi, Meeka
Meeka: responces are slow to come through
Judy: are you talking to someone else
Judy: sure are
Judy: dad is having a hard time getting in
Judy: are you there?
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changed username to rich - c
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Meeka: i am here mom
Judy: hi, Rich
Meeka: I was, but they got kicked i think
changed username to Daniel
Daniel changed username to Daniel
rich - c: am I here?
Daniel: testing ?
Judy: good, thought I got thrown off
Meeka: i think so rich
Meeka: hi daniel
rich - c: seems the board is not working
Daniel changed username to Daniel
Meeka: responces are comming throiugh, just delayed
Daniel: be right back...
Daniel left chat session
rich - c: very very slow to post
Judy: hi, Daniel
Judy: it is really slow tonight and Bob can't get on
rich - c requested to ban <undefined>
Meeka confirmed ban
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changed username to Daniel
Daniel confirmed ban
Daniel: testing?
Meeka: hi daniel
Daniel: it looks like I'm having big troubles to write and see my messages tonight. if the problem is still there in 10 minutes
Judy: testing
Daniel: hmmm.... I can see a huge delay between typing and seeing my messages here.
Daniel: Hello Rich
Daniel: Hello Judy
Daniel: Hello Meeka
Daniel: The problem is still there.
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changed username to rich-c
Daniel: I'm sorry but I can't see any for my newest messages so I'll leave for tonight. Talk to you next week.
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left chat session
rich-c: is it working now?
Meeka: hi mom
Daniel: Wow, every messages just pops up.
Daniel: There is a big problem here. Bye!
Daniel left chat session
rich-c: test
Meeka: we all are havin issues dsaniel
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rich-c: I can not see any postings
changed username to Judy
Judy: anyone here?
Judy left chat session
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changed username to Judy1
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Here I am. Slow coming up
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changed username to Judy
Judy: is anyone else in
Judy: this is crazy
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changed username to Guy B.
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Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Yea, were back.
changed username to BobS
Judy: there is Bob
BobS: bout time ya got here Guy
Guy B.: Been trying almost an hour to get on
Judy: we have too
BobS: read the good news...for you.....not moving
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Guy B.: It is. So, I'm forging ahead
Judy: finially gave up and played a game and then I came right in
changed username to rich-c
BobS: I couldn't get in at all
BobS: yo richard
Judy: hi, Rich
rich-c: hey. we got it working - hi all
Guy B.: I'm burning CD's on the other system and my new one is ready for me to take home
Judy: it is finally working
Guy B.: Hi Rich
BobS: how you doing this week Rich?????
rich-c: I got in but my messages wseren't posting
BobS: I couldn't even get in
rich-c: I was showing some improvement today, Bob, but a telephone spammer upset me and set me back a week
Judy: I spent the day in the emergency room with my mom
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changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
Judy: hi, Dale
BobS: Hi Dale
BobS: kicked the server in the pants?????
rich-c: hi Dale, see you got us up and running
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rich-c: what was your mother's problem, Judy?
changed username to Pamela
Dale: I did nothing.
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Judy: hi, Pam
Dale: Should I reset the chat server?
rich-c: hi daughter
BobS: NO
BobS: not now, it is working
Pamela: but I just got here!
Judy: not now it is working now
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Dale: I was busy helping Jeffrey with his homework and so on, and didn't get a chance to reset it.
BobS: was KAPUT for about an hour
rich-c: wait till it breaks, Dale,, then fix it
Guy B.: We all just got on.
Dale: No problem. Sorry about that.
rich-c: I think it wasnt calling the Java script for some reason
Dale: I had a feeling that I should reset it today, but I ran out of time.
rich-c: you need to follow your hunches, Dale
Pamela: was gonna say, hunches are usually to be followed
Judy: some days are like that
BobS: and then some days just plain stink
Dale: Anyway, I have it on a timer to reset itself if I don't get to it. Usually that does the trick.
Judy: like today
rich-c: so what happened, Judy?
Judy: spent the day in the hospital with my mom
Pamela: uh oh
rich-c: what happeneed to her?
Judy: she has pnomonia
Judy: spelled wrong but oh well
BobS: ya know, the lung thingy
rich-c: how did she get pneumonia? any clues?
Judy: stupid doctor she has doesn't treat her and this is what happened
Judy: it is a weakness for her
BobS: started about 3 months ago with bronchitis
BobS: and went bad from there
BobS: her doctor is a quack
rich-c: great - it is very treacherous and tricky to treat
Judy: quess we agree that he isn't good
rich-c: I have had it a couple of times and landed in hospital as a result
Guy B.: Jeanene is back in the hospital with pnemonia, but she is doing better. Just suddenly hit her
rich-c: how long since she had her surgery, Guy?
Judy: mom doesn't get a normal case of it either no symtoms but pain in her chest
Pamela: are you involved in her health care on a regular basis Judy?
Guy B.: Beginning of March. The right knee is schedule for next month
Pamela: and Guy, is this a second go-around for Jeanene?
rich-c: on my experience there are no normal symptoms - your lungs just mess up
Judy: yes, we try but you know how it is with parents
Guy B.: That's it.
Pamela: <rolls eyes> gee, I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about
rich-c: pneumonia just before surgery is serious bad news - I assume you have talked with her doctor?
Guy B.: No, not yet
rich-c: any bets on whether she picked it up in the hospital last time she was in?
Judy: I quess but if you go and have an exray and it says it isn't gone you don't just send you home to come back in another two weeks to have it checked again
Judy: that's what I thought
rich-c: what type of pneumonia does she have, Judy? is she on amiodarone?
Judy: no she isn't
Judy: but don't know what type
rich-c: so it's more straightforward - can it be controlled by medication?
BobS: well we swure hope so
Judy: don't think the doctors could agree so they gave her two different meds
BobS: if medications don't controlit , we are in trouble
Judy: and talked of giving her another
rich-c: if the doctors think medication has mattered controlled, they prefer to send patients home
Pamela: it would help if they could determine the underlying cause
BobS: I hesitate to call her person a 'doctor'
Judy: a weakness to that type of sickness, her mother had the same problem
rich-c: haws the doctor looked into the possibility of COPD? apparently it's something doctors overlook
BobS: she has been diagnosed with that
Judy: has that
BobS: NOW, we see if the "doctor" will keep her on spireva
BobS: or similar meds
rich-c: yes, I use that, and Symbicort, seems to keep that problem under control
BobS: is symbicort the same type of thing?
Pamela: it's a corticosteroid - designed to strengthen the lungs
rich-c: well, it's an inhaler, you take two puffs twice a day - don't know much more
rich-c: it used to be called Pulmicort but got upgraded and is very widely used
rich-c: you'll notice I have it for COPD and Pam has it for asthma
Pamela: "This combination medication contains two active ingredients: budesonide and formoterol. This medication is used to treat asthma. Budesonide belongs to the group of medications known as corticosteroids. It helps to control the symptoms of asthma and prevent asthma attacks by reducing the swelling in the airways of the lungs. Formoterol belongs to the group of medications known as bronchodilators. It helps to control asthma and relieve asthma symptoms by keeping the airways open to make breathing easier.
Judy: I see
Pamela: sorry for the big post - copy from a med site
Pamela: I didn't realize symbicort was actually two meds
BobS: heck they take 2 meds that are about to come off patent, combine them and geta nother patent
Pamela: it's like my Advair
Judy: the trouble is the doctors tell her to take meds and she doesn't even know why she is taking them, but she does take them
rich-c: what really surprises me is that the inhalers can actually provided the proper dose
rich-c: doesn't her pharmacy give her information sheets with the 'scrips?
Judy: it has helped her breathing but is giving her a very dry mouth
Pamela: what meds did they give her other than Spireva?
Judy: yes, but who can read all that
rich-c: well if you are going to take it you'd better read it
Judy: she had a z-pack
rich-c: among other things it tells you what is forbidden while you take the medication
rich-c: for instance as long as I'm on at least two of my meds, grapefruit is forbidden fruit
Judy: she does get all her meds from the same pharmacy so they keep track of that
Judy: she does know that and no sun, that type of thing
rich-c: yes, that's standardd, but it's best to have a binder for teh poop sheets and consult it when necessary
rich-c: yes, I take a couple of things that say no sun, too - but how can I get my vitamin D?
Judy: I thought that my older sister was watching more than she is and she is a nurse so it is easier for her know more medical stuff
rich-c: yes, if she is a nurse she certainly ought to know more
rich-c: but for us non-professionals, we learn when we have the medicine prescribed
rich-c: the druggist will tell you all about it but no one listens
Judy: you would think so but today I wondered because I knew more about her health issues than she did
rich-c: but Bob and I for instance are very familiar with heart medications by now
Judy: probably
rich-c: well, your experience is learn by doing, hers is learn by training - yours is likely more effective
rich-c: Guy, on your Adamcon cheque - you know to send it to me, right?
rich-c: and you know to make it out to me personally not Adamcon 22?
Pamela: oh, and thanks for fixing Dad's postal code, Bob
rich-c: yes, that is very important - our postal codes are not any way like zip codes
BobS: ya miss........didn't know I had it wrong, I didn't
rich-c: did you know our code coversw exactly three thouses?
BobS: I got it from a list that Jean made out years ago
Judy: at least it was decovered before we sent the money
BobS: and M6A 1H6 is correct???????
Pamela: glad I caught it early - who knows where some of this stuff might have ended up
Pamela: yes
rich-c: these days there are indications they are actually using it for sorting
BobS: our post offices usually get it tot he right place anyways, and I am sure the canadian psot offoce does also
Pamela: hah! tell that to the posties in our end of town when our mail with the correct postal code still ends up downtown!
BobS: see?????? you NEED to use incorrect postal codes to GET your mail
rich-c: no, they can get quite shirty about it - wrong or no code may be returned to the sender
Pamela: our biggest problem here is getting people to use Weston instead of York or Toronto
Pamela: the joys of amalgamation
rich-c: aren't you supposed to be "Weston Church St., Toronto" now?
Pamela: no
rich-c: better tell your mother - she seems to think that's the case
Pamela: no official change has been made
Pamela: I did tell her
Pamela: it should be street address, apartment number, Weston, ON and the postal code
BobS: Oh oh, Frances has it wrong
Pamela: that is the surest way to ensure something arrives
rich-c: that is what I have been using but she told me it was wrong and had been changed
Pamela: listen to the person who lives here : )
Judy: what an idea?
rich-c: I know, I remember when Rexdale was changed to Etobicoke the local P.O. kept readdressing the mail to Rexdale
Pamela: I just realized we're missing Daniel
Pamela: where is he tonite?
BobS: he was on early but then the site shut down
BobS: I could not get on at all
BobS: finally gaveup for an hour
rich-c: he was on early when the board wasn't working, gave up and went home I guess - Justin too
Judy: he was on when I first got on maybe he decided to give up
BobS: Daniel must have given up for th enight
Pamela: ah
Judy: Meeka was on then too
Pamela: so I missed all the excitement
Judy: that you did
Pamela: timing - it's all in the timing : )
rich-c: yes, I got on for a second, just long e3nough for Judy to recognize me, then crash
Pamela: well at least I know it's not me this time! : )
BobS: didyou get hurt?????????????
Pamela: only his pride : )
rich-c: my feeling lie around in shattered little shards, Bob
Judy: it was ugly
BobS: if that is all, tis ok, eh?
BobS: ;-)
rich-c: there are rumours I might recover
Judy: that is good
Pamela: Guy, did you straighten out your landlord?
BobS: ya got to read your messages Pam
rich-c: didn't you see his Coladam post, Pam?
Pamela: yes but I want details
rich-c: even so, Guy, is Annie legally a service dog, like the "Dogs for the deaf" ones?
BobS: THAT was my thinking.....service dog..........ya cannot discriminate against them
BobS: she might need a nitetime muzzle, but
rich-c: don't think Guy is paying attention at the moment
BobS: doingf email.......maybe
Judy: or one of the collars so they don't bark
rich-c: I doubt that would work or be legal, Bob - burglars can come and fires can start at any hour
rich-c: it would defeat the whole point of having a service dog
BobS: hmmmm teach dog NOT BARK at improper time...................
Judy: trouble is it needs to learn when not to bark
Guy B.: Annie is not really trained to be a hearing dog, but she knows when I cannot hear something. She does bark to let me know
rich-c: dogs don't come with that kind of judgment, Judy - and she's already been trained to bark in certain circumstances
BobS: well they aught to.................................
rich-c: but she isn't a trained service dog, Guy? that puts you on legal thin ice
Pamela: so are you going to look for another place at a leisurely pace Guy? Or stay where you are?
Guy B.: Yes, at first. But, then he comes by on Monday and wants me to stay. Even apologized. But, I've been telling him for some time that people have been coming in and out in the wee hours of the morning. That's what prompted Annie to bark like she did
rich-c: so you are both in a cleft stick
Guy B.: I know who some of them are. But, I'll stay for now
rich-c: he can tell the complainers that you need a service dog and he can't evict you
rich-c: he can also suggest thaqt weird-hours traffic may not be desirable either
Pamela: keep your options open, Guy
rich-c: you did say you might want to be neareer Jeanene
Pamela: unfortunately Dad, you can't tell tenants when they can come and go in an apartment building
rich-c: I'm painfully aware of that, daughter - it's why we bought a house
Guy B.: It's right next door to her
rich-c: how is it for teh trip to work? is there parking?
rich-c: is it a decent place? is the price competitive?
Guy B.: It will be a little longer, but at least Annie would like it
rich-c: she enjoys being with Jeanene, or likes the area?
Guy B.: Both
Pamela: have you considered buying a house, or renting one?
rich-c: going to be a bit of a decision for you then - you might not want to stay where you've had problems
Guy B.: Well, I'm going to play it by ear
BobS: use both ears
Judy: I quess
BobS: ANd you eyes
rich-c: yes, houses are going pretty cheap in Chicago right now, aren't they?
Pamela: ba - da- dum!
Guy B.: I have one ear and two eyes
BobS: that is true Richard, maybe buy a house again
Pamela: and a dog with great hearing! : )
Guy B.: Chicago I avoid, so it will be in the suburbs. But, that depends on where.
rich-c: have a buddy in New England who just bought tow houses because they were so cheap
BobS: prices are down
rich-c: expects to rent them out and over a few years make a big capital gain
rich-c: there are a lot of considerations enter into it, Guy
Guy B.: Well, that I will take into consideration
BobS: if he is a shrewd businessman, he should make out great
rich-c: well, he's Irish, so he's kind of volatile, but he does OK usually
Pamela: lets just hope he doesn't get Ron's former neighbour for a tenant!
Guy B.: Well, despite the problems with getting on. It's time for me to go. So, will see you all next week
rich-c: see you, Guy
Judy: night Guy
Pamela: yes, it's about that time
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Pamela: glad things have worked out
Pamela: hugs to you
Dale: Bye Guy.
Guy B.: Same here Pam. Bye
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Pamela: unfortunately I'm going to have to follow him - I'm wiped
BobS: tis the bewitching hour anyway
BobS: till next week, kids TA TA
rich-c: I know the feeling well - sleep tight, daughter
BobS left chat session
Judy: ya, me too, so night Pam and Rich
Pamela: g'nite bob and Judy
Pamela: g'nite Dale
rich-c: nite Bob, and I guess Judy too
Judy left chat session
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
Dale: Bye
Dale: I guess everyone is leaving.
rich-c: so I guess, Dale, we'll leave you to play with the board
Pamela: talk to you soon, Papa
Dale: Well me too.
Pamela: kerpoof
rich-c: OK Pam
Pamela left chat session
Dale left chat session
rich-c: I'm gone too - night
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