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rich-c: hi, Bob
rich-c: I am feling ratehr rough so will not be on tonight. _Please tell teh others as they arrive.
BobS: yo Richard
BobS: bummer rich
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changed username to Meeka
BobS: hope you fele better tomorrow
BobS: hi Meeka
rich-c: hi Meeka
Meeka: hello
BobS: richard is SICk and gonna go home
rich-c: me too, Bob, this is really bogging me down
Meeka: ahhh
rich-c: anyhow, hope for the best, and my apologies to the otehrs as they turn up
BobS: go straight to bed and do NOT pass go
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rich-c: gotta go now - bye
Meeka: bye
changed username to Justin of NEPA
Meeka: hi justin
rich-c left chat session
Justin of NEPA: Hi there!
BobS: Hi Justin
Justin of NEPA: Hey Bob, I cant seem to get my modem to work. Am I doing something wrong?
BobS: Richard just left sick............
BobS: don't know, forgot how to do it!!!!!
Justin of NEPA: Ah, sorry to hear that, hope it aint serious.
BobS: need settings of 8, none, 1
Justin of NEPA: Well, I was simply trying to call my cell phone, but that didnt work.
BobS: which is 8 bit, no parity and 1 somethin or other
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Justin of NEPA: hmm, lemme write that down.
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BobS: half duplex................
changed username to Daniel
changed username to Judy
Meeka: hi mom
Meeka: hi daniel
BobS: should be inthe instruction manual
Daniel: Bob, Justin, me, Judy and Meeka.
BobS: Hi Daniel
Daniel: hope to not be too late
Judy: Hello, Justin, Daniel, and Meeka
Justin of NEPA: What up Judy & Daniel
Justin of NEPA: Ok, next question..
BobS: we wer not done with that question yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
Justin of NEPA: I just noticed there's a phone jack on the side that says ADAM Net... What's that?
Justin of NEPA: lol
BobS: ya can do
Judy: not much
BobS: the keyb oard or a disk drive can plug into either the front OR the side ADAMnet port
Justin of NEPA: Well, the ADAM is packed away, I will be moving soon. Same town, different place.
Justin of NEPA: Ah, really? So when I get a disk drive, it goes there... Got it.
BobS: yes the two ports are interchangeable
Justin of NEPA: How do multiple drives work?
BobS: a second disk drive would plug into the first disk drive
Justin of NEPA: There ya go, beat me.
BobS: think dr 2 input cable plugs into output port of dr 1..........................
Justin of NEPA: Ok, next question: how ya like the page? Will you use it?
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Meeka: mom...hows grandma today?
BobS: I haven't had time to get the right computer online to upload it and look at ti yet Justin,
changed username to Guy B.
BobS: been too busy here lately
Judy: much better
Guy B.: Greetings from warm Chicago. 82 degrees today
Justin of NEPA: Okee dokee
Meeka: thats good
Justin of NEPA: dang, scorcher!
Meeka: hi guy
Judy: she is on the mend
Guy B.: brb
Judy: we went and changed their bedroom around and I weeded in the front
Judy: hi, Guy
Meeka: ya, i gotta start that when we get back
BobS: Richard is sick tonight, stopped in for minute and said HAVE FUN KIDS, I'll be BACK !
Judy: where are you going?
Justin of NEPA: Latest wallpaper:
Daniel: Justin, can I ask you to give me a version of one of your wallpaper pictures that I can extract the best quality image of the Adam and ColecoVision logo from them?
Meeka: down to franklin
Meeka: we leaving tomorrow afternoon and will come home pn saturday
Justin of NEPA: Daniel, lemme email some good pics then so you don't have to extract anything.
Daniel: my public email is newcoleco at yahoo dot fr
Judy: that sounds like a fun couple of days
Justin of NEPA: Gimme a couple minutes...
Judy: or not will you be working with Doug?
Meeka: should be
Daniel: take your time, it's not an urgent request. :-)
BobS: justin, COOLON I like it
Meeka: hed has about 1/2 days work to do on friday
Judy: then it will be some vacation
Justin of NEPA: Thanks Bob!
Meeka: yup
Justin of NEPA: I appreciate that.
Justin of NEPA: Daniel is that dot or dot
BobS: ONE of my probvlems Justin is........I know bumcas about using png.......................
Meeka: relax after we get there tomorrow, work fri morning, goof off the rest of the day, the drive home some time on sat
Judy: sounds great
Justin of NEPA: png is the new jpeg :) it popular because it can be a transparent image.
Justin of NEPA: It will still save to your desktop wallpaper.
BobS: MEEKA...135 bags of mulch????????????????????????????????????????????????
Judy: just found out how much mulch you bought, Meeka
Meeka: ya, you been talkin to sher i take it
BobS: you can NOT go to Franklin, youj got to do muclh
Judy: yes, we are talking to her right now
Meeka: i can too go, the bags will be here when i get back
BobS: how much does each bag weigh???????????????????
Meeka: about 25 lbs i believe
BobS: may be 20 methinks
Meeka: ok, then 20
Meeka: by the end it felt like 50
BobS: you gonna give the van a rest or drive it to Franklin?????????????????
Judy: I bet it did
Meeka: drive it
BobS: so you moving to an apartment Justin, or do you own a hosue????????
Meeka: it got a couiple new tires and an oil change yesterday so it shopuld be happy
BobS: ok be nice to it
Judy: got a new windshield in the Marqui
Meeka: cool
Justin of NEPA: apartment to apartment
BobS: ok
Justin of NEPA: if I had 30,000 bucks for a down payment, it would be my house.
BobS: move ot a nicer, bigger, better view apt
Meeka: so you got the check for it then, or did u just start repairin g it anyway
BobS: tha is true, it only takes MONEY
Judy: yes, we did
BobS: got the check today
Meeka: thats good
Justin of NEPA: Renting a house actually, in a community, pool/lake rights.
Judy: so we are in the money
Justin of NEPA: daniel, I need the email address written out correctly
Justin of NEPA: mine is
BobS: dont' want to write it out as it should be becasue the search engines will find it and junk emial it
Justin of NEPA: geez, even in the chat rooms
BobS: that is why you use....abracadabra at yahoo dot com
Daniel: Well, the "private message" option is there for exchanging information we don't want search engines to consider.
BobS: it shouws up on the chat archives anyway Daniel
BobS: so it would be
Justin of NEPA: Hopefully, You Got Mail.
BobS: that is a movie man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
BobS: OR you are on AOL
Daniel: The scans of all NIAD newsletters... I didn't think I will have seen that this year.
Justin of NEPA: I haven't used AOL since 1999.
Justin of NEPA: Do like the movie though.
BobS: Joe Blenkle has it all on his website
Justin of NEPA: Yeah, I gotta go through those!
Daniel: it may take a moment to pass the spam filters of yahoo I guess... still have no new mail.
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changed username to Ron's Fedora
Meeka: hi ron
BobS: there is a TON of informatio in those newsletters
Ron's Fedora: Hi everyone
Justin of NEPA: Ah, dang you Yahoo!
BobS: RONALD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome mon
Justin of NEPA: Hey there Ron.
BobS: hows the hat??????
Ron's Fedora: evening Bob, Justin Meeka
BobS: and the wife??????
Ron's Fedora: Red
Daniel: what about the other newsletters? like those in Canada? and other countries?
Judy: Hi, Ron
BobS: don't have those yet Daniel
Ron's Fedora: Hi Judy
BobS: Richard is sick..............don't know with what, but he sinds regards
BobS: sends
Ron's Fedora: Justin, where are ya from?
BobS: and will be on next week
Daniel: Hello Ron... Fedora, that's a linux distribution.
Justin of NEPA: NEPA aka North East Pennsylvania
Ron's Fedora: Yup. Works quite well
Ron's Fedora: Fedora 12
Justin of NEPA: Ain't no party like a Scranton party cause a Scranton party don't stop!
Ron's Fedora: aha!
Daniel: Ron: Do you know a couple of newsletters, like NIAD, but in Canada?
Justin of NEPA: I watch The Office alot...
Ron's Fedora: been to Scranton
Ron's Fedora: Love that valley
Justin of NEPA: Cute area.
Ron's Fedora: Used to have a tripple A baseball team that came up and played against our Ottawa Lynx
Ron's Fedora: Scranton-Wilksbarre Red Barons (better tell me how to spell Wilksbarre)
BobS: Ottawa area nl, Toronto nl,
Ron's Fedora: It was the International League
Justin of NEPA: We have the AAA Scranton-Wilkes Barre YANKEES! Wooho!
Justin of NEPA: Red Barons are gone!
BobS: Ron, canadian newsletters
Justin of NEPA: See ya lousy team lol
Ron's Fedora: ah! Got the name wrong
Justin of NEPA: Red Barons left 2 years ago.
Ron's Fedora: ok
Justin of NEPA: Then the Yankees came in.
Meeka: brb
Ron's Fedora: <grin>
Daniel: Except : "This Week With My Coleco ADAM", and another one I did talk about in the mailing list, do you know any canadian newsletters?
Guy B.: Hi Ron
Ron's Fedora: Evening Mr. Bona
Ron's Fedora: F.C.A.U.G.
Ron's Fedora: chez Montreal
Ron's Fedora: VISA Advisa - out here in Qualicum
Daniel: fcaug is the one I've talked about
Guy B.: Somewhere in my closet are another set of Adam newsletters, Augment
BobS: Canadina newsletters......................................................................
BobS: farn dingers
Ron's Fedora: and of course - mine - AUFG
Justin of NEPA: those dingers, all ten of 'em!
Daniel: I have only 4-5 issues of it
Ron's Fedora: Unfortunately, I never kept any of 'em, including my own
BobS: ya, sometimes it seems like about 6 are workign
Ron's Fedora: It gets worse Bob.
Justin of NEPA: lol i see that! typo city there.
BobS: got a lots of them, jsut need to retire sot I have time
BobS: NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Justin of NEPA: Any mail there Daniel?
BobS: need more time, less projects, winter time indoors.......ya know......right Ron
Ron's Fedora: Retirement will not get you the time Bob. You will have less time when you retire
Justin of NEPA: Was watching the ADAMCON videos on Daniel's YouTube page. Bob, you tall or something?
Guy B.: I'm glad I kept all of my newsletters. But, I that one newsletter the Garden of Adam. That's one by Taylor Barcroft, issued only one and flew the coup
Ron's Fedora: oh yes, there was also ADAM's Leaf in Edmonton
Justin of NEPA: You look like a giant in those videos? I'm short, like 5'6", have a feeling I'll be looking up high when we finally meet.
BobS: wellll. a little, about 6'2"
BobS: YES Ron, you ritght
Justin of NEPA: ah, 6'2", guess its the camera angle.
Ron's Fedora: Let's put it this way Justin, you can't lose Bob in a crowd
Ron's Fedora: just look up
Justin of NEPA: lol
Justin of NEPA: I'm used to sparring guys 6'3"
Ron's Fedora: oh sure..... but you keep working my man!!!
Guy B.: I have a long way to go till that. But two weeks from today I'll be with my company 30 years
Daniel: got your email finaly, yes
Justin of NEPA: DAMN! 30 years!
Daniel: about 400 KB
BobS: well.....................officially unemployed
Justin of NEPA: ah good! Think you'll find those logos suitable
Justin of NEPA: Well, excellent logos actually.
BobS: not now, Ron, jsut at home and for family and friends........and got to keep that to a minimum
Justin of NEPA: one pdf and two png
Ron's Fedora: understand completely Bob
Daniel: By looking back in time, it looks like in year 2000, Ron did bring the subject of f.c.a.u.g. here in this chat room, with Dale, GuyB, james and willie discussing about variou subjects, like compuserve niad and others.
Justin of NEPA: Alright, I missed something, FCAUG stands for...?
Daniel: first
Daniel: canadian
Daniel: adam
Daniel: users
Daniel: group
Ron's Fedora: That was 10 years ago Daniel. Hell I can't even remember what happened yesterday
Justin of NEPA: I liked how you dummy proofed it ;)
BobS: me neither Ron
Ron's Fedora: It gets worse
BobS: NO
BobS: help
Justin of NEPA: My short term memory is shot thanks to boxing.
Daniel: BobS was talking too during that chat session.
Justin of NEPA: Long term is pretty solid though.
BobS: hey!!!! be nice
Ron's Fedora: and for the record, AUFG= Adam User Friendly Group of Ottawa Canada, 1985 - 1995
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changed username to GuyF
Guy B.: Hi Guy F
GuyF: hi everyone, just dropping by quickly to say hello...
Guy B.: What have you been up to?
GuyF: oh boy, you really want to know?
Guy B.: Spill it
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changed username to Ron Again
BobS: ya mon
Guy B.: What happen Ron?
Ron Again: Looks like we have to dispense with the Fedora
BobS requested to ban Ron's Fedora
Ron Again confirmed ban
Daniel confirmed ban
GuyF confirmed ban
Guy B. confirmed ban
Guy B.: Ok, he's one again
Ron Again: Our German Shepherd (Boomer) dropped his toy on my mouse which had the effect of logging me off
Ron Again: He has a peristent way of asking me to play
BobS: and we put Wet Coast Ron together again..................................
GuyF: well, been demolishing my whole backyard, tomorrow morning the tractor is coming in to remove 10 tons of cement, got the cement container coming in at 7:00 AM, getting a jackhammer later on.... fun stuff, then I have to excavate a 12 foot truck of earth, fill it with rocks, compact it, add pavers, etc... lots of fun! Should be ready for Adamcon, you guys are all invited to my place for a BBQ! ;)
Guy B.: At least I know where Annie is and she's not next to me
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS: what the HEck ARE YOU DOING, FILLING IN THE POOL????????????????????????
Guy B.: Holy cow, your digging up the Earth?
GuyF: No, removing the cement around the pool and in my backyard and extending my backyard, thus the digging and filling with rocks.
Judy: sounds like a plan, guy
Guy B.: So, looks like your installing a pool?
Justin of NEPA: I'm lost...
Guy B.: Rats, there goes the party
Ron Again: yet another swimming pool bites the dust
GuyF: No, swimming pool will stay there!
Ron Again: ok......
BobS: teach Boomer how to use the computer
GuyF: it's an inground pool, if I had to fill it with earth, I'd need like 6-7 trucks.
Judy: do you have Mike Homes coming to help you out?
Ron Again: Basically, all he wants Bob, is for me to stay off the computer
GuyF: Nah, I can take care of business! :)
GuyF: $480 to rent a da*n container to get rid of the broken cement. Argh.
GuyF: So, how's everyone doing?
Judy: he did quite a backyard the other day on TV
GuyF: :)
Justin of NEPA: <--Me on the ADAM back in 1986.
Justin of NEPA: Doin' aight!
Ron Again: Just turned 66 (on the 10th) Guy. Doin' fine tks
Judy: it was even around a pool
Meeka: opk, i am back
GuyF: Oh, I'm sure he can do good work... I'd doing it simple, but I have approx. 1600 square feet of paving to do around the pool and in my backyard. Simple, but long and tedious.
Judy: welcome back, Meeka
BobS: DUDE, yo grew UP
Ron Again: Hey Meeka
Justin of NEPA: Indeed I have.
Meeka: ty
Ron Again: Nah, my second childhood doesn't start till my first one is over
Ron Again: Still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up
BobS: how far are youfrom your second childhood Ron??????????
Ron Again: years!
GuyF: hey Dan, how are you? Is the Adamcon all set to go? :)
Justin of NEPA: Bob, lemme know what cha think when you see the redesign. You may hate it! LOL Well, good night.
Ron Again: Nite Justin of NEPA. Good to meet you
Justin of NEPA left chat session
Meeka: night
BobS: I am sitll in the first one
Ron Again: How's Doug these days Meeka?
Meeka: hes good
BobS: niter justin
Meeka: in little boy heaven right now
Ron Again: super
GuyF: I'm off, the workers are arriving tomorrow morning, early... nice talking to all, hope to see you soon! :)
Meeka: got his new 40" lcd tv this week
GuyF left chat session
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Daniel: @GuyF : Allo! Ca peut aller! Pas tout a fait pret non. Besoin temps et aide.
Judy: night Guy
changed username to Pamela
Ron Again: Good you could be here GuyF. Good luck with the work!
Meeka: hi pam
Daniel: And he's gone...
Guy B.: He's quick
Daniel: Pam, good evening
Ron Again: Hey Pam!
BobS: got BIG screen tv
Pamela: Hi there
Daniel: you just miss GuyF by a second
Meeka: yup
Judy: hi, Pam
BobS: ..
Pamela: no Dad?
Daniel: and Justing too actually
BobS: richard sick Pam
Meeka: the sence of being in the theater is fading as we are getting usede to it
BobS: said to give regards
Daniel: *Justin
Pamela: hmm, I expect I need to check my e-mail
Ron Again changed username to Ron's Fedora
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Judy: ya, what is the matter with him?
Ron's Fedora: I like the hat better
BobS: he didnot say sick how
Pamela: how big is big, Meeka?
BobS: but maybe heart skipping out or something
Pamela: you know as much as I Bob
Daniel: I remember that Dale told me that he'll more probably miss the chat tonight. very busy
Ron's Fedora: Wish him well for me Pam
Pamela: very dashing, Ron : )
Meeka: 40"
Pamela: that's big
Ron's Fedora: dashing? Who's dashing? Where?
BobS: you and your hat ron
Pamela: the fedora is : )
Daniel: Fedora... wasn't Ubuntu months ago?
Ron's Fedora: Used to be Red Hat. Now it's Fedora
BobS: no????
Pamela: oh shoot, forgot something
Pamela: brb
Ron's Fedora: yes it was. I'm schizoid when it comes to OS's
Daniel: Red Hat? The Enterprise version with commercial drivers in it like those by ATI ?
Ron's Fedora: Never know which one is next
Ron's Fedora: Fedora is Red Hat for the common bloke like me
Pamela: sorry, forgot to cover R's dinner
Pamela: didn't want it to dry out
Daniel: Menuet is supposed to be written all in assembler, Zeta is supposed to be a BeOS 5 clone, and I think there are plenty of other OS I'll never install on my computer.
Judy: yes, you must take care of Russel
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changed username to Bob
BobS left chat session
Bob: back
Pamela: he would be a tad upset if his dinner was preventably icky
Meeka: wb
Daniel: There is 2 distributions of Linux I did try : Mandriva (previously named Mandrake), and Debian (but I'm not sure). I did try Solaris at the university
Bob: was on the Tecra and themessages were slow to come across
Ron's Fedora: I tend to stick with the main one's Daniel. My Mac runs OS X and also Ubuntu 9.01 and SuSE 11. This winbox runs Vista (not much) and Debian and and Fedora 12
Ron's Fedora: I will keep anything that sets up my wireless net properly. If not, out it goes
Daniel: With a special laser mouse, the first one I've ever seen, that needs a tablet with a grid on it.
Pamela: well I just checked and Dad hasn't sent me an e-mail
Pamela: now I'm worried
Daniel: I like trying sometimes live-cd.
Pamela: damn it
Ron's Fedora: Have a few of those Daniel
Bob: call him via telephone
Pamela: too late now
Ron's Fedora: One real neat one called Damn Small Linux
Ron's Fedora: PC Linux, Puppy Linux, etc etc
Daniel: command line only, and think can still fit in a floppy disk
Judy: can you check your mom's facebook?
Ron's Fedora: yup exactly
Ron's Fedora: but still provides a GUI
Pamela: there was nothing when I looked earlier but will again when I log out of here - she tends to be on late
Ron's Fedora: hope Rich is OK Pam
Pamela: me too
Daniel: There are Linux distributions based on themes, like one for artists called AtistX, which contains a Linux distribution with preinstalled softwares to draw, edit photos and videos, etc.
Pamela: I suspect Bob is right - he's been having a-fib issues for the last little while
Judy: or check now we are a little worried about him also
Pamela: ok, brb
Bob: he didn't sound badlyu ill.......jsut not feeling up to be in on the chat
Daniel: There is one , live-cd version, it kinda turns your computer into an easy to use computer filled with games with big icons, for kids.
Ron's Fedora: did e-mail Bob, or phone you?
Bob: was on early and told me
Ron's Fedora: ok
Daniel: anyway, I want you to know that May is the limit to give your answer about Adamcon 22 (this year)., because it's in May that the hotel will contact me back to get the final answer about the needed rooms, so please , those who didn't contact Rich yet about Adamcon 22, to consider this message as a reminder. thank you
Daniel: goodnight all
Pamela: well I just sent a message to Mom - she's saying computer troubles too
Pamela: we'll see if I get a reply
Ron's Fedora: Night Daniel
Pamela: goodnight Daniel
Judy: night Daniel
Daniel: I've to go now. take care and talk to you later.
Daniel left chat session
Guy B.: Bye Daniel
Bob: nite Danile'
Ron's Fedora: Finally got Virtual ADAM working on Vista
Ron's Fedora: Steve sent me a fix
Pamela: Bob do we return the form to you or give it to Dad?
Bob: ALL forms for convention go to Richard
Pamela: okay
Pamela: then I can hand- deliver : )
Bob: that is what registration form says
Bob: si senorita
Ron's Fedora: how about T-shirt orders from those who've whimped out
Bob: send to Richard also
Ron's Fedora: ok
Bob: he is incharge of the money
Bob: won't be that many forms
Ron's Fedora: right and so it will be well looked after
Pamela: well i talked to Erin tonite and she and Rich are going to do their darndest to be there
Bob: darndeast????????????????
Ron's Fedora: brb
Judy: how are they doing?
Pamela: you know what I mean : )
Pamela: good, it's been a busy 2 weeks for Erin
Judy: neither of them has been on in forever
Judy: has she found a job?
Pamela: she was in Windsor for Easter, went home on Monday, had to go back Friday for a funeral
Pamela: no luck in the employment arena so far : (
Judy: that is too bad
Judy: not a good time to be looking for work
Pamela: and Rich is incredibly busy this time of year so she's been getting a lot of quality "me" time recently
Judy: I seee
Pamela: well if she were looking for your average McJob she'd probably have no problem, but she wants something in her field with decent pay and those jobs are hard to come by
Judy: that maybe impossible
Bob: got to take what ya can get right now for a job
Pamela: I suspect once the economy improves a bit she'll have better luck
Judy: ya, but that may not be for a long time, Pam
Bob: in about 6-8 yrs
Ron's Fedora: back
Bob: front
Bob: middle
Bob: sorry ron could NOT resist
Ron's Fedora: too much of all of 'em Bob
Ron's Fedora: I know, I know
Bob: BUT we have fun yes?????
Ron's Fedora: Oh yes, indeed, that we do
Pamela: yes : )
Bob: SO, I gather from the tshirt remark that you have NOt convinced Susan to come to Montreal...................
Bob: bummer dude
Pamela: mega bummer
Bob: you have GOT to bring her by one of these years
Ron's Fedora: Unfortunately no, Bob. With the Doctor's approval (seeing him next week) she's hoping to re-open the kennels early in May, and
Meeka: :-( no ron agian this year
Ron's Fedora: that will mean work. Looking to go flat out for a while and take all comers to make up for a year's worth lf lost income.
Ron's Fedora: So I must help.. She's not likely to be 100% for a few months yet
Judy: you will be missed
Ron's Fedora: I know guys, but to say that my priorities have changed would be something of an understatement
Pamela: well heck Ron, you'll just have to host another convention
Ron's Fedora: in the realm of possibility
Pamela: we come to you, and problem solved : )
Judy: is one solution
Pamela: of course I'll have to start saving now for airfare, and spend about the same amount of time convincing Russell to fly : )
Bob: TAKE A PLANE Pam, that should placate Russell some
Bob: at least he won't have to flap his arms to the west coast
Ron's Fedora: <grin>
Pamela: LOL
Bob: Ron, you got to be perfectly plain with these young folks or they don't unnerstand
Ron's Fedora: indeed Bob. And always remember, if you're going to cross the Rockies, you need longer arms
Pamela: more lift - we need more lift!
Ron's Fedora: Ahead warp 9 Scotty!
Judy: or flap like crazy
Bob: don't they just get that way after flapping TO the Rockies?????????
Bob: air gets thin that high you know
Ron's Fedora: depends on whether or not you want to touch the ground while you're flapping
Pamela: oh if only - but I'd probably still be running late every morning : ))
Bob: ok will take that under advisement
Bob: oh no, you can't RUn to the west coast, you need to fly
Pamela: even at warp 9?
Bob: yes,
Bob: even at warp 9
Bob: how fast is that anyway??????????????????????
Ron's Fedora: It's only 3 or 4 thousand miles
Bob: in kilometers................
Ron's Fedora: My son Jeff tells me that's the maximum speed of the Star Ship Enterprise. Theoretically there's no such thing as Warp 10
Bob: ahso....did not know that
Ron's Fedora: has something to do with the speed of light
Bob: but we can say....."that's REALLY fast"
Ron's Fedora: yes. REALLY REALLY FAST
Pamela: faster than flapping, that's for sure!
Ron's Fedora: you'd overshoot the Rockies, and probably the Pacific Ocean
Ron's Fedora: and maybe even Venus
Ron's Fedora: The 3 or 4 thousand miles was the distance between here and Toronto-the-Good
Pamela: Fly me to the moon . . .
Ron's Fedora: as done by a flapping crow
Pamela: and I can't remember the rest of the lyrics
Bob: ok, go at about waarp speed 1 then
Ron's Fedora: Fly me to the moon
Ron's Fedora: And help me make it to the stars
Ron's Fedora: I will meet you in between
Ron's Fedora: Old Jupiter and Mars
Bob: at las Vegas?
Ron's Fedora: don't think that was it somehow
Bob: sounds about right
Ron's Fedora: Meanwhile, here in the Tall Cedars........
Judy: just opened the door is really warm in the house yet
Ron's Fedora: Sue is on one computer and I'm on the other, and we have a 90 lb German Shepherd who HATES computers and wants attention
Meeka: lol
Ron's Fedora: so I better be away
Judy: give him one to eat, Ron
Meeka: night ron
Judy: night Ron
Ron's Fedora: he's already had supper. We don't really want a FAT 90 lb German Shepherd
Pamela: g'nite Ron
Ron's Fedora: see ya's next week
Pamela: you bet
Bob: nite Ron say HJI top Susan
Ron's Fedora: Love ya's all!
Ron's Fedora: yup
Bob: talk at ya later
Ron's Fedora: pooofff
Pamela: yes, our best to Sue
Judy: sounds like a plan
Ron's Fedora left chat session
Judy: when did you say you were leaving, Meeka?
Meeka: tomorrow afternoon
Bob: well, be careful and HAVE FUN
Meeka: we will
Judy: drive careful
Meeka: we will just mosey along, no rush to get there
Judy: that sounds good
Bob: there ya go, but you could run into some storms..........probably nolt until nighttime, but................
Meeka: thats why we go the night before
Judy: there are so many nutty drivers out there
Pamela: going where?
Meeka: and come back the day after
Bob: sotrms Fri in Indy
Bob: storms
Meeka: to the other p& c location in indiana
Pamela: ah
Judy: for Doug's work
Bob: indiana wants them, indiana wants them........................................a song thers omewhere
Judy: I would like to run away from home and problems
Pamela: I know how you feel Judy
Pamela: I've lost my desk under a mountain of paper at work
Pamela: if everyone would just leave me alone for a day, I might have a fighting chance of finding it again
Judy: did get my mom home from the hospital on Sunday but was there for the day today to help them
Pamela: but unfortunately, I don't think I'm going to get my wish
Pamela: well that's good news
Pamela: is she feeling better?
Judy: now if they could just tell us what is really wrong with her it would help
Judy: yes, but really weak
Pamela: pneumonia will do that to you
Judy: and they put her on blood thinners so that means she has to have blood work done every other day for a while
Judy: and hospitals don't help either
Bob: sick people in hospital......................................bummer
Pamela: it doesn't matter how cheerful the surroundings and the staff, it's still a hospital and not where you want to be
Bob: yo know what that does to your state of security????????????????//nothin
Bob: not to mention your health
Pamela: yeah I know : (
Judy: the nurses were pleasant but did not really do their jobs, they would just leave her in bed if not for family she would still be in the hospital, to weak to ever come home
Bob: well kids, tis about the bewitching hour
Pamela: don't get me started on the whole Dad fiasco
Meeka: yup, here too dad
Guy B.: That goes for me too. Will see you all next week
Bob: I am off till next week
Pamela: and me
Meeka left chat session
Pamela: goodnight to all
Bob: retirement is HARD.................oh shoot, anohter 4 letter word
Pamela: hope she continues to improve Judy
Judy: yes, talk to you next week, have a good week
Pamela: and you
Judy: me too
Bob left chat session
Judy: night all
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Judy left chat session
Guy B.: Poof
Pamela: kerpoof
Guy B. left chat session
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