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Justin: Early huh?
Rider Pride: yup
Justin: Well, I'll be back, gotta finish laundry.
Rider Pride: C ya
Justin: in 30 minutes!
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Rider Pride changed username to Steve from SK
changed username to Jim-NIAD
changed username to rich-c
Jim-NIAD: hey all
Steve from SK: Hi Rich and Jim. I was just perusing the NIAD newsletters
rich-c: geez, guys, you are early
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Steve from SK: We didn't want to miss any of the action
changed username to Robert Miller
Jim-NIAD: what do you mean, I'm about 14 years late!
rich-c: oh, we tend to come actually a bit after the hour
Robert Miller: Hi all.
rich-c: hey, another rare visitor - hi Robert
Robert Miller: yes I always think about this on Thursdays it seems. :(
rich-c: anyway all three of you, really delighted you made it
Jim-NIAD: hi rich... i made it, even early. Joe couldn't however, like he's said before bad time
Steve from SK: It's my first time on. I've been conversing/transacting with Rich and Bob S. this past week
rich-c: I know the feeling, but Frances or Pamela remind me (wife and daughter, Steve)
Steve from SK: I was looking up info on the MIB cards and I had no idea that the chat logs were saved so I perused a few of the old ones as well
rich-c: yes, this just doessn't work for Joe, more's the pity
rich-c: good! you've found your leisure reading for the next week!
Robert Miller: (been doing my part while offline... got the guy in the next cube into Adam. ;o)
rich-c: you may have noticed a political item when the Quebecers are on - they really struggle to speak English with us
Jim-NIAD: if it wasn't for Joe, I probably wouldn't have gotten back involved like I have and he is dedicated
rich-c: so where we have any we try to use French with them, just to acknowledge
Jim-NIAD: Steve from SK... first time you've seen the NIAD Newsletter?
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Steve from SK: Nope. but first time in a looong while. I had a subscription back in the 80's
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changed username to Justin
Steve from SK: Don't have a clue where my old issues went.
Justin: Hey yo!
rich-c: I had a long run of them but gave it to Rich Drushel as he wanted to do what Joe is doing with newsletters
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changed username to Daniel
rich-c: hey Justin, good to see you
changed username to BobS
Daniel: Wow, already started?
Justin: Thanks Rich!
BobS: DARN started early did we?????
rich-c: salut, Daniel, comment ca va?
Daniel: Bonsoir tout le monde (good evening everyone)
BobS: Hey Steve !!!!!!!!11
BobS: Justin
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Justin: Hey ya Bob.
Steve from SK: Sorry, Justin and I were here over half an hour ago.
BobS: holy smokes ALL ya'll are here!!!1
Daniel: Bien ! How are you Rich?
Steve from SK: Hi Bob and Daniel
changed username to Judy
rich-c: yes, we have a couple of welcome visitors tonight
BobS: no lie Richard
Justin: Daniel, I'll never be bilingual :)
Judy: hi, eveyone
Judy: it is a busy night
rich-c: hi Judy, and Bob
Justin: Hey ya Judy
Steve from SK: I'm bilingual, but my other language is husband. 2 words. "Yes" and "Dear"
Justin: Gonna have to maximize this screen; so many chatters.
rich-c: Daniel, I'm doing more or less OK but various problems yet
Justin: Hmm, only two words I have to get to know.
rich-c: latest is a muscle on teh inside of my right knee acting up and making me limp
Daniel: not an obligation to learn french as a second language , but studies are showing that people learning more than one language tend to keep the brain active enough to slowdown the effect of time.
Jim-NIAD: Reminds me of the old CompuServSunday Night Chats... all the traffic
BobS: BUT yo are feeling better Richar?
BobS: Jim, did ya get my latest meassage about NOt sending the disk files????
Justin: Ain'tm gonna happen. I'm Italian/Puerto-Rican. Took Spanish for 4 years. Didn't pick up anything!
Steve from SK: My daughter is in French Immersion in the 1st grade and all the French is coming back from high school
rich-c: well, I was semi functional today at leasst, could do more than sleep all day
Justin: Good ole days when chat was fun.
rich-c: for that matter how are you holding up, Bob? you have the same problem
Jim-NIAD: BOBS... already did... no problem. The others worked?
Robert Miller: Daniel it's probably only because we cant drink while we're learning another language.
Daniel: There are some people I don't meet yet... or I forgot (sorry if so)
BobS: I got them unzipped, YES............NOW to make it work or jsut plain copy it for Mark
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BobS: nope Daniel, don't think you know Steve, Justin and Robert
changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Yo!
rich-c: Well, Steve, you should be thinking about Addamcon then, seeing we're in Quebec this year
Steve from SK: Bonjour Daniel. Comment ca va?
Jim-NIAD: BobS... sent copy of CC 2.0 to Rich Drushel for him to look at as well
Justin: Is ADAMcon ever coming back to the States?
Daniel: ADAMCon, I think I've done he poster right this time. high-resolution, respect the theme of 2010 space odyssey I wanted... kinda cool.
rich-c: allo Luc, et bienvenue!
Justin: Daniel, poster does look quite good.
BobS: COOL Jim
Robert Miller: got a link to the banner Daniel?
Robert Miller: banner=poster
Daniel: I'm about to upload it somewhere in 2 formats : hi-res and web format.
LucMiron: Seems like I came right into a budy Adamcon discussion. :-)
LucMiron: budy=busy
Daniel: bonsoir Luc, comment va?
rich-c: most Adamcons have been in teh US, Justin, just depends on where we can find someone masochistic enough to take on teh job
Jim-NIAD: Daniel... saw the CV WaterLine demo on BlockParty, simple incredible!
LucMiron: @Daniel: Pas pire. plutot fatigue. Je suis encore dans une periode intense au bureau.
BobS: was in Michigan last year Justin
Justin: of course i find out about this when the cons in canada! lol
rich-c: tough time in teh office, eh Luc? how l;ong is it likely to last?
LucMiron: So when's Adamcon again? I need to note that down in my long-term agenda.
Daniel: The author of the demo gave me a cartridge of it. And I'll bring it at the convention.
Jim-NIAD: BobS... I'm a year late, just a couple hour drive and in 2006 you were 5 minutes from my house!
LucMiron: @rich: It should be mostly over by the end of next week. After that, I'll be able to put more energy into my CV games releases.
rich-c: June 17 - 20 but we're accepting registeraaztions now
Daniel: I'm uploading the picture... be right back.
LucMiron: June??? I thought it was in July or August...
rich-c: nope, week after the Grand Prix
Justin: So... hoping for some honest opinions here. What do you think of the new homepage?
Daniel: Last year we decided it will be be in June.
Steve from SK: So I have aTech question for you long term ADAMites. What's the difference between a MIB2 and a MIB3 card?
Daniel: And we focus on the selected dates
BobS: I am using Justins webpage
rich-c: the power supply - the MIB2 was seriously awkward. Also possibly the socket for a boot prom
BobS: know??????
Steve from SK: Is that your handy works Justin? I think it's pretty sweet.
Justin: Yeah, it's my 3rd incarnation. Didn't care for my first two.
Jim-NIAD: Steve... can't remember everything, but Mark Gordon kept improving the deign of the board and adding new features like an eprom socket
Justin: Thanks Steve.
rich-c: yes, the MIB2 needs to be cheaper because it's a pain to use
Justin: What does MIB stand for?
Daniel: I just remember that the poster is incomplete... missing at least a logo and one adjustement.
LucMiron: Men In Black
rich-c: if only he had made the power wire two millimetres longer
Jim-NIAD: Multi-Purpose Interface Board
Daniel: Anyway, there is the direct link to the low-res version :
LucMiron: :-P
Justin: :P
Steve from SK: OK. Bob and I were talking about the EPROM on the IDE cards and trying to reprogram the faulty ones. On one of the old chats, Dale Wick talked about getting a USB programmer. Does anyone know if he ever try to reprogram one?
Steve from SK: I thought the MI in MIB stood for Micro Innovations ;-)
Jim-NIAD: that's too easy Steve
Steve from SK: Awesome Daniel.
BobS: MIB3 only performs as an addressor card for memory expander and has 2 serial slots.............NNO parallel hook up???????????
Jim-NIAD: How long a ride is Montreal from Toronto?
LucMiron: So Daniel, you seem to be pretty muchn involved in organizing Adamcon. Is GuyF involved in any capacity?
Steve from SK: I thought the MIB3 did have parallel?
LucMiron: @Jim: About 4 hours.
Daniel: GuyF is in charge of finding a good restaurant for the banquet.
rich-c: About a six hour drive I would guess - the convention is on the western outskirts
Daniel: by the way, Luc, the space at the bottom of the poster is for logos... why not adding your web site logo?
rich-c: so it is interstate quality road all the way, with Toronto a useful stopoever eastbound
LucMiron: @rich: Isn't it held somewhere in Laval?
Robert Miller: Nice Daniel... my only claim to fame is the AC-11 logo. maybe I should give the XXII a go? (nope 4 space needles probably wont cut it eh? lol)
rich-c: Torontonians think Laval is part of Montreal because the airport is there
rich-c: just like they think Pearson airport is in Toronto (it isn't)
LucMiron: There's no airport in Laval. :-P
rich-c: Dorval, peut-etre?
LucMiron: Well, yeah, Dorval is the airport, but it's on the island of Montreal.
rich-c: I know Mirabel is practically nearer Ottawa, but isn't Trudeau in Laval at all?
LucMiron: Dorval = Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau airport now.
Steve from SK: The hardware doc on hollowdreams says it has the same functions as the printer interface card. I assumed that meant parallel port.
Daniel: Well, I've decided to write Montreal instead of Laval for 2 reasons, it's the region of Montreal and Montreal is associated as Coleco Canada.
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LucMiron: @rich: There's really no airport in Laval. There's not much of anything in Laval, really, aside from a couple of good shopping malls, the Cosmodome and a couple of movie theaters.
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: it's our tradition, Daniel, to use the name of the nearest city
Daniel: hello GuyB
Jim-NIAD: Steve... from the NIAD catalog '92: MIB 3 has 2 Serial Port with voltage regulator, 1 Parallel Port/Addressor, Boot-Prom Socket
Guy B.: Greetings from Chilly Chicago
rich-c: most of our conventions were technically not in the nominal city
Guy B.: Hi Jim. Glad you made it
BobS: You're right Steve, it makes sense also to have ALL the functions available
rich-c: you've got that cold front through, have you, Guy?
Guy B.: Came in around 6 PM
Steve from SK: Well, it makes sense to us!
rich-c: I am told the shopping mall just down the road from the hote;l is the nicest in eastern Canada
Steve from SK: Too bad we weren't in charge of the hardware back then!
BobS: well Guy, you can KEEP the cold, we don't want it here
Robert Miller: Thunder storm hit here just about that time. 1 strike Shook the datacenter, but I didn't see any smoke :)
LucMiron: @rich: So the hotel has been selected?
Daniel: People living around the town of Montreal are most likely to be associated as being part of Montreal as well. It's true in some studies like when they compare number of people between Montreal and Quebec, they talk about Montreal "at large" and Quebec "at large" with all the towns around.
Guy B.: You're going to get it Bob
Jim-NIAD: GuyB It's not that cold for April, last year was a lot worse. Good to see ya!
rich-c: yes, the ChateauneufLaval - it was Daniel's pick, he's in charge
Guy B.: Oh I know
Robert Miller: <<< will trade the cold for the pollen!
Steve from SK: Whole different ballgame when you throw allergies in there, eh?
Daniel: I'll get a call from the hotel around May 18th to confirm the number of rooms to reserve, so I'll need this information pretty soon.
Jim-NIAD: BobS It''s coming across Lake Michigan as we speak
BobS: Jean and Melanie are not coming, but the slopsema 4 are coming in HOT on Thursday
Steve from SK: @Bob: Head for the hills!!
rich-c: well, anytime you need the info shoot Bob an email, or I can tell you how many have paid
BobS: was a beautiful day here today, hit about 75* on our deck
BobS: I asked ya before richard, did ya get my check??????????
BobS: or not??????
Robert Miller: (was a steady 63 in the datacenter all day... sigh.)
BobS: if not, tis on the way
rich-c: Jean and Melanie had to scratch? BUMMER!
Steve from SK: It was 26 Deg C here today. Beeyootiful
BobS: just plain could not get a decent flight cost is what killed them'
BobS: ya sounds nice Steve
rich-c: no, I have not r4eceived any cheque frrom you Bob - when did you mail it?
Robert Miller: you'd think the airlines would get "hungry" after the volcano, but so far they're just getting greedy.
Daniel: The high-resolution needed to print the poster is this file (too big for some browsers like Chrome) :
BobS: about last Friday
Steve from SK: Probably some Canada Post employee is having a beer on Bob ;-)
BobS: or maybe Thrusday, don't remember
BobS: betternot
rich-c: likely be here tomorrow or Friday, then - they call it snail mail for a reason
Daniel: So, if you want your logo on it, give the resolution based on this poster high-res format.
BobS: don't work Daniel
Daniel: 600dpi
Daniel: Try with Firefox, it should works with it
LucMiron: Well, I have my eam Pixelboy logo drawn in Adobe Ilustrator, so technically, I can provide a logo at any scale.
rich-c: you know, I think that will be our first bilingual poster
LucMiron: eam=Team
LucMiron: But if I put my logo on the poster, that will likely drive up expectations in terms of presentation... Hmmm...
BobS: well ya
rich-c: and Daniel, remember I have guaranteed teh hotel 32 room nights,
Daniel: I let you decide, Luc. it's possible now, but now when the poster will be printed.
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LucMiron: Well, I know I will set up a CV console with Gulkave, Girl's Garden and Peek-a-boo on display. I will also present a beta of Pitfall 2 Arcade.
changed username to Pamela
rich-c: and if they come after you in mid-May I will pay them then
rich-c: hello daughter
Pamela: greetings
BobS: Hi Pam
LucMiron: Hi Pam.
Pamela: made it before 10:00 for a change but I'll be popping in and out
Judy: hi, Pam
LucMiron: I will also bring an ADAM which will actually be on sale.
BobS: like pop;corn??????????
Jim-NIAD: Luc... you'll need an ADAM setup for Steve Pitman's latest... ADAM Bomb II - Editor
Pamela: something like that : )
Daniel: Rich, the poster will cost $30 to print, and I plan to print small versions as well to be in the folder of the attendees.
Guy B.: brb folks. Doing a little file conversion for work
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changed username to Meeka
rich-c: Daniel, remember I am only acting as treasurer, the overall budget is your respon sibility
Meeka: hello everyone
Jim-NIAD: Steve whipped it up in about a week time and includes a MBP of the entire AB II map
Pamela: hi Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
Jim-NIAD: that is a BMP... sorry
LucMiron: Adam Bomb II...?
Daniel: Rich, if I don't print a poster, there is no passing banner then.
Daniel: Luc : Adam Bomb is a well know video game for the Coleco Adam.
Steve from SK: I was wondering what a MBP was ;-)
rich-c: I wasn't objecting, Daniel - as I said, staying within the budget is your part
Judy: Hi, Meeka
Meeka: mom and i have a map of ab II from when we completed it a few years back
Steve from SK: On that topic. There's no way I'd be able to make the Con (I would LOVE to) but is there a way to donate to the Con? Seems like a way for those of us who can't make it can help out and make it that much better for those who can. I'd like to help out.
rich-c: Justin, suppose the Adamcon was at Lake Placid in Neww York State, would you be tempted?
Daniel: I know, good to reminds me that the budget was planned by at least 3 different persons, and the cost price of $400 was decided by Dale to cover this kind of fees of banners, outside activity, t-shirts, etc.
Justin: I would. Don't have to get a passport ;)
rich-c: yes, don't you have a copy of teh spreadsheet Bob made up?
Justin: eh?
Daniel: rich was talking to me
Justin: for the latest ADAMcon>?
Justin: oh ok
rich-c: (I should talk, I have it but I'd be hard put to find it)
LucMiron: Looked up Adam Bomb on the net. So it's something similar to Boulder Dash. Cool. :)
Steve from SK: And T-Shirts! I'd buy a T-Shirt to help out.
Daniel: err... kinda boulderdash in looking but the comparaison stops there.
rich-c: no, I was asking Justin a question, Daniel - would he come to an Adamcon in Lake Placid, NY
Daniel: rich, justin was saying "eh?" about Bob's spreadsheet.
Justin: LOL
Justin: eh?
rich-c: no, only you and Bob and I have copies as far as I know
Daniel: I know
Robert Miller: quick question... how do you PM here?
Daniel: Ok, so how many so far did pay to be at the ADAMCon this year?
Daniel: *did pay already
BobS: The Slopsema 4 registratiolns are on the way to Richard
rich-c: the Slopsemas' cheque is in the mail, that's it
LucMiron: So BTW, Daniel, have you been able to work on that Boxxle music?
Daniel: If PM means Private Message, then click on the name ion the list and click Send P.M. at the bottom instead of using Send Message or simply ENTER.
Pamela: Robert, write what you want to say, then click on the name, then click "send private message"
Daniel: I've got your Private Message, Robert.
BobS: Robert......type your mewssage here, then highlight who you want to send aprivate message to, then click send private message at the bottom
Pamela: However, remember that although the PM's don't show on the chat they will show up in archives
rich-c: obviously I'll just tuck Frances and myself in with teh otehrs
Steve from SK: So no naughty stuff!
rich-c: and tell Pam when I need hers, and she can tell Rich and Erin
Pamela: you'll have it soon Dad
BobS: right Steve
BobS: someone will see it.............someday
Robert Miller: I have a preliminary idea for a logo thing that I just made a quick bmp of. how can I send it to you?
Jim-NIAD: Daniel...I'll send you the edit program if you would like to see it (disk image, map and short doc=900K)
Daniel: As for my part, I've accumulated $300 so far... and that's pretty much all I can pay considering the other fees like the poster. Well, I may bring my parents as well to present them to you and help to get the 32 nights, but they'll not participate at all.
Robert Miller: lol... missed the PM button... not even drinking heavily lol
Justin: Good night.
Justin left chat session
Meeka: night justin
rich-c: you'll have to do it personally, I don't think the Coladam list allows attachments
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Daniel: I would like to give it a try to the editor... but I'm actually more concerned about finding a walktrough because I'm stuck, each time I try.<
Jim-NIAD: Daniel... Steve has released it for all to enjoy
changed username to james
james: g'day
Judy: night Justin
Daniel: hello James
LucMiron: Hey James! :)
Daniel: Any chance to see you in Canada this year, James?
rich-c: well, if we can get Guy Foster and Luc and maybe others from that group
rich-c: anyone heard from Dave Hill of late?
Jim-NIAD: Daniel... the full BMP map will help, I'll email it to you so you can show at AC
BobS: nite Justin
Daniel: GuyF want to stay at his home, but want to somehow participate (partially).
james: unfortunately a trip is not in the works for this year
rich-c: good morning james
james: hi rich. it's been a very long time! how have you been?
Pamela: well good morning James
LucMiron: @Daniel: You'd like to give what a try with the editor? I don't follow...
rich-c: how does it feel to have the earthquakes somewhere else for a change?
Judy: hi, James
Jim-NIAD: Daniel... would love to but doesn't look good. suffered pretty bad abdominal injury (work contruction for gas company) and have been home for last month
Daniel: I want to try the editor to see how it works
james: lol
Jim-NIAD: Daniel... if my doctor keeps me home from work another 2 months.... maybe!
Robert Miller: OK. thanks. I have no ego to bruise, so if you think it's worth trying to improve or not just let me know. TIA
Pamela: I meant to ask you Jim - is it a strain injury or a cutting injury?
Robert Miller: dammit
Robert Miller: sorry
rich-c: but you'd have to fly - it's a long drive if you're ailing - two days minimum
Robert Miller: the poinky hits the return so quickly lol!
Robert Miller: poinky=pinky
Pamela: don't tell me Robert - your enter button is in the wrong place too? : )
LucMiron: You know, you should refresh your announcement about AdamCon at the AtariAge forums. Posting in the Events sub-section would be best.
rich-c: there's a good idea for you, Daniel
Jim-NIAD: @Daniel sending it your way
Jim-NIAD: @Pamela Started as strain, last month it's worse and cutting
Daniel: I've got your email
Daniel: logo idea?
Pamela: oh, ouch
Robert Miller: anyway Daniel, it's on it way (no sense trying to PM at this point I guess. :o)
Daniel: wow, ok I see.
rich-c: you seem to have been through every diagnostic known to man, but still no firm diagnosis, Jim?
Daniel: err... good logo idea
Daniel: it's kinda the best time to use it
Daniel: Got email concerning the editor
rich-c: james, how is spring coming along in Japan? It's way early here
james: it's been quite cool overall and very wet this year
Judy: meeka, quess what? Mom and Dad have no phone and tv again today
Meeka: oh jeeezzzzzzzzzz
Pamela: what's the word on the car Judy?
rich-c: just the opposite in eastern Canada, james - unusually warm early and generally dry
rich-c: we have all our fruit trees in bloom - how are yours doing?
BobS: driving it, ins co paid off and got a new windshield in it
BobS: working on a dashbaord
Judy: ya, went off at 4 and they can't get anyone to come out to fix it until tomorrow afternoon
rich-c: so the insurance did decide to pay for repair and not write it off?
Daniel: Any chance to get at least a short video from those who can't be at the ADAMCon but still want to present something at this event?
Judy: it was totaled but Bob is getting it fixed
Pamela: oh that's a good idea Daniel
rich-c: what, you bought it back for 30% of writeoff price?
Judy: the insurance company paid us off and we could keep the car
Meeka: guess they arent big on customer service are they
rich-c: I picked up teh settlement cheque on my trailer Monday, insurance company wrote it off
Judy: no, the insurance company doesn't think it is fixable
BobS: no got totaled.......and we got paid off and kept car Richard
Judy: we got the check last week
rich-c: but have already sent a customer to teh salvage yard wants to buy it from them
BobS: so now the insurance company owns yuouir trailer?????
LucMiron: @Daniel: Did you get my private response?
BobS: then you didn 't have to doi anything with it
rich-c: no, they can't trade in vehicles, have to sell it to a salvage yard
rich-c: but they gave the potential buyer the name and phone of the yard
rich-c: nope, they own it and it's their problem
james: stuff has bloomed but it's a little hard to get out and enjoy it
Pamela: is that because of the weather, James?
rich-c: it was weird - I'd justr accepted their settlement when this guy called me, so I told him the story
james: @pam, yeah
rich-c: the upshot is that he will likely get it cheaper than I or the insurance would ask
james: does nothing but rain these days
Pamela: sounds like our spring last year
Judy: we have been dry and beautiful
BobS: we got paid off for over 85% of their estimated value, and we kept the car
rich-c: is that unusual for Japan in April, james?
Jim-NIAD: @James saw links to your ADAM pages and they are all dead... do you have new ADAM & LOGO pages?
BobS: well then Richard, he wil get a good deal
Pamela: brb, gotta go get my laundry
rich-c: I hope so, it will encourage him to buy and keep it
Guy B.: Ok back. Whew
rich-c: Pam, any of the trailer equipment you'd like to own?
rich-c: oops, have to ask her later
BobS: did you get to empty out your stuff from the trailer????
Meeka: doug says they sould just get rid of it, he sas they should talk to comcast agian. they may be able to get "win back:" pricing
Robert Miller: Wish I had more time, but gotta go... (my PM errors have supplied enough entertainment for 1 night hehehe.) ...just want to say...
rich-c: oh yes, all of it except teh hitch which was stolen, and there's a separate claim on thata
BobS: nite Robert....COME AAGAIN
Robert Miller: ...with 12 ppl online I think these are "the good old days" right?
Meeka: at&t does that sorta thing all the time if you switch away and come back to them
Judy: will have to talk to them about that tomorrow
Robert Miller: night everyone!
Meeka: night
LucMiron: Bye Rob!
Judy: night robert
BobS: Meeka, we are keeping our opinion out of was not our idea, so not our problem......I did tell gram to not let the guy touch their computers though
rich-c: OK Robert, great to have you, come back soon!
Jim-NIAD: night Robert
Robert Miller left chat session
BobS: Doug will have to talk me through hookup and we will write it down for later use............
rich-c: brb - time for my beer
LucMiron: My brain is startnig to shut down. I need sleeeeep...
BobS: just too much chit chat Luc
Meeka: thats fine dad
Daniel: bonsoir Luc, and take care!
LucMiron: Bye people!
Steve from SK: Beer! This Late! A true Canadian!
LucMiron left chat session
Steve from SK: On a school night, that is
Daniel: I was writing a message ... sorry
Judy: talked to Jean Stone tonight
BobS: nit eluc
Judy: night Luc
rich-c: bonsoir, Luc
rich-c: well, Steve, this is one of thpose famous Quebec boutique beers
Daniel: I think I'll be there only Saturday and Sunday according to my financial situation. Well, I've asked GuyF to do a welcome presentation.
rich-c: a 9.5% imperials Russian stout of utmost quality
Steve from SK: I think I read your mentioning it on the Chat logs. I'm more of a Rye Whiskey man myself.
Pamela: well I missed Luc's departure
BobS: thata you did ma'am
Pamela: @Dad, don't think there's anything we need but will think on it and let you know
rich-c: well, since you live where they grow it, that makes sense!
Pamela: @Judy, are Jean and Melanie going to be able to make the convention?
rich-c: OK, anything that helps empty the basement is good
Judy: Meeka, my butterflies are busy blinking
Pamela: told Mom I'd be happy to come over and help her go through it all and get it organized
Meeka: cool
Steve from SK: Yeah, but we grow a lot of the malt barley used for beer as well. I used to work for a Controls company that did work for a Malting plant. They had a hospitality house where the beer fridge was always stocked and open (for after hours of course ;-)
Judy: no, they can't find an effordable flight
Pamela: I've discovered its much easier to get rid of someone else's stuff : )
rich-c: yes, the big breweries in Toronto have that for staff too - and lunch hours as well
Meeka: so true pam
Pamela: you're kidding!
Steve from SK: They stocked it with all the different beers they produced malt for, including Sam Adams and a bunch of Japanese brews. Quite fun having a taste test
Pamela: brb
Meeka: i can pack mandy in days to move, it tqakes me weeks lol
Daniel: I did stoped to help others to sell or get stuff... I've always the bad role of not helping much and it takes so much time and never happen the way they want.
rich-c: yes - I'm a fan of teh strong dark beers, stout and porter, myself
rich-c: the one I have tonight is very particularly good
Judy: why is that?
Steve from SK: If my hockey team wins tonight, I'll have a beer with you ... long distance
Steve from SK: But it'll be a Great Western Light
rich-c: OK - sorry I can't send you one of these, they are rare and special
Jim-NIAD: @Steve what team do ya follow, my Hawks are tanking it!
Steve from SK: Are you able to purchase them locally?
rich-c: but I don't have the funnel attachment for my modem yet to pour it oer
Steve from SK: I'm a Bruins fan myself. They're about to start Double OT with Buffalo
rich-c: yes, the government store brought in a special shipment in the fall
Jim-NIAD: @Steve that's the way a playoff game should be... at least trip-OT
rich-c: Steve, would you believe I'm so old I can remember seeing the Leafs win the Stanley Cup?
Steve from SK: If you had a TI-99/4A you could use their program called "Funnelweb" Aptly named I'd say ;-)
Jim-NIAD: @Steve if Boston makes it thru, good luck with Washington
rich-c: I have the computer - maybe I should look into the program
Steve from SK: Well, I was born the year before the Bruins last won it. i would have been 9 months old and can't seem to remember it.
Jim-NIAD: @RichC the Canadians must've felt bad for the leafs that year
Judy: they probably played past your bedtime
rich-c: No, it was an odd number year so their turn to win
Steve from SK: @JfN:No kidding! Those guys look too good this year. But I still think their goaltending can be exploited. As long as they score 6 goals per game, they should be ok.
Daniel: My mother did send me an email tonight... She wish me good luck for the ADAMCon... I think I can't count on her to be at the hotel to get a few more nights... ho well, I did feel bad asking my parents to come for no good reasons.
Jim-NIAD: @Rich Well there were only six teams back then!
Daniel: More time pass, more pression I feel.
rich-c: yes, and two of them were neveer contenders
rich-c: Daniel, don't you worry, you just do your part and everything will be fine
Jim-NIAD: @RichC yeah, I know
Daniel: what is the limit of my part actually?
rich-c: well, you have done the planning, negotiated teh hotel, planned teh sessions, looked after other arrangements
BobS: your part is unlimited, as much as you can hold!!!!!!!!!11
Jim-NIAD: @Daniel how many are planning to attend so far?
BobS: will probably be a little smaller this year Jim
rich-c: Ten committed, several (like Guy) pretty certain to come
Steve from SK: Sounds like you're doing a bang-up job so far Daniel. Don't get discouraged.
Daniel: We did expect 16 persons (times 2 per room, 4 nights = 32 nights), but so far it looks like we may be only 12 at first
BobS: my be down to a dozen, maybe up to 15-16 depending on the CV programmers group
rich-c: well, it'ss his first time at it and only long distance help, Steve, so he's having a tough time
BobS: things are going along VERY smoothly, thatnks to Daniel
rich-c: but we will see that he doesn't get hurt
BobS: Dat's whot dda old folks does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Daniel: starting to think it's my last time too. I'm better at programming than organizing.
rich-c: how about Guy B. and Murray, and the Hills?
Daniel: *way better
Guy B.: Rich, check was sent last weekend
BobS: Murray usually comes onbaord, don't remember himissing any convention
rich-c: OK, have we heard from the others yet?
Daniel: I'm supposed to receive a few dollars before of a tax refund (is it the right word for it?)
Daniel: sorry I'm typing badly now
BobS: TAX refund?????????????? you mean they give some BACK?????????????
rich-c: yes, I think I understand, Daniel
BobS: what a novel idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
rich-c: yes, we have quite a massive refund due this year
Daniel: Last year I had about $5 a day as an income.
Steve from SK: Well, they take extra and if you do the right things and get lucky, you might get some of it back.
Judy: that is pretty hard to live on, Daniel
BobS: lucky is th4e key word...........although in the US only 1/2 the people owed any taxes......economy sucks
rich-c: yes, you can elect to overpay and we do, and have big deductions, so there's a big refund
Daniel: hopefully, I did sell a bunch of cartridges to help paying some bills.
rich-c: we have no wage income, it's all pensions and investments and such, so we can choose how much to prepay
Steve from SK: Unfortunately, my employer won't take extra off (I work for the city of Prince Albert - another government - one who gives nothing back)
Daniel: Sadly, that also means I'll have to stop soon to make cartridges because of a lack of resources.
rich-c: really? when I was working for Etobicoke, they did allow some leeway
james: @daniel, what cartridges have you been producing lately?
BobS: well then make some carts !!!!
rich-c: I was a school librarian, Steve, ranked as teacher/dept head.
Steve from SK: I think the smaller governments got some grief from further up the food chain - the feds like to give back as little as they can. If people get money back, there's no chance for interest or fees on money owed ;-)
Daniel: My latest one, only a few are done, Pickin Sticks, it's just an insane games with humor where you collect an infinite amount of sticks in a background, no obstacle or lives.
rich-c: sort of like that Bubble Wrap game on the 'net...
Daniel: I still have the possibility to make a GhostBlaster cartridge, which is my best ColecoVision game ever, I did it last year.
Meeka: well folks, i gonna get going, doug needs a cc to order parts so i better go see what hes up to
Meeka: talk to ya next week
rich-c: nite Meeka, see you then
james: ghost blaster? do you have a webpage describing it daniel?
BobS: ok see you latermeeka
Judy: night Meeka, talk to you soon
Daniel: I've a page about it, in french, and a lot of videos on youtube about it
Meeka left chat session
james: french is no problem. i've been brushing up lately too, reading french novels ;)
Pamela: @Steve, there's a government form you fill out when you first start with your employer and on that you can elect to have more deducted - if you ask your HR for the form, they'll provide it to you
Steve from SK: Okay Rich. I just cracked my beer. The Bruins won!
Pamela: night Meeka
Jim-NIAD: Gotta get going, kids bedtime... it's been great talking with everyone again and also the the new CV programmers
Daniel: anyway, the page is pretty easy to figure out
rich-c: right - toast them appropriateely - I'm nursing mine, since it;'s a 9.5% one
BobS: nite Jim
BobS: get well
Daniel: great talking to you too. bye
Judy: night Jim
Jim-NIAD: thanks Daniel for your tremendous efforts with the CV and ADAMcon organization
Pamela: 'gnite Jim - glad you made it
rich-c: see you soon, Jim
Daniel: thanks
Jim-NIAD: My son loves Jeepers Creepers!
rich-c: Guy, do you share a room or pay single supplement?
Steve from SK: Mines only 4% - I may have to have 2 to just come close to you!
Daniel: I've tried again Jeepers Creepers, but at "arcade" skill level, and I was about to reach the ending, but I've lost too much life points.
Pamela: I'm sorry I've been absent so much tonite - Wednesday seems to have become the go-to nite for getting everything done that I let slide on Monday and Tuesday
rich-c: picking up bad habits from your old man, are you?
Judy: stop doing that Pam
james: cool game, dan, a scroller for coleco
james: neat
BobS: procrastination....................shame shame shame................
Jim-NIAD left chat session
james: watch out the copyright people don't come knocking though
Pamela: I've had a lifetime to learn, Dad : )
rich-c: is it a little too closely similar to something else?
Pamela: it's my middle name Bob
BobS: oh oh
BobS: get anew middle name then
Judy: save it for Thursday then, Pam
Steve from SK: Your middle name is Bob??
Daniel: because of it's paralax effect, and the possibility to go back and forth in the levels, and with all the great colorsand animations, it beats Super Mario Bros. I'm sure that this game if done back in the 80s will have been a good competition between CV and NES.
Pamela: LOL Steve
james: you've certainly managed to get a lot more out of the system than what was previously thought possible
Pamela: well procrastination is not the middle name that Mother and Dad gifted me with, thank goodness
Daniel: it's basically the game to beat for those who think they can de an advanced game for the ColecoVision.
Judy: ya, how would you like to learn to spell that when you were little
Guy B.: Cubs win 9-3
Pamela: LOL
Pamela: I had enough trouble with Pamela
Pamela: at least for the first couple of years
Pamela: after that I became a champion speller
Judy: and wouldn't really go with Pamela
Daniel: goodnight all, and thanks for your support. I hope to get news in time from you Rich while the Hotel will call me back... hope it'll be good news too.
Pamela: that's the problem Judy - now it goes too well with Pamela! : )
Judy: would be quite a mouthful
BobS: nite Daniel
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Daniel: And I'll not count much on people already in Montreal to get more nights... they'll use METRO and return safely at their homes each night.
Daniel: But they'll pay partially for the meeting room
Daniel: bye
Daniel left chat session
rich-c: they have accepted our reservation, the money is ready for them - no problem there, Daniel
Pamela: just charge outrageous day fees, Daniel : )
Judy: night Daniel
Steve from SK: Bye Danial
Pamela: bye Dan
Pamela: oops
rich-c: Daniel forgets we're using a couple of extension nights for ourselves
BobS: Richard, we are paying for the meeting room regardless of nights, yes???????????????
rich-c: Pam, you might suggesst to the Drushels that we'd like to hear from them fairly soon
Steve from SK: He seems like a very quiet guy so I think he's quite worried about expectations. Though you guys who've run it yourselves can surely emphasize, I bet.
Judy: it doesn't really matter for cost how many rooms there are does it?
rich-c: yes, that's right, Bob
BobS: do we need a minimum # of rooms???????????????
Pamela: you could suggest it yourself - you have Rich's e-mail address
rich-c: yes, the hotel still wants a guarantee, I believe - though I'll double check
BobS: or we jsut want to hit the number we promise
BobS: in other words IF we say we want 32 nights, we must fill 32 nights
BobS: if we say 24 nights, we must fill 24 nights
Judy: are Dale and Jillian coming?
Pamela: afaik
Steve from SK: Are you guys going to be able to do a live feed or the like? I think the TI convention in Chicago did it using UStream
BobS: IF Neil was coming we might live feed, but he is not
BobS: Dale might be able to do it
Steve from SK: But the YouTube videos were pretty cool as well. Nice to put a face to the words.
rich-c: that is correct - essentially eight couples x 4 nights - 4 Slopsemas give 8 nights (2 couples)
BobS: but if we have 6 couples x 4 nights .......we are still only locked into that number.............
Judy: Daniel can do the youtube ones
rich-c: Clee/Vineff/Drushel give 12 more. Bona & Murray add 4
Steve from SK: Yeah, I watched the ones he did last year. Do you think the pressure might send him over the edge, though ;-)
BobS: don't think so, we will just have to lift the burden from his shoulders at some point
Guy B.: Well folks, will be taking Annie out soon. Will see you all on next week
Pamela: once we have numbers nailed down, things will start to come together
Judy: once the convention starts the pressure is off
Pamela: and it will get easier
BobS: we are trying to do it when he asks.....and gently
rich-c: night Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Pamela: gnite Guy
Steve from SK: Bye Guy
Guy B.: poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: we can plan on names we are sure will come,k but until they commit, things can be a little dicey
Judy: you just go with the flow, or the number of people that have come
BobS: we can promise don't usually fill up that tight
Pamela: and hope that the hotel is willing to be cooperative
rich-c: it doesn't matter, I have told Daniel I will cover if he comes up short, no problem
BobS: hotels LOVE money.......especially in these economic times
Judy: if there are no rooms because you didn't make your reservation then you have to deal with the results
rich-c: when we went into this with him we knew it would be a worry so have tried to keep him reassured
Pamela: and he's doing quite well
Pamela: especially considering he's doing it long distance
rich-c: I am planning to book the guaranteed rooms on my own, and reimburse myself from convention payments
Judy: with no car
rich-c: if they aren't enough, no big deal - I'll be using a could of extra room nights for myself anyway sdtasying over
Pamela: yes! I keep forgetting that
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: Hi Dale
Pamela: thought it might be you
BobS: DALE you 're late!!!!!!!!!!!!
BobS: HI
Dale: Hi ya.
Dale: Thought I'd pop in.
rich-c: hello Dale - we weere just discussing Adamcon - you coming?
BobS: and Jillian??????
Dale: I plan to.
BobS: and Jeffery????
Dale: I don't currently have the funds for Jillian and Jeffrey.
Dale: When is the deadline for them again?
Pamela: are you planning to share your room?
rich-c: I think it's mid-May sometime
rich-c: Jeffy doesn't have to be a registered delegate
Dale: Pam, I don't mind, but it depends on whether Jeffrey and Jill can come.
Dale: Last year I shared with Daniel I think. That worked fine for me.
BobS: yolu want to ahsre your room with Russell AND Dale?????????
rich-c: any hope now things have changed that Neil can make it?
BobS: did ya ask Russell????????????????????
Dale: Russel isn't coming, you see Bob.
Pamela: sheesh, ya'll clean up your thoughts
Dale: Neil can only make it if he lands a new job between now and the deadline.
Dale: I think he isn't really completely ready to look for work yet.
Pamela: my question was based on cost based on double occupancy
rich-c: I guessed that, it's why my fingers, toes and eyeballs are crossed!
BobS: OH, now I get it Pam !! ;-)
rich-c: yes, he has some major adjustments to make - and doors to keep open
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: you should have been here earlier, we had a real mob
Judy: am having a hard time keeping my eyes open so goodnight all until next week
rich-c: OK judy, sleep tight, see you
Steve from SK: Nite Judy
Pamela: g'nite Judy - until next week
Judy left chat session
Pamela: I am about to follow in her footsteps - I have a date with an IKEA flyer before I go to bed
rich-c: oh dear - what are you plotting now?
Pamela: Barbara spotted possible outdoor furniture for the trailer
rich-c: new computer desk or another bookcase?
Pamela: not from IKEA
Pamela: and where the heck would we put another bookcase????
Steve from SK: We just bought our new wooden kitchen table & chairs from there. We like them quite a bit and the set was only $130
rich-c: OK, look at Canadian Tire too, they often have some
BobS: IKEA makes outdoor furniture????????????????
Pamela: yes, from acacia wood among other things
BobS: and that is what?????
Pamela: dark
BobS: storng?????
Pamela: any other questions?
BobS: strong?
BobS: anyway, time for bed here in the Slopsema house
Pamela: no idea - we're gonna have to go and look at the stuff to find out
Pamela: my gut says no but we'll see
BobS: ahso
Pamela: LOL
rich-c: you and the others wouldn't happen to need any miscellaneous kit for the trailer, would you?
BobS: nite all
Pamela: nite Bob
BobS: be back next week we will
rich-c: nite, Bob
BobS: sayHI to Jillian and Jeffery dale
Steve from SK: talk to ya later Bob
Dale: I will Bob.
BobS: yes steve. nice to have you on board
BobS: nite all
BobS left chat session
rich-c: you have been remarkably quiet, james
Pamela: and I'm going to follow him out
Pamela: Dale, hi to Jillian and Jeffrey
james: sorry, have been multitasking
rich-c: OK, daughter, talk to you - when?
Pamela: Steve, glad you could make it
Steve from SK: Dale, I had a question for you about EPROMs. I read on one of the chat logs that you got ahold of an EPROM burner
Steve from SK: Thanks Pam
Pamela: this weekend Dad?
rich-c: suits
Pamela: good
Pamela: James, say hi to Miyuki for us
Pamela: and send pics of the kids please!
james: will do, pam
james: case just turned 8!
james: aiden will be 6 next month
Pamela: OMG, really?
rich-c: that's incredible!
james: yup
Dale: Bought it from Ebay Steve.
Dale: USB based, and works fine.
Pamela: time flies :(
Pamela: and on that note, I'm outta here
Dale: What is the question Steve?
Pamela: goodnight Daddy
rich-c: so what will you do with it, Dale? like what EPROMs will you burn?
james: yeah, goes by fast
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela: kerpoof
james: too fast
Steve from SK: Bob and I were talking about the EPROMs on some of the IDE cards - some he has and some from Terry Folwer. We were wondering about reprogramming them without the source program, likeif it could be read from a working EPROM
Pamela left chat session
Dale: EPROMs are easy enough to read.
Dale: But I thought it was GALs that need to be read?
Dale: I plan to bring my EPROM burner if Bob brings his gals, then I can try to read them.
Steve from SK: You have me there. I know he used the word GALS at last years CON. Are they an EPROM?
Dale: Similar
Dale: "Gate Array Logic"
Dale: It is a programmable logic chip.
Steve from SK: cool
Steve from SK: reprogrammable?
Dale: GALs are usually program-once technology.
rich-c: the difference between PROMs and EPROMs
Dale: With my modern day hardware, I use FPGA which is a "Field Programmable Gate Array"
Dale: Which gets programmed on start up.
rich-c: I haven't used this computeer for a week
rich-c: and it's howling at me for updates and reboots
rich-c: I think I'm going to have to call it quits, gentlemen
Steve from SK: I wonder about reading the program on the GAL and re-engineering it for newer chips. I know the gentleman who programmed it seems to have lost his source code, but could we find out what software he used to program it? I used to work at a company that programmed PLC's and the like
Steve from SK: Beer finally gone, Rich?
Dale: Okay rich-c. Have a good night.
rich-c: that it is, Steve, and delicious it was. Stay tuned for next wekk's
Dale: GALs can still be bought, and my eprom burner can also burn GALs.
rich-c: thanks Dale and good night to you
Dale: So it is just a question of whether I can read an existing GAL.
Steve from SK: I'll have to find something for this end to drink. It'll be after I coach my 4 yr old daugher's soccer game. I'll need a beer!
rich-c: and a good mornig to you, james
rich-c: I gotta go - nite all
Steve from SK: nite
rich-c left chat session
Steve from SK: Do you have one of the IDE cards that has a GAL on it?
Dale: Or alternately we could try to re-engineer what the GAL should do. It is probably pretty simple.
james: well not many of us remain now
Steve from SK: James. I have to tell you, I admire the ability you have to soak up new languages
Dale: I do, but mine isn't socketed, as far as I know
Steve from SK: Japanese especially. That one is one I've tried a few times and it just stumps me.
Dale: It seems to me that Bob had one that was socketed though.
Steve from SK: No socket. I wonder if the part is the same, they just added a socket to be able to sell upgrades
james: languages are fun :)
james: i'm working on python now ;)
Steve from SK: Bob sure seemed worried about losing any of the GALs that do work seeing as there is no source for new ones. But it'd be cool if we could fill that gap.
Steve from SK: python?
james: programming language
Steve from SK: I admire your drive, especially with children in thepicture. My 2 little ones suck up al ot of the little free time I have - but I'm glad to give it, don't get me wrong ;-)
james: yeah, me too. i spend a lot of time with my kids on their english
james: not enough this last week but we're working on it
Steve from SK: Funny, I'm trying to help mine (as well as help myself) with hre French
Steve from SK: Dale, does GAL stand for Gate Array Log or Generic Array Logic (which is a form of Gate Array). Wikipedia seems to think that Gerenic Array Logic is reprogrammable.
james: i've recently been "recovering" my french, reading french novels
Steve from SK: I never had much beyond high school french classes so nothing much to recover, but my daughter is in French Immersion so we are learning it together.
james: cool. a second language is a good learning experience
james: helps keep the brain plastic
Steve from SK: my brain is more like rubber. So earlier Jim asked you about your web sites. Are you still updating or do you plan to start updating again?
Steve from SK: ADAM and LOGO specifically
Dale: Steve, I'll talk to you later. Maybe next week even?
Dale: Goodnight james. Good to see you online.
Steve from SK: I 'll try to be here from now on. Gnite Dale
james: if i can make it next week, i'll pop on
Dale: reprogrammable GALs probably came later, as an option.
james: haven't touched my adam in quite some time
Steve from SK: Meneither. I fired it up for the first time in 15 or so years last week. Now I'm in full bore.
Steve from SK: Need to give it a good cleaning, though. Storage without the box is nasty
Dale left chat session
james: i need to find and jury rig another pc power supply
Steve from SK: Well, I recommend you go on over to the Atari Age forums and look up alternate ADAM power supplies.
Steve from SK: You need an arcade power supply. It supplies the _12V, +5V, -5V that you need and it only costs around $20-30.
james: i've already got the hookup for the pc power supply. works great. just that i need a new supply
Steve from SK: An ATX one? or just an AT?
james: not sure what i had on there
Steve from SK: The dudes on AA seemed to think AT would work better as it gave constant power and didn't have the motherboard monitoring, power throttling, etc.
james: good points
james: i used to have a disk drive for my adam but that died too
james: one of the mi drives
Steve from SK: Was it the drive or the controller in the casing? Maybe you could find some replacement hardware? I'm having the same issues with my TI-99/4A I love this old stuff but it's getting hard to come by.
Steve from SK: I'm getting an IDE controller ftom Bob S as well as a Compact Flash drive. With the IDE card, you can also use a Zip drive or other IDE device as well.
Steve from SK: I'm only getting the floppy to say that I have one. Probably barely use it.
Steve from SK: What time is it there?
Steve from SK: here is the URL to the arcade power supply very cool. i may need to get one and only connect the Printer when I need it
moved to room Meeting Place
changed username to Jim
Steve from SK: Hi Jim
Jim: See you guys are nite owls
james: i have an ide card iirc
james: not sure what it's compatible with
Steve from SK: I like in Sask so it's only 10:00 here
james: 13.00 here
Jim: oh, so your out Ron mitchell's way
Steve from SK: I'm not sure what all Bob has one to make the CF adapter, but I'd contact him about getting one. I think it's fairly cheap, even with shipping across the pond.
Steve from SK: He's in Japan
Jim: that's right James, your on the other side of the world
Steve from SK: Where all the really cool technology seems to sprout up
james: a cf card would be cool. one thing i didn't like about the hd/ide interface is that you lose sound
Steve from SK: or at least be plentiful'
Jim: gotta get reaquanted after all these years
james: it seems to me a more logical way to do it would be to put a cf interface where the tape drive is
james: well beyond my technical abilities, mind you
Steve from SK: yeah, they did that. I think they hatchedted up the Data Drive Blank to make a CF faceplate
james: oh, cool
james: will definitely look into that
Jim: what's that... an ide interfaced to a device your talking about
james: is it bank switchable? ie could you put several datapacks on one card and then switch between them?
james: not that cf is particularly pricy
Steve from SK: there's pictures of it in one of the ADAMcon galleries follow this link
Steve from SK: actually of a bunch of different ones. They've done a few different IDE devices but I'm still too new to know about the actual logistics yet. Wait till I get mine to play wirth
Steve from SK: I have a zip drive just sitting here and a bunch of zip disks. I'll burn their contents onto CD and use them as ADAM hard drives. you can check some moreo ut on their ADAMcon 21 Youtube videos as well.
Steve from SK: What happened to Jim?
moved to room Meeting Place
left chat session
james: the ide hd & interface i have works, but you lose soudn
james: that's why i thought if they did it directly through the actual tape port as opposed to an ide interface, you could have the best of both worlds
Steve from SK: Why does that happen? Oh well. We'll have to keep looking into alternatives. I wonder how hard it'd be to fool a DDP drive controller and put a CF card in it's place?
james: apparently there weren't enough resources
james: so something had to go and it was sound
james: so yeah, for me, the ideal would be a ddp to flash solution
Steve from SK: Yours is a MI IDE card, right?
Steve from SK: Do you have a Memory upgrade card as well?
james: i think i've got a couple of memory cards around
james: a printer card too (no printer though)
Steve from SK: Too bad the expanded memory couldn't alleviate the resource issue. Like allow the IDE functions to be loaded into high memory freeing up the area the sound needed.
Steve from SK: I'm no hardware guy, though
james: yeah, i thought that too but not so simple apparently
Steve from SK: It never is with these older computers. The newer stuff hides all the hardware addresses etc but the old stuff, you had access to all the guts. Pretty daunting to newbs tho, like me.
james: well beyond me
james: i like the old machines
Steve from SK: I'd be willing to bet, with the help of some of the regulars, like Daniel and Dale, you'd be surprised what you could figure out. I love this old stuff (from my childhood) too
james: yeah, it's fun, it has character
james: too bad i lost a bunch of it several years ago. personal stuff like programs i'd made and assignments i'd done
james: so you live in saskatchewan?
Steve from SK: Yup.
Steve from SK: Always have
Steve from SK: Used my ADAM for homework like book reports or essays. Teachers had mixed feelings about not handwritten stuff back then.
james: yeah, same here
james: used my adam in gr. 7 for a report and the teacher had serious reservations
james: so if you don'T mind my asking, how old are you?
Steve from SK: 38
Steve from SK: born in 1971
Steve from SK: My ADAM and TI-99/4A lay dormant at my parents for 15 or more years till very recently. I've got the fever for both machines now. It's kinda driving my wife crazy.
james: '74 here. i've got an adam here in japan, sold a couple here too. got some old game systems lying around
james: used to have a c-64 but didn'T bring that with me
james: i wish i'd kept it though
Steve from SK: Our cousins had a VIC-20 but they never advanced to the C-64. I got all their old stuff recently, including a 1701 monitor which works great for my TI. Now I need a monitor cable fro my ADAM and I'm set. I hate RF.
james: gave it to a friend, he sold it along with the disks that had my personal stuff on 'em. should have at least kept those, idiot that i am
Steve from SK: I blame your friend. You should always have the right of first refusal on giveaways in case you'd like it back.
james: well long done and long gone now, so not much i can do about it
Steve from SK: Maybe I'm greedy, but I've never gotten rid of any of my old game/computer stuff. I think my girls think it's pretty cool, tho.
Steve from SK: No kidding. Water under the bridge. No reason to hold grudges.
Steve from SK: You are from Canada too, right? But married to a Japanese woman?
james: yeah, from ottawa
james: living in japan for the last 12 years
james: as for the c64 stuff, i don't care about the hardware
james: but losing the stuff i made was stupid. did that with the adam too. some day i'll learn
Steve from SK: The land of Nortel, Corel and the Senators. My second favourite Canadian NHL team
james: ever hear of nabu?
Steve from SK: is that where youlive?
james: lol, no, nabu was a cable computer system deployed in ottawa circa '83/84
Steve from SK: Oh, yeah. That was your company, right?
Steve from SK: You beat Lucas to the Naboo name. Should have sued him for beaucoup bucks when Episode I came out ;-)
james: well not my company, no, but yeah, an ottawa company
james: was a very cool system. i have one here, was very hard to get ahold of. cable adaptor is defunct but the pc itself works (it's two pieces)
james: recently there was a restoration effort to rebuild the nabu and apparently the software wheel was also found
Steve from SK: You were essentially directly connected to a large network? Like a localised internet?
james: yeah
james: at the time though, cable was unidirectional so they got around that by broadcasting the software cyclically on a wheel
james: and pc/cable adaptor would then just listen for the requested software until it came around and then download it
Steve from SK: Cool and Wierd at the same time!
james: yeah, it was well ahead of its time for sure
Steve from SK: As was all the stuff we loved and that got abandoned.
james: yeah, for sure. the coleco was a cool machine on many counts
Steve from SK: I reall the first time I saw a colecovision - at one of my cousin's house for christmas. We played Venture and Donkey Kong - I can still smell the supper we had I think I was 10 or 11. The ADAM came later and it reminded me of that Christmas even then
james: yeah, the dawn of the home computing age really was a time of discovery
james: lots of nostalgia for sure
Steve from SK: We mostly used the ADAM as a colecovision, but it was still sometimes used for Basic Programs. I can't recall much other than copying programs out of books though. I did more of my own programming on our TI
james: i used the adam a lot
james: and did a lot of logo programming
james: hoping to get my sons on it soon
Steve from SK: I've got the seeds of a program budding with my 7 yr old daughter - we're going to make a game together and she'll come up with all the music, characters, villians, etc. It'll be done on the TI but I may have to do a version on the ADAM as well.
Steve from SK: May not get a lot done on it over the summer, though.
Steve from SK: Well, I think I have to sign off now. Hopefully we'll chat again next week. I'm going to try and make it every week. It was a lot of fun.
james: yeah, same here. i don't get on often as i'm quite busy but will try to pop on more
james: have a good night
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Steve from SK: you take care
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