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rich-c: test
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Daniel: bonsoir
rich-c: salut, Daniel
rich-c: j'ai recu les monnaies pour Guy Bona et les quatre Slopsemas
Daniel: good
rich-c: Dave Hill will be taking three nights apparently
Daniel: 3 nights? I was thinking he'll travel only to be there saturday and sunday... ho, I see, he'll be there saturday morning this way.
rich-c: and my group (with Pam and Dr. D) will use 12 room nights at least
Daniel: Dr.D is coming?
rich-c: well. he has said so many times - I have told Pam to nag Erin ; - )
Daniel: I see. :-)
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Justin: Hey yo!
Daniel: Bonsoir Justin!
rich-c: maybe Samantha will come early, use the room and be there for Dave's later arrival
Justin: That mean hello?
rich-c: hi Justin
Justin: Hey ya Rich
Daniel: bonsoir means good evening
Daniel: bon = good
Daniel: soir = evening
rich-c: actually it translates literally as good evening - much more compact than English
Daniel: bonne nuit means good night
Justin: Ah, buenos tardes... thaT AIN T right
Justin: english is a bad language, seems like there are are no REAL rules...
rich-c: no, though if you know Spanish you can often catch the drift of written Franch
Daniel: more than 80% of english came from latin languages including french
rich-c: oh, there are lots of rules - it's the exceptions that kill you!
Daniel: I've heard that an apron may came from "un naperon" (sounds almost the same, but are not the same object in fact)
Justin: Spanish, French, Italian, are real languages. English seems to have been made up as they went along :)
Justin: exactly, the exceptions
Justin: so ridiculous
Daniel: And in old french there is a word "dam" which means exactly the same thing as now people saying damn in english from time to time.
rich-c: well, no, it's actually Indo-European but has a habit of picking up useful words as they come by
Justin: eh?
Daniel: how many times I'm hearing french words in news... like the word "debris"
rich-c: Fundamentally English is a Germanic language, but after the Norman Conquest a lot of Franch came in
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Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel: hello Guy
Justin: eh? conversation is too smart for me. I'll stand in the corner.
rich-c: French was the language of the ruling class, the peasants spoke Anglo-Saxon
Guy B.: Brb
Justin: Hey ya Guy.
rich-c: hello Guy
Justin: Peasant! And proud.
rich-c: Pamela has just arrived
Daniel: I've uploaded 2 reccent videos lately. One is about a music and animation program running on ColecoVision, and was presented during a demoscene party .
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changed username to BobS
Daniel: The other one is a music I've somehow adapted for the ColecoVision after hours of hard work.
BobS: WAKE UP kids
Justin: Hey ya Bob.
Daniel: Hello Bob
Justin: Bookmarking!
BobS: bout time, just becasue i am don't have to cutme out
Daniel: The poster is not ready yet. I'm not satisfy.
rich-c: we're here Bob - where you been?
BobS: was working with Doug on his entertainment center
Justin: Daniel, the poster sucked. Is that motivating or no? Seriously, it was good. Like that you even have the shadow of the craft!
Justin: I would have not even thought about the shadow. Plus, when you zoom in, you can see the pilot.
rich-c: anyway, Daniel, Pam is arrqanging her convention payment now, and thinks Rich and Erin are still in
BobS: waht pilot??????????????
Justin: on Dan's poster.
Justin: In the craft, you can see the pilot in the window.
Daniel: I guess it's the pilot of the spaceship capsule or something (I guess)
BobS: haven't seen the new poster yet then
Daniel: Bob, it's the same poster as the one you know to be printed on shirts
Justin: Maybe I have too much time on my hands lol i look for those things
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changed username to DougS
BobS: vvv
Daniel: But, I'm not satisfy... not because of the joystick, spaceship or teh planet, but the disposition of the text, its size, etc. Still think it will be too small when printed on t-shirts.
rich-c: hi Doug, been a while
DougS: hi all
Daniel: Hello Doug
BobS: small is good Daniel
BobS: we cnnot afford BIG designs on the Tshirt, not with all the color
Justin: Hey ya Doug
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changed username to Judy
Daniel: Hello Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Justin: Hey ya Judy
Judy: Hi, Daniel, Guy and Rich
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Judy: here is Meeka
changed username to Meeka
Daniel: yep
rich-c: hi Meeka
Daniel: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello
Daniel: I suppose Pam will join us later as usual.
rich-c: Pam is in the living room talking with her mother
Judy: say hi to both of them
BobS: what she doin' at your house?????????????
rich-c: she had some business over in our plaza so dropped by on her way home
BobS: she supposed to be home on her computer
Meeka: brb, i gotta go inspectthe recent construction
Daniel: So, how many nights if have for sure? you said 12... but we need like 32 nights. missing 20 nights.
rich-c: the Slopsemas accountcfor eight, and Guy for a couple more
Judy: yes, we are in, Daniel
BobS: no we are in Grand Rapids
Daniel: Personnaly, I've difficulties to reach the $400... But I'll be there, don't know yet how many nights.
Judy: you know what I meant
rich-c: Daniel, we are much more likely to have not enough rooms than too many
rich-c: anyway that's my worry not yours
rich-c: remember Frances and I will likely take at least two extra nights
Meeka: back
Daniel: Promoting the event in at least 2 other forums... and the result is Dave we already knew will be there, and that's pretty much it.
rich-c: we still have to hear from Murray McCullough
rich-c: Jim Notini is going to come if he possibly can
Daniel: I've already asked Guy Foster to do the welcome speech, it's his town after all.
rich-c: well, likely he'll book for sessions and lunch but sleep at home
Justin: Waterline is impressive
Daniel: The guy who did thid demo said that he'll be at another party at the same time as the ADAMCon, but he find a way, he'll try to be at our convention.
rich-c: will Luc Morin be coming? J-P Dupuis wants to come for a day
Justin: It blows me away actually. To do that on a ColecoVision... wow.
Daniel: It appears that Luc can be there only sunday... which makes sunday a more "video game day".
rich-c: that's fine, Adam's genesis was in teh CV video game, after all
Daniel: Dave talked about the possibility to bring an sd card drive for the coleco adam
Justin: I want one!!
rich-c: if it works and is affordable, I reckon we all do
Daniel: I want a coleco cartridge to be used with an sd card.
Justin: So what is Blockparty 2010?
rich-c: I shudder to think of teh game you would program onto that!
Daniel: blockparty is a kind of convention where people show their different work regarding the exploitation of a computer or game system, but mostly about PC windows machines. Like making nice to watch graphics with music in a choregraphy, and sometimes everything fits in less than 4K, which is pretty amazing.
Justin: I see.
Daniel: They did stream their party online... let me find the link to the videos
Guy B.: Ok back
Meeka: wb guy
Judy: you feeling better, Rich?
Guy B.: Well, I'm back on the weight loss. Lost 10 pounds in the past 4 months
rich-c: sort of - less tired but for some reason my knee is acting up
rich-c: think I just slept teh wrong way, but it was killing me when we went shopping
Daniel: About the same for me, but no special diet... just lost about 12 puncds during the last 4 months.... still a little bit overweight but I don't think or focus on that.
rich-c: I go for the 48-hour Holter tomorrow afternoon so we will see what that shows
rich-c: hey, if the trend is downward, that's what you want, don't fuss the details
rich-c: keeping your weight down is always useful
Justin: brb
rich-c: eeveryone gone to sleep?
Daniel: not at all
rich-c: Bob, what's the latest on the car?
Judy: no,just had to make a cup of tea
Judy: I am a little cold
BobS: driving it, got a new windshield in it
Judy: glad you are on the mend
BobS: looking around for a dashboard
rich-c: when Pam walked in she complained my office was too hot
BobS: so's I can have the body shop mechanic replace it
rich-c: have you tried rockauto?
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changed username to DougS
Judy: Meeka and I were at church and I got cold coming home
Daniel: Hello Doug Doug
Daniel: A problem?
DougS: went to a web page in safari and chat closed on me
DougS changed username to DougS-now
Daniel: A web page like this?
rich-c: I have a light and computer with monitor in a small room, it can get warm
DougS-now: no just went to look at forum.
Meeka requested to ban DougS
rich-c confirmed ban
DougS-now confirmed ban
rich-c: though when I use the laptop which doesn't have teh CRT is cabe quite cold
Guy B. confirmed ban
DougS-now changed username to DougS
Judy: was learning about plant potting
BobS: quiry to themyup, got an in
Guy B.: Having a dog helps with me and eating a little more healthy
Meeka: what????
Justin confirmed ban
rich-c: weight loss, Meeka - he gets exercise
BobS: ANYWAY Richard, I have an inquiry in to rock auto I belive
Guy B.: With the weight loss
Guy B.: Where are you Meeka!
Meeka: no,i ment what to dad
Judy: she is here at our house
Guy B.: Wake him up
rich-c: OK, there are all sorts of suppliers out there, new and used
BobS: nationwide car riper aparters
Meeka: we are at mom and dads right now
rich-c: pleasse, the genteel term is "salvagte yards" or even "recyclers"
Daniel: I'm waiting a shipment of eprom chips so I'll be able to continue and make some new cartridges. I've received some orders I can't execute because of my lack of ressources. This hobby of ColecoVision games is not easy.
BobS: same difference
rich-c: yes, the joys of being a manufacturer - even on a small scale!
Judy: I even rode in it this week
rich-c: so it isn't pretty but it's raodable - guess the wiring was ok then?
Judy: it really doesn't look like you would think
Judy: if you didn't know that there was a fire in it you wouldn't know
BobS: the wiring is good, except for the 5 little wires to the former auto headlight sensor. a notebook covers the hole in the dash
rich-c: I imagine your insurance company has some doubts about it, though
Judy: they are history
BobS: the new one doesn't know abou tit, thoe old ins company totaled it and paid us off
Judy: the company we had pulled out of Michigan
rich-c: that's what I was wondering, what you would do with a car that had been totalled
BobS: the old insurance company pulled residential and auto out of Michigan
BobS: actually, the state discourages getting a salvage title if the car is more than 6 yrs old and is repaired
Daniel: We lost Justin
rich-c: I gather there was some legislation they didn't like
BobS: so I figure it will just go on living its life out
Judy: he goes to bed early
Daniel: Already 10 o'clock?
Judy: they couldn't raise the rates
BobS: si senor
Judy: and they were a little lower than the other companies
rich-c: and I suspect they were seeing a few deliberately torched homes and autos too, given conditions
BobS: 10 bells.......bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong, bong
Judy: probably
rich-c: actually, mmarine clocks never got beyond eight bells - and four-hour watches
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changed username to Steve
Daniel: hello Steve
Judy: hi, Steve
Steve: Hello all.
rich-c: hello Steve, daughter had her game?
Meeka: hello
BobS: hi Steve
BobS: ge tthe package yet?????
Steve: Yeah, 4 and 5 yr olds at soccer is utter chaos!
rich-c: I believe it!
Steve: BobS: Not yet. But I'm not worried.
BobS: tis insured
rich-c: Pam is leaving now to go home, so she won't be on tonight
rich-c: she says to offer her apologies
Steve: Good to know.
Judy: tell her she is missed
rich-c: she says aw that's sweet, thank you!
BobS: WHAT ?????????????? not on tonight??????????????????????
Steve: Last week, James and I chatted for like 2 hours after everyone else had left. Pretty cool discussion.
rich-c: nope, they have to go out and shop for supper - don't ask
Judy: ok, we won't
rich-c: yes, james has trouble getting on with the time difference, but I've been late with him on occasion too
Steve: Hey Bob. James said that when he uses his IDE card, he loses his sound. Is that typical?
Daniel: Well, my nephew will be there early tomorrow... and today it was his annivrsary... so he'll be very excited, eating cake and find even more gifts for him.
BobS: YES, IF you push the keys too quick............I have noticed that also
Daniel: so, that's all for me tonight, I've go sleep very very soon. take care and talk to you later.
rich-c: how old is your nephew, Daniel?
BobS: like hit CLEAR, and youknow what key comes next, so you hit it......and all of a suden nosound
BobS: I have not the slightest idea why, but it is true
Daniel: and Bob, I'll send you an email with the finished version of the poster... but not tonight.
Daniel: goodnight all!
Steve: So not all the time, but it cuts out. Okay.
Steve: Goodnight Daniel
BobS: oki Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel - a la prochaine
Judy: night Daniel
Meeka: night
BobS: as to the IDE card. go S L O W L Y Lowly
Steve: Whwnever I hear a la prochaione, I automatically think of Wayne & Shuster. I loved that show.
BobS: nite Daniel
rich-c: I didn''t see that much of them but what I saw I liked
rich-c: we were slow to buy a tv set and then watched it little
Steve: I remember their Sunday? night show and their specials. Out here in the sticks, we only ever got 2 channels so they were always on. Fine by me.
BobS: 2 channels !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! poor people
rich-c: we had the American channels before the CBC came on the air
Steve: I may be popping in and out as it's also the girls' bedtime.
BobS: ok
rich-c: why? I only ever watch TSN now and Frances watches nothing at all
rich-c: it was the event of the decade when she watched the opening and closing Olympic ceremonies
Steve: I watch all the sports channels that we get up here as well as the Food channel and maybe the news.
rich-c: I think the last time she watche3d tv before that was 9/11
rich-c: I have the Shaw satellite basic service
Judy: we are watching a Canadian program right now, Holmes on Homes
rich-c: I have heard of tghat, believe it is quite popular
rich-c: I can see where it would appeal to Bob, too
Judy: Bob really likes it
BobS: THAT'S NOT TO CODE !!!!!! says Mike
BobS: THAT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE.......another of his favorite sentences
rich-c: yes - I have an electrician cursor crony in Farmington - he also does forensics for the fire marshall
rich-c: he has some stories about wiring not to code
BobS: LOTS of wiring not to code.......nightmares even
rich-c: he has shown us a number of examples, and talked about them
BobS: seems some electricains like to use all the short pieces up in basement ceilings with junction boxes buried......NOT TO CODE
rich-c: barry's business is putting in light bulbs
BobS: I used to do lightbulbs
rich-c: well, he does it more elaborately
rich-c: for instance, all teh standards in a big mall parking lot
rich-c: or relamping a whole factory or such
rich-c: he is quite well to do
rich-c: though like everyone else in Michigan, it really isn't worth keeping the business doors open right now
BobS: and when the boss got stupid about it, and then I relamped when remodeling the office space, so I didn'thave to do it piecemeal
BobS: that stupid boss is history anyway
Judy: Bob used to do parking lot lights also
rich-c: yes, barry has over time given us quite an overview of the economics of relamping
BobS: until the boss got stupid..............then let him pay for the boom truck
BobS: and that was the name of that Robert Blake always said
rich-c: he has a huge cherry picker truck that can reach right up - don't ask what it cost to buy
BobS: lots
rich-c: yes, he has as you'd guess quite a shop and a fair bit of pricey equipment
BobS: almost any business has expensive equipment today
rich-c: not the cheapest shop but he gives guarantees customer find very valuable
BobS: I was looking over my treasures today..........lots invested, not worth much on the open market........but got lots I don't use anymore
rich-c: yes, good tools are pricey, but most folks don't use them enough to justify the price so buy cheap
rich-c: if you're using a tool every day it's worth ther price of the best money can buy
rich-c: but if you'll use it once a year, Pakistan's finest will likely be quite adequate
rich-c: looks like we're going to have anotehr construction problem soon
BobS: taht is true, and I have done the same, a slightly used tool does not need to be the quality of everyday use'
rich-c: the for sale sign went up on the house opposite us yesterday
rich-c: there has only been one place in the whole neighbourhood sold that wasn't torn down
Steve: How old is the neighborhood (originally, not the new houses)
Steve: Mine was built in 1979
rich-c: the corner house on the intersection west of us was just sold too
rich-c: our house and the subdivision was built in 1953
DougS left chat session
rich-c: but these are speculative, bought by developers
Meeka: ok, dougand i are offf for home
Steve: That's what has been driving the price sup here as well.
Meeka: see ya next week
Steve: see you
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: they buy a 1000 sq. ft. bungalow for $500,000, put up a 3000 sq.ft. McMansion at 1.25 million or more
rich-c: night, Doug and Meeka
rich-c: the corner lot is a big one, bet he got about $650K for it
Judy: some people have money
Steve: I'm just glad we bought before the prices got way too out of wack.
rich-c: yes, real estate here is totally mad
Steve: It's kinda crazy here too. I just can't fathom how it can sustain itself.
rich-c: yes, I think half a million for a teardown bungalow is obscene - but it's the going rate
Steve: The mortgage payments and length of mortgage have to be just unreal.
Steve: And speaking of bat-shit insane - how the heck did the Habs beat Washington? Halak must have put on another heck of a show.
rich-c: well, of course interest rates are unbearably low now, and until teh government stopped it 40 year mortgages were in
rich-c: they did? oh boy - another of my guys lives in Maryland and is a big Washington fan - he'll be livid
rich-c: be interesting to see what he posts on the board tomorrow!
Steve: Even if I could afford it, why would anyone want a mortgage for 40 years?? You buy on your wedding day and your grandkids come over to celebrate the burning of the paperwork! Hell no! We worked really hard so we can have ours paid off in 12 years.
rich-c: When we bought, we paid it off in 5-1/2 years - it wasn't easy but it was
rich-c: SO worth it
rich-c: we spent almost all our lives paying no inteerest on anything
BobS: but THT is NOT the norm Richard
rich-c: we have always figured if we can't pay full cash on the table, we can't afford it
BobS: today, almost everyone it seems wants to pay exorbitant amount s of interest to some banker
rich-c: I know Bob, it's downright strange, but it's how we work
Steve: My problem is that we like our house, but it's not exactly what we want, so there'll be renovations and they can't wait till we get it paid off. I can justify putting another $40K into renos but not selling and having to start over on a new 20 year mortgage. It'a a tough pill for me to swallow.
rich-c: yes, they never figure out what it costs them - we know
BobS: we (meaning the general public) must be NITS
Steve: I think they're NITs as well!! Or NITWits anyway.
BobS: trust me Steve, it is NEVER just what you want
rich-c: well, Bob, I've had suspicions of that for some time
BobS: we built one house, found what we wanted to change, built another almost identical with our changes, and STILL found things we didn't like
Steve: I hear you. But it's really only the kitchen that's the issue. It needs to be bigger, but there's no room to expand the house on that side.
BobS: expand itnot the dining area, and then expnad out that way
Steve: Plus, I need to organize all my Retro Game and electronics clutter.
rich-c: that's what basements are for
rich-c: you enter ours with an alpenstock...
Steve: Yeah, I think we'll get an interior designer in to help us figure out what walls to knock down, move, expand, etc. We'd like an island, new floors and new cupboards.
Judy: so everytime we didn't like something Bob would build again but now we are staying put
BobS: too old and infirm to move ya see
Judy: but there are still things I would like to change but they will wait
rich-c: right - we've been here since 1964 - after teh last move Frances said never again
Judy: have to do a little at a time
rich-c: before she went through that, she'll wait till they carry her out feet first
Judy: we seven times
Steve: You are so right, Judy. LAst year, we replace the deck and added on to it This year it's a gazebo on the deck and a playhouse for the girls. Next year will be the kitchen. The next, remove the old attached single car Garage and build a new 2 car one in the yard.
BobS: heck, moving 7 times in 41 years.........not too bad, eh?
Steve: Oh and the fence needs to be replaced this year as well.
rich-c: you must have a pretty big lot
BobS: sounds lots bigger thsn yours Richard
Judy: I would also like to do a little redo in the kitchen
rich-c: ours as about average suburban size - 45 x 120
Judy: but we are doing the yard right now so the inside will wait
Steve: It's a decent size, but most of the deck runs along side the house between the house and fence. then it extends into the backyard and along the back of the house and I added a 12' octagon onto it to hold the gazebo. Should be a nice little nook when we're done.
rich-c: older city lots were longer but much narrower - at times 15 ft. or less
rich-c: we have to have 4 foot sideyards on each side
rich-c: and a certain setback of the front
Steve: Yeah, smaller here too, though not quite 15'. People would buy 2 lots to build. I work as a draftsman in Public Works so I get to see all the old and new lot layouts etc.
BobS: when we visited Wahsington Dc last fall; we saw a house that was either 9" or 12' wide......becasue taxes were based onthe fron measurment of your house way back when
Judy: Bob replaced the walkway in the backyard and a few bags of mulch and a couple bags of fertilizer took a bit of money
Steve: We can't build closer than 4 ft from the property lines (except for a fence which can be on the line) unless the deck is lower than 2 ft from finished ground - which mine is.
Judy: next will be flowers for the deck and front porch
BobS: our restrictions just went down to 5' sideyard on 1 side but total of 12' for both sides
rich-c: yes, the original postwar NHA rules required the 4 foot setbacks
Steve: 4 ft from the side property lines - 20 ft from the front. Sounds like the yard will look pretty nice Judy.
rich-c: our subdivision was actually the first one built to NHA specifications in Canada
rich-c: we also have the first strip plaza in Canada, still there
Steve: I need tro seriously work on my lawn this year. It looks like they'll be filming a western on it.
Judy: well, guys I am done for the night so good night
Steve: Night Judy
BobS: for real Steve?????????????
Judy left chat session
rich-c: night Judy
BobS: IF she goes, then that means I have to depart also
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go too. Will see you all next week
BobS: or else I lose my place in bed
BobS: nite Guy
rich-c: right Bob - night then
rich-c: OK Guy, night now
BobS: and I DON'T want to lose my spot for sleeping !!!!!!!! ;-)
Steve: We've been so busy with our younger daughter's health problems and I've just not made the time to keep it up. This year, it'll be different though. I've got the help of the head of Parks in town this year. we'll see
BobS: so will see you next week, yes?
Steve: I hope so
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: what has been the problem with your daughter, Steve?
BobS: good Steve, say hi to the family for me, Riochard say HI to Frances
rich-c: wilco Bob
Steve: Night BOb
BobS: quick, daughter
BobS: sick?
Steve: She was born with a genetic condition that made her liver unable to expel enough bile so it built up and cause cirrosis
Steve: She basically had a 40 yr old alcoholic's liver at 2.5 years of age
BobS: bummer,
rich-c: oh geez - that is a terrible thing to have to cope with
Steve: She had a transplant 2 years ago April 21 and she is doing great, but it's something you watch like a hawk
rich-c: the transplat is working? that's such a blessing
Steve: She takes anti-rejection drugs so we have to keep things a little extra clean but otherwise she's a normal 4.5 yr old girl
rich-c: but there are still the rejection issues and immune suppression problems
BobS: and you take a LONG time before you start watching from the corner of your eye instead of hovering over them
Steve: Yeah, her godmother was a match and other than a few complications after surgery, she's been doing great.
Steve: You said it Bob
Steve: Every time she gets a sniffle or diarrhea you start to wonder if it's something big
rich-c: that's just every parent's nightmare - where was she treated?
Steve: All of the kids transplants are done in Edmonton for Western Canada so my wife spent about 4 months there and then we go back every 6 months for checkups
Steve: She was there with the little one an I was here with the older one who was in school
BobS: ik got the news, glad things are working, wee ya next week guys!!!!
rich-c: that'sd a fair trip for you - and living four months in Edmonton? how did you cope?
BobS: ok
BobS left chat session
rich-c: nite bob
Steve: nite Bob
Steve: oops
rich-c: I guess Tommy Douglas really is your family's patron saint
Steve: I can tell you, that it was not a great time, but we had great support from our friends. They held a fundraiser to help us cover costs while we were there and some went to stay with my wife while I was back here
rich-c: that's teh advantage of living in a smaller city - much more support
Steve: Yeah, public health care was a blessing for us I can say without a doubt. We`d be bankrupt without it
rich-c: having had a few medical bills of my own, I know what you mean
Steve: But also, I have a bit of a hard time accepting any sympathy for our issue. The things I saw in that hospital made me glad she only has the problems she does.
rich-c: unfortunately development has broken up our community, it isn't what it was
Steve: There were kids there in that hospital that made me so sad for their parents and so guilty my daughters condition was even treatable. She was in the ICU for 6 weeks and I saw at last a half a dozen parents lose their child.
rich-c: I haer what you are saying, and you're lucky to be living now - not long ago she would have had no chance
Steve: Amen
Steve: So, did you have one of your special beers tonightÉ
Steve: Or try a new oneÉ
rich-c: it is so shattering whyen they go young, or even when they reach adulthood.
rich-c: Parents should not outlive their kids. It's wrong when they do.
Steve: So true. I lost my sister at 27 and my dad at 61 and thereès never a good age to lose someone.
rich-c: As it happens, I'm a little full from dinner, so I skipped it
rich-c: I was planning on a "live" ale from Quebcec - La Maudite" - a strong ale
rich-c: very nice, just pour no more than half teh glass, 'cause it's going to foam up to fill it
Steve: Well, weèll have to make a new tradition among the regulars to agree on a beverage a few weeks ahead of time and all have a drink together over chat - or at least the ones who partake in spirits anyway
rich-c: quite, we're few but enthusiastic - I don't do the hard stuff but need my Wednesday beer and weekend wine
Steve: I used to listen to a podcast that did that once a week and they would post ahead of time what the drink was going to be, you made it ahead of time and you drank it while you listened. Then you compared your opinion of the drink with the hosts. Very cool concept.
rich-c: I'd find it too much like work. I think for part of the summer I will drink McAuslans Apricot Wheat
Steve: Where is that one from
rich-c: also plan to bring some fine stouts down from Adamcon
rich-c: McAuslans is a Quebec brewery now making a splash in Ontario - teh apricot is an acquired taste
rich-c: we have a couple of nice microbreweries here but the Quebecois are really stellar
rich-c: just a little FYI - I hang out on two automotive websites, and - I own the latter
Steve: Itès good that thereès more selection now than just the big breweries
Steve: reallyÉ
rich-c: essentially we talk about cars on .us and anything else on .ca - the group is small but fun
Steve: Car talk is good.
rich-c: well, some of us are eccentric and otherss downright wacky, but we do have fun
Steve: Sounds like the ADAM crowd and the TI crowd and almost any enthusiast crowd ;-)
rich-c: barry who I spoke of earlier owns a one-off Lincoln Continental convertible that he shows at concours events
rich-c: we even have a guy who re-created the 1952 Jaguar C-type that ran at Lemans - incredib le story
Steve: Ièd be too intimidated for that crowd
rich-c: it was so good Stirling Moss drove it at Goodwood Speed Week and autographed a body panel
rich-c: no, we've got an unemploed architect, people in every sort of job or out of one, a real cross-sevction
rich-c: sometimes they're funny, often vulgar, sometimers serious, sometimes curious, just different
Steve: sounds like my kinda people - normal
rich-c: we're still recovering from having a troll get loose a while ago and drive everyone away
rich-c: there are a few you'd get on well with
rich-c: dso you do anything with the TI crowd?
Steve: yeah, I frequent the TI yahoo group and the TI Programming forum on Atari Age. Pretty active development crowd there. Kinda on the level of Daniel with his Coleco programming.
rich-c: that means they must be pretty hot - Daniel is really expert plus
Steve: They just had a contest and received more than a dozen new games as entries. Iève yet to try them out but I will eventually
rich-c: is there any market for TI computers? I have about half a dozen
Steve: Some are as good or bettern than Daniel and some are just lower level but threès quite a few more of them
rich-c: good to hear that they are around, they keep the flame alive
Steve: The market is more for the expansion stuff, than the actual machines, but they do sell. They usually go for the $25 to $40 range depending on condition accessories etc. Do you have any of the peripheralsÉ
rich-c: yes, I have the cabinet and some stuff in it - the one with the big 'hosepipe"
rich-c: I think there are two disc drives, a memory expander and some other card in it
Steve: I have my original machine from when I was 12 but I needed to replace the keyboard. I have an expansion box and memory upgrade. A cassette recorder and a pretty cool CF adaptor.
rich-c: I once had hopes of learning and playing with the TI rather like the Adam, but never did get the time
rich-c: too busy watching F1 racing and teh CFL - and yes, the Riders are my second favourite team too
Steve: You have all the essentials. the hosepipe attaches to a card in the first slot, the disk controller in the last slot. The card besides the memory one may be a rs-232 card for modem or serial priner
rich-c: you're likely right, I never really investigated. I know the disc drives are mismatched in size
Steve: So your first is the Argos I assume
rich-c: well, when you live in Toronto, it's sort of the necessary default - and I have lived here since 1938
rich-c: wouldn't want to get excommunicated at this late date
rich-c: but I've never been in Skydome and would rather see a game at Taylor Field
Steve: If youère ever going to sell the TI, just send me an email. i canèt buy it right now - Ièll already have spent over $400 on Adam stuff in the past month including from you. Luckily weère getting a decent tax refund
rich-c: when you want a TI, let me know and we'll get it off to you - no problem
Steve: The atmosphere at Taylor Field is pretty awesome. Especially in the past few years since they started to get quite good. I read somewhere that over half of the CFL merchandise sold last year was Roughrider stuff
rich-c: I'll also take bids on teh expander, but it weighs a ton to ship
rich-c: It's teh fans that do it, they're loyal through thick and thin - I think the players are playing above themselves as a result
Steve: Well, I wish I had talked to you 2 months ago. I won one in an auction for a pretty decent price - but it had no drives and only the memory card - for $25 and the shipping was $80. would have been about half that from you I bet
Steve: the shipping I mean
rich-c: if it was from the States, quite possibly - how did they ship it? Mail or UPS?
Steve: Some guys have replaced the heavy power supply (kinda like the one in the ADAM!!) and AC fan with a PC power supply and it weighs about half as much and way quieter.
rich-c: yes, tehere's been no little progress in that area over the years
Steve: It came by mail. I always get stuff by mail from the US if I can. UPS and FEDEX charge their exorbitant fees just to collect the GST. Canada post charges $5
rich-c: by the way, Frances' classic toy is an Amiga 3000
rich-c: yes, I will not ship by UPS or any other courier across the border - the brokerage fee is pure piracy
Steve: I was discussing the power supply thing with James last week and I told him that some guys on the Coleco Forum over on AtariAge have been using an Arcade machine power supply in place of the ADAM Printer and it works great. It has all the right voltages and is powerful enough to run the disk and data drives. I may have to get one.
rich-c: actually there are some outfits that have shipping deals with UPS that cuts their fees way down
rich-c: I buy my CPAP equipment from an outfit in Texas at 40% of the Toronto price - they use a UPS agent
Steve: I never seem to get those deals. Itès always cost me $30 or more from UPS or FEDEX on top of any duties or shipping I already paid the shipper.
Steve: right, the brokerage fee
rich-c: well, seems if you're a big corporation with a contract, they are willing to be reasonable
rich-c: if you call $17 for a small box reasonable
Steve: itès only reasonable in comparison to the regular robbery
rich-c: true, but then all shipping is wild these days, even Canada Post
Steve: agreed
rich-c: anyhow, just looking at the time - got to wind it up here
rich-c: your parcel is waiting on teh living room shelf for your payment to arrive, then off it goes
rich-c: but for now I have to pack it in
Steve: Good night Rich. Take care and Ièll talk to you next wednesday.
rich-c: good show, Steve, see you then. Colour me gone
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