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Scotty Boy: Hey there!
changed username to NEPA-Justin
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo!
Scotty Boy: Hey hey
Scotty Boy: I'm new to this place ;)
NEPA-Justin: Have an ADAM Scott?
NEPA-Justin: I'm relatively new myself.
Scotty Boy: Oh yes, I've got a Coleco ADAM
NEPA-Justin: Still works?
Scotty Boy: Even the nice shiny new virtual kind too
Scotty Boy: Yep, still works
Scotty Boy: Though I haven't broken it out in awhile
NEPA-Justin: Ah, how did you find this place?
Scotty Boy: At one point I hosted the chat a loooong time ago on my website, The ADAM Resource
Scotty Boy: Afterward, Dale took it over and he's maintained it ever since
NEPA-Justin: Wow, no kidding.
NEPA-Justin: dang it, hold on..
NEPA-Justin: Sorry man
NEPA-Justin: so tell me, this ADAM resource still around?
Scotty Boy: No problem. Where's everyone else?
Scotty Boy: Trying to locate the files
NEPA-Justin: They're always late.
Scotty Boy: I found a few of them
Scotty Boy: And added them to my website
Scotty Boy: But 99% of the website isn't up anymore
NEPA-Justin: Sad.
NEPA-Justin: I am so fascinated with some of the things people have done with the ADAM like the USB cartridge, or hard drives or SD cards!
Scotty Boy: Here's a newsletter I OCRed about 10 years ago:
Scotty Boy: And the Graphics chip programming guide:
Scotty Boy:
Scotty Boy: And of course the overlays for the Super Action Controllers:
Scotty Boy:
Scotty Boy: Must have those!
NEPA-Justin: PDF looks familar. I think someone recently put scanned them all into one place.
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NEPA-Justin: That's a lot of friggin overlays.
changed username to Daniel B.
Scotty Boy: My dad built the Micro Innovations hard drives for the ADAM
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Daniel!
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Scotty Boy: But that was eons ago...
Daniel B.: bonsoir
NEPA-Justin: No kidding??
NEPA-Justin: That's awesome.
changed username to rich-c
rich-c left chat session
Scotty Boy: Yup
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Daniel B.: err... who was there?
NEPA-Justin: Eh?
changed username to rich--c
Daniel B.: hello rich
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Rich!
Scotty Boy: Hey all
rich--c: me - for how long I don't know
rich--c: having major modem problems
rich--c: may fall off every five minutes
NEPA-Justin: modem fail..
NEPA-Justin: Argh!
NEPA-Justin: No worries here.
rich--c: yes, it's been doing it for a week
NEPA-Justin: ADAMlink... doesn't hold up well huh? ;)
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changed username to Dad's Substitute
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Dad's..
changed username to rich-2
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Rich-2!
Dad's Substitute: Dad?
Daniel B.: Someone told me about a problem of staying connected, and it appears to be partially drivers fault and windows services fault.
NEPA-Justin: lol
rich-2: OK, still giving me fits - i'm off for teh night
NEPA-Justin: See ya Rich.
rich-2: Pam, got a connection, still not fixed
Dad's Substitute: bye Daddy
Dad's Substitute: ok
rich-2: apologies and night all
Dad's Substitute: i"m here and will relay if necessary
rich-2 left chat session
Dad's Substitute: bonjour Daniel
NEPA-Justin: Anyone find Leo Laporte annoying?
Daniel B.: a friend of mine actually used to be unable to play online games because of this situation causing timeout (somehow). He did install updated drivers and the situation changed for better, but still get sometimes a disconnected situation.
Dad's Substitute: good catch, Justin : )
NEPA-Justin: I never had a modem problem, only router problems.
NEPA-Justin: good catch?
Daniel B.: It seems that a windows service needed to be turned off to fix this problem that conflict with some pc network cards, but unfortunately, you can't turn it off with home edition of windows.
Dad's Substitute: thought you caught me as Rich's sub right away
Dad's Substitute: didn't think he'd be on at all
Dad's Substitute: so our timing must have been good
NEPA-Justin: no, I'm a bit punchy. No way I would have picked that up.
Dad's Substitute: well I'm here in case questions must be relayed
Daniel B.: The windows service in question scan, each minute, for new network... and this somehow reset the connection, risking to lost connection in some cases.
NEPA-Justin: okee dokee
Dad's Substitute: what version of windows is that Daniel?
NEPA-Justin: Daniel.. what do you do for a living? I don't think I was ever told.
Dad's Substitute: brb
Daniel B.: All windows do that, but you can't disable this service if you have the home version.
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changed username to BobS
BobS: AHOY me mateys
Daniel B.: What I do for living? I try to be a good programmer, but I'm unemployed for more thas a year now. My parents are supporting me during this period, but I still have to pay a bunch of things, so it's a situation I would like to change anytime soon.
Scotty Boy: That's too bad, Daniel
Scotty Boy: You're a smart guy
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Bob.
Daniel B.: It's partially my fault
BobS: hi Justin
Scotty Boy: Still doing classic game development?
NEPA-Justin: Hmm... China has work... those... bleep..
Scotty Boy: I've played around a little with Blitzmax and Torque 2D
Scotty Boy: Good stuff ;)
Scotty Boy: And, of course, Adobe Design Premium CS4
BobS: scott gordon?????????????????????
Scotty Boy: New name now
Scotty Boy: It's Scotty Boy
NEPA-Justin: Hows it your fault Daniel?
BobS: changed your last name?
Scotty Boy: Not yet
Scotty Boy: Too lazy
Dad's Substitute: Hi Bob
Scotty Boy: That's next week
Daniel B.: some people want me to do impossible games for the ColecoVision like Doom. Except maybe a 2d version that could be nice, I've no intention of making a bunch of commercial games, I prefer to do my own stuff.
Scotty Boy: Somebody should pay you
BobS: pam????????
Dad's Substitute: yes
Scotty Boy: That's what I should do
BobS: or we just playing games all over?
Scotty Boy: I should raise some money
Dad's Substitute: Dad has modem issues - ie DOA
Scotty Boy: And pay you to develop a game for me
NEPA-Justin: Do DOOM! :)
NEPA-Justin: Wolfenstein!
Scotty Boy: It would have to be an RPG ;)
Dad's Substitute: so I'm here to relay questions if need be
Dad's Substitute: which is why I'm so early
Scotty Boy: What are your rates, Daniel?
Dad's Substitute: I'm trying to get dinner done same time
Dad's Substitute: so I'm monitoring for the time being
Daniel B.: I did a depression, no so long after my first adamcon meetings. In fact, I did lost a nice job just before going to an adamcon. After that, I was unable to keep a job more than a few months. Plus the global economic situation did somehow stopped the need for programmers, but now it's supposed to be fine, but the requierements are too crazy and they all want people that can work under pressure.
BobS: got a guy who needs to talk to you Scott about the way the ide card is enabled; w or w/o security. maybe you could email him and chat about it .....snumedahl at
NEPA-Justin: Daniel, not to belittle your plight, but I think you need I found it when I was laid off. Funniest cartoons about living life unemployed.
Daniel B.: Funny, a friend of mine told me about it.
NEPA-Justin: His "Laid-Off" toons are great.
Scotty Boy: Hey Bob, I think he just sent me an e-mail
Scotty Boy: Already replied back
Scotty Boy: Need to locate my ADAM Resource content
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Scotty Boy: It's backed up somewhere
changed username to Judy
Judy: Hi, everyone
NEPA-Justin: Hey ya Judy!
Daniel B.: I consider the colecovision to be a pretty good vintage game system... and I refuse to narrow my view to arcade games, I want to experiment, do my own stuff, be creative.
Dad's Substitute: hi Judy
NEPA-Justin: Good Daniel! Dragon's Lair seems to be the ultimate in Coleco games.
Scotty Boy: I've got a website for you, Daniel
NEPA-Justin: Anything out there graphically better?
Scotty Boy:
Scotty Boy: Really great retro-style games
Judy: Why are you substituting?
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changed username to Guy B.
Scotty Boy: I love their overall sense of design
Guy B.: GreetingsQ
Judy: Hi, Guy
Guy B.: Greetings!
Scotty Boy: And an excellent blog
NEPA-Justin: Hey yo Guy!
Scotty Boy: Really cool
Guy B.: Brb
Daniel B.: hello Guy
Scotty Boy: They use Java, I believe
Dad's Substitute: hi Guy
Daniel B.: I'm trying to download and install paragon drive backup for my laptop.
Daniel B.: sorry if I'm quiet. it's a $50 license, free for today only.
Daniel B.: and it's available at giveawayoftheday dot com.
NEPA-Justin: Can someone define "proxy" for me?
Dad's Substitute: in what sense Justin?
NEPA-Justin: computer terms, internet
Dad's Substitute: I can't in that sense : (
Judy: in internet terms, general proxy refers to a proxy server which is similar to router
Judy: but in a corporate environment it normally also includes a caching engine so that for instance if 5 employees go to the "proxy server" downloads the page from the internet
Judy: once and returns to content to 5 people.
NEPA-Justin: uh huh...
Judy: also in most larger corporate environments, the proxy server also has a plugin that allows the corporation to define filters on what traffic is valid and what is not to help protect them from bad websites.
NEPA-Justin: i see.
Judy: aren't I smart?
Judy: that was Doug talking with my computer
NEPA-Justin: You gots quite an edchamacation!
Judy: can you tell
NEPA-Justin: Don
NEPA-Justin: Don't know Doug.
Judy: our son
NEPA-Justin: Ah, he must bees college edchamacateds!
NEPA-Justin: Well, thank you Doug, appreciate the information.
Judy: you got it, Justin and is certifiable
Judy: spelled that wrong but you get the idea anyway
NEPA-Justin: LOL yeah :)
NEPA-Justin: Well, its sleepy time. See ya folks. Nice to meet you Scotty!
NEPA-Justin left chat session
Daniel B.: by justin
Judy: night Justin
BobS: nite justin
Daniel B.: I'm in the process to do a back of my laptop... before it's too late. I think I'll need the entire night for that.
Judy: who is Dad's Substitute?
Daniel B.: it's rich
Dad's Substitute: actually it's spelled right Judy
Dad's Substitute: night Justin
Dad's Substitute: no, it's me, Pam
Judy: just typed in an extra I by mistake
Dad's Substitute: looked like an i to me : )
Judy: hi, Pam, what is the problem with Rich?
Dad's Substitute: his modem is all but dead
Dad's Substitute: needless to say he's not too happy
Dad's Substitute: gonna switch back to me now - just a sec
Dad's Substitute changed username to Pamela
Judy: bummer, I bet he is not a happy camper
Pamela: there we go
Judy: welcome
Pamela: I was here at 9:05 for a change!
Pamela: Dad sent an SOS
Judy: Doug and Meeka are here
Pamela: this is the modem that he just got in November and it's still under warranty
Pamela: it's the same brand that we just replaced and now that makes me wonder if we shouldn't have shopped around
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Judy: then at least he doesn't have to buy a new one he should be happy about that
changed username to Steve
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Steve: Hello all
Daniel B.: hello steve
Guy B.: Hi Steve
Pamela: yes it's just a matter of seeing how long it takes John to get a new one to him
Judy: hi, Steve
Pamela: Hi Steve
Pamela: Steve don't go away I have a message
Pamela: brb
Steve: Anyone else have snow the last day or two?
Judy: no
Judy: we don't want any more snow this year
Steve: we got about an inch or so yesterday. Some south of us and west (calgary) got up to 8 inches. in May!!
BobS: St4eve, you just missed Scott Gordon
Steve: Crap. I emailed him and asked him to swing by. Anything new from him?
Steve: I don't want anymore either
BobS: not that I saw, but he and you have at least made contact...........
Pamela: yes, I have friends who work in Calgary and they've been complaining about the blizzards
Steve: At least it melted before I had to shovel
Steve: 2010 - the year we make contact . How fitting eh daniel?
Pamela: Steve I'm supposed to tell you (from Richard) that your package is on it's way
Steve: Thanks Pam!!
Pamela: no problem
Steve: and Rich by proxy! How is he? Well, I hope.
Pamela: Dad has a dead modem and couldn't pass it on himself but asked me to let you know if you made it here
Daniel B.: fitting is the right word
Pamela: he's okay for an old guy : )
Steve: Alright. Good stuff. Hee hee.
Pamela: Daniel your English seems exceptional tonite
Daniel B.: wait a few minutes... when I'm tired I tend to do typos and a lot of mistakes.
Pamela: its usually very good but tonite it seems better than usual
Judy: don't we all, Daniel?
Daniel B.: sure
Steve: @Bob: I'm just hoping that Scott can give me a little direction before I go ahead with the GAL. If he can shed a little light on it, I think i can get the right minds on reverse engineering the GAL program. Dale would be a good one as well.
Pamela: those of us who speak it on a regular basis don't always do that well : )
Pamela: brb
Daniel B.: almost done installing the drive backup software
Steve: A last resort is a company that was used by another gentleman I found online who was having the same issue with a GAL from a Apple II. That company actually cracked open the chip and did a photograph of the resistor layout inside to read the "program". But it's not foolproof. Also cost about $300
BobS: THAT is what I am hoping also Steve. Keep talking to Scott and Dale and try to get the answer
Steve: As long as they only programmed it as a method to reduce parts count we should be good. Even if they used it as copy protection, we may be alright. But we're moving.
Steve: I wonder what the chances of getting in contact with Scott's dad are. Is there some reason he is completely removed from the scene? It seems that Scott was still quite interested in being active on and off up until about 2007.
Steve: Did we lose Daniel?
BobS: Steve. talk to Scott, he may put you in touch for information.....Scott got Mark involved inthe first place and although Scott still is interested, Mark apparently is not, but he MAY be brain pickable
Steve: Ah. that would be good, even if we could squeeze a bit of info out of him. i can't find ANY info on those cards online. A schematic or manual.
Pamela: it's really quiet all of a sudden
Steve: Well, I can talk about Hockey. My Bruins won again!!
Steve: Nobody from Phillie on here, is there?\
Steve: Philly
Pamela: nope
Pamela: not rooting for Montreal?
Steve: I'm really intersted in that new SD card adaptor for the ADAM, eh Bob?
Judy: was outside Doug and Meeka are just leaving
Steve: Montreal is my team's bitter rival. So no. Not a Habs fan.
Judy: they came to pick up there new intertainment center that Bob made for them
Steve: Though one of my best pals is a habs fan.
Judy: he will be back in in a minute, Steve
Pamela: since I'm not a hockey fan anyway I figure the least I can do is root for the Canadians
Steve: Sweet. Did you make it from wood Bob? If so, what kind?
Pamela: are the Canucks still in it?
Pamela: wow Bob
Judy: yes, he did, a custom one to their specs
Pamela: oh, so jealous
BobS: there is NO info online, trust me
Steve: I'd rather you root for the Canucks. They've never won the cup. Yeah, they're doing good.
Judy: now they have to stain and finish it
Pamela: well then!
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BobS: the SD card is interesting, BUT it also may present some limitations in itself
changed username to Daniel B.
Pamela: since the Leafs didn't even make the playoffs I guess I'll switch allegiences to Vancouver
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Daniel B.: Sorry, the drive backup software I was installing did reboot my computer promptly.
Steve: True. But even the fact that the gentleman who designed it got the protocol working is very promising.
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BobS: it wis not a hard drive,s o will not act as is not really adisk drive, sot it may have limitations that way also, but it encouraging development
changed username to Guy B.
Guy B.: Back.
Pamela: what happened Guy?
BobS: amen to that Steve
BobS: BAM and you was gone Danile
BobS: farn dingers
Pamela: Steve I thought you were in SK?
Daniel B.: off-topic, what is (or was) your most favorite good old tv series ?
BobS: Hogans Heroes
Pamela: M*A*S*H!
BobS: he isd Pam, as you are in Ontario
BobS: and we is in Michigan
Steve: Yes, I am.
Pamela: ok I didn't mishear Dad then
Pamela: why do you ask Daniel?
Daniel B.: I can't remember any of them actually... I've a vague souvenir of Dukes of hazzard... but I've a better memory of Gilligan's Island because it was constantly playing during summer here, even when I was 20 years old.
Steve: I loved M*A*S*H! The movie as well. Probably my favourite movie with either Donald Sutherlan or Elliot Gould.
Pamela: depends on how far back you want to go : ) I could give you some golden oldies
Daniel B.: I know that I did watch at least one episode of Dallas, maybe Miami vice, and hawaii five-0
Pamela: History Channel (I think) runs M*A*S*H* reruns every day at 5:00
Steve: Those shows just don't hold up, I'm afraid. I can barely watch them now. But my absolute favourite was 6 Million Dollar Man. I always got to be Steve Austin
Daniel B.: but it's all vague... even the theme song can't help me sometimes to remember.
Pamela: I think it's one of the few that still holds up today
BobS: Daisy Duke........a memorable figure
Pamela: I can go back farther than that!
Daniel B.: There is one I remember, probably because I did identify myself to the main character, it's Whiz Kids.
Pamela: How about Emergency! or Adam-12?
Pamela: cute, Bob : )
Daniel B.: well, remember, it's not totally true, I don't remember the characters' name, but I do remember one episode and the theme song.
Daniel B.: a piano sonata by mozart
Steve: Emergency! I can still remember the beginning: Uh-Oh-Ah <my attempt at a horn> Squad 51! Engine 51! Awesome.
Pamela: one of my faves
Pamela: I had a tween crush on Randolph Mantooth
Steve: You can see Whiz Kids episodes on youtube
Daniel B.: There is one tv series I can't find information about and it's one about a guy but he's virtual, and he's driving in real life with a virtual car, like if he's driving in TRON, driving 90 degrees in a nanosecond. someone remember this one?
Pamela: Max Headroom?
Steve: Ooh Ooh! Daniel. that's Automan!! I loved that show. I can hook you up with all 13 episodes.
Steve: brb gotta put the tiny one to bed
Daniel B.: automan... hmmm... let me check that
Daniel B.: that's correct. it's that one
Daniel B.: I remember one episode, where they used to "merge" one inside the other to go through a wall... but I can't remember anything else, including the theme song
Pamela: that must be after my time : )
Daniel B.: Well, it was when I was a kid, when ADAM computer was out.
Pamela: which would have been just as I was graduating high school
Pamela: and not watching much TV
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Daniel B.: interresting, whiz kids was during the same period
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi ya.
Daniel B.: Hello Dale,
Guy B.: HI Dale
Pamela: hey Dale
Daniel B.: how are you?
Dale: Just finished my meeting.
Dale: So I thought I'd pop in and say hi.
BobS: i done gradeated before there was telebisson
BobS: HI Dale
Daniel B.: did you complete your videogame ?
BobS: and I WON !!!!!!
Dale: Well I got a demo where you could run around the level by the end of the weekend.
Dale: But since then I've got it almost to a playable game.
Dale: It will be completely playable quite soon.
Daniel B.: did you plan any presentation for the adamcon?
Daniel B.: I'm working on something about music (again)
Pamela: that's good to hear Daniel - the one you did last year was very interesting
Dale: I have some things in the works for AdamCon.
Dale: But I haven't done my assignment, and booked everyone else.
Judy: Hi, Dale
Dale: Hi there.
Pamela: well if no one has any further messages to pass on to Dad, I think I shall depart early and get a couple of things finished up
Pamela: oh Dale, did Jillian actually hurt herself last night?
Daniel B.: I'm about to do clean up and backup of my laptop... I did calculated that it will takes the entire night (due to burning speed of the dvd-rom drive).
BobS: jillian HRT ?????????????????
Dale: Well, it hurt, but not for long.
Daniel B.: I want my laptop to work properly for the adamcon
Dale: So the answer is no, really.
Pamela: oh good, it's not serious then
Daniel B.: ( I suppose I should check facebook more often to understand what is going on )
Pamela: she mentioned she twisted her ankle last night Bob - wasn't sure whether she really hurt herself or just misstepped
Dale: Just misstepped.
BobS: that is good then
Pamela: I tell you Daniel sometimes its the only way I can keep up with everyone
Judy: that is good
BobS: don't want anyone to get hurt, hurt
Daniel B.: sadly, it appears to be the case.
Dale: Your laptop Daniel?
Dale: Is there something wrong with the laptop case?
Daniel B.: not this kind of case
BobS: tis got a laptop inside of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: I'm heading out then
Pamela: until next week
Daniel B.: I was writting a response to Pam's message concerning the almost obligation to use facebook to keep contact.
Judy: night Pam
Dale: Later Pam.
Daniel B.: bye pam
Pamela: goodnight everyone
Steve: goodnight pam
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel B.: my laptop is fine... but need a big clean up, I need to delete my personal content, and put it on dvd discs to free space. and then make an image (backup) of my computer .
Guy B.: Boy she's quick
Daniel B.: my laptop battery is losing power too... only 80% full.
Dale: That sounds like a good plan Daniel.
Dale: I need to get a new bulb for my projector.
Dale: I've looked at them on ebay, but they are all different prices and I'm trying to decide who is the best person to get it from.
BobS: Steve, Dale is here for you to pick his brain............
Steve: That's the only true weak spot on a projector.
Dale: Hi Steve.
Steve: Hey Dale.
Dale: I have an Epson PowerLite S1+ projector.
BobS: Steve is looking into ahrd drive parts, gal programmingk, etc
Steve: I sent an email to Scott Gordon in regards to the GAL chips on the MI IDE cards. i guess he was here before I got on.
Steve: Dale has also expressed that he may be able to help. When we talked 2 weeks ago
Dale: Yes, the plan is to try and use my GAL burner to try and reproduce the GAL. It might just do the trick
Dale: I just need a socked GAL or a GAL that isn't soldered on the board.
Daniel B.: I did bought a laptop battery from eBay, for my mother, and the battery was almost already dead. Because it's a discontinuated laptop, and the company didn't keep batteries for it, I had no other choice than trying to find one online... it was a mistake. But anyway, she still can use the laptop with the orignal battery, but need to keep it plugged in the wall to use it.
Steve: The GAL on my IDe card is a Lattice Semiconductor GAL22V10-15LP and it is socketed.
Dale: Well, some ebay batteries are like that, but some are good. The best bet seems to be to buy more than one.
Daniel B.: I did place a bet for eprom chips to do more cartridges. still waiting the package.
BobS: fingerrs got dropsy or something'
Dale: The likelyhood of it working increases dramatically when you buy 3 used batteries.
Daniel B.: *still waiting. the package include 40 eprom.
Steve: What I was asking Scott was if he could find out from whomever programmed the chips, I assume his father, if the program in it is wrote protected (the security cell has been written) or if it is just simply to reduce part count or to confuse people trying to reproduce the card.
Dale: I have the supplies, I just need to finish a ColecoVision game.
Steve: I need to start a ColecoVision game.
Steve: I'm actuially planning on writing one for the TI-99/4A first and then see if I'm able to use some of the knowledge to bring it across. But we may be talking about having it done in time for NEXT YEARS con
Dale: That GAL should be easy for me to program. I'm pretty sure it is on my supported list. I'm just not 100% sure that I'll be able to read the GAL.
Daniel B.: start with something you want to do, not something others want you to do. if you have fun programming the game, it will be easier for you to make it .
Judy: I am signing off now and going to do a little crocheting before bed, so night all
Steve: From what I've been able to glean from the web, it will be readable if it hasn't had the security cell blown.
Judy left chat session
Steve: It's actually a very popular GAL
Steve: ha ha
Steve: g'night Judy
Dale: Very popular.
Guy B.: Well folks, time to go here. Will see you all next week
Dale: And I have no idea how many of them would have been blown to protect the reading.
Steve: I was also thinking that the only reason the other GAL chips have gone bad is because they have lost their programming. It seems these model of GALs are rewritable and can lose their program after a long time. I assume that's a long time without power applied.
Dale: See you later Guy B.
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Dale: With or without power applied I think.
Steve: According to the data sheet there is only 1 actual security cell, but they may have written the program in a way to fool copiers and not as an actual logic chip. i plan to reproduce the board in schematic form and then we should be able to do a bit more diggin
Dale: If they are electrically erasable, it is more likely that they are corrupted due to a static charge.
Steve: makes perfect sense
Daniel B.: At the Adamcon, Luc will be there sunday, presenting and selling ColecoVision games, including Girl's Garden and a few others.... so, he's asking me how it'll cost for renting a table (I think it's what he said).
Dale: I have the port map that the GAL decodes to around somewhere.
Steve: you and I are on the same page as to finding a replacement that's not so volatile as these gals.
Dale: I don't think it's online anywhere at the moment. But I'll try to remember to dig it up.
Steve: I would be very happy if we could redo the board without the GAL once and for all.
Dale: Daniel, I'd recommend just charging him for the day, instead of for the table.
Dale: The GAL is there to save space when decoding the 4 ports, and direction signals.
Dale: I wouldn't say that eliminating the gal is really a good choice.
Daniel B.: Sounds good to me, this will pay partially for the meeting room.
Steve: That's another thing. Scott's web site - the ADAm resource - seems to have been a very large treasure trove of knowledge that is no longer available. Even through the wayback machine.
Dale: If you did it with descrete logic I think it'd take a pile of chips.
BobS: Scotts page was mirrored at one time bvy Geoff Oltmans I thinnk
Dale: Scott was planning to put a lot of content up, but I don't remember how much ended up online though.
BobS: well guys, tis time for me to head for bed also.......
BobS: keep talking guys, see you next week
BobS left chat session
Daniel B.: bye Bob
Dale: Bye Bob.. Missed him...
Dale: The GALs are reasonablely permenant. So I'm not that stressed about it, really.
Steve: i was able to find a page that linked to a lot of interesting stuff but it was all dead links.
Steve: So do you think you could reproduce what's on the GALs based on the rest of the card? Or did you say you have info on what it's actually doing?
Dale: With the info of what's on the card
Dale: Plus the info that I have on what it's supposed to do
Dale: I'm sure we could figure out what the GAL needs to do.
Dale: I know how to program it in software, plus the map of what Z80 I/O ports do what.
Daniel B.: I'm replying to Luc about the cost for a day.
Daniel B.: but I've forgot
Dale: Looks like it is around $100 for just Sunday including the banquet.
Daniel B.: hmmm... well, I'll reply that and see his reaction
Dale: And I always say that Thursday night is free.
Daniel B.: luc can't be there thursday (apparently), very busy. he can be there only sunday
Steve: Well, I know you guys are all extremely busy (especially you Daniel) leading up to the Con so I'm not planning on pressing anything till after that. But I think Bob would be extremely happy if we could solve this issue. Maybe even make some new cards.
Dale: banquet and lunch for Sunday are included.
Steve: Boy, i wish I was coming.
Daniel B.: I only wish that everything will be ok. I'm more anxious and nervous more the time is coming to do it. I guess all my stress will vanish after the adamcon, unless something bad happen.
Steve: Would you be interested in me passing on to you a reproduction of the card in schematic form? Or do you already have that available?
Steve: dale
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Dale: Wait, that $100 would include the hotel room.
Dale: That is why it is so high.
Daniel B.: well, it says also that it's $60 for a day, lunch, but without the night at the hotel
Dale: I don't have the IDE card in schematic form.
Dale: Do you use Eagle CAD?
Steve: From what I've seen and read about previous cons you are doing great and it all kind of falls into place when it starts. All the heavy lifting, as it's said, will be done ahead of time. plus you'll have Rch and Bob there to break kneecasps for you if there's any issues
Daniel B.: so, is it $40 for the banquet?
Dale: That's what I use.
Steve: I sure can. I've been fiddling around with ExpressSch, but it'sproprietary
Dale: It is in that vicinity Daniel.
Dale: Look it up in the spreadsheet that I sent you a couple of months ago maybe.
Dale: Could be a little lower than that.
Steve: Have either of you guys looked into the ADAM SD card adaptor that's being talked about on AtariAge? Looks quite promising as another more modern storage option.
Dale: I've certainly thought about making an AdamNET <-> USB storage adaptor.
Dale: But I'm wildly slow. I came up with a design 2 years ago, and I haven't really finished making a prototype yet.
Dale: An Adam SD card would be quite cool.
Daniel B.: Ok, I've answered Luc. It's up to him now to decide what to do.
Steve: I just wish I had the technical knowledge you guys do.
Dale: You can learn it all, if you stick with it long enough.
Daniel B.: My knowledge about Coleco is very limited compared to others here... I kinda specialize my knowledge to my hobby of videogame programming. So, when it's time to answer a question about technical stuff, sometimes I can answer, but most of the time I let someone else answer.
Steve: I hope I can. But you guys have been at it 10 to 20 years. I'm brand new. I owned an ADAM as a kid, but I never really programmed on it. And my other programming experience is fairly limited.
Steve: Dale, does your brother still program on the ADAM?
Daniel B.: Did this chat session just stopped?
Steve: nope
Daniel B.: I was able to answer two emails and Dale still didn't answered your question?
Steve: oops caps lock
Daniel B.: wow, capslock power!
Steve: didn't mean to yell
Daniel B.: I know
Daniel B.: funny
Daniel B.: I tend to read again what I'm typing when I don't feel to rush to answer.
Daniel B.: helped me to avoid a few capslock situations
Daniel B.: each time it's when I type A
Daniel B.: so, you want to program a coleco game?
Steve: sure do.
Steve: not sure I have it in me, though
Daniel B.: a kind of game to be on tape, floppy disk or cartridge?
Steve: doesn't matter to me. probably all three
Daniel B.: Well, if you think the game engine and what goes with it can fit a 32K space, then you can go with a cartridge format.
Daniel B.: but for an rpg, I tend to think that you'll need more than a regular cartridge space. So, you may want to try a tape or floppy disk version.
Steve: I'm definitely going to start small. maybe not even release it. but I do plan to eventually make an action-rpg hybrid.
Steve: I know uou're quite active on the coleco threads of AtariAge, but have you ventured into the TI Programming area? that scene is going gangbusters. and some of the hardware is the same so some of the guys cross over.
Daniel B.: I did take a look at some ti calculators stuff, because there is at least one thing in common with colecovision.
Steve: Rich told me he has a TI-99/4A setup and a handful of consoles he's never going to get around to learning. I bet he'd give it to you at a very reasonable price.
Daniel B.: I do have one ti-99/4a computer, but never tried it. I bought it at the flea market because I knew it was using the same video chip as the colecovision... that's pretty much it.
Steve: never even turned it on?
Daniel B.: no, still in its box.
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Daniel B.: I've also a vic-20, same situation. I did used to learn programming with a vic-20 computer, but that one from the past is dead ... so I bought another one, and never tried it.
Steve: if it works, all you need is the CF7+ device. It goes into the side expansion port and emulates 3 disk drives and the 32k memory expansion. goes for around $45.
Daniel B.: is it the same device as the one showed in some recent youtube videos?
Daniel B.: well, I guess not.
Steve: yup. awesome unit. makes transfer to and from a pc a breeze as well
Daniel B.: probably mistaking with a device for msx
Daniel B.: let me check
Daniel B.: hmmm... I did watched a video about a 521k multicart for ti99
Dale: I was making myself something to eat.
Steve: he has one in that video i believe. Jon guidry is the guy?
Daniel B.: the cartridge by Jon, yes
Daniel B.: but the video not by him, actually
Dale: My brother is still interested in the Adam
Dale: But he was never a big programmer on the Adam.
Steve: good to know. I hope we can get the ADAM scene as hot as the Ti scene seems to be getting. I know the ColecoVision scene is going strong, but I'm interested in the ADAM
Steve: big programmer, small programmer, new programmer. It's all good.
Daniel B.: You can see it that way, adam computer as an extension of the colecovision game system.
Daniel B.: so you can make a game for the colecovision and add something extra to be used with the adam computer, like load/save custom levels.
Dale: Yeah, I haven't been doing much for Adam lately, since there seems to be more going on in ColecoVision I guess.
Steve: right. but yet so different. I love them both, but the ADAM needs all the help it can get.
Steve: we were all thinking the same thing essentially.
Daniel B.: well, I've heard someone wanted to make a colecovision game where new adventure packs would have been released as disks.
Steve: sounds great.
Daniel B.: well, this kind of project, may bring some colecovision owners to consider getting also the adam computer.
Steve: they did do that for the TI. Called the Adventure series.
Dale: Alright, it is time for me to go.
Daniel B.: bye Dale
Dale: It's a pleasure talking to you Steve.
Steve: Take care Dale. be sure to be back her enext week for the continuing adventures.
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Daniel B.: hmmm... I don't know actually what was the project idea.
Dale: See you then Steve.
Steve: Gnite Dale
Dale left chat session
Daniel B.: so, I can' tell you if it's like TI adventures series or not.
Steve: Daniel. you should get ahold of the Classic99 TI Emulator and the rom for the Adventure Cartridge as well as the disk files for the add-on adventures. I can hook you up if you'd like.
Daniel B.: Anyway, a game that can be played on both systems, with extra for runnning it on the computer, could be done. And was done already, but not published yet.
Steve: Oh?
Steve: Is it going to be?
Steve: Did you get the clear cases for GhostBlaster custom made?
Daniel B.: I don't know. The project is called "Wizard Siege" by Steve Begin, written in assembly language between 2003 and 2005, and the project simply stopped because the guy was very busy and did tend to put aside his coleco projects for the moment. The game has the hability to detect on which system it's running and offer options accordingly, and a level was already added to the latest rom verisons.
Steve: sounds great
Daniel B.: The clear cases was done by Luc Miron, and he can't make more now.
Steve: Oh? He doesn't have access to the equipment anymore I assume?
Daniel B.: I did get bunch of them from him and I've already used about 70 of them to publish GhostBlaster
Daniel B.: The mold (or mould) was not his property, so he had to give it back .
Steve: so he just needs a new mould? I know it's not that simple, but that's what's preventing more?
Steve: Andhe could produce other hobbyist cases? Like Atari, TI, etc, as long as he had moulds?
Daniel B.: Before giving back the mold, he did produce a lot of cartridges for his own needs and for others too.
Daniel B.: I guess fans of each vintage systems to encouter this situation and find a way to recycle or produce more casings.
Steve: So did he borrow it from someone who had original moulds from Coleco? Or who had made their own moulds?
Daniel B.: *did encounter
Daniel B.: The mold came from South America actually. A company there was (I guess) making copies of colecovision games, but under spannish names, like spitfire instead of looping.
Daniel B.: the colecovision clone system there was named Splice
Daniel B.: And Splice Junior as an Atari 2600 clone
Daniel B.: So, a mold did already exists and actually someone did find out and bought the mold.
Daniel B.: and this mold did travel first in the usa and then canada to make a bunch of cartridges including the transparent ones.
Steve: I may have to do up the CAD drawings for a TI mould and a Coleco mould and see if I can get a local CNC company make them for me. I wonder if they are injection moulds or press type?
Steve: I would guess injection
Daniel B.: you win
Steve: Wheee!
Daniel B.: With a closer inspection we can see the injection entry points.
Steve: You've given me another project - like i need any more!!
Daniel B.: which project?
Steve: the moulds
Steve: molds
Steve: whatever
Daniel B.: Dale also was thinking of doing a mould
Steve: he has that 3d prototype machine as well, doesn't he
Daniel B.: but, he did pay for a lot of new casings so he doesn't need that anymore... well, now he needs to program a bunch of games<
Daniel B.: 3d prototype machine? well, based on something he did show me, I sould have to say probably, yes.
Daniel B.: But I'm not 100% sure
Steve: I think I'm more interested in getting new cartridges (custom ones) done for the TI. the interest certainly sems to be there
Daniel B.: And Dale is the only one who did manage to build a colecovision cartridge in wood.
Daniel B.: if you want to publish for a much larger scale, you'll need to consider then to program for the atari 2600 game system, or the NES.
Daniel B.: but if it's regarding your passion, go for TI then
Steve: as with most of this retro homebrew stuff, it's ONLY for the passion. Certainly not for monetary gain.
Daniel B.: My passion is colecovision so I'm making colecovision games. I don't really care to publish tons of cartridges, but I do care to make games that I do want to do.
Daniel B.: and for the system I do appreciate the most
Steve: my sentiments exactly. I couldn't have put it better myself.
Daniel B.: I did grow up with colecovision and commodore computers (vic-20 and c64), so I feel quite lucky.
Steve: I had the TI and the ADAM
Steve: but didn't have a storage option on the TI and didn't really get into programming the ADAM
Daniel B.: colecoviison library still have huge holes in its games library, and the system is (afterall) quite easy to program for... after years of practice in my case.
Daniel B.: and my experience with commodore computers did teach me the programming games is possible and many games can be done for these systems.
Daniel B.: so, I look at the colecovision game system and I think of what to do next, there are plenty of games we can do with it
Steve: I've heard Commodore basic was quite good for programming
Daniel B.: my vision is to have fun, not narrowing my view to arcade games. people who did games for the NES didn't stuck to arcade games, they did games that takes hours and days, not minutes to play.
Daniel B.: arcade cabinets are for money, feeding them with quaters agai and again, so it's tough fast action. I want to do reflexion games , adventure games, etc.
Daniel B.: I want people to enjoy playing the colecovision
Daniel B.: and I want to share my passion with other colecovision owners.
Steve: I agree
Daniel B.: so, it's all started for me because of this.
Steve: I also have the ulterior motive of wanting my daughters to have the same fun experiences with these machines that I had growing up. Kind of like Dale's son has been to every ADAM con since he was little
Daniel B.: took me years to get started, didn't have much help and informations before. And now people are using my stuff to get started, quite interresting.
Steve: I've given my 7 yr old a task of coming up with ideas, characters, sounds etc for a game we'll make together.
Steve: I'll be using your tools myself, but I've had an issue getting them to run on the machine I installed them on. I assume it's that machine, though, not your tools.
Daniel B.: Did you show her a bunch of games running for TI computer? maybe it will helps her to visualize what can be done and bring plausible ideas.
Steve: I have shown her a bunch. But I don't want to limit her vision and I don't want it to look or feel like any other game. Truly unique, or as close as we can come.
Daniel B.: Well, if you're talking about my tools like ICVGM, it needs a dll no more included with windows, which is used for visualbasic 5 programs.
Steve: ahah
Steve: aha?
Daniel B.: and reccently, I've tried to make a graphic tool, that works under Java, and you can't run it if you don't have java installed
Steve: do you have a link for it on your site? the missing dll? or can you name it?
Daniel B.: I think it's microsoft virtual vb machine 5.0... which is (I guess) msvbvm50.dll ... well, you can make a search for visual basic 5 dll)
Daniel B.: simply add it in the same fpolder as the tool or making it globally available by putting it into the windows/system folder where all the other dll files are.
Steve: thanks
Daniel B.: because of this situation, and because hi-tech also abandon completely their z80 compiler, I did switch to SDCC and trying to program my tools under other languages than visualbasic. It took me months to finaly decide to try making new tools.
Steve: have you checked out this sprite editor in a browser window?
Daniel B.: And now, I'm thinking of making tools to be in a web page instead.
Steve: ha ha
Steve: same time
Daniel B.: Well, yes, I did see that.
Steve: there's a guy (codex) on AtariAge who is making a program called Magellan. Something similar to that?
Daniel B.: I'm not sure, I'll have to check closer.
Daniel B.: I'm working more and more with actionscript and make swf files (flash applications).
Steve: sounds great.
Daniel B.: I did already a sound utility
Daniel B.: not what you may expect, but it works for me
Daniel B.: I did a level editor in flash for ghostblaster
Steve: I find it a little ironic, but in a totally awesome way, that all you guys are using these advanced modern tools on high tech machines to help people program on these obsolete machines with primitive tech
Steve: and using way advanced languages to program the tools!
Steve: wav2cv?
Daniel B.: er... I can't make wav2cv in flash, because transmitting a file will imply things that normaly can't be done within a flash application, need other things like php.
Daniel B.: part of sharing passion imply to transmit knowledge, and part of it is regarding tools and technical informations.
Daniel B.: by using your knowledge and utilities, people are perpetuating your pasion in a much larger scale... which is quite satisfying
Daniel B.: it makes the scene alive, even more
Daniel B.: it costs time and effort, and not everyone like to do that.
Steve: Sorry, I didn't intend to suggest you port wav2cv, i just was wondering if that was the tool you were talking about. But you meant a flash based sound utility
Daniel B.: in atariage forum, I've mentionned it as a colecovision (sound) flash player, which is somehow a sound chip emulation. The first versions was simply a bunch of buttons playing various coleco sounds and musics, but the latest versions let you write hex codes and try to play them.
Daniel B.: I did compose my reccent musics with it
Steve: yeah, I heard them. very good stuff.
Daniel B.: 1 o'clock. time to go
Steve: good night Daniel. Been great talking with you. Will definitely talk to you next week, if you can make it. Take care.
Daniel B.: find your way, and start with something you're pretty sure you can do. and keep us informed about your progress.
Steve: We'll see. I may have to lurk a while longer on the program front
Daniel B.: bye
Steve: hopefully I can make a difference in the hardware first
Steve: bye
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