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BobS: YO Daniel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: sorry, you're not teh first one
Daniel Bienvenu: heelo Bob
BobS: bummer dude
BobS: getting some interest from the colecovisiongroup up your way
Daniel Bienvenu: It appears, yes.
BobS: you have any ideas for a schedule yet?????
BobS: think Yann wants some time, and David Hill
BobS: Dale of course
Daniel Bienvenu: most of the fun seems to be concentrate on saturday and sunday... so I guess I'll fill the blank and start the presentation friday, like last year.
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I've heard from Dale wick yet... He will certainly do something, but I don't know what.
Daniel Bienvenu: *I've not heard
BobS: you can probably book Dale for a Sat morning and a Sunday morning
Daniel Bienvenu: So far, I know that Dave Hill should be there for the weekend... landing friday pm.
BobS: wonder where Richard is
BobS: David maybe on sunday afternoon
Daniel Bienvenu: ron is preparing presentations in DVD format
BobS: that is right also
Daniel Bienvenu: Guy Bona said he can bring back presentations of utilities and emulators.
Daniel Bienvenu: new people there, so why not talking about some stuff we know
BobS: that would work, a short session, but we could make it longer by demonstating HOW to move files into the emulator
BobS: good ideas
BobS: wonder ifr Richard is not feeling good; or that his modem is not workigna gain
Daniel Bienvenu: As for people from Montreal, specially JF Dupuis, Luc Miron... they tend to be present only the last day (sunday).
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Daniel Bienvenu: So, like stated last week, sunday sounds to be "the videogame day".
BobS: HELLO richard
rich-c: g'day. mates
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I did contact Guy Foster and I've got no reply yet... so I don't know if he finds a restaurant for the banquet already.
rich-c: guess we can live with that, Daniel - where's the banquest?
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changed username to Justin
changed username to Guy B.
rich-c: OK, with his house and job and kids he's busy, but it's time to move now
Guy B.: Greetings!!!
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Justin, Guy B.
Justin: Hi there.
rich-c: hi jUSTIN
BobS: HI guys
rich-c: HELLO gUY
Daniel Bienvenu: I've read your message talking about learning again SmartBASIC, justin.
Justin: Hey guys.
Justin: Ah yes, sent that an hour ago.
Guy B.: Got my new PC from work over the weekend. Not setup yet
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm not familiar with SmartBASIC, but I can code in BASIC no problem.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, if you have questions about SmartBASIC... ask someone else.
Justin: Seems all BASIC is alike, but obviously not identical.
Justin: lol ok Daniel
rich-c: well, BASIC has a lot of dialects, but basically (pardon the pun) they are pretty much the same
Justin: tru dat
Daniel Bienvenu: each machine got his set of special instructions, pokes and peeks addresses... impossible to keep track of everything.
Guy B.: No they are not. Smartbasic is close to Apple's, except certain peeks and pokes.
Justin: eh?
rich-c: well, Guy Cousineau wrote a commented disassembly of SmartBASIC which can still be had
Justin: What did Krue use for Waterline?
Guy B.: One of the Niad newsletters have a chart comparing the poke addresses to Smartbasic
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, based on what I did understand, there is a limit to the similiraties between coleco adam and apple, even when talking about smartbasic.
rich-c: you're quite corr4ect - different BIOS, different CPUs
Guy B.: At least Microsoft didn't do Adam's Basic
Justin: HEY! Be right back...
Guy B.: Me too
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Daniel Bienvenu: I still don't know why they did SmartBASIC to be "close to" Apple. They wanted to get some Apple users involved into programming stuff for the Coleco ADAM too?
changed username to Judy
Guy B.: Hi Judy
rich-c: hi Judy
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Judy
Judy: hi, Daniel, Justin, Guy and Rich
rich-c: well, I suspect that they did want to make it easy for Apple programmers to transition
Judy: I see you are back on line, Rich
rich-c: but remember both machines have instruction sets that support cp/M SO THEY CAN'T BE THAT DIFFERENT ANYWAY
rich-c: sorry about that - switched keyboardds so my fingers don't land where they should!
Daniel Bienvenu: No problem, Rich.
Daniel Bienvenu: I've a technical question.
BobS: back in the day...........Compujter Shopper had the programs you could type in for TRS80, Commodore, ADAM, Apple and TI's .... just with some variations in the commnads
Daniel Bienvenu: based on an approximation of the coleco adam computer,
rich-c: yes, I remember those
Daniel Bienvenu: there is this "master 6801" thing that somehow deal with allthe "6801" stuff like tapes and disks. but what about the modem?
rich-c: the master 6801 governs the Adamnet which also has a couple of slave 6801s in the devices
rich-c: lets teh Adam do a crude for of multitasking, e.g running a game while loading the next part
Daniel Bienvenu: By looking at "hacker's guide", they listed the keyboard, printer, tape and disk, but not the modem, to be part of this adamnet, master 6801, thing.
Daniel Bienvenu: So, is the modem part of adamnet or not?
rich-c: right, far as I know the modem was a device on its own, needed its own program and driver
BobS: darn Daniel. do you have to ASK the HARD questions????
rich-c: but Dr. D. or Dale would know top of the head
Daniel Bienvenu: well, I just openned the hacker's guide, on the first pages and see no place for the modem in their schema.
rich-c: don't have my Hackers Guide handy and can't reach it at the moment
BobS: the modem was also a serial interface......................
BobS: and that may mean that it was not an adamnet device
rich-c: yes, Sid Carter made the first Adam serial card out of a modem, didn't he?
BobS: the fact that it was a serial device made it possible to to make the SydModem
BobS: yes Richard
Daniel Bienvenu: serial card... what is the purpose of this card?
rich-c: but teh Adamnet is a serial system so that doesn't automatically excluse it
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BobS: it was basically an extension of the ADAM board by using the port. Also, the IDe card uses that same slot because of its fucntion
changed username to Meeka
Daniel Bienvenu: hello Meeka
Meeka: hello
rich-c: among other things it will support an external printer, Daniel
BobS: Hi Meeka
rich-c: hello Meeka
Judy: hi, Meeka
BobS: a parallel card in the center slot goes to a printer...............and it is not n ADAMnet device either
rich-c: sorry - you're right - I should look in my Adam more often!
BobS: Eve Electronics used the 60pin side port for serial/parallel & 80 column monitor use
Daniel Bienvenu: 80 columns? Coleco Adam with 80 columns display?
BobS: I firmly believe that Coleco designers intended the slots for exactly what the third party developers found they could work with
BobS: YES, Eve had a unit and so did Orphanware
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changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: yes, Big John at Eve worked out how it could be done
LucMiron: Hi. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Bonsoir Luc
BobS: Hi Luc
rich-c: salut, Luc
Meeka: hi luic
Daniel Bienvenu: J'espere que tu peux m'aider, j'ai deux questions pour toi concernant ADAMCon 22.
Judy: Hi, Luc
Meeka: luc**
LucMiron: I have question about AdamCon too. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Good
BobS: see, I unnerstan french............I pickedup what Daniel said concernign aDAMCON
Daniel Bienvenu: before... how are you, Luc?
LucMiron: I'm doing okay. Could be a little better though, but I won't bore you all with my petty problems. :)
rich-c: did you get the firsdt half of his sentence?
Daniel Bienvenu: I did located the low pitched note, I think I can fix that no problem... but not done it yet.
BobS: he wants a maid???????
BobS: or not
Daniel Bienvenu: "m'aider" = "help me"
rich-c: nope, hopes Luc can aid (help) him - compare espere to aspire
Justin: Here's MY question. I've been playing with the Virtual ADAM lately and using the SmartBASIC on there.. Well, is there a way to write up a long coded BASIC program in a text editor like NotePad or WORD, save the file, and then re-open it in SmartBASIC?
Daniel Bienvenu: souds like "maid", so in a sense you got it.
Daniel Bienvenu: just don't get the meaning
Meeka: doug says sort of, but it is complicated
rich-c: m'aider = mayday, that';s wehre the distress caqll came from
Justin: sort of... hmm...
Justin: that means there's HOPE!
rich-c: why not just compose it in SmartWriter and go from there? that's how it was done originally
Daniel Bienvenu: Luc?
Daniel Bienvenu: @Luc : What are your questions about this ADAMCon?
Justin: What if I wanted to sample code from the internet?
BobS: got a point there can load and look at any basic program in SmartWriter and alter it
LucMiron: @Daniel: About Boxxle, there's no big hurry, but it would be nice if this issue could be resolved eventually. Your tunes are all very well done, but those few notes in the main game song really need to be fixed. We can talk about it later, at your leisure.
rich-c: there's Adam code on the internet?
Meeka: you will get good at typing at least :-)
Justin: From the newsletters.
Justin: As for using SmartWRITER, how does that work?
LucMiron: Anyhow, my question about Adamcon is directed at rich-c.
rich-c: go for it, Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: I did write a program in SmartBASIC if you want... it's my (humble) updated version of what I've found in the hacker's guide. It converts a string that represents an hexadecimal value into a decimal value. Decimal values are useful for many of us, programmers.
BobS: in Virtual ADAM , you cna boot to Smartwriter
Daniel Bienvenu: 5 REM hex to dec converter
Daniel Bienvenu: 10 x$ = "0123456789ABCDEF"
LucMiron: @rich-c: Daniel told me you are the treasurer (or whatever) for Adamcon 22, and I need to know how much I need to pay to have a table and also show a presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: 20 INPUT b$
Daniel Bienvenu: 30 v = 0
Daniel Bienvenu: 40 FOR x = 1 TO LEN(b$): FOR k = 1 TO 16
rich-c: OK, that's actually Bobn's department - he's the adviser, I just handle the money
LucMiron: Okay...
Daniel Bienvenu: 50 IF MID$(b$,x,1) = MID$(x$,k,1) THEN v = v * 16: v = v + (k - 1): k =16
LucMiron: Daniel told me it's 60$. Is that per day?
Daniel Bienvenu: 60 NEXT k,x
BobS: yup
Daniel Bienvenu: 70 PRINT x
Daniel Bienvenu: 80 END
BobS: table spcare to sell is FREE
BobS: good deal eh?
LucMiron: Yep. :)
Daniel Bienvenu: err... my mistake
Daniel Bienvenu: 70 PRINT v
Daniel Bienvenu: ;-)
LucMiron: So let's say people who live nearby the hotel in Laval want to drop by. Is there an entry fee for casual visitors?
rich-c: if they want to participate, yes - drop in for an hour, likely no
Daniel Bienvenu: saying hello is free.
BobS: What Richard said !!!!!!!!!1111
rich-c: realize we're pretty informal, Luc, and play a lot of this by ear
LucMiron: Define "participate". :)
BobS: HI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;-)
rich-c: basically if you want the services (meeting room, lunch, etc) you chip in like everyone else
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, sitting down on a chair or staying at the meeting room during the convention, is participating. (as far as I know)
BobS: just to stop and look, free....................stay and learn, pay ??????????
BobS: we try to be easy to work with Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: because the participation fees is based on the location cost of the meeting room
BobS: very easy
rich-c: yes, that's a pretty good description
LucMiron: Alright, so if I show a small presentation at one point, all the attendees need to pay 60$?
BobS: the room rent is the killer here...........and if they go to lunch, we incurr extra costs
Daniel Bienvenu: well, as you may know, the $60 includes lunch based on the registration form.
rich-c: no, it's rooled into the overall convention fee for the full members
rich-c: but essentially that's how it's handled in setting the convention price
LucMiron: @rish-c: What does that mean, in plain english?
rich-c: it means everyone who comes and takes part, pays, proportional to their participation
rich-c: it's a communal thing, we all benefit and we all pay what it costs to support it
LucMiron: Sorry, it's still not clear to me.
LucMiron: I'm slow tonight, I guess.
BobS: we dont' usually have peoplel come for just a little bit unless to to sya HI
rich-c: what is giving you the problem, Luc? ask away, we have nothing to hide
Justin: You talking to me?
BobS: ok guys......Daniel and Richard...............hows this $60-day + lunch..........$30 half day only........... say HI =FREE
LucMiron: Well, let's say someone was to run an ad in a local newspaper, inviting people to Adamcon... You can see where this question is going...
rich-c: Luc, at the moment
BobS: will that work, so Luc and others know what to expect. IF thye want to stay and play all day, fine......
rich-c: I think we would have to check with the hotel on that - they might want an esxtra fee
BobS: we WANt to promote the convention for the ADAM and ColecoVision, but we need to pay the bills with those who come also
rich-c: it's one thing to rent a meeting space and another to set up a public shop
LucMiron: I see... So it should be considered a private convention of sorts...
BobS: as long as we are in our meeting room with our own people, the hotel should not have a problem
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changed username to Pamela
rich-c: yes, but if we represent our activity as a meeting and use it as a sample room, the hotel could get very shirty
Pamela: well, I made it
LucMiron: Hi Pam.
Pamela: Hi everyone
rich-c: hi daughter
Justin: Well, it's late folks. Good night.
rich-c: night Justin
Judy: hi, Pam
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Justin
Judy: night Justin
Pamela: nightJustin
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello Pam
LucMiron: Well, that clarifies things. So I pay for my own presentation, and the people who will attend will have paid their own hotel fees. Is that essentially correct?
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BobS: nite Justin
rich-c: well, if you wish to participate, you pay just like the rest of the participants, and yes, we will all have paid our fees
BobS: YES, Luc.........and you can see that if you advertise that you will be selling carts at such and such a hotel that day AT the ADAM convention...the hotel could become VERY shrityh
rich-c: others who come in from outside to see a special event will also be expected to chip in - fair enough?
LucMiron: Yep, that sounds fair.
BobS: does that make sense Luc????????
BobS: we do NOT want to turn anyone away or make them unwelcome, but we need to do ti inbouncdss
BobS: in bounds
LucMiron: So a guy like J-F (the guy behind CollectorVision) who wants to attend all day long (and perhaps even sell a few CV carts while he's there) and attend the presentations will need to pay 60$ per day?
BobS: Daniel had a hard enough time finding the hotel, we don't want them trying to charge us extra for any problems we create
rich-c: also realize we have to order lunches way in advance, Luc, so we do need to know how many we will have
rich-c: the hotel will not let us bring in our own food to the meeting room
LucMiron: Were such details explained in the Adamcon announcement on AtariAge? People need to know these things...
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the hotel only told me so far to not destroy anything, putting nothing on the walls, and not bring food from outside in the meeting room. never told me to not seel friendly a bunch of stuff during the convention.
rich-c: yes, and I believe that Jean-Francois has already been told how it works
Daniel Bienvenu: *sorry for mistyping, tonight.
LucMiron: *you're forgiven. ;)
BobS: its those farn dingers Daniel
Pamela: Daniel, did you see my
Pamela: FB message on the poster?
Daniel Bienvenu: I've a problem with my keyboard with the letter N which sometimes doesn't work.
Daniel Bienvenu: I've see your message on Facebook, Pam.
rich-c: what we do among ourselves - which includes any paid day mambers - I would regard as none of the hotel's business
Daniel Bienvenu: see? the letter N just didn't work here
Daniel Bienvenu: *I've seen it, yes
rich-c: I think we had better not cross the line from private trading into retail selling - and it's a wavy line
Pamela: it's just amazing and I love it
BobS: my whole keyboard goes CARAZY somtiems. and I don' thtink that it is operator error
Daniel Bienvenu: I see no close in the contract to not allow trading and selling stuff.
rich-c: I haven't studied it that closely, Daniel, but I'll bet there is some loose verbiage in there
BobS: that is good......then we can make EVERYONE happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
rich-c: it's not that they won't rent space for a selling show - they just want more money for it
Daniel Bienvenu: extorsion?
rich-c: they would likely regard any such activity by us as a breach
rich-c: they are a very anal uptight bunch
BobS: we keep it a secret
rich-c: by advertising and having a mob knocking down the doors?
rich-c: seriously, if teh front desk has 20 strangers come by asking where the convention room is, they are going to get very curious
rich-c: and that curiosity has teh potential to cost us
Daniel Bienvenu: no need for secret, just keep it low profile should be fine. anyway, I remember going to another convention and at the end there was cd-roms and stuff for sale at the exit of the conference room, so it's common practice.
Pamela: also remember that the meeting room probably has a limit on the number of people it can safely accomodate
LucMiron: @Daniel: You told me when I arrived here that you had two Adamcon-related questions for me. Have I answered them?
BobS: yes, I agree, we can't advertise it as a sale,,,,,,,but only as the ADAM/ColecoVision convention
Pamela: and a "dealer room" may also raise insurance issues
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I don't know how much time you need for a presentation and which day and time you can do that.
BobS: Danile said he needed a maid....................and something else...................<grin>
Pamela: heck Bob we all need a maid!
Daniel Bienvenu: hopefully, my webcam doesn't work<
LucMiron: I haven't decided yet what I'm going to talk about. Probably an exposť about my BasicVision project. A few words about my Team Pixelboy projects...
BobS: me too......................oops, I got one....................ME
rich-c: fortunately I'm using the desktop which doesn't have a webcam
Judy: no, you don't
Daniel Bienvenu: As an approximation, would you say that 1 hour is enough for you to make your presentation.
rich-c: essentially, Luc, what do you feel the Adam people need to know about your present and planned projects?
Judy: at least not me as the maid
LucMiron: To be honest, I'm more into the ColecoVision than the ADAM. I hope that won't be an issue...
Daniel Bienvenu: It's my case too, Luc. I'm more ColecoVision than Coleco ADAM.
BobS: nope.......we are even learning to program games with Dale wick
rich-c: Daniel, you know how Adam presentations tend to run overtime - prepare to be generous
Daniel Bienvenu: But, one doesn't exclude the other
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm fully prepared to make a scheduling time sheet with big margins
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changed username to Dale
rich-c: the Adam is basically an expanded Colecovision, so you can't talk about one without the other
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: Hi Dale
Meeka: hi dale
Daniel Bienvenu: anyway, I only remember one Adamcon to be able to keep the schedule... even if it was starting later.
rich-c: hi Dale
LucMiron: Aside from my own, how many presentations are lined up so far?
Judy: hi, Dale
Pamela: it certainly wasn't mine!
LucMiron: Hi Dale. :-)
Pamela: the beauty of schedules is they're flexible : )
BobS: mostly the sessions are secretive Luc.....meaning not planned out yet.............I told ya, we are a loose bunch and "go with the flow"
Daniel Bienvenu: Number of presentations? So far... 2 by Ron (DVD), 1 by guy B, 1 by myself, maybe 2 by Dale, 1 by Dave Hill, and you... that's about it.
BobS: was thinking about one too Daniel
LucMiron: Yeah, you go with the flow, but you have to pay in advance... ;-)
BobS: NOW you are getging into it Luc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judy: that about sums it up, Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, Luc, can you tell me for sure which day and daytime (like Sunday PM) you would like to make yoru presentation.
Guy B.: Ok back
Guy B.: Hi Pam
Pamela: hi there : )
LucMiron: Okay, so with all these presentations, who is organizing the schedule (loosely or not)?
Judy: welcome back, Guy
rich-c: I hope p.m. means afternoon, not evening, Daniel
Dale: Daniel asked me to make the schedule.
rich-c: it's up to Daniel, Luc
Dale: When are you going to be there Luc?
Pamela: do we have a banquet venue yet?
BobS: sneaked in didi ya??????????????
BobS: ya Pam EAT
rich-c: no, Guy Foster was supposed to be looking into it but he hasn't reported back yet
Dale: I said Hi when I arrived.
Guy B.: I'm going to fly this time.
BobS: I missed ya
LucMiron: Okay, well, as long as it's in the after-noon, I don't care which day my presentation is scheduled, so whoever is preparing the presentation schedule can just tell me which hour is open.
rich-c: OK, I'm sure there are direct flights Chicago-Montreal
rich-c: anyone know if the hotel has an airport shuttle?
Guy B.: I'm checking into Porter Airlines as they fly from Midway
Pamela: I didn't see one advertised on the website
Guy B.: Good question, Daniel do they have one?
Pamela: however it looks like we're fairly close to the airport
Daniel Bienvenu: ??? I don't know what to answer
rich-c: you will likely have to change planes in Toronto which is their hub, but the layover should be short
Pamela: so cab fare if necessary would not be prohibitive
Guy B.: You're right Rich and check in with customs too in Toronto
rich-c: he'll likely arrive at a time when one of us can go fetch him
Daniel Bienvenu: Keep in mind that I'm not living in Laval, so I know about near to nothing about things you can find in Laval.
Dale: GuyF had recommended a place back in January.
Pamela: Luc, do you know the area at all?
rich-c: likely you'll get pre-cleared in Chicago, Guy - you know they fly Q400s?
LucMiron: I've lived in Laval for over 30 years. :-)
rich-c: OK, what's a good nearby restaurant that will offer a prix-fixe menu to a group?
Pamela: on the map it looks like we're fairly close to the airport - is that a reasonable conclusion?
Guy B.: I read it at their website. Bombardier is also making our new L cars for Chicago. CTA is testing 8 new cars now on the Red Line
Pamela: and how much of a nightmare is it to get into and out of the airport?
rich-c: just taht they are turboprop aircraft so lower and slower than jets
Meeka: ok, i am off for the night
Meeka: see ya next wreek
LucMiron: @rich: That's not something I can know off-hand. One would need to make a few phone calls...
Pamela: night Meeka!
Meeka left chat session
rich-c: night, meeka
LucMiron: @Pamela: About the airport. If you're talking about Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau, then yes, it's not that far away from Laval. Just travel autoroute 13 up north until you cross the river.
rich-c: if you want to share some ideas with Dale/Daniel/GuyF, Luc, it would be helpful
Pamela: has anyone asked the hotel for their recommendation?
rich-c: I think they do catering so I CAN GUESS WHAT IT WOULD BE
rich-c: ficky stingersrsagain
LucMiron: I don't know if they have group-prices, but how about Boston Pizza?
Guy B.: Just out of curiousity. I checked out fares from O'Hare almost $700 roundtrip. Porter would be half that amount
Pamela: might not be private enough Luc
rich-c: how about a place where our Americans can taste some Quebec cooking - cassoulet? maple syrup pie?
LucMiron: Oh, you want "private".. :-)
LucMiron: How many people are we talking about again?
Dale: "sugar pie"
Pamela: well, semi-private at least - so we can all hear each other without shouting and have some control over the environment
rich-c: about 20, Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: I was checking my luggages ( is it the right word?), and inside one I've fid back Luc's phone number @ job...
rich-c: Daniel, don't you have a discount long distance service like YAK for instance?
rich-c: our bills from them are so small they're ridiculous
LucMiron: How about an indian restaurant? I know this nice little place which may offer group specials...
Daniel Bienvenu: err. no, but I can't go back in time to change that
Daniel Bienvenu: I suppose I can check it out
rich-c: yes, and there are many others, some you just dial in for each call
Pamela: we're always open to suggestions : )
rich-c: Indian is a bit dicey, many tend to go overboard on the spices
rich-c: you have to remember, Luc, us old folks have tender digestive systems
Daniel Bienvenu: last year it was in a "full peanuts" restaurant. delicious, but I did find out lately that I was somehow intolerant to that much of peanuts.
Guy B.: Some people are allergic to peanuts. At least I'm not
LucMiron: Laval is very "urban", in the sense that you can't expect to find "local cuisine". We have the usual restaurants (Pizza Hut, Wendy's, etc.) and specialty restaurants (greek, chinese, indian, etc.) but if you want to taste stuff like maple products, you have to venture out of the greater Montreal area, and I'm afraid I can't help much with that...
rich-c: other than fish, what allergies have we in our group?
BobS: we need a place close in a steak house type restauarant, with some chicken fare as well
Guy B.: As long some the restaurants are within walking distance, that would be fine with me
Pamela: nothing I can't work around
Guy B.: Daniel, guess you are working on the banquet?
rich-c: you can ride with whoever has a car, Guy - we have two empty seats in the van
LucMiron: In walking distance??? Do you know where the hotel is actually located??
Pamela: and two in the truck
rich-c: and Dale, are you even coming? time's a-fleeting
Guy B.: Oh good.
Dale: I am indeed coming.
Dale: But not my family.
Pamela: is that a fantasy, Luc?
rich-c: yes, it's up on the Autproute out by the Carrefour Laval
Dale: Stated that I was coming two weeks ago, I believe.
BobS: tha you did Dale
BobS: we were counting up and it looks like we are having a nice size group this year
rich-c: OK, who are you sharing with? Daniel?
Pamela: I gather Laval is not a "walking distance" kind of place
BobS: abou the same as last year PLUS the Montreal programmerss and CV group
LucMiron: @Pamela: Well, you'll find nice restaurants really close by, if you use a car to get around. But by foot, you'll be a rather unhappy camper...
Dale: Yes, Rich, Daniel was the idea.
LucMiron: Canadiens won! How would have thought?!
Daniel Bienvenu: capslock power!
LucMiron: How=who
BobS: We will have transportation I am sure
rich-c: NOBODY, BUT AIN'T IT GREAT? Cnadian club in teh finals
Pamela: we'll have enough car space for everyone - just need consensus with respect to destination
BobS: game between Montreal and Penguins tonight?????????????? game 7???
Pamela: yes, the Habs won, Bob
LucMiron: That shouldn't be too much of a problem. :)
BobS: think that was onthe news tonight
rich-c: yep, Montreal won game and series
LucMiron: @BobS. Yep. Canadiens won 5 to 2 over the Penguins.
BobS: COOL, don't follow hockey though
Pamela: as you can imagine, we Canadians are quite pleased : )
Daniel Bienvenu: From what I've seen, it started very very early with 4 goals. I think the goaler was not really there.
rich-c: Rich and Erin driving? Dave and Samantha are
Pamela: yes, Erin and Rich are driving
Pamela: they'll come through the US most of the way
Daniel Bienvenu: landing friday for lunch or pm
Judy: we are driving also
BobS: I can DRIVE YOU CRAZY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: will Guy room with Murray, and Dale with Daniel? or are there time conflicts?
LucMiron: I have to take a shower before it's too late into the evening, so I will be taking my leave. But before I go, I just wanted to mention two things...
BobS: assume Murray will want a single room Richard...usually does
Dale: Murray usually prefers a private room.
BobS: YES, Luc,........waiting
rich-c: go ahead, Luc
Pamela: thanks for you input Luc
Dale: We'll stay out here Luc.
Pamela: : ) Dale
LucMiron: First of all, I think Bob sent me a PRIVATE message which I didn't answer (the chatroom got too hectic), but anyhow, I'll need to schedule my presentation and also I'll need to know who I will be sending the 60$ to.
BobS: money to Richard
BobS: if you don' thave the registrtion form.... to find it
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changed username to Steve
Guy B.: Hi Steve
Steve: Hello all.
Pamela: Hi Steve
Daniel Bienvenu: money ... rich clee
BobS: IH Steve
BobS: HI
rich-c: hello Stev e - did you see Montreal won 5-2?
Steve: Sorry I'm late. I had to have a bit of a cry over the Bruins losing to the Flyers.
LucMiron: Got it. My second point is that the indian restaurant I mentioned earlier is not that spicy. I ate there just yesterday (before going to see Iron Man 2) and it's good food.
Steve: No Rish. I didn't. but I heard they were up 4-2
Dale: Hi Steve.
BobS: we can consider it maybe, tis up to the rest of the group
LucMiron: It's a small place but it can easely accomodate 20 people. The downside is that it's not that close to the hotel...
Steve: How has everyone been? It's finally spring weather here. Almost summery.
rich-c: I like it, Frances will eat it, but I don't know how the others may feel - a good Italian might be more tactful
Pamela: certainly we should keep our options open
Dale: Cold here at the moment Steve. But by Friday it'll be warmer.
LucMiron: Alright, but how does the restaurant issue work with the banquet thing?
Dale: Certainly not as cold as it was on the weekend.
Daniel Bienvenu: Driving to the restaurant is not an issue... if there is a nice parking and can accomodate handicaped people.
LucMiron: "handicaped" as in wheelchairs?
rich-c: we negotiate a fixed price per person, tax and pourboire incls. Aloow each one menu choice. Alcohol separate for the individual.
Pamela: I would say rather "disability-friendly", Luc
Dale: Recently we've been doing a reduced menu thing. That works for mot places for our size of group.
rich-c: like, if I can get in with my cane and the stairs have a railing, I'm OK
LucMiron: @rich-c: Yeah, I figure that, but I'm talking about timing. If the banquet is in the evening, when does the restaurant thing happen?
Pamela: ie. decent lighting, aisles wide enough to accomodate a walker, not too many stairs, washrooms also easily accessible, and decent handicapped parking
rich-c: we usually try to arrive around 7 p.m. but there is some flexibility
Steve: brb. Gotta put my littlest one to bed.
rich-c: earlier can help if anyone is on a plane out that night, but I don't expect that
LucMiron: Okay, I need to go now. I'm not clear on the banquet-vs-restaurant issue, so we'll need to discuss it at length next week.
Guy B.: Bob, is it raining by you yet?
Dale: Most people stay until Monday morning.
rich-c: a decednt wine list is a definite asset
Pamela: banquet is at the restaurant, Luc - does that help?
Daniel Bienvenu: ans usually, after restaurant, it's taking pictures time , passing banner ceremonity (only pictures, no music) and clean up the conference room.
LucMiron: The banquet is not a service offered by the hotel?
BobS: haven't looked outside yet Guy
BobS: NO
Daniel Bienvenu: We do all wear the same t-shirt of the convention sunday for the pictures.
Pamela: no, it's simply the term we use for the closing evening gathering
rich-c: well, after teh banquest at the restaurant we return to the hotel
Daniel Bienvenu: well, not the same t-shirt,
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
Pamela: LOL Daniel : )
LucMiron: Okay, well, gotta go. Bye!
BobS: little teeny tiny bit of rain so far
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye luc
BobS: byre luc
Pamela: thanks Luc!
BobS: I am NOT wearing YORU tshirt Daniel
rich-c: Luc, if there are questions, do you have my email?
Daniel Bienvenu: *he's gone already
Pamela: speaking of Tshirts, who's in charge?
rich-c: OK, Daniel, would you pass it on to him then?
Dale: We don't do the banquet at the hotel, because we are a smaller group, and it works out better to go to a nice place nearby usually.
Daniel Bienvenu: I did delegate this job to Bob
Daniel Bienvenu: Bob offers me to make the t-shirts and bring them at the convention
rich-c: So how does everyone feel about an Indian restaurant?
BobS: and NO Pamela, you are NOT wearing MY tshirt
Daniel Bienvenu: Ive accepted
Pamela: Robert, I'm assuming 3XL tees are available, although not listed on the form?
Daniel Bienvenu: lol
BobS: si senorita
Pamela: ok, good to know
BobS: private message me your order
Dale: I like indian, okay. But I've rarely done it with a large group.
Daniel Bienvenu: wearing teh same t-shirts... what I was thinking when writing this
BobS: as long as you think it will ge good and NOT to spicy for us gringo's....................
Daniel Bienvenu: it makes no sense if we think about it... wearing the same t-shirt, that's impossible.
Pamela: as much as I like the idea of the Indian restaurant, there are some who probably won't be able to tolerate it
Judy: yes, I do bland
Pamela: we'd be better off with a restaurant which offers a wider range of fare
Guy B.: It is here
rich-c: last Indian restaurant we went to, in Corning, NY, was very accomodating on the point
Daniel Bienvenu: We can trust what Luc said about not being too spicy. For my part, I like eating spicy stuff... except when it's really spicy.
BobS: maybve can look on the web for a steak type restaurant
Daniel Bienvenu: steakhouse?
rich-c: in Quebec I'll bet an Italian would be better
Pamela: there is a list of restaurants that are close to the hotel on the hotel's website Bob
rich-c: hey Steve, has your parcel got there yet?
Steve: Not yet RIch. I was kinda looking for it today too. I got 3 packages on Monday, but it wasn't one of them. I'm betting tomorrow is the day.
rich-c: I'm surprised, Steve. Service has been good here lately
BobS: SUGAR JETS!!!!!!! don't say such things................
Guy B.: Ok folks. I'm going to go here. Will see you all next week
Steve: I got a package on Monday here that had been sent from your neck of the woods on Last Monday, but when I watched the tracking number, it seemed to stay at the depot for at least 3 days so who the heck knows. I'm not worried yet.
Pamela: g'nite Guy
Judy: night Guy
BobS: nit eguy
Steve: LAter Guy.
BobS: next week HERE, ya???????
rich-c: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: \noisy exit, that boy
Judy: I am calling it a night, so night all
rich-c: private joke, Steve
BobS: yes. kind way of saying the 4 letter word starting wiht sh....
rich-c: night Judy, take care
Judy: you tooo
Judy left chat session
BobS: got to go also, mama says so.................................
rich-c: right Bob, see you later
BobS: and it may get noisy early here, with thunderstorms coming in early
rich-c: that's teh [price of summer to come - Steve is sending it right over
Pamela: night Bob and Judy
BobS: well, we need the warmth and probably the rain
BobS: nite all. see ya next week,lk say HI to all "not here but near"
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Bob
Pamela: you got it
BobS: nite
rich-c: hear you and will do
BobS left chat session
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changed username to JIm
JIm: hi all
Pamela: hi Jim
Daniel Bienvenu: hello
rich-c: hello Jim - you arrived just as everyone left!
Daniel Bienvenu: not everyone hopefully
JIm: yeah, touch with kids and wife
JIm: homework, karate, dinner, dishes, etc., etc.
rich-c: yes, our theoretical time is good, but in practice it can be rough
Pamela: yes life has a bad habit of getting in the way doesn't it?
JIm: and then some Pamela.... wouldn't change a thing though
Pamela: got that right : )
JIm: so how is everyone
rich-c: Dale, what canwe expect on your Adamcon attendance?
Pamela: my day sucked, thanks - and you? : )
rich-c: how many nights, single or more, etc?
Dale: I'll be there the usual Thursday evening to Monday morning.
JIm: Pamela - the kids are still up and it's after 10.... not good!
Pamela: oh my!
rich-c: OK, four nights - great - private room or sharing?
Pamela: agreed - not good
Pamela: and much as I would love to stick around, it's almost bedtime for me
Dale: Didn't you see that I said earlier that I planned to share with Daniel.
Dale: Or are you not talking to me?
JIm: Daniel - really enjoyed your YouTube video about ADAMcon
rich-c: didn't but guessed it might be the case - I'm pleased to hear it
Steve: Well, it's been areally cold spring. I just hope the summer is hot as heck. Last year was a bust.
JIm: Daniel - the controller was a great idea!
Pamela: I'm outta here, gentlemen
Pamela: goodnight to all
JIm: night Pamela
rich-c: night daughter
Pamela: g'nite Dad
Pamela: kerpoof
Pamela left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Jim
Daniel Bienvenu: I did put myself on the poster... did you see that?
rich-c: remember I need the money for the 15th, Dale
JIm: No Daniel... I missed it, will have to watch again.
rich-c: and you two mean that we meet our guarantee plus
Dale: I'm paid on Saturday, so I can drop it off I guess.
rich-c: fits me fine, Dale, if it suits you
Steve: where is the poster Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: If you look at the coleco controller. on the top of it, there is the same donkey kong as the one in the colecovision game donkey kong. and on the side, there is a guy in an orange space suite... it's me.
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: oh that's what that figure is about!
Daniel Bienvenu:
rich-c: any url for those of us who don't have a Facebook account, Daniel?
Daniel Bienvenu: I's supposed to be the "public link" thing
Steve: Ah, I see you on the left side beside the youtube video
JIm: Check out Daniel's other YouTube videos as well... some outstanding stuff!
Steve: And peeking out from behind the controller
rich-c: I saw one of teh videos - very impressive
Daniel Bienvenu: There still one video I would like to finish before the convention... need to modify a few parts and continue it... Rich have already seen it.
Steve: @Rich: what ya drinking tonight? you know I gotta ask.
Daniel Bienvenu: yes, it's peeking out from the side of the controller, and I did the same on my youtube channel.
rich-c: Unibroue Maudite - very nive 9% live ale made from hops with a sort of nutmeg flavour
Daniel Bienvenu: you can see me clearly in fact in the space suit at my youtube channel.
rich-c: I'm told Chambly is not far from Laval and I should go visit them ;-)
Steve: Sounds like fun
rich-c: well, I plan to bring home some Boreal stout and Died de ciel Peche Mortel stout from Adamcon
rich-c: possibly some otehrs if there's a good depanneur nearby
rich-c: ever since McAuslan showed them teh market there has been a growing craft brewing movement in Quebec
rich-c: and man, are some of those folks craqft! ; - )
rich-c: crafty
Steve: I was wondering what that word was ;-)
Steve: thought it was some strange french word
rich-c: I'm not surprised
rich-c: sometimes my thoughts outrun my fingers
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm about to leave too... I'm kinda tired. But I would like to say thanks to Jim for all his emails to the adamcon mailing list... very interresting stuff, and very appreciate
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight Rich, Steve, Dale. bye!
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Jim!
JIm: night Daniel
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel, et dormez content
Daniel Bienvenu: I'll try to ;-)
Dale: I'm tired tonight too.
Dale: So I'll head out.
Dale: I'll see you all next week though.
Steve: adieu
JIm: night Dale
rich-c: OK, our best to Jill and Jeffy
Dale: Will do.
rich-c: and I've been on since 9 p.m. so teh screne is starting to blur
JIm: time for me as well, sorry I didn't make it earlier
rich-c: I think it's time for me to pack it in too
JIm: night Rich and Steve
rich-c: night Jim, and Steve, guess you're last man standing
Dale: bye all.
JIm left chat session
rich-c: so I bid you a good night too
rich-c: nite Dale
Steve: nite Dale
rich-c: colour me gone
Dale left chat session
Steve: Well. That's that I guess. See you next week.
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