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rich-c: test
changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: test ok
LucMiron: :)
rich-c: salut. Luc
LucMiron: Salut rich
rich-c: comment ca va?
LucMiron: Tres bien merci.
rich-c: bon a dire
LucMiron: ?
rich-c: any prospectsw on teh restaurant frornt?
rich-c: je dois avoir dit bon a entrendre
LucMiron: I haven't looked into that yet. Since last week, I assembled a small list of various questions
rich-c: want to ask now or wait for others?
LucMiron: I think I'll wait about 15 minutes.
rich-c: you will likely get more complete answerws
LucMiron: Although there are a couple that you can probably answer yourself...
rich-c: by the way the hotel has a list of nearby restaurants on its website
LucMiron: Really? I should look into that...
rich-c: anyway. go for it and I'll answer what I can
LucMiron: Alright. First of all, I don't think I'll be able to get an off day from work on Friday June 18th. I'll be there on the 19th and 20th only...
rich-c: c'est la vie
LucMiron: Question is, how do you screen for people who don't come on all three days? Does the hotel provide staff for that?
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changed username to BobS
BobS: YO dudes
LucMiron: Hi Bob
BobS: hows youse guys
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LucMiron: mees doingz okayz
changed username to Judy
LucMiron: Hi Judy. :)
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changed username to Guy B.
BobS: good
Judy: Hi, Luc, Guyand Rich
BobS: richard's kinda quiet
Guy B.: Greetings!!!!
LucMiron: He's busy replying to a question I asked.
BobS: hey Guy, hows my tomorrow weather?????
BobS: ah
Guy B.: 80's Yah!
Judy: that sounds like the day we had today
BobS: was beautiful here todfay.........uper 70's
Guy B.: It's nice out there now
Judy: even got a little sunburn
rich-c: sorrty. Luc, had to answer a long distance call
rich-c: greetings Bob, Guy and Judy
BobS: absolutley. we were out to a grandson's ballgame tonight
Judy: we were working in the back by the pond
BobS: was GREAAT weather
BobS: hi Richard
Judy: and his team even won
BobS: tomorrow gonna be even nicer
Guy B.: HI Rich
Judy: may have to stay out of the sun a little
BobS: start with one ball and aone strike
BobS: only can score 5 rusns per inning
Guy B.: brb
BobS: farn dingers stuck
rich-c: andway, Luc, swe do have a day rate - you don't want a room, right?
BobS: and they can't throw, pitch or hit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 year olds not so good
Judy: mostly the pitcher hits the batter
BobS: sometimes he even hits the bzt FOR the batter
BobS: and then the ump calls it a STRIKE !?!?!?!?
LucMiron: @rich-c: It's 60$ a day, I know.
BobS: wierd game
rich-c: seems you need tto spend a little coaching time on the family, Bob
BobS: no lie
BobS: but only 1 kid is family
rich-c: yes, we aren't getting any bargains on the rates adn now they aren't talking to us
LucMiron: @rich-c: But will I be greeted by hotel staff when I arrive on Saturday and Sunday morning?
rich-c: I don't know, they may want to know who you are, but likely not
BobS: depends on the staff I guess
rich-c: what we collect from those weho entr the room we rented is our business
Judy: especially if you know where you are going
rich-c: they just provide teh flat rate room and as many lu7nches as were ordered
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changed username to Coleconut
LucMiron: @rich-c: Well, anyhow, I'll be sending my 120$ to you later this week. Is there a general deadline for sending the payments?
Coleconut: Hello good evening
rich-c: good evening yourself ;-)
LucMiron: Hey! Coleconut is here! :)
Judy: hi, Coleconut
LucMiron: @Coleconut: I figure you'll be at AdamCon, right?
rich-c: like we should have said bonsoir insteadd?
Coleconut: Oh yes Iwill be there
BobS: .......
LucMiron: @Coleconut: Good. We'll be able to discuss overlays face to face. :)
Coleconut: Yes sorry I have been so tied up so as not to be able to follow up yet
Coleconut: Hoping to bring a production or prototype SD drive from "else" as well
rich-c: you won't be bringing a dozen?
LucMiron: No problem. You should know that me and Eduardo will be working to try to release Space Shuttle before the last space shuttle launch next November. We'll see how that goes, but if it works out as planned, producing some overlays for the game will become a priority at one point.
Coleconut: There seems to be interest in the overlays
LucMiron: Does anyone know if Daniel is coming tonight or not?
BobS: ususally he does
rich-c: I've had some exchanges with him and he implied he would be here
LucMiron: @rich: Okay, thanks. Some of the question I have will probably be best answered by Daniel.
Coleconut: Should be a good 'Con, lots to talk about
LucMiron: And lots of people to talk to. :)
rich-c: sounds like you guys are going to be carrying the ball more than expected - whic I see as a very good thing
rich-c: we need fresh voices and fresh minds
LucMiron: I'll bring coffe.
LucMiron: :)
LucMiron: Actually, I never drink coffee.
Coleconut: I'll have yours
rich-c: no, we yhave to buy that from teh hotel (or make it in our rooms)
rich-c: by the way, what flavours of pop do folks drink?
Coleconut: Anything with sugar
BobS: .......
LucMiron: Whatever. I'll have enough stuff to bring: One of two ADAMs, a ColecoVision, some TV screens, a steering wheel module for playing Burn Rubber... And of course some Team Pixelboy games.
BobS: anthing diet
rich-c: Bob, you shoiould know what people like
Judy: diet coke or pepsi or diet 7-up, sprite anything like that
BobS: a collectino of diet and regular pepsi and coke usually works
Coleconut: Brio
LucMiron: I prefer Orange Crush or cream soda :)
rich-c: basically a cola and an up drinkwill satisfy most then
BobS: bring in anything you want to drink and'or pretend it is yours
LucMiron: Oh, that reminds me of another question I have for rich...
Judy: yes, keep it simple
rich-c: go for it
LucMiron: How many people will be there? I'm asking because I'd like to know if it would be possible to contact these people and ask them if you plan on purchasing any of my Team Pixelboy titles (Gulkave, Girl's Garden, or Peek-a-boo).
LucMiron: if you plan = if they plan
rich-c: attendance is not subject to a limit - expect about 20 people basically though
BobS: put message on the adam email list?????????????????????????
Coleconut: Luc, you belong to that club, is it CVGG?
rich-c: sure, thaat would be the best way -
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LucMiron: Okay. I figure I can sell a few copies on Saturday, and if I don't bring enough, I can bring more on Sunday.
changed username to Daniel B.
Daniel B.: yes, it's me.
Daniel B.: hello!
rich-c: salut, Daniel - toute le monde tu attend
LucMiron: Hi Daniel!
BobS: ...
Coleconut: Hey Daniel
BobS: MORNING Daniel
Daniel B.: good evening to you too, Bob
LucMiron: I don't think I'm on the ADAM mailing list... But I do have an account on the CCJVQ forums...
Judy: hi, Daniel
Daniel B.: there is a lot of coleco adam related stuff going on in adamcon mailing list.
Coleconut: Just wondering if anyone from CCJVQ is coming
rich-c: we do not know how much overlap there is between the list and the forum, but it isn't much
BobS: .
Coleconut: Had an email exchange with Marc-Andre Ferland but he cant come
rich-c: what's the matter, Bob, you got the computer that won't stay connected tonight?
Daniel B.: is there a problem? it seems like Bob is either very quiet or very enthousiast, tonight.
BobS: yes, my big screen laptop is ill
LucMiron: @Daniel: From what I've been told, there will be around 20 people at ADAMCon 22. I'm trying to figure how many will be interested in purchasing my Team Pixelboy titles (Gulkave, Girl's Garden and Peek-a-boo).
BobS: maybe Dniel can put it on the mailingn list for you Luc
Daniel B.: you still have peek-a-boo carts? you said that it was almost sold out.
Judy: he is using my old computer, Daniel
LucMiron: Almost, yes. I have a few copies still not reserved.
BobS: did ya get that lost post with it's misspellings????
BobS: fingers jsujt NOT workin tonight
Daniel B.: (I see... that's why all the "dots"
BobS: si
Judy: you got it
Daniel B.: Well, I did talk about your games on Youtube... I guess it was not enough
LucMiron: @Daniel: Okay, anyhow, now that you're here, I have some specific ADAMCon-related questions for you and rich...
BobS: tis less thatn one month hence !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel B.: I hope I can answer you... but Rich has more experience that me regarding adamcon.
LucMiron: Will the main room be locked at night? Will we be able to leave our hardware on the tables during the night?
rich-c: yepo, just got the car serviced yesterday
Daniel B.: *mistyping too
Daniel B.: the meeting room is locked, yes
rich-c: my understanding is yes, the rooms will be ours exclusively and we will hold the keys
LucMiron: Okay, so what are the opening hours for the room?
BobS: ...
Daniel B.: after breakfast
rich-c: still, I have bought an anti-theft tether for my laptop
BobS: ......
BobS: or me wee bonny computer
Daniel B.: usually, we write like 9 o'clock in the schedule but never start anything before 10:30, openning the room after breakfast around 10.
LucMiron: breakfast is at what time, exactly? :)
LucMiron: Ok.
rich-c: ..but you'll have to take this table too and it won't fit throuhg the door ;-)
BobS: breakfast can run anywhere form 7-10am
LucMiron: And at what time does the room close up in the evening?
rich-c: breakfast is whenever we get up until they stop serving
rich-c: when people start falling asleep in their chairs
Coleconut: Kinda just when we've had enough for a day, isnt it?
LucMiron: I suppose it depends on how many presentations there are...
rich-c: yes, the group is smal;l, informal, very used to each others habits
BobS: or we get full
BobS: ususally we have a couple seesion in the am then a fe more int he pm then supper and play time after supper
rich-c: there will be a schedule of what we think we'd like to do when each day
rich-c: just don't take the times too sseriously
Daniel B.: Well, the room is locked for dinner (souper), then we come back (or not) like saturday night for the special chat session.
LucMiron: I just need to have a good idea when I'll be arriving in the morning, and when I'll be leaving in the evening.
BobS: REMEMB ER,.........IF we do not have a strict schedule, we are alwasy ON schedule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
rich-c: work out what's convenient for yourself, then play it by ear
BobS: come about 8:30-9am and plan on leaving around 8pm or later if you want
LucMiron: 10 AM seems a given...
rich-c: there are early risers who will be waiting impatiently for breakfast to open
BobS: ok 10am then
BobS: si
LucMiron: Okay, next question...
rich-c: and otherwws skidding in at the last second before it closes
BobS: if you are like Dale or get into something with him or Dr d, then you might not leave till 12am or later
LucMiron: Does the hotel offer support for presentations? Screens? Powerpoint-equipped computers?
BobS: HA, they seem to not offer anything..........................
Daniel B.: Well, let me verify again... I did asked this question to them before
rich-c: I think we can score a screen but projectors - don't know
LucMiron: So presentations are just talk?
BobS: Dale can probably be persuaded to bring a progjector which hooks to an ADAM or ibm laptop
Judy: or what Dale might have
rich-c: remember we will all have our own computers with us in the room
LucMiron: I figure PowerPoint would be useful for the kind of presentation I want to do... But then I need to learn PowerPoint. I've never had to use it until now. :-P
BobS: if me wee bonny computer can be fixed.......................
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BobS: have to bring it to Doug and plead for it's life
changed username to Pamela
changed username to rich-1
rich-1 left chat session
Judy: hi, Pam
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LucMiron: Hi Pam.
Pamela: hi everyone!
changed username to rich-2
Guy B.: HI Pam
Coleconut: Hi Pam
Pamela: oops, sorry Dad
Pamela: Michael, is that you?
rich-2: just got dumped - ISP craashed?
Pamela: nope I'm fine
rich-2: anyway hi daughter
Pamela: hi Daddy
Pamela: got your coffee today
rich-2: Luc what questions did I miss?
BobS: Hi Pam
Daniel B.: Well, luc, if you're more comfortable to present a video instead of a powerpoint presentation, it's ok. you ca even bring your games and try them... I guess we can plug a Coleco ADAM and try the CV games with it.
rich-2: thanks, Pam
LucMiron: PowerPoint computer usage, mostly.
Coleconut changed username to DaveH
Pamela: now all I have to do is get it to you
rich-2: well what sort of presentation is Ron sending?
Pamela: and since it's on sale, I'm going to try to get another before I see you
BobS: don't know
LucMiron: the ADAM won't help with the presentation of BasicVision. I need something like PowerPoint for that. Either that or something more basic, like paper documentation.
Daniel B.: For your other question (screen, etc.) I need to check a note I've taken because it's not by email I did discuss about these points with them.
BobS: PAPER???????????? sacrilige!!!!!!!!
BobS: this is the ocmptuer age Luc
LucMiron: the ocmptuer age...? :P
Daniel B.: Well, I've flyers ready for 20 persons, I guess you can prepare papers to add them inside it.
BobS: well you are
LucMiron: are what? :P
rich-2: I believe the hotel will run photocopies for you, may charge if there are many
LucMiron: Bah, just a few pages, I figure...
rich-2: Dave, when did you sneak in? was that the second quick dump?
DaveH: Naw, changed my name from C'nut
BobS: he WAS in stealth mode
BobS: and now he is REAL
rich-2: probably still enough to dump me tonight
Pamela: ah, flying undercover
Pamela: Hi Dave
Daniel B.: I've your answer about the screen. Yes, they have a screen in the meeting room and it's free of charge. but if we need a projector, it's not free but they have one.
DaveH: Kinda got used to the handle. Went to a swap meet while back, introduced myself as Dave. Nobody knew me. then someone said, hey youre coleconut! then everyone knew me
LucMiron: One last question: There will be a big banquet on Sunday evening, right? What will people eat on Saturday evening? Will there be a group events for lunches and diners?
BobS: usually, a couple or more of the people go out together for dinners
Pamela: Dale will probably bring his projector if asked, Daniel
rich-2: you're supposed to be checking into Sunday - other nights you're on your own but groups usually form
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changed username to JimN
BobS: big banquet on Sunday night, YES, provided to conventioners in the delegate cost.......extra for day delegates
DaveH: Hi JIm
JimN: hey all!
Pamela: Hi Jim
rich-2: we'll likely tow Daniel along with us so he can do the menu translations
Daniel B.: saturday night during the chat session? each one is responsible of their stuff they want to eat at this point... and the hotel did warned me to not bring outside food... except if we keep it inside our (bed)rooms .
BobS: hey Jim..............
DaveH: I'll have the escargots avec poutine svp
Judy: hi, Jim
Pamela: let me just say Dave - ICK!
LucMiron: Okay, so while I'm at the hotel, I'm expected to eat lunches and diners at the hotel's restaurant area. Okay, that settles that...
rich-2: hi Jim, how's it looking?
Daniel B.: I know there is a Subway we can reach by walking... but that's all.
JimN: it's all good!
Daniel B.: I don't know much about the hotel
Daniel B.: and aroud it
Judy: we usually go different places for dinner
DaveH: Gotta get a casino nite in for me
rich-2: what's teh matter, daughter, don't like snails?
BobS: GAMBLIN???????????????
Pamela: mais NON, Papa! : )
DaveH: pay for the Pixelboy carts
Pamela: poutine, oui
BobS: si senorita. GUT STUFF
Pamela: escargot, non!
BobS: GUUUUUT really good
Judy: we like that, pam
Pamela: maybe so Bob but not together!
Daniel B.: I've never tried a snail... looks like stuff I don't want to eat.
BobS: oh ok
rich-2: I'm with you, Daniel
DaveH: Just a bit of chewy garlic is all
rich-2: although I heard Mandarin buffet advertising frogs legs this week
Daniel B.: I did try fried frog legs... taste like chicken.
Judy: I haven't had frog legs in years
Pamela: one must wonder - who looked at all this stuff and said "hmm, that might be edible"????
rich-2: in that cse, might as well stick with the original, it's cheaper
DaveH: Survivorman
Daniel B.: probably someone hungry
Pamela: LOL
rich-2: "he was a brave man who first et an oyster"
BobS: his was??????
Daniel B.: @Luc : Avons-nous repondu a toutes tes questions?
rich-2: didn't even know when they R in season - t'was before calendars
LucMiron: @Daniel: Je dirais que oui, mais pas de facon completement satisfaisante...
rich-2: yes, I can undersstand why you're unhappy, Luc - we are a vague and disorderly bunch
Daniel B.: N'hesite pas si tu as d'autres questions.
BobS: .
LucMiron: For example, if I don't bring a laptop computer, how will I participate to the chat session on Saturday evening?
LucMiron: How will it work?
rich-2: we are trrying to answer you as best we can - but our ways are sort of squishy
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changed username to JimN
BobS: IF the hotelhas wireless, we should ALL be aable to get online
Pamela: unless they have a computer for general use in the lobby of the hotel, a laptop is the best way to go Luc
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rich-2: maybe you can work with Guy - he never chats much anyway
changed username to Dale
Judy: you could be on with someone else, Luc
LucMiron: squishy like Kentucky Fried Chicken dipped in water... ;)
Dale: Hi all.
Pamela: or you can sit with one of us and we'll post your comments
Pamela: we are often in a room altogether anyway
DaveH: Thats a good question, is there free wireless at the hotel?
Daniel B.: well, the chat session it's like now... those who want to participate can do it, it's not an obligation. It's done mostly to talk with the other people who not at the meeting who did want some news from us or just say hello.
Pamela: yes, free wireless at the hotel
rich-2: hello Dale
rich-2: yes, Dave
Pamela: Hi Dale
LucMiron: Hello mister Dale.
Daniel B.: free wifi, free parking.
DaveH: Good because in this economic environment, I find a lot of hotels charge now for wireless
Judy: hi, Dale
Guy B.: Hi Dale. Be back in a few minutes
BobS: Hi Dale
Pamela: have you been to the hotel website Dave?
DaveH: And its crap a lot of time. Hilton in Niagara charged me for wireless, it barely worked and one nasty letter later they refunded the money
Dale: Hi there Jim. How are you today?
DaveH: No but I had a glass of ChateauNeuf du Pape
Pamela: well, that will please Dad : )
Daniel B.: well, Canada was kinda lucky regarding the economic situation... so I don't think hotels will change their politics and charge for the wifi (it's probably included in their room price anyway).
rich-2: I checked Laval Tourism on Google tonight - the complaints about the hotel did not involve internet
Pamela: what did they involve?
BobS: complaints???????
LucMiron: Another question: Lets say I'd really like to devise a PowerPoint presentation. Can I count on someone lending me their laptop, which I would plug into the room's main screen?
DaveH: Gang warfare in the parking lot?
Pamela: not a problem Luc
Pamela: I have PP on mine
BobS: Dale, can yo bring your projector to the convention???????????????????
BobS: Luc may need it
Guy B.: Ok back
BobS: and we need somthing for Ron's powerpaint
DaveH: Isnt there a free MSOffice compatible download somewhere. Umm Open Office or something like that?
BobS: PP ??????? poutine ??????
LucMiron: @Pamela: What version, just so I know?
Pamela: I have MS Office 2003 on my system - should do the job
Daniel B.: I don't have powerpoint, I'm using OpenOffice.
rich-2: there's a Microsoft Power Point Vierer that's free for teh down load
JimN: Dale: Hi, I'm hanging in there, albeit slowly.
Daniel B.: Yes, the PPT viewer is free
Pamela: um, I think - let me double check that
rich-2: there are also Excel and Word viewers
DaveH: Open office doesnt include a PPT compatible app?
Pamela: yes, 2003
Daniel B.: Not totally compatible, Dave
DaveH: Ok
Daniel B.: I find OpenOffice more suitable for my needs
Guy B.: But, it can read Powerpoint files
Daniel B.: and it's free
rich-2: beer time - brb
BobS: ...
Pamela: do you not have a laptop Luc?
Daniel B.: Sun is behind the support of OpenOffice, it's a great product.
BobS: .
LucMiron: @Pamela: Nope, just a desktop at home. Too big to bring to AdamCON.
Pamela: LOL - I understand that!
BobS: well there iwll be lots of laptops at the convention Luc
Pamela: perhaps I could get you to give me a short lesson in PP at some point - I've never used it for it's intended purpose
LucMiron: I have OpenOffice 3 installed on my PC. I'll need to look into its PowerPoint clone module to see how it works.
rich-2: yes, and I'm unlikely to be needing mine during your presentation
Daniel B.: My first years at the adamcon, I had no laptop... being the only programmer without a computer at the convention... I did bought a laptop after that
DaveH: I use it all the time but I am no expert
rich-2: I have PP Viewer installed - I have a cousin who keeps sending me stuff in PP format
Pamela: and if anyone has Access experience I could use some instruction in that too
DaveH: Create the slides, F5 to start the presentation, space bar to cycle thru slides, thats about my expertise
Pamela: you're ahead of me, Dave!
Dale: Bob, I plan to bring my projector. I need a fresh bulb. Maybe I'll order one tonight.
DaveH: then you add transitions to wow the audience
rich-2: Jim, any idea if you are going to be joining us yet?
BobS: hear that Luc. there WILL BE a porjecotr to hhook the laptop up to for your presenation
Daniel B.: well, transitions can avoid a boring static presentation, but it's not always the solution to wow the audiance.
Dale: Open Office is pretty good at showing PowerPoint presentations, but it isn't 100% identical.
LucMiron: My presentation will be very basic, Just some slides to support whatever I talk about.
rich-2: you running Open Office under Windows or Linux?
JimN: RichC: No clue... had a set back in therapy and now they are talking about Lydicane shots in the abdominal muscles.
DaveH: I'll bring slides of my last fishing trip and some of the kids
DaveH: That will send people back to their rooms early...
JimN: RichC: so it will be a last minute decision depending on how I'm doing
rich-2: well, it does sound like you will still be off work - but long drives are something else
Guy B.: Still, it does the job
Pamela: we'll keep fingers crossed for you Jim
Pamela: Guy what's the word on your flight info, or did I miss that at the beginning?
rich-2: I noticed today the hotel still has rooms available, as do most in the areea
JimN: RichC: the drive is also something I've been considering... like the saying goes, "timing is everything"
rich-2: Daniel, what is the Quebec Provincial Sales TAx rate?
Guy B.: Got it, right here.
JimN: thanks Pamela!
DaveH: TVQ=13% ?
Daniel B.: TVQ... it's more than TPS
Pamela: hang on Guy
Daniel B.: TPS+TVQ gives about 13% total
Pamela: six zillion pens in this house and I can't find one
Daniel B.: 14% is more accurate
JimN: RichC: I sent BobS a DVD I prepared in the case that I don't make it
Pamela: ok, shoot
DaveH: But it pyramids not just a simple 8+5%
Daniel B.: and it's not a plus sign in term of addig these percent values... but as the combining result of these taxes
rich-2: does TVQ include both provincial and federal sales taxes?
Pamela: ok Guy I found one
Daniel B.: $1.00 + taxes =$1.14 (or some places $1.13)
rich-2: Jim. Guy got a rate of I believe about $400 return on Porter - turboprops, change in Toronto
Guy B.: Flight 386 from Midway to Toronto leave at 10:50 AM arrive in Toronto at 1:25 PM. Leave there on flight 425 at 2:40 PM arrive in Montreal Airport code is YUL at 3:50 PM
LucMiron: TVQ is rich: No, it does not.
BobS: taxes suck
DaveH: Hey, want a good site to compare for best airfare?
LucMiron: TVQ is 7.5%. PST is 5 or 6%, I forget...
JimN: Sorry... I don't fly anymore!
LucMiron: PST=GST
rich-2: so on teh rooms we will pay 14% + 5% + 3%?
Daniel B.: and it's more complex... because these taxes are not applied equality, not always both of them are charged, it depends of what you pay for.
LucMiron: Huh?
Guy B.: I got a 20% discount by booking before May 17th. Total with taxes came to $380
Pamela: Luc, is YUL P
Pamela: E
BobS: tax is more thatn the room rate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Pamela: T airport?
Pamela: sorry stupid enter key
Guy B.: It's a different airport, if I'm right
DaveH: Mirabel is closed
Daniel B.: the combination of TPS and TVQ is about 13%-14%.
rich-2: I believe Porter lands at Trudeau, (formerly Dorval)
BobS: closed like forever????? or for a while ?????
rich-2: Taxe provinciale de ? + Taxe des ventes Quebecois?
Pamela: I already have two windows open so can't check right now
Daniel B.: forever
BobS: bummer dudes
BobS: Mirabel was the closest one to the hotel, no ????
DaveH: Toronto almost had its own "Mirabel" in Pickering
rich-2: trust me Guy, if you had a choice, Dorval would be best anyway
Daniel B.: TVQ (Taxe de vente du Quebec)
Pamela: no Dorval is closest I believe
Daniel B.: TPS (it's the federal tax)
Daniel B.: the one at 5% I think
Daniel B.: there is a wiki pega on taxes
Dale: In English, usually called GST
Daniel B.: *mistype again
Daniel B.: yes, it's GST
rich-2: yes, federal is 5%, provincial is 8%, I believe they compound, federal on provincial
DaveH: Est-ce qu'il y a des autres questions?
Daniel B.: I'm very surprise... how many can write in french?
rich-2: yes, Daniel, what is our room cost after taxes?
DaveH: Avec ou sans le clavier correct?
rich-2: most of the Canadians can do a little, but we make a lot of errors
DaveH: Pas d'accents
LucMiron: Il n'y a pas d'accents sur ce SearchSpaniel, alors ca vaut pas tellement la peine... :)
rich-2: and we haven't learned hpw to use the online translations yet
DaveH: So if I say depechez-vous it could be hurry up or do I want to go fishing or do I want to eat a peach
Pamela: I can a little
Dale: Sad but true Luc.
rich-2: mais on peut obtenir un unicel pour adjouter les accents
Guy B.: Let me check. I got a new cellphone
Daniel B.: Well, based on the price I've here... it's a little less than $94+tx, plus rooming tax 3%.
Pamela: so did I - first thing I did was transfer over my contacts : )
Dale: I should have bought the source way back when, and now I could fix it.
Dale: But it was $60 to buy the source to Spaniel Chat, and I didn't do it.
rich-2: il s'appele AllChars et vien d' Holland
Pamela: ok, when does your Monday flight leave?
rich-2: I thought the $94 was the room price before tax
LucMiron: Getting sleepy here... I better go to bed...
Dale: thats what Daniel said
Daniel B.: yes, it is before taxes, that's why I've added (+tx)
Dale: Goodnight Luc.
Pamela: g'nite Luc
LucMiron: Bye guys!
Guy B.: Flight 418 leaves Montreal (YUL) at 11:40 AM
Daniel B.: bye Luc
Guy B.: Bye Luc
rich-2: night Luc - have we helped clear things up?
Pamela: thanks for being our best source of info for Laval!
DaveH: See u luc
Judy: night Luc
Daniel B.: I'm sorry if I did type it wrong.
LucMiron: @rich: For the most part, yes. All I need to determine is what software presentation I will be using. Office's PowerPoint, or OpenOffice's PP clone...
Pamela: we'll have to get you to the airport early then
Pamela: you'll have a choice Luc
Daniel B.: Do your best, Luc.
Daniel B.: see you at the meeting!
LucMiron: Ok, bye now!
LucMiron left chat session
Guy B.: Yes, I would have to be there early. Should have time for breakfast
rich-2: Daniel, is teh room price 93.95 INCLUDING PVQ and TPS, plus 3% local tax, or 93.95 plus TVQ and TFS?
Pamela: If we get you there for 9:00 should be okay
Guy B.: Should be enough time
DaveH: Ok well, I am gonna bail out too, nite all
rich-2: doesn't Porter offer in-flight food?
Guy B.: Bye Dave
Dale: Bye Dave
rich-2: nite Dave
Daniel B.: after using my calculator here, $94 plus all the taxes = (approx.) $110,35
Guy B.: I think some snacks. I'll check
Pamela: Porter is a commuter airline, they should have no problems with the customs stuff
Judy: night Dave
DaveH: See y'all soon enough!
Pamela: you do have your passport right?
DaveH left chat session
Pamela: night Dave!
Guy B.: Yes I do. Got that before I went to Ottawa back in 2007
JimN: brb
Pamela: the cool thing is I think you'll fly into Toronto Island airport rather than Pearson
JimN left chat session
rich-2: I believe Guy will have to clear Customs on arrival in Toronto coming in, adn also pre-clear in Toronto going out
Pamela: sounds right Dad
Guy B.: That's correct Rich
Daniel B.: and if I use my other calculator, $94+taxes = (approx.) $109.30
rich-2: and coming into Island Airpirt which is Porter's hub you will get a dynamite view of the city
Daniel B.: err...
rich-2: the pint is, Daniel, the money we have to pay out is about $110 per room per night or $440 tota;l
BobS: ...
Daniel B.: I suppose it's correct.
rich-2: so we will be looking at $3960 for vnine rooms
rich-2: c'est beaucoup d'argent, mon ami!
Pamela: that's not bad flight time all things considered
Daniel B.: you said that I'll not have to worry about money.
Daniel B.: why talking to me about me
Daniel B.: money
Daniel B.: still mistyping
rich-2: he'll be hurried to clear incoming Customs in Toront and still make hyis Montreal flight
rich-2: I doubt he will spend much time sitting around
Pamela: they're pretty good about holding for connections
Pamela: with nothing to declare he won't take much time
Pamela: just remember - you're going to Montreal to visit friends!
rich-2: test
Daniel B.: I hope seeing back Sandra, not only GuyF.
Pamela: don't mention the convention
Pamela: yes me too Daniel
Pamela: we haven't seen her since Ottawa
rich-2: Daniel, I said I would look after the money and I meant it - don't fuss
rich-2: I just need to know the right numbers to look after it properly
rich-2: I don't think they would have sold himthe tickwt unless they expected the connection to work
rich-2: and anyway they fly to Montreal 23 times a day so any wait would be short if he missed
BobS: ...
Pamela: yes, and it's not like he has to walk the length of the airport to connect to the second flight
BobS: ...
Daniel B.: For a (bed)room per night it's $109.24 according to my latest calculations.
Daniel B.: but I may have rounded badly the number
rich-2: Daniel, don't worry about pennies, we just need a close number - $110 works fine
Daniel B.: I've check here in Quebec and they raised their prices, it's now similar, about $99+tx per room.
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changed username to Steve
Pamela: hi Steve
Judy: hi, Steve
Steve: You guys are still going? I thought I'd have missed everyone.
Steve: Hello all
BobS: Hi Steve.....................
Judy: we are usually on until 11
Pamela: as long as you get here before 11:00 ET you'll likely find someone, Steve
rich-2: hello, Steve - no, getting near the end, but still here
Daniel B.: Well, I've forgot to fill up the form, but I did prevent Rich and Bob and I'm coming at the convention... the full time.
rich-2: haven't quite finished my beer yet ; - )
Pamela: oh, form - must remember that too
Daniel B.: almost time for me to leave...
Guy B.: Hi Steve
Dale: Hi Steve
Judy: slow drinking tonight, Rich?
BobS: get da form in Daniel
Daniel B.: busy on typing
BobS: AND Pamela
rich-2: I did that and it printer out 52 pages, almost all blanlk
Pamela: ??? mine printed fine
Steve: What is the ale of choice tonight Rich?
BobS: minen too..............
Daniel B.: I can't print the form... my printed is broken. I'll send you an email instead
BobS: that will work
rich-2: do't worry people, I'll manage...
rich-2: Steve, it's a Creemore Springs ur-Bock - Creemore is a boutique brewer bought out by Molsons
rich-2: it isn't a bad beer in any way, just not as special as say Boreal stout
Steve: As I think I have said before, I wish I had your taste for the different brews. I'm more of a hard liquor drinker. But these last few days were hot enough that a cold beer was VERY nice on the deck.
BobS: any beer is good beer
Pamela: well I must away since I have to make himself his dinner
BobS: HOT way up north by you???????????????
BobS: this was our first decent warm day in about 2 weeks
Judy: night Pam
rich-2: oh, I just got a six-pack of McAuslan's Apricot
Steve: any COLD beer is good beer. No warm beers for me, thank you very much.yeah, it's been 30-32 deg celcius up here in the arctic. That's very hot for us.
Judy: make a great dinner
BobS: nite Pam AN D RUSSELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steve: gnight Pam
BobS: I can believe taht
rich-2: Wheat for when it gets hot. Hugely different taste, but on a hot day incredibly refreshinmg
BobS: Steve
Dale: I just helped host a bbq for 60 people. The weather was perfect.
Pamela: g'nite all
Judy: I am done also, so goodnight all
Steve: night Judy
Guy B.: Well folks, will be tajing Annie out soon. Will see you all next week
Pamela: g'nite Dad, I'll call you tomorrow evening
BobS: ok guy good week
Dale: The famous 11pm mass departure.
rich-2: night daughter
Judy left chat session
BobS: that is for the early to bedders
rich-2: nite Judy
Steve: unfortunately, it's only 9:00 here
rich-2: nite Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-2: famous, or infamous...
Pamela: Kerpoof
BobS: that is good, sun down jsut a little bit ago.................
Pamela left chat session
BobS: or not????
Steve: yeah. my kids played their last indoor soccer game. now 5 weeks of outdoor soccer
rich-2: that far north, it's likely not down yet this close to teh equinox
Steve: it's good
Steve: it's just about down
rich-2: I can remember rading a newspaper outdoors by skylight in Edmonton early July
Daniel B.: I'm leaving now... I've send an email to Rich regarding my inscription for the adamcon meeting this year.
rich-2: OK Daniel, don't worry, just keep us posted if the hotel calls
Daniel B.: ok
Daniel B.: goodnight everyone!
Steve: goodnight Daniel. keep up the awesome music on the Coleco. I'm going to have to get you to show me how you do it one of these days. It's unbelievable.
BobS: we are gonna get some of that warmth the next week or so. AFTER we get some cold front this weekend
rich-2: pity you can't come take a lesson from teh master, Steve
Steve: It's supposed to rain here the next few days so
Daniel B.: I'll try to explain part of the mistery during the meeting this summer
Daniel B.: bye!
rich-2: bye Daniel
Steve: I'd love to come to the CON. If I had gotten involved like this last year (if I'd only known how easy it'd be to join in with you guys and that you'd be so accomodating) I would be
rich-2: we were warm today, needed the air conditioning to cool the van when we went shpooing
Steve: I think I'm going to call it shpooing from now on. you've just coined a new phrase!
rich-2: well, the problem would be getting the Friday and Monday off, and finding the fare
rich-2: which airline serves Prince Albert? Jazz? Westjet?
BobS: richard does lots of cool things
BobS: we hope that you keep your interest and come next year then Steve
rich-2: usually by mistake ; - )
Steve: If we weren't planning a trip for my 40th and one of our best friend's 50th this winter, I'd have the money to come out that way. I have family in Ontario that my kids have never seen and we'd make a vacation out of it. But maybe next year.
Steve: some of the best discoveries were by accident!
Steve: I'd be flying out of Saskatoon.
rich-2: when we (me and Frances and Pam) have been west it's been with a travel trailer - fascinating trip
rich-2: Saskatoon - air Canada?
Steve: I personally think that you can go anywhere in this whole country (except maybe Winnipeg) and have a fascinating trip. The states is the same way except for maybe New Jersey
BobS: well, tis timwe for me to go to bed also.........................Judy is awaiting
rich-2: my family pioneered in Manitoba by the Saskatchewan border in 1885
Steve: Saskatoon has WestJet, Jazz, Air Canada
rich-2: don't you go dissing teh state where I was born!!!
BobS: see ya's next week guys
Steve: My condolences.
rich-2: night Bob
Steve: See ya Bob
BobS left chat session
Steve: I'm oly joking. It seems to be something americans always say about Jersey
rich-2: not only that, Frances wasw born in Brooklyn - it's a big family joke
rich-2: our parents happened to be weathering the Depression stateside at the time
Steve: Your family pioneered in Western Manitoba and you were born in New Jersey? Your family moved out there after you were born? And hers too?
Steve: oh the reerse of what I said
Steve: reverse
rich-2: let's say New Jersey 80 years ago was rather different from New Jersey today
rich-2: my family had too much of the Manitoba winters and dust bowls so sought their fortune in New York
rich-2: we returned to Canada in 1938 and have ben here since
Steve: Yeah, I love looking at historical photos. My job at the city here gives me access to a lot of old photos and historical archives. It's so fascinating
rich-2: Frances' father was working temporarily in the New York office of a
rich-2: Canadian bank when she was born
Steve: That's very cool that you both have that twist in common.
rich-2: yes, we always look at that classic photo of Fort Garry and say our family homestead was that third tipi from the left ; - )
rich-2: it really leavess the American immigration guys all flustered when we cross the border, because passports show place of birth
Steve: They probably can't figure out why you left.
Steve: So I bought a copy of the Hacker's Guide cassette off a guy in Ontario and I used it to copy 2 of my game cartridges to a ddp. It was very cool. But does anyone have an actual hardcopoy of the Guide I can buy?
rich-2: you're right, Americans are like that
Steve: Other than the guy on eBay who seems to think all Coleco ADAM stuff is gold plated??
rich-2: by the way, look some time at my website -
Steve: I did peruse it very briefly 2 weeks ago when you mentioned it. I'll have to dig a little deper next time.
rich-2: yeah, Dave Hill and I can't figure him out - does he ever sell anything?
Steve: deeper I mean. It might have been 3 weeks, I can't ecall exactly.
rich-2: yes, we even talk about cars, sometimes in some threads
Steve: I think he has sold a few things, but not the big stuff. That seems to be a common thing among eBayers.
rich-2: there's a we used to be satisfied with but management changed and they were less tolerant of our non-car wanderings
rich-2: if for those of us who feel there ARE other things in the universe, sometimes
rich-2: anyway I am working with Dave Hill to maybe give him a little competition now and then
Steve: Who is Dave Hill?
rich-2: he was on here earl;ier as Coleconut, then DaveH. He's been in and out of Adam
Steve: Okay. I know the coleconut id from AtariAge
rich-2: He and Ken Batcher and Dale helped me put together Adamcon2, back in prehistoric times
Steve: He's got some good stuff he posted pics of on the forum there. I'd like to buy his MI Powermate box off him. the 2 hard drives and 2 floppies in one box are pretty cool.
rich-2: I was president of Metro Toronto Adam Group at the time, with Dale a young activist in our midst
Dale: Alright, I'm going to take my leave.
rich-2: read the small print on the lack of an interface - he's looking for techies who can bring it back to life
Dale: Goodnight all.
rich-2: if one of them gets it, he's going to get a big bargain
rich-2: likely have to reverse engineer the MIB3 card, but the boot prom will still be a problem since it isn't there
rich-2: night, Dale
Steve: night Dale
Dale left chat session
rich-2: we don't know anyone who might have a boot prom to copy
Daniel B. left chat session
Steve: SO, correct me if I'm wrong, but that box needed a precursor to the MIB3 card to work? Or more accurately an early MI IDE card?
rich-2: yes, does the posting not say so? when we discussed it Dave planned to make that clear
rich-2: we don't even know if the hard disc is MFM or ILL format
rich-2: Dave voisited with me a few dsys ago to pick up some stuff
Steve: probably has no documentation for the box either. That's the caveat with this retro stuff. Luckily you and Bob are still around with some original stuff still and documentation.
rich-2: he will in effect be working as my partner in disposing of as much of my holdings as possible
Steve: your Coleco/ADAM holdings? or ALL your holdings?
rich-2: my Adam holdings - the rst isn't ready to go yet
Steve: I may have to purchase some of your TI stuff before you go all crazy ;-)
Steve: Fire Sale! Everything Must GO!!
rich-2: but I will be 80 this summer and can no longer cope with testing and preparing stuff for sale, or offering it
Steve: I have to thank you again for our transaction. I'll slowly be cleaning up the Adam and when I get it all restored, it'll be complete thanks to you and Bob.
rich-2: and when I go toes up Frances and Pamela will just call 1-800-Jun k and tell them to take it away
rich-2: well, we're enthusiasts ourselves so quite enjoy helping
Steve: There are people out there still interested in getting into it, but the small production run of most of the accessories keeps the cost a bit prohibitive for a lot of people. It took me a while to get up the courge to just dive in.
Steve: Glad I did though.
rich-2: well, if Dale and Dr. D. and a couple of others have their way, there will yet be some movement on that horizon
Steve: Who is Dr D?
Steve: I almost need a directory of the scene and it'svarious players. I know abunch from the chat archives and ole newslwtters, but I'm still playing catch up
rich-2: Prof. Richard Drushel, Ph.D. of Case Western Reserve University adn a long-time Adam nut
Steve: Of course
Steve: He of What I did with my ADAM this week. Too bad he stopped doing that. It was very interesting, if utterly confusing to a tech wannabe like me
rich-2: Actually a certain amount of attention to the chat archives and you get a pretty fair idea of who's who and where they re coming from
rich-2: yes, you got it. He's currently married to my niece.
Steve: Cool. Keeping the ADAM love in the family, eh?
Steve: And Dale used to run a computer club at the university but he doesn't anymore? I haven't found any chat archives for the last few years.
Steve: He may just have them archived somewhere else, I gues.
rich-2: well one night Pam and Erin were here on a chat night and spent the time looking over my shouldder
rich-2: next week Erin joined chat from her own apartment, and she and Rich stayed on talking long after the rest of us had left
rich-2: things just sort of balooned from there, next we knew we were pkanning to attend a wedding
rich-2: like Pamela, Erin doesn't care about the Adam at all but really likes the people involved
rich-2: ironically it's Pam's husband who got dragged to the first Adamcon is now interested in 8-bit gaming
Steve: It took him 20 years to get the bug?
rich-2: no, Pamela is a relative newcomer to the Adam, never wanted to use it when she lived at home
rich-2: I've offered to give her one free - standing offer - but she is not interested
Steve: So does her husband want it instead? Or will she allow it into the house ;-)
rich-2: well, he isn't fullly hooked yet, he plays DOSbox games - but one of these days...
Steve: So what cool stuff are Dale and Rich D working on? Or is it hush hush.
rich-2: anyway, I hear in the background Frances is making bed-going noises
rich-2: Dale is working on an IDE interface, and Dave has a line on that SD in terface - not sure what Rich is doing
rich-2: it took a long time for
Steve: OK the grilling can wait another week. And I think you may want to rephrase the whole "bed-going noises" remark ;-)
rich-2: Erin to get her green card to join him, so they have been a bit distracted
Steve: Good night Rich. Take care and see you next week - service providers permitting ;-)
rich-2: right, we've been doing well - see you then
rich-2: colour me gone
rich-2 left chat session
Steve: Color Me Bad ;-)
Steve left chat session
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