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BobS: ich bin here!!!!!
BobS: und ich been here alein
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changed username to Meeka
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BobS: hi meekA
Meeka: hello
changed username to rich-c
BobS: got in this week I see
BobS: helo RICHARD
Meeka: yes i did
rich-c: hi bob and meeka
BobS: been waiting for ya
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BobS: have you heard ANYTHING from the hotel?????
rich-c: why, what did we do wronmg?
changed username to Justin
BobS: nothing
Meeka: my puter was working this week so it was easy
BobS: hey Justin
Justin: hi
Meeka: hi justin
Justin: hello
rich-c: yes, I talked with them day before yessterday - rooms are all teede up
rich-c: hi Justin
Justin: hi
BobS: we just now got a break inthe weather. hot turned to nice but rain made it humid
rich-c: left a message for Melanie too but she didn't get back to me yet
rich-c: Daniel is aware btw
BobS: good
BobS: then we are on track for agood convention
BobS: Pennsylvania?if my meory is any good
Justin: yes
rich-c: got cheques from Yann and Luc for days
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Justin: that is correct
BobS: you goona have our hot weather then
changed username to Judy
Justin: its hot now
BobS: yo can have it!!!!!1
rich-c: hi Judy
Judy: Hi, Justin, Rich and Meeka
BobS: last few days were about 88-90 and it was HOT
Justin: well, anything is better than ice.
Justin: hi
Judy: did you have rain, Meeka
rich-c: yes, we had 31 when I went out at 8 p.m. though humidity is low
Meeka: hi mom
Meeka: yes, breifly
Justin: i before e
Meeka: :-P
Justin: ;)
rich-c: needed the a/c in the van when we went shopping early this afternoon and Frances wanted it in the house when we got home
Meeka: that may be, but you still knew what it was
Justin: yes, i've seen and created many a typo
rich-c: if you're ever short of them, Justin, give me a call, i ALWAYS HAVE LOTS TO DSPARE
rich-c: good at hitting the caps lock and not noticing too
Justin: I am well aware.
Justin: I still think Bob is the typo king.
BobS: hey, be nice!!!!!
Judy: we all make some typo's
BobS: ;-)
Justin: I have a question.
BobS: as long as you get the jist ofr what I mean, it os all good
BobS: is
BobS: fire away
rich-c: what's your beef? you just got crowned king of them all! ; - )
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changed username to Daniel Bienvenu
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm late?
BobS: and THAT is not a compliment i do not think
rich-c: salut, Daniel
Meeka: hi daniel
Justin: I've been reading the Expandable Computer News and came across something called King Quest for the ADAM. Was this ever made? If so, how was it? The article described it as super 3-D graphics.
Judy: hi, Daniel
BobS: sorry Daniel, we are closing upshop, you are LATE
BobS: never heard of it Justin
BobS: what issue??????????
Justin: Hmm, sounded very intruiging.
Judy: you are not very late, Daniel
Justin: Issue#3 under West Harford Happenings
Judy: and better late than never
rich-c: was it a CP/M text adventure with illustrations?
Justin: Looks like Sierra was supposed to make it.
Daniel Bienvenu: The only King's Quest I've heard of was for IBM.
Justin: That's what it sounds like. Text/graphics
rich-c: something like Troll's Tale, maybe
Justin: Hmm, will look that up. Would be nice to see that on a ddp for the ADAM.
Justin: How was it for the IBM?
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rich-c: not if it's CP/m - CP/M games are hell to play from tape
changed username to Go Hawks
BobS: Yes Daniel you are CORRECT !!!!!!!!!! actually, son Doug played Kings Quest a LOT for awhile
Justin: Explain CP/M. What is that?
Daniel Bienvenu: Like a predecessor of DOS... it's an operating system
BobS: Meeka ask Doug about Kings Quest
rich-c: control program for microcomputeeres, done by Gary Kildall
Meeka: what u wanna know?
Justin: Ok, what is a control program?
Go Hawks: Hi All
rich-c: should have been the IBM OS, but Kildall wrote it as a more or less open thing and wouldn't sell an exclusive licence
BobS: CP/M is an operating system much like Basic is
BobS: or SmartWriter IS actually a program in itself
rich-c: then some guy named Gates came by with a remarkably similar system and sold IBM what they THOUGHT was exclusive rights
Daniel Bienvenu: I've seen a video talking about IBM Junior and the sound chip inside (kinda like the one in Coleco with tones and noise channel), and it appears that a King Quest version for IBM Jr was good looking and did sounds great too compared to the others) version.
rich-c: anyway, hello Guy
Justin: BASIC is a programming language, I thought. So how can you access CP/M?
BobS: with CP/M you can run software actually produced for other computers of the time.....they all used cp/m for the more powerful programs to run
Go Hawks: Rats, you figured it out. Hi Rich
rich-c: BASIC is a programming language, not an operating system
Go Hawks changed username to Guy B.
Judy: hi, Guy
Guy B.: Anyway, watching the Cubs. Down 5-2 no one out, bases loaded
Daniel Bienvenu: See CP/M as an early DOS and you'll be not far from the truth
Justin: From other computers? Hmm, like if I had DOS, I can run DOS apps no matter the hardware..
BobS: Justin, you need a cp/m tape just like yo use your Basic tape
BobS: you got it !!!!!!!!!1
Justin: Hmm... ok.
BobS: that is why you can run dos programs on a true blue ibm and many other computers who are "ibm compatable"
Justin: Thanks for the info.
rich-c: @Justin - the operating system is what tells the computer what to do when a language gives it an instruction
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Guy B.: brb
changed username to Dale
Meeka: hi dale
rich-c: hi Dale
Justin: @ rich, that I knew ;)
Dale: Hi all.
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BobS: cp/m was old technology............ADAM's new technology was called TDOS ( Tony's DOS written by Tony Morehan) and was more compact aAND more powerful that cp/M while being fully compatable
changed username to LucMiron
BobS: hi dale
Dale: I was free early today, so I thought I'd come by and see what's happening.
rich-c: since each CPU is to some extent unique, each variant chip may require a subtly different OS vrsion
Dale: I got my new projector bulb, so my projector is ready for AdamCon for sure.
Meeka: thats good
Justin: Yikes, that sounds like a pain rich.
LucMiron: @Dale: Great. I'll be neding it for my presentation.
rich-c: ah, Luc - salut! - j'ai recu votre lettre
Daniel Bienvenu: Checking something... I think I still don't have a feedback from Guy F concerning the restaurant for the banquet.
Judy: hi, Dale and Luc
LucMiron: @rich: Excellent. :)
Dale: Richard, do you mean CPU or computer (ie motherboard)
Justin: I will start researching CP/M. TDOS some other time.
LucMiron: @Daniel: I'm mostly free this coming week-end, so I could have a look at those restaurants...
BobS: GREAT Luc, check someout for Daniel
LucMiron: Hi everyone, BTW. :)
Justin: hi
Dale: There were quite a few CP/M machines in the early 80s. It was the OS that everyone tried to run it seemed.
BobS: think we kinda decided a steak type house with chicken too..........full meal, dessert and drink in the $30 range ????????????????????
rich-c: well, basically, the OS mainly addresses the CPU, though that may have changed now
Dale: Even the Commodore 128 could run CP/M. They had a Z80 CPU in the 128 just for CP/M compatibility.
Daniel Bienvenu: GuyF didn't send me any list of suggestion for a restaurant since my message last month. I remember vaguely a restaurant he did suggested but I can't remember the name, or menu.
LucMiron: steak house with chicken? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? :P
Justin: Hmm... Did the Atari 400 & 800 use CP/M?
Meeka: drink meaning pop, not boos.
rich-c: doess the cpu still govern the sound and video, or do they get direct instructions from the OS?
BobS: well, ya know what I mean anyway Luc
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, the information I see here mention Atari OS as the operating system for the Atari 400 computer.
rich-c: Bob, in Quebec with their minimum wage, taxes and service added, think $50/plate
Dale: Richard, generally no. The would be a seperate chip that was specific to sound. So you could communicate to it via your program, but you send the commands to a seperate chip.
LucMiron: Yeah, I know. You know, IIRC there's a "Cage aux Sports" not far from the hotel. It's a sports-oriented restaurant, but it has a steak/chicken type of menu.
Dale: I don't think that the 400 and 800 could do CP/M. Really you need 64k of RAM for CP/M so I think that that counts out the 400.
Justin: Atari OS. Hmm.
Dale: I'm not as sure about the 800.
LucMiron: You can order a beer, or just a soda...
Justin: Used to have a 400. Miss that thing.
Dale: Same problem with the 800.
Justin: I gotta cut out earlier than usual. Thanks for all the info. Night folks.
Justin left chat session
BobS: well thank sof rstoping by Justin
Dale: Also they were both 6502 based, and you'd need an 8080 or Z80 CPU as well to do CP/M
Daniel Bienvenu: I did program once in BASIC language for the Atari 400... but I can't remember if I did finish the code. I was more typing a listing already done than programming, which is a way of learning.
Dale: The Apple II had an expansion board with a Z80 on it to run CP/M for example.
rich-c: a spports bar won't suit, it is too noisy for us oldsters
Guy B.: Lights went out at Wrigley Field
LucMiron: . o O (Okay, so how does this private message thing work again...? Lemme try...)
Dale: Justin, there are good emulators out there for the Atari computers, if you look around.
rich-c: Do you, Dale? I though Adam's CP/m ran in the upper 32K only?
rich-c: night Justin
Dale: No Richard.
Daniel Bienvenu: By Justin
LucMiron: Did you get my private message, rich?
Daniel Bienvenu: As a complete off-topic subject : my Youtube channel did reaches 500 subscribers today. I didn't know a channel so specific for a game system nobody seems to remember except us can be somehow more popular than the number of cartridges I can expect to sell during 5 years.
Daniel Bienvenu: For teh ADAMCOn 22 : I've exactly 20 flyers, they are ready... and I've started typing my presentation (9 slides done).
Daniel Bienvenu: I've lost you?
LucMiron: @Daniel: Nope.
rich-c: I'm seeing you, Daniel
LucMiron: @Daniel: We're just sending a lot of private messages right now... :)
Daniel Bienvenu: Next week, if I'm right, the banquet part of the hotel will ask again if we take the meeting room with this and this period of time with or not sandwiches...
Daniel Bienvenu: Now, I've lost someone
rich-c: Daniel, as soon as I can get through to Melanie that is what I will be discussing
LucMiron: Who did you loose?
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BobS: Richard can handle that part Daniel
Guy B.: Ok back. Ball game has stopped as the lights went out. Crew is trying to find out what happened
changed username to Steve
Daniel Bienvenu: Hello GuyB, Steve
Steve: Hello all. Full house tonight
BobS: Guy, the filements in the bulbs all went out..................hence NO LIGHTS
rich-c: hey, hi, steve
Judy: hi, Steve
LucMiron: Hi Steve.
Meeka: hi steve
Judy: are you having storms, Guy?
rich-c: guy, while I have your attention - if Jim Notini comes we will put him with you, OK?
BobS: HI Steve. HEY, forgot to ask you last week.......did you get my replya bout the MIB3 and 356k memory wiring?????????
Guy B.: Some are still lit. They think it could be a circuit break
BobS: yah sure
Guy B.: No, had a few sprinkles. But that's it
rich-c: likely someone tripped over a wire from the controlling computeer
Steve: @Bob: Sure did. Thanks. I haven't had time to implement it yet. Been hella busy around here. I know you all have the same problem ;-)
Judy: we had thunder and lightning here
BobS: we do Steve, jsut print it out and file it for later...................
Meeka: we even had a brownout here
BobS: when ???????????????
Meeka: durring the rain
BobS: not here
Meeka: the lights dimmer and the ups beeped once
Steve: Thank god for UPS's
Judy: we had a lot of thunder but no outages and mom and dad didn
rich-c: yes, they do make life a lot easier. don't they?
Judy: 't have a drop of rain
Meeka: it didnt go out, just flickered
Steve: So Rich, what's the drink of choice tonight?
Judy: we had that yesterday
Guy B.: Play Ball. They are back on
rich-c: oh, it isn't time yet - not till after 10 - but it will be the urBock next few Wednesdays
rich-c: when I get down to Montreal it will get interesting, Steve - I have a number to try there
rich-c: Luc, what direction is St. Jerome from Laval, and is it far?
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have to work on my presentation about music and also music samples, so I'll not stay too long tonight. I also need to finish 2 other things before next week, so I'll leave early tonight.
Steve: Gonna be like a kid in a candy store, eh?
rich-c: believe it
rich-c: Daniel, I will keep you posted on events
LucMiron: St-Jerome? Yeah, it's between 30 and 45 minutes North of Laval, if I remember correctly. Why?
Guy B.: 18 minutes game delay due to the lights
Meeka: mom...the saga continues
rich-c: that's wheere the Dieu de Ciel brasserie hangs out - I may want to visit
LucMiron: I gotta cut my visit short too. See you all next week!
LucMiron: Bye all!
BobS: nice to have you for awhiloe Luc
rich-c: night, Luc, and thanks - hear from you soon?
LucMiron: @rich: Sure.
BobS: what saga Meeka???????????
Guy B.: Night Luc
Judy: about what?
Meeka: i think dad jinxed us. When I got home the ac wasnt working agian. the fan blade came off the motor and was sitting on top of the compressor
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel Bienvenu: bye Luc...too late
Judy: that is bad!!!
BobS: methinks ya'll need some work.........
Meeka: doug has it working now
BobS: can yuo put it back on and tighten it up????????????
rich-c: that's OK Meeka, we hd to warn our neighbour she had turned on teh a/c with the winter cover still on it!
Meeka: he says that looks to be what it was, it is just a compression fitting holding it on
Steve: We did that last year. Got hot under there real quick!
Daniel Bienvenu: There will be a nice little surprise inside the flyers, and I think they are good enough to be collectible items.
BobS: COOL daniel
Meeka: and when he wd40'ed it he didnt think of re-tightening it
Steve: That's my kind of memory lapse
Daniel Bienvenu: @Dale : Did you start contacting people regarding their presentation(s)?
Judy: he is lucky it didn't do more harm when it came off
Meeka: he reattached it and it seems to be running fine now
Judy: that is unreal
Dale: I will make up a draft schedule with all of the information you gave me before the next chat.
Meeka: it put a small dent in a pipe, so he will have to keep an eye on it, but thinks it will be fine
Dale: And I'll see if I have the right amount of time for each of the presenters, and the correct time slot for them.
rich-c: is anyone going to have a real Adam up and running for the 'con?
Dale: I plan to bring an Adam for my presentation.
Daniel Bienvenu: If there are empty spaces, teel me, so I'll try to split my presentation in 2 parts.
Dale: I'll tell you Daniel.
rich-c: by the way. if it matters I will be going there two days early and staying three days after
rich-c: if you get stuck for sessions, Daniel. see if you canspeak nicely enough to Frances to get her to bring her Logo demo disc
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changed username to Puddle of Pam
Meeka: hello pam
rich-c: I dauther
Guy B.: HI Pam
Puddle of Pam: (drip) hi
Dale: Hi Pam.
rich-c: hi daughter
Judy: hi, Pam
Meeka: wearm enough pam?
Meeka: warm**
Puddle of Pam: all I can say is thank goodness for sisters in law
BobS: we can handle others
rich-c: your air conditioner on the fritz?
Puddle of Pam: 31 degrees C in my living room - that's more than warm enough!
Dale: I'd still like to have Neil drop in for AdamCon, if he can make it happen. He's probably just visit for a day though.
Puddle of Pam: just got the a/c into the LR Dad
Puddle of Pam: the heat took us by surprise
rich-c: well, we have a day rate too, and he'll be welcome
Daniel Bienvenu: Question : Did someone copy (make image of) these disks of France's work inside?
Daniel Bienvenu: Thanks Dale, you reminds that I've not checked if Neil did reply to my message last month.
Puddle of Pam: I hear it's rather warm in GR too
rich-c: not to my knowledge, Daniel, they wer3e distributed but I fear long lost
Meeka: sorta
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm writing again to Neil... maybe he forgot my question.
Meeka: have the air on once agian, so house is nice
Judy: it has been, Pam, but had a storm tonight and has cooled down now
Judy: is supposed to be really nice tomorrow
Puddle of Pam: I have a contact at the Star Truck Rentals on 34th - was talking to him yesterday and he said it was running about 95 IIRC
Puddle of Pam: sounds like you've gotten the weather we're supposed to get tomorrow Judy
Meeka: ya, thats about right
Daniel Bienvenu: I still have a lot of things to do for my presentation, so I'm leaving in about 5 minutes.
Puddle of Pam: all I can say is, gah!
Daniel Bienvenu: gah?
BobS: HEY Pam, how's about we send you some nicer weather tomorrow???????? huh?????
Meeka: heck no, we wanna keep that kinda weather
rich-c: that's the advantage of being old with poor circulation - this stuff is just what the doctor ordered
Puddle of Pam: oh please, please please!
Meeka: i HATE having to run the air
Daniel Bienvenu: this week, it was too warm to think, but I did started the slides for my presentation anyway. Now, it's a lot cooler, I'll be more productive I think.
Judy: we haven't had our air on but have been living with fans running most of the time
rich-c: Frances finally turned ours on this afternoon, she likes it about 75
Puddle of Pam: gah, Daniel - an expression of icky disgust
Meeka: i would have, but doug gets whinny when the humidity goes to high
Daniel Bienvenu: ok... and ick is an expression of surprise?
Puddle of Pam: icky is also disgusting
Daniel Bienvenu: redundency
Puddle of Pam: you bet
BobS: NOLW you are getting Pam's english Daniel
rich-c: english is full of it, Daniel, it draws from so many different languages
Daniel Bienvenu: like a kitty cat?
Puddle of Pam: yes
rich-c: got to go get my beer - brb
Puddle of Pam: so now that I've finished whining, how is everyone? : )
BobS: GREAT Pamela my dear
Daniel Bienvenu: I'm pretty good... but stressed again to have to talk in english infront of people.
Dale: Doing good.
Steve: You've got the heat and we have the rain and cold
Puddle of Pam: don't stress Daniel, you'll do fine
Judy: we have done some complaining this week also, Pam, it got hot too fast
Puddle of Pam: you speak English much better than we all speak French!
Judy: sucks to be you, Steve
Puddle of Pam: it really took us by surprise Judy
Meeka: that was us last week steve
Steve: What ya gonna do?
Puddle of Pam: enjoy what you have while you have it - it will get hot soon enough
Dale: It looks like they're predicting another hot day tomorrow, but at least it won't be like today.
rich-c: back - ahhhhh - prosit, all!
BobS: Ste4ve, you are just west of the hot front....or where it was the last few days
Daniel Bienvenu: Well, I'm leaving now. I'll try to be online with Yahoo Messenger or MSN, but not much because I need to work on my presentation. I've a natural fear to talk infront of people, like 40% of the population I think.
Daniel Bienvenu: goodnight
Dale: Well we won't invite that 40% then.
Meeka: brb, i gonna go give in and take an allergy pill
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Puddle of Pam: goodnight Daniel, and relax - you'll do fine
rich-c: night, Daniel, and fear not - you're among friends
Dale: And we always enjoy your presentations.
Dale: Among friends like rich-c said.
Daniel Bienvenu: thanks ! take care! talk to you next week! bye!<
BobS: nite Daiel
rich-c: bonsoir
Judy: night Daniel, don't work to hard
rich-c: Guy, didn't see your answer - if Jim Notini comes can he share with you?
BobS: course,..........they are both Chicagoans
Daniel Bienvenu left chat session
rich-c: but is that an advantae? like maybe Jim is a Cubs fan, or something
BobS: they probably know each other....tis not a big city ya know
Puddle of Pam: Guy is a Cubs fan, IIRC
rich-c: thought it was the White Sox he liked
BobS: maybe Jim is a Whitesocks fan.......would give them something to talk about
rich-c: yes Jim is very iffy and must wait to the last minute - if I can tell him a room is sure, it will help
Puddle of Pam: or argue about! : )
Puddle of Pam: by the way, anyone else a fan of Caesar salad dressing but not of the anchovies?
rich-c: by the way, our dollar is down again today so now I am making a profit on the American funds payments
Meeka: back
BobS: withdraw it and save it Richard.......
rich-c: yes, I just want to be able to tell Jim for sure teh space is there, without unforseen consequences
Judy: no, don't like caesar salad with or without anchovies
Meeka: yucky pam
Dale: I love caesar salad, but I rarely see it with anchovies.
Puddle of Pam: the anchovies are in the dressing
Puddle of Pam: which is why I asked - I found a Caesar dressing tonite with no anchovies
Puddle of Pam: because as everyone knows I'm not a fan of seafood of any kind
Puddle of Pam: Kraft makes a Bacon
Puddle of Pam: Caesar dressing - no anchovies!
rich-c: oddly enough, I like anchovies, at least in moderation
rich-c: most commercial Caeser dressings I've seen have no perceptible anchovy taste
Puddle of Pam: not perceptible to you, perhaps
Puddle of Pam: however, I can always taste them
Meeka: the mear thought of them is enough
Puddle of Pam: well now you know Meeka
Judy: you got that right
BobS: i thought something was FISHY here
rich-c: they are very expensive so you on;ly find them now in upscale places
Puddle of Pam: only in the salad dressing, Bob : )
rich-c: by the way, we had a takeout pizza and salad Monday - they made the salad with ral green lettuce!
Puddle of Pam: wow, impressive - takeout from where?
rich-c: not only that, Frances complained that the pizza was if anything light on salt
BobS: what color lettuce do you usually get???????????????
rich-c: white iceberg, Bob
rich-c: Panago, Pam
Puddle of Pam: really
Puddle of Pam: must remember that
Puddle of Pam: $$$$?
rich-c: yes, they're just starting to expand into Canada, I believe
rich-c: pricey but we have expensive tastes
rich-c: they have regular discount deals running
Meeka: thats how you got the green lettuce
rich-c: yes, you want it intelligent, you pay the price
Puddle of Pam: how pricey?
rich-c: tout compris, two big salads (two days worth really), one medium, one small, with everything, $40
rich-c: the salads were $6.00 each, with tinytotmatos, olives, feta cheese, baby spinach, and such
Puddle of Pam: sounds good
rich-c: we will go back next time we want pizza
Puddle of Pam: I will make a note
rich-c: when you bring by the coffee, remind me to give you a menu with coupon
Puddle of Pam: ok
Puddle of Pam: which reminds me, I got you a second jar tonite at the sale price
Judy: ohhhh, skunk
Puddle of Pam: since I was there and it was still on sale
Meeka: lol
Puddle of Pam: do you have a striped visitor Judy?
rich-c: good, the stuff keeps forever so it's worth it
Judy: ya, not good, real smelly
Meeka: you can keep that all for yourself mom
Puddle of Pam: uh oh
rich-c: yes, this is the weatehr when teh wildlife comes out - we now have two rabbits
BobS: attic fan is on......will suck it through and out the roof shortly
Puddle of Pam: nothing quite like an upset skunk to ruin a beautiful evening
Judy: as long as it doesn't go in the yard and eat our fish
Meeka: we have a mommy and two baby rabbits in our yard
Judy: I guess we will put up with the smell for a while
BobS: shoot them and have hausenfeffer
Dale: I went to my first yard sale of the year on the long weekend.
BobS: put Daniel on the prowl.........for SUPPER
Puddle of Pam: find anything good Dale?
Dale: But I resisted and didn't buy a stack of 4 printers and scanners for $5.
Dale: <grin>
BobS: HEY,,,,,,,,Happy Victoria Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was Monday, yes??????
Judy: good for you, Dale
Dale: Yes indeed.
Puddle of Pam: 'twas
BobS: get a holiday off from work??????
Puddle of Pam: we did indeed - well, I did
Puddle of Pam: R had to work on Monday
rich-c: yes it was, Bob - so for weekend reference, happy Memorial Day to you-all
BobS: bummer
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BobS: tanks
Puddle of Pam: it was actually kinda nice
changed username to Ron
BobS: RONALD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
BobS: welcome mon
Judy: hi, Ron
Puddle of Pam: we got our usual weekend at the trailer and a day off to putter and do not much
Puddle of Pam: RONALD!
Ron: yes, 'tis I
Meeka: hi ron
Ron: everyone well?
Puddle of Pam: just a little warm, thanks : )
rich-c: hey, look who's here - thawed out now?
BobS: and how is Tis I and Susan???????
BobS: we'uns am
Ron: doin' ok thanks Bob.
Dale: Hi Ron.
Ron: Hi Dale
rich-c: yes, how's my fellow hippie coming along? still on a cane?
Ron: Today we are the WET Coast
Ron: No canes any more Rich. Doc says she's supposed to take it easy, but she doesn't
Judy: we had hot and then wet, here
BobS: how's Jeff and Francesca doing in Vancouverland???????
rich-c: well, I gather over teh weekend you were the Cold Coast too
Ron: Well now there's another story
Puddle of Pam: ohh???
Ron: they were supposed to go to Italy earlier this month
Judy: but??
BobS: and trhe rest of the story is//................
Ron: but two days before departure, Francesca passed out on her skytrain platform and fell onto the rails
Ron: She's ok, but pretty bruised up, and they had to cancel the trip
rich-c: diagnosis?
BobS: bummer
Puddle of Pam: OMG!
Ron: fortunately there were no trains, and they got her off pretty quick
Judy: I guess so, glad she was not hurt tooo bad
Ron: So they managed to get a break from the airline, and they'll reschedule for Sept
Ron: they're now trying to figure out why she lost consciousness
rich-c: this was spontaneous with no apparent cause?
Ron: apparently so Rich. Her Doc did a whole bunch of test next day, and nothing showed up
Judy: that is strange
Ron: Lucky for her there were staffers there who saw it all happen. Quite often those Skytrain stops are unattended
rich-c: gloriuos - those things really complicate things
Ron: she says she doesn't remember a thing between stepping out of the station area onto the platform, and then being taken off the tracks
rich-c: yes, and teh trains are automated too, aren't they?
Ron: yes they are
Ron: could have been stress..... she doesn't travel well by air, and was probably worrying about that
rich-c: some sort of stress? skip breakfast?
Puddle of Pam: she's not pregnant, is she?
Ron: yeah, she's never been a great breakfast eater.
Ron: not so far as I know Pam
Puddle of Pam: wow, that's really scary
Ron: fer sure
rich-c: that is really scary - you must have a white-haired son by now
Ron: yeah, he was more than just a little concerned when I spoke with him on the phone that night
Ron: life goes on thank God
Ron: been working on my powerpoint for the 'con
rich-c: yes, I can sure bet on that - wow!
Ron: or one of them
Ron: might run out of time, but hopefully not
Ron: how much should I send for the T-Shirts Rich?
Ron: 2 XL times 2
rich-c: never mind, I'm trying to handle the Mighty Mitchell contest and awardand am NOT doing at all well
rich-c: they are $18 each I believe Ron, but check on the Adamcon website to be sure
Ron: had in mind to send you a SmartBASIC version of ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS, but it's not going that well
Ron: ok
Ron: I'll keep; working on it
Ron: maybe for next year
rich-c: I guess this year we'll have to settle for a trivia quiz
Ron: that'll work Rich
rich-c: put in lots of French equivalent words so everyoine has to learn to understand Daniel
Puddle of Pam: I think the heat has zapped my brain - i'm having trouble concentrating
BobS: thought you had the AC on Pam
rich-c: geez, I went out for a walk after dinner just to enjoy it
Meeka: ok, i gonna go, see ya next week
Meeka left chat session
Puddle of Pam: as much as I hate to do so, I think I had better go
rich-c: nite Meeka
Judy: night Meeka
Guy B.: Bue Meeka
Ron: nite Meeks
Guy B.: Bye
Puddle of Pam: night Meeka
BobS: nite Pam
Judy: night Pam
Puddle of Pam: opposite ends of the spectrum Dad
Ron: brb
Puddle of Pam: so goodnight all, until next week
rich-c: nite Pam
Puddle of Pam: Dad, I'm aiming to head over this weekend
Puddle of Pam: will let you know
rich-c: remember it's an F! plus Indy on Sunday
Ron: niters Pam
Puddle of Pam: niters Ron : )
Puddle of Pam: kerpoof
Puddle of Pam left chat session
BobS: Indy 500
BobS: ya
Ron: I shall be away as well. Been kinda short, but we've been super busy around here lately what with one thing and another
rich-c: not sure why I watch it, but everyone does
Ron: just thought I'd check up on you guys
Ron: nite all
rich-c: OK, do remind Susan that revisions are not as easy as the original operation so take it easy and take care
Judy: night Ron
rich-c: nite Ron
Ron: ya Rich, she's been told that. And they said, ABOVE ALL DONT FALL
BobS: be good, thanks for cvoming......and say HI to Susan
Ron: will do Bob
Dale: Bye Ron.
Steve: I'm partial to F1 as well. Can't stand Nascar. Don't really watch Indy car much especially the track races like the 500.
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changed username to LucMiron
LucMiron: Hello again guys.
BobS: WB Luc
Dale: Hi Luc
LucMiron: I just dropped by quickly to ask a question.
rich-c: that's rather like most of our guys on the carnuts groups, Steve
rich-c: allo Luc
Steve: WHERE!!
Judy: welcome back Luc
BobS: hit the button
rich-c: shoot
Steve: Duck!
LucMiron: Now that I've paid for my attendance at Adamcon, what happens next? Will I receive tickets, or is my name on a list and I just need to say my name when I arrive at the hotel?
Steve: This is fun. Kinda like Who's Line
Dale: Just ask where the AdamCon room is.
Steve: God I miss that show
rich-c: you just walk up to the desk and ask where the Adamcon bunch are - they'll aim you
rich-c: if there's any question ask to see me
LucMiron: Okay, thanks. :)
LucMiron: Bye guys! See you all next week!
LucMiron left chat session
Dale: So you need neither tickets nor to say your name.
rich-c: bonsoir, encore!
Steve: Follow the trail of empties of fine French Ales ;-)
BobS: auf wiedersehen Luc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Judy: night again Luc
Dale: And just like that he's gone.
rich-c: not French, if you're going Euro Belgian and German are better
BobS: got his info......
rich-c: and in Quebec, do as the Quebecois do...!
Steve: If it was me it's be empty Crown Royal and Coke bottles
BobS: speakin of the Euro............haven't heard again if they are seriously thinking of dumping it
Steve: Is it doing that bad?
rich-c: no, everyone is having a fit over Greece, but it will blow over
BobS: the Greec "bankruptcy" was weighing heavily on the European bunch
rich-c: well, Spain and Ireland aren't without troubles either, and remember Iceland
Steve: I try to forget it
rich-c: but I'm not sure their ratios are really significantly different from the United States
Guy B.: Well folks. All my CD's are burned and meeting a new girl tomorrow. Time to call it the night. Will see you all next week
Steve: Huh??
rich-c: nite Guy
BobS: nite Guy
Steve: Arivaderci
Steve: sp?
Judy: night Guy
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
BobS: gives Guy something to do, yes????
rich-c: well, you look at debt to GDP ratios, deficits, that sort of stuff, Steve, the U.S. is effectively bankrupt
BobS: anwya, so tis the time for us to shi out also gang
Judy: yes, night all
Steve: Aw.
rich-c: yep, the magic hour has struck - see you next week
Judy left chat session
Steve: Man, it bites being 2 time zones away from you guys
BobS: yes, Guy is a special case, born deaf, had a cocular implant at about 25, got on his own with awife, didn't work, still friends, but longs for wife in life also....
Steve: I just got my kids to bed
BobS: and they are gald you did Streve
rich-c: oddly enough he is still on good terms with his ex - they take care of easch other
Steve: True. I love doing it, but it'll be better in the winter when it'll only be 1 hour difference
BobS: that is GREAT I think
BobS: ANd it gives Guy a place to leave the dog when he goes away
Steve: We all do what we can with our lot in life.
BobS: he does lean on Jeanine and she on him............whatever works
rich-c: you'll notice he never did answer my question - that's typical
rich-c: but yes, Jeanine has had many medical problems of late, and he's been very caring
Steve: So do either of you guys have a copy of the Hacker's Guide I can buy? I have the cassette but I'd like the manual as well.
BobS: I think he would get along good with Jim.............and by selecting a double room, he expects a roommate if we have one for him
BobS: if Richard doens'
BobS: have one I do
BobS: gota nay Richard?????
rich-c: oh, I know that, unless there is something between them
Steve: You sound more likeYoda to me every day Bob ;-)
BobS: olh oh
Steve: Full of wisdom, you are.
rich-c: not sure Bob - Steve, you know there are two volumes?
Steve: Yeah, the cassette I got says Vol I and II
BobS: could well be......Richard
BobS: anyway, work it out and let me know if ya need something, I must TO BED !!!!
BobS: see ys next week
rich-c: I have both, not sure of any extras, or if they're fit to sell
Steve: Take care Bob
rich-c: night Bob
BobS left chat session
Steve: How unfit can they be? Water damage?
rich-c: pirated copies? dealer can't sell those
rich-c: I may take them in but I can't re-sell them
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changed username to Murph74
Murph74: Good eveing, folks!
rich-c: good evening to you
Murph74: Looks like I missed the party! :/
rich-c: and who do we have behind that pseudonym? a left coaster?
Steve: How about A fellow Atari Ager
rich-c: or shou,ld I have said good morning?
Dale: Hmm...and I was just getting ready to go too.
Murph74: Yes, an AA'er, from St. Louis... and a 'founding' member of the Bary Wilson version of the STLAUG some 22 years ago. :)
Dale: nice
Dale: Well welcome.
rich-c: hey, a Barry Wilson buddy - welcome!
Steve: I recognized the ID and now I recall you mentioning that in one of the threads there, when you were talking with Jim Notini/NIAD
Murph74: Thanks, guys. Had a rare Wednesday night off (thanks to a fmaily funeral- ugh...), and was just reading up at AA, and it reminded me tonight was chat night.
Murph74: So I thought I'd pop in to say hey, and see how everyone was.
Murph74: Yep, one in the same, Steve. Is this "classics" steve, or someone else?
Steve: nope. I'm snume on there. Mainly a lurker. I hang in both the ADAM and TI-99/4A threads
rich-c: can you tell us anything about Barry, Murph? I produced the Adam Survival Guide with him
Murph74: Rich, I haven't talked to him in years. I'd goten outta the Adam scene and bumped over the the C-64 in '89, before getting outta the PC scene all together for the first half of the 90's as I turned 16 and discovered some of God's finer toys. :)
rich-c: in fact I may have had a brief contact with you when I was president of the Toron to group
Murph74: Very good chance of that Rich. I actually think I bought most of the MTAG archives via USENET around 1999.
Steve: Good god! How old (young!) were you when you helped found the group?
rich-c: must have been single digits!
Murph74: Had like 4 cases of newsletters and such that I paid about $100 to have UPS'd to me 98 or 99 to avoid haveing them thrown away.
Murph74: Steve-- 13.
Murph74: lol
rich-c: that years or months? ; - )
Murph74: Years, Rich-- which I'll soon match in IQ points as well. :)
Steve: Amen brother
rich-c: in 1990 I was able to handle Adamcon 2 (with some help) because I retired that summer
Murph74: Yeah, I've often thoguht about looking up some of the old ATLAUG guys, but not sure who's where these days... Barry, Al Fitzgerald, Jim Guenzel are a few that jump into memory.
Steve: So have you been able to acquire all which you had lost in regards to the ADAM?
Murph74: Not ATL, STL-- sorry
rich-c: when we last heard, Barry was having a pretty tough time with his business, and we were worried about him
Murph74: Well, Steve, being the sentimental sap I am, I've still got my original Adam. :) Never got rid of it, just went on a shelf. :)
Murph74: I did sell/trade/gave away most of my original software and such, but I still have the original system itself. Hence one of the reasons I'm not so sold on the idea that the Adam hardware was faultier than the users. :)
Murph74: Yeah, Rich-- i'd heard at various time that Barry got jaded on Adam, had a few health issues ,and some personal business issues as well, but nothing I can confirm
rich-c: oh, if you got anything earlier than revision 80, you apparently had a machine buggier than a Missouri summer
Murph74: But maybe I'll try to look him up this week and see if I can't find him long enough to say hello, and thanks. :)
rich-c: Murph, if you do, tell him you were talking to me and pass on my beswt wishes
Murph74: Rich, I *think* I got an R80 machine from memory,.. the unit is still in the parents basement, on the desk in my old room.
Murph74: Bought it new in March 1985 for $399 or $499 I think.
Steve: Mine is original as well, bought it at the hardware store in Tisdale when I was about 13 or 14. Unfortunately it wasn't kept in a nice neat box or shelf. So it's due for one hell of a cleaning, but it runs and Rish and Bob have helped me pimp it out big time, which I was never able to do originally.
rich-c: much like teh rest of us - I have two working Adams set up
Murph74: Yeah, I'm looking forward to the SD module Else is working on-- may give me just enough incentive to go chisel the dust off mine. :)
rich-c: there's a chance that it will be demonstrated at teh Adamcon in four weeksa
Steve: I now have a 5 1/4" floppy drive, hard drive/CF with IDE card, MIB3 card, 256K RAM card and an extra DDP drive. The SD will surely be added when it comes out.
Murph74: That would be awesome! Wish i had made it to an AdamCon. :)
rich-c: dave hill may have a sample, or the maker could even turn up
Murph74: I like Dave-- talked with him several times and even bought some stuff from him. :)
Murph74: @steve: My system is jsut s tock system with a dual drive, Adamlink, and I *think* a 64k card still.
rich-c: he will be selling some stuff for me on eBay - I can no longer cope with the heavy lifting involved
Steve: I can't make it this year, but I think next year is almost 100%. Any idea who is hosting next year Rich? Or is that almost always decided at the con?
Murph74: Sold my disc drive eons ago, as well as my EVE voice module, parallell card, and all the other goodies I had.
Steve: Mine was stick till approx 4 weeks ago when I made deals with Bob and Rich and a guy of CGCC
rich-c: there has been no discussion at all about who will host Adamcon 23
Murph74: Very cool! I keep hitting the garage sales around here hoping to find an elusive stash. :)
rich-c: the way we are getting a flood of Quebec gamers, don't rule out Quebec City next year!
rich-c: unless of course we can get steve to do it - like to see the old family home town one more time
Murph74: For me, the closer to STL it comes, the better chance I have of maybe popping in. Run a Karaoke and DJ company, so weekends are tough usually.
Murph74: Where r u from, Steve?
Steve: Ha Ha. I would love to have it here, but people would have to fly into Saskatoon and then drive 1.5 hours here to Prince Albert. More likely it'd be held in S'toon.
Steve: Central Saskatchewan, Canada
Murph74: Noo-- not Saskatoon! They almost stole my Blues Hockey team in 1986 and I still haven't forgiven them! :) lol
rich-c: Hey, hold it in Regina with a Ridrs home game as teh afternoon outing!
rich-c: Man, that would be an experience no one would forget!
Steve: With the way the team has been gaining popularity the last 3 years we wouldn't be able to get tickets! But it is a heck of an experience.
Steve: Sorry about trying to take your precious Blues away ;-)
rich-c: maybe if we asked now? some sort of special plea to the front office?
Steve: But you got to keep them and they would have packed up and left around the same time as Winnipeg and Quebec City's teams left anyway. Maybe even gone back to St Louis.
Steve: We'd almost need this much lead time.
Murph74: True, Steve. But that;s what I;ll always remember Saskatoon for. lol :)
rich-c: wonder if Rich and Erin will decide it's Cleveland's time again?
Steve: They decided to cap the number of season tickets they would sell this year to ensure enough tickets were available for those who only come to one or two games a year
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changed username to Murph74
Murph74: Woah! sorry... didn't realize if I changed my browser page, it would kill the chat window!
Steve: The "Saskatoon's Got The BLues" T-Shirts are still collector's items
Steve: Cleveland would be cool. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
Murph74: I believe that-- I remember thinking it was a done deal. :) Talk abotu 12 year old heartbreak!
rich-c: sort of like my old "Republic of Western Canada" t-shirts from the Trudeau era?
Steve: YEah!!
rich-c: (did I strike a chord?)
Steve: We thought it was a done deal. It WAS a done deal, till Harold Ballard of the Leafs and whoever was running the Habs Vetoed it.
rich-c: Harold Ballard is the reason I never watch hockey - he persuaded me to quit
Steve: Nope. I'm a firm nationalist with Saskatchewn pride. I'm planning on getting a tattoo with a wheat sheave and a maple leaf intertwined.
Murph74: You got a bettre recollection than me, and an alternate perspective. :)
Steve: Oh, I sympathise with you completely. But we were rooting for the opposite outcome.
rich-c: am I still connected?
Dale: Very connected.
rich-c: you're still here too, Dale? you've been so quiet
Steve: It's actually eerily similar to the bid by Jim Balsille to buy the Coyotes this past year. The NHL Board of Governors who were heavily influenced by Ballard led the veto and subsequent court battles.
Dale: I've had other things to do, so I've been in and out.
rich-c: have you heard anything about Adamcon 23?
Dale: I actually have put Jeffrey to bed 4 times since the chat started I believe.
Dale: He was home sick today. Some stomach issue.
Dale: I'm not sure if it was food sickness or some kind of stomach flu.
rich-c: oh dear - four may not have used up the quota, then
Dale: Either way he was sick for much of today.
Murph74: For STL it was pretty much said to be a done deal, until Harry Ornest bough thte team and kept them here.
Dale: AdamCon 23 would be good.
Dale: Daniel is rooting for Cleveland.
rich-c: but where?
Dale: But idk if that's in the cards really.
rich-c: well, it would be up to Rich and Erin, don't know what local support they could get
Dale: It seems a lot like we've had them in Canada mostly of late. So a US one next would be alright by me.
rich-c: Pamela would coach Erin, I'm sure, it that was needed
Murph74: I vote Chicago or Indianapolis. :)
Murph74: Those are both within 5 hours for me. :) lol
Dale: I need some time to get my business sorted out before I can host another AdamCon.
rich-c: well, the closer it is the more likely I'll be able to make it. My health is no longer a slam dunk
Dale: But I'm hopeful to have that under control in the next year or two.
rich-c: well, you and Pam have done a couple lately, this one's Canadian too - time the Yanks had a look-in agaikn
Dale: And of course I'd like to see Ron again, so in the next AdamCon or two it would be nice to have a location that was convenient for him to get to maybe
rich-c: yes, we all want to meet Susan, too, but does she want to meet us?
Dale: a very good question for sure.
Murph74: well, for what it's worth just did a lil searching, and think I found me a good number for Barry Wilson-- think I may try to ring him tomorrow. :)
rich-c: and their business is not one they can walk away from even for a weekend - it's 24/7
rich-c: then please say hello for me, Murph, and remember me to him - we had some fun times
Murph74: Yeah, will do Rich. Hopefully i get ahold of him! ;)
rich-c: OK, tell him to write to me at: - I will see it
rich-c: (I don't type out my private address on an archived chat - too easy for the bad guys to find)
Murph74: Ok, Hope he's not as burned as some have made it sound-- not sure how receptive he'll be. :)
Murph74: no probs, Rich. I've noted the one you gave here. :)
Steve: BTW Dale. Where are the latest chats archived? I've only found to 2007 on the main archive?
Steve: And I sympathise on the sick kid thing. Last weekend Vanessa (my 4 yr old) was very ill and just not herself. When she throws up, I take extra notice.
rich-c: OK, that's my website for other purposes, so it works well. Let's see if there's like in the ashes.
Murph74: Coo, will let you know soon as I know something. :)
rich-c: anyway, I'm on Eastern time, and it's time us old folks got our shut-eye. So I better sign off now. Night, all.
Steve: Take care Rich. Chat at you next week.
Murph74: G'night, Rich. Maybe I can get here earlier next time!
rich-c: colour me gone - nite all
rich-c left chat session
Murph74: Well, guess I oughta get outta here too, got lots more to do tomorrow with the Uncle passing away this week.
Dale: I'm out of here too.
Dale: Maybe I'll see you next week?
Murph74: Have a good week, guys-- thanks for the chat!
Murph74: Next week is iffy-- will probably be back to work on my end.
Murph74: But if I can get here, I will!
Dale: The main group are here from 9 to 11pm Eastern time.
Dale: Well come when you can.
Steve: yeah, 7-9 my time ;-(
Dale: And if not the chat just drive up to Montreal and meet us in June.
Murph74: Montreal is quite a haul for me! It's a longshot, but not an impossibility. :)
Steve: Right when I get home from coaching Soccer, get the girls ready for bed and read them stories.
Steve: About the same distance as me I bet.
Murph74: google gives me a 20 hour drive, Steve
Steve: Well, because it's so far south of me, and relatively straight east of you (you are quite a bit further east of me than I thought) it tells me it's 1 day and 15 hours of straight driving.
Steve: 39 hours
Steve: so I guess driving is out of the question.
Murph74: Well, a long shot at least. :)
Murph74: Nothing is ever out of the question... drove STL to Detroit, back to STL in 24 hours to see the last Kiss show at Cobo Hall in october... that was about 20 hrs round trip. :)
Murph74: So, I don't mind a road trip-- for me it's scheduling. :)
Steve: I hear you. With a family it's a LOT of scheduling
Murph74: Ok, well, I'm gonna split... catch you guys next time with a hopefull Barry update! :)
Murph74: Good night, all!
Murph74 left chat session
Steve: So, Dale, Rich was mentioning last week that you were working on another alternative to the IDE cards?
Dale: yes
Dale: I have a long term project where I'm trying to make an AdamNET based USB adaptor, with an SD card slot.
Dale: Then you could have virtual disks on your SD card, and you'd never run out of floppies :-D
Dale: But I haven't really worked on it in recent memory, Maybe not for 2 years really.
Dale: Still, if I ever get it finshed, it could be quite nice to use.
Dale: The idea is that it's have a 4 line x 16 character display on it, and a joystick so that you could select which disk images to mount on the virtual drives.
Dale: It might be quite fun really.
Steve: sounds good.
Steve: I'll be in line when you get it finished. Or if you make it available as a kit
Dale: I think I've scoped out parts that might be able to talk AdamNET but I haven't done the research to reproduce the protocol.
Dale: I have some good references, but I haven't worked on it properly.
Dale: Anyway, past my bedtime as always.
Dale: So I'll talk to you next week.
Steve: take it easy and see you then
Steve left chat session
Dale: And I have the recent chats waiting to be posted.
Dale: I'll get them done eventually.
Dale left chat session
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