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Guy B.: Hi Luc
LucMiron: Hi. :)
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changed username to rich-c
Guy B.: Brb
LucMiron: Hi rich. :)
rich-c: salut Luc et Daniel; hi Guy
LucMiron: Daniel?
LucMiron: You must be seing things...
rich-c: oops. sorry - got confused - I was expecting Daniel, though
LucMiron: So can I have your e-mail addy? I've got some restaurant info for ya. :)
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changed username to Justin
Justin: Hi
rich-c: sure Luc - since this is public, use my webmailaddress:
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changed username to BobS
rich-c: if the pots pick that up, gmail has a very effective spam filter
BobS: jeez you'sew guys are early
rich-c: hi Justin, how's it going in Pennsylvania? Raining?
LucMiron: @rich: E-mail torpedo launched. should reach you within five seconds. :)
rich-c: OK, although the hotel has actually made us what looks like a pretty attractive offer
BobS: rained like crazy here yesterday and today
BobS: visited the hotel site and they seem proud they are under new management
rich-c: hi Bob, yes, we are getting it now, some quite hard rain
BobS: and that means they are talking and dealing on food with you richard ??????
BobS: just north of Gr last night they had about 5".............floods
Justin: Sorry, satepped out. Not raining yet.
rich-c: oh yes, and I have kept Daniel well in the picture
rich-c: don't worry Justin, from what's going on with the rest of us, it soon will
Justin: Ok, big question. I am working on a project and I need the most reliable, accurate sources. What books/articles do you recommend for the accurate history and specs on the ADAM? ColecoVision?
rich-c: well, I believe the management change was well over a year ago
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changed username to Judy
LucMiron: Hi Judy.
rich-c: hi Judy
BobS: oh oh, may have tochange computers.........will see
Judy: hi, Luc, Rich, Justin and Guy
Judy: how is everyone tonight
Justin: Hi Judy.
rich-c: specs on the Adam, the big Coleco manual, has the complete printout of the operasting system
LucMiron: Anyway, I guess I'll be in "ADAMCON preparation mode" until the 19th...
Justin: Where can I find the "Coleco Manual"?
rich-c: we all are, Luc
Judy: what do you have to get ready, Luc?
rich-c: I'm not usre but I think Rich Drushel has it on line
LucMiron: I've got three main things to do: 1) Cut, crease and glue 50 Jeepers Creepers boxes. 2) Get my PowerPoint presentation ready. 3) Prepare my ADAM stuff, most of which will be on sale at the hotel.
rich-c: never seen a history of the Adam, though Neil Wick has studied it intensively and Murray McCullough is good on all 8-bit computers
Justin: Well, do any of the manuals that come with the ADAM talk about its background/history?
Justin: What's Rich's website?
Judy: I seee
rich-c: not really, no - once there was "The secret guide to computers" and I think the author talked about it there
BobS: Justin.............look at your incarnation of my webpage and click on Smartkey II ADAM technical manual is there
Justin: checking
rich-c: not sure - may have a link or not; he has another
Justin: Bob, that's from an actual book?
rich-c: you might also take a look on Joe Blenkels's website, he has been scanning in and posting a lot of early newsletters
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changed username to DaveH
Justin: I want to avoid newsletter.
Justin: for this project that is.
rich-c: hi Dave
DaveH: Hi All
Justin: rich, is that the accurate url?
DaveH: Got your email reply Bob, thanks
Justin: doesnt work
rich-c: for most of Adam's user history it is the only source of information
Justin: I'm looking for actual documentation from Coleco or magazines of the time like Popular Science.
rich-c: no, rich has a couple of websites but I'm not sure of the exact url,s
Justin: Thanks Rich.
rich-c: you'd find more in Computer Shopper and there was even a magazine that was mostly Adam at one time
Justin: Computer Shopper.. hmm....
Judy: hi, Dave
DaveH: Hey
Justin: The ADAM Technical Manual via Coleco
rich-c: baack in the day we'd have used the REader's Guide to Periodical Literature to find them, but it's lomg gone
Justin: looks like it might help big time.
Justin: I just don't want to pull facts about the ADAM out of my @$$
rich-c: unless your local library has some historic copies of RGPL you have a problem
rich-c: I assume you have Googled Adam to death?
Justin: of course LOL
Justin: I have a couple of ideas now thanks to Rich & Bob. Alright, I gotta go to bed early. Night.
rich-c: then you just may know more already than most of us!
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rich-c: night Justin
LucMiron: Bye Justin.
LucMiron: Oops, missed him...
BobS: no problem Dave.............we are leaaving late, so he should be able to get it here by then
rich-c: he bails out fast, Luc, think you missed him
LucMiron: I'm cutting Jeepers Creepers boxes right now, which explains my lag tonight. :)
DaveH: @Bob - yeah he said if he doesnt have a production model then he'd send the prototype
rich-c: is J-F Dupuis coming as a registered member or guest speaker?
LucMiron: So how many people have registered their presence at AdamCon?
LucMiron: J-F? I dunno... Didn't he tell you?
rich-c: we have 17 full delegates and four day trippers so far
rich-c: he said when he wanted to come but I did not know what he had been told
rich-c: so I didn't ask any questions for fear of putting my foot in it
DaveH: KInda knowing J-F, my guess is if he shows, which he probably will, he wont register. Kinda get that impression
BobS: thought that is what he said one night.......di dnot want ot register in advance and won't stay a whole day
rich-c: in shor4t, he won't be wanting lunch and will leave immediately after his demo session?
LucMiron: Well, with the stuff J-F plans to bring to the convention, I think the guy at the front desk will glare at him if he doesn't stop to register... :)
DaveH: I kinda played the "but we have been waiting to see the prototype" card in hopes of enticing him to come
rich-c: we do want to see him and the prototype - but he's got to buy his own lunch!
DaveH: LOL
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rich-c: I'm having trouble costing because I don't know what Daniel will be putting in or if Jim Notini will be able to make it
LucMiron: So will some of the CCJVQ members be dropping by?
DaveH: BTW are meals in the convention room or in the restaurant?
rich-c: also we have heard nothing from Guy Foster
rich-c: they have no restaurant, the meeting rooms do double duty
rich-c: Yann Hamiaux and two friends are registered for Saturday
LucMiron: Too bad Steve Begin won't be there... Which reminds me, I shuld ask J-F what happened to the Lode Runner project...
rich-c: Bob, how many T-shirts will we owe you for? I notice your orders don't specify any
BobS: hmmmm. forgot how may I ordered..............bad businessman eh?
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BobS: was almost 30 (?)
changed username to Daniel B
rich-c: if you take the Slopsema T's off the top and deal with Ron direct, the number will be smaller
LucMiron: I ordered a t-shirt. Will I get it at the hotel?
LucMiron: hi Daniel! :)
rich-c: salut
rich-c: Daniel
BobS: YES, if you ordered a shirt from richard and he passed it will get it then
BobS: HI Daniel
Daniel B: hello
DaveH: I didnt order a poster but want one
BobS: I did get a few extra shirts
rich-c: I think Luc is the only paid one I haven't passed on yet, but I have to check
BobS: Daniel was going to order a poster, he can get one foryou also.................
BobS: size Luc ??????????????????????
Daniel B: I've already did a poster... I've a picture to prove it
BobS: David wants a poste Daniel
rich-c: printing it out proper size could get pricey
LucMiron: @BobS: Ask rich. >:)
DaveH: Funny how my ADAMCon 1 Tshirt doesnt fit any more....
DaveH: Musta shrunk
DaveH: Or I went the other direction
rich-c: neither does mine, but then I was four inches taller
Daniel B: I know... but because I'm pretty sure he can find a better place to print the poster, closer to where he lives, I guess I'll just give him a jpeg file and he can deal with a place to print it at the cost he want. because here it's $30+tx for a 24"x36" poster.
rich-c: yikes!
BobS: LUC, approx size
DaveH: Lotsa cheap printing places near where I work downtown Toronto
BobS: if youa re small we ar in trouble
BobS: got larges, xl's and a 2xl
LucMiron: @BobS: I think I ordered X-Large...
BobS: then yo are covered
LucMiron: covered in what? ;)\
BobS: mud
BobS: ;-)
LucMiron: yuck.
LucMiron: ;P
BobS: AND green slime
Daniel B: I'll send the picture file to... Bob, I guess, so he can put it online to his adam web site where there is the link to the adamcon 22 registration form, so you will all be able to download the picture and print a poster if you want
BobS: you get the program Wipe Out upin CA?????????????
BobS: watched it last night, green slime and blue guck to crawl and run thru....YUCK
Judy: but then you get to fall in cold water and get washed off
Daniel B: half done my presentation
DaveH: Samantha loves the program. I like the wall where boxing gloves come out randomly
DaveH: The water is filthy
BobS: that's the program man
BobS: we like the turning padded spoke wheel, they hang on until they get dumped inthe slime mud water
BobS: maybe we coud get onto the program as the ADAM group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
LucMiron: BTW, is Dale Wick a Windows or Linux user? I'm asking because I'd like to know what kind of OS he will be using with his projector.
Judy: don't think I could do those things
BobS: think he uses windows most of the time
rich-c: Luc, you ordered your t-shirt in size XL (and Bob, I take a Mediuim)_
Daniel B: he uses linux for his server if I remember correctly
rich-c: everyone uses Linux for their servers, don't they?
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LucMiron: Well, anyway, I hope he can install OpenOffice on his laptop, because I'll be using OO's PowerPoint clone (Impress, I think it's called) to run my presentation.
Guy B.: Ok back. Hi to all I missed
Daniel B: errr.... I don't have a server, all workstations conncected to the router (by cable or wifi) connected acting as the Internet modem thing.
Daniel B: OpenOffice is multiplateform
Guy B.: My Dell that I got from work. The hard drive went out. Have to get a new one
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changed username to Guy F.
LucMiron: Mister Foster is in the house! :)
Guy F.: Good evening everyone...
Daniel B: the only part to take care is if you are using videos in your presentation, which may lead to a problem of codec, otherwise, it can be just fine.
Guy B.: HI Guy F
rich-c: hello Guy, it's been a while
Guy F.: Sorry for having done a disappearing act on everyone but I have been the busiest I have ever been in my life. How is everyone?
Judy: hi, Guy
Daniel B: Ho, I guess the projector highest resolution is 640x480, so I'm making the presentation based on this resolution
LucMiron: Pretty good. and you (aside from being busy?)
rich-c: wondering if you're coming to Adamcon
Guy F.: Being busy is OK, I am getting lots of things done, but have 0 time for leisure... Which sucks.
LucMiron: Visting this cahtroom can be considered leisure... ;)
LucMiron: chatroom
Guy F.: Yes, I will be showing up to the Adamcon of course. Not 100% sure I can stay for all of the lectures, but the outings/restaurants I will for sure join you guys.
Guy F.: Actually Luc, I'm here for business... :)
Daniel B: Well, since everyone I've meet in Laval last time at GuyF's house are there... except Dale, I want to know if there will be an extra coleco meeting like the other time.
LucMiron: Oh, BTW, just in case anyone here is interested, my Team Pixelboy releases have been pushed back to next October.
Guy F.: I have been looking on and off for a restaurant Daniel. I almost got one today, but the problem was that they are closed on Sundays, which I beleive is the day of the banquet.
Daniel B: I did see your message about a 4th game you are about to publish
LucMiron: An extra Coleco meeting? If it happens, I'll be all over it. :)
BobS: yes, read tonight about the box issues you had
rich-c: Mazybe, Daniel, you should hold the Coleco meeting Saturday afternno while the women go shopping
Daniel B: Well, GuyF. since we had to deal with the hotel for the meeting room and lunch services, Rich did discuss with the hotel and there is a possibility to do the banquet at the hotel.
LucMiron: GuyF: Was it La Mezzanina?
LucMiron: @BobS: Yep, that's right. Boxes are crap, so I'm having new ones done.
Guy F.: No, it was on Boul. Industriel. I forget the name, I wrote it down somewhere, never been there, but they specialize in a banquets, work partys, xmas dinners, etc...
Guy F.: I want to go shopping with the women. :)
rich-c: the hotel hss made a fairly good offer to host us, Guy, so we're also looking into that
LucMiron: Didn't you say there is no restaurant at the hotel?
rich-c: oh, they'll likely just buy out the Carrefour Laval, blow all their money first hour
LucMiron: ???
Guy F.: I'm glad things are working out great for the Adamcon. Yeah, Carrefour Laval is the place to go! Expensive though, so if you're looking for deals, it probably ain't the place. :)
rich-c: they cateer in the meeting room - that's how we'll be getting lunch
Guy F.: Rich, remind me to tell you about "Les Deeses" once you're in Laval. :)
LucMiron: I sent a list of interesting restaurants to rich earlier...
LucMiron: Les Deesses? Is that place still open for business?
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rich-c: yes, I will be in Laval for five days outside the convention so will be looking for places to est
changed username to Steve
Steve: Hi. Full house again this week!
rich-c: hi Steve - the west is now represented
Steve: The Wild West ;-)
Judy: hi, Steve
LucMiron: @rich: Five days? really? Before or after AdamCon?
Daniel B: "I should hold the coleco meeting saturday..." since I know what "putting on hold" means, I guess I understand that the group go outside saturday pm, but as visitors to somewhere then everybody is free to visit and shopping or already saturday is set to free time to make everyone visit what they want? this part I don't nuderstand.
Guy F.: You and your wife are welcome to come to our house if you have the time. Sandra will be delighted.
rich-c: 2 before 3 after
Guy F.: So when exactly are you arriving Rich, to Laval?
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rich-c: already have a list of the depanneurs who handle Dieu du ciel beers, now just have to find them
changed username to Pamela
Pamela: greetings everyone
Guy F.: Hmm, go to the SAQ (LCBO equiv)
DaveH: Hi Pam
Guy B.: Hi Pam
LucMiron: Hi Pam.
Judy: hi, Pam
Guy F.: Hi PAM
Steve: Be back after snack and bedtime. Nobody leave too early ;-)
rich-c: hi daughter
Daniel B: Hello Steve, Bob, Pamela, Rich, myself, GuyB, DaveH, Luc, Judy and GuyF! (hope I didn't forget someone)
LucMiron: You probably did. ;)
Pamela: I think you covered all the bases Daniel
rich-c: I plan to leave Toronto Monday, overnight on the road, and get in mid-afternoon Tuesday
Guy B.: Well, most of you should see a slightly slimmer me. I've lost 13 pounds so far
Pamela: woot! good news, Guy
DaveH: Congrats GuyB
Judy: good for you, Guy
Pamela: and M. Foster, nice to see you
Guy B.: And still going, thanks to Annie
rich-c: well done, Guy
LucMiron: Okay, so how many presentations are planned so far? I know there will be one by Daniel, and another by myself...
rich-c: they don't list the SAQ as being one of their distributors - volume too small?
Guy F.: Rich: So in approx. 2 weeks -1 day.
Daniel B: @Bob : I've just did an email with the poster to print (jpeg file). I've my copy to be used as a banner, but this file can be used to let everybody print their own version of the poster, the size they want., at the price they want
DaveH: I hope to do one on the SD-Drive if buddy ships it in time
Guy B.: Hope I'm doing one
Daniel B: Dale helps by doing the scheduling, if he was there he will answer you more accurately than myself.
Guy F.: I have the Adamcon 2009 banner safely stored in my room... when do I need to bring it?
BobS: ASAP like Friday am GuyF
Pamela: oh, heck, I need to find the 20 banner
Guy F.: Friday PM will have to do, since I work in the AM... :)
Pamela: I really need to start a list
Guy F.: Was a decision made for the outing?
LucMiron: Are presentations all scheduled for Saturday or Sunday? (Or perhaps spread over both days?)
BobS: work is SUCH a four letter word
BobS: only dale know for sure
rich-c: Daniel, dp you want the histpric banners? I thought you could not hang them up?
Guy F.: Work allows me and my family not to be homeless. :)
Pamela: all three days Luc
Judy: is there places to hang all the banners?
Pamela: if nothing else Judy, maybe in our rooms
Guy F.: Can we bring stuff to sell or trade at the Adamcon? I've got a few cases of "cr*p" (as my wife kindly puts it) to unload.
LucMiron: I hope the outing thing will get decided upon soon...
Daniel B: Well, I kinda remember that we should not put anything on walls, and that's why I've asked if they have something to put my poster on it and they said yes.
rich-c: so far I believe Saturday afternoon has nothing scheduled it could be a Coleco meeting/ shopping time, one possibility
BobS: sure guy
DaveH: I love buying crap
LucMiron: @GuyF: I'll have a bunch of ADAM stuff to sell there too.
Guy F.: I love collecting cr*p, but I got married a few years ago.
Guy F.: And the wife, well, doesn't share the same passion.
rich-c: I have no plans tto bring anything but will listen to rquests
Daniel B: I've also Coleco Adam stuff, in huge quantity, some of them I guess should be copied as imagedisks, but I can't bring everything.
LucMiron: @GuyF: Did you ever finish that large CV-compatible controller board you showed me last time I was at your place?
Guy F.: Rich: Dunno if you are bringing your RV with you, but if you need a place to park and hook it up to, you are welcome to do so in my car port. Lots of space for that.
Guy F.: Luc: I bought an arcade machine (Gorf) and am restoring that for now as far as techie projects go.
LucMiron: Gorf. Cool. :)
Guy F.: The Gorf cabinet was hacked, re-painted, changed to "Arch Rivals" so it ain't original at all.
Guy F.: ... but $60 for it, was a good deal.
Pamela: Guy, will
LucMiron: Arch Rivals? The basketball game?
Pamela: Sandra and the kids be attending too?
rich-c: Guy, I no longer have my trailer. I am too disabled to cope with it
Daniel B: I had an idea while looking at the poster and it's to make everybody sign the poster, like a permanent mark saying who was there.
Guy F.: Yes, Sandra and the kids will be joining us at the restaurants and outings, that's for sure.
Pamela: not a bad idea, Daniel - is it mounted on something we can sign?
Pamela: oh that's good news Guy - I've missed Sandra too
Guy F.: Dan B: Can I put ink on my fingers and leave my imprints?
Guy F.: Pam: Sandra is excited to see everyone, we really appreciate that the Adamcon is done in Laval, it allows us to attend...
DaveH: Can my puppy put her paw-print on it?
rich-c: sure, he can get a good price for them from the RCMP!
Guy F.: Are dogs allowed at the hotel?
DaveH: Apparently, my dogsitter is sick so my dog is attending
rich-c: yes, if you are a registered guest, but they can't be left alone in rooms
Guy F.: Awesome!
DaveH: Everyone likes Pit Bulls, right?
Pamela: Dad, have we assigned rooms yet?
Pamela: oh absolutely, Dave : )
DaveH: Naw, she is a Yorkie. 4 lbs soaking wet.
Guy F.: So, yeah, really excited to attend the Adamcon. Dan B, are the t-shirts printed yet?
rich-c: no, you'll be told when you arrive, I expect I gather they're pretty well all the same
Pamela: two beds?
Daniel B: Sorry, I'm checking if Dale is online
rich-c: yes, two queens in every room see their website, I think it is
Guy F.: Are we doing a pilgrimage to the old Coleco factory?
rich-c: any other questions tell me soon and I'll get answers next time I am talking to Melissa
rich-c: no such thing in Quebec
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Pamela: ok
DaveH: Bring shovels, there might be great stuff buried on the old coleco lot
changed username to Dale
Dale: Hi all.
rich-c: the Coleco factory was in Amsterdam, NY
Guy B.: Hi Dale
Daniel B: Hello Dale
Pamela: there's Dale - Hi
Guy F.: Wasn't it in Montreal?
rich-c: hi Dale
Judy: hi, Dale
Guy F.: Or is that where they assembled things?
Guy F.: Allo Dale.
Dale: Ah, but they made and assembled quite a lot of stuff at the Montreal facility.
rich-c: Guy, I don't have your registration for Adamcon yet, and we do need it
Daniel B: 4000, rue St-Ambroise... I've a picture of what it looks today.
Pamela: a parking lot?
DaveH: Boul. St Ambroise?
Dale: Especially after the Coleco US discontinued the product.
Guy F.: Yes, rue St-Ambroise? Are we going there with our Adamcon shirts and posing in front?
Daniel B: it looks like the old train station in old Quebec city actually
Guy F.: cool
Daniel B: The train is passing two corners or so from this building.
rich-c: Bob, what's the extra charge for those who want to attend the banquet?
Daniel B: I've historical informations, but no pictures of what it did looks like in the past.
rich-c: I believe the Tax Planner was an exclusive for the Canadian market
DaveH: I remember hearing a story about HR Block using ADAMs to do tax calcs back in the day
rich-c: yes, they finally sold them off when the government allowed online filing for tax prepareers
Guy F.: Allright, my right side of my brain is telling me I should go to sleep, even though my left side is telling me to stay.
Daniel B: "4000, St.Ambroise street, Montreal (Quebec), Canada. Built in 1882, this industrial building of 500,000 feet-square was used to provide work to more than 3000 people in the manufacturing of textile. In 1969, the factory closed and was replaced by Coleco which manufactured toys and pong-like consoles. Coleco employed 800 people and closed its doors in 1987."
Pamela: get lots of sleep Guy - you'll need it in a couple of weeks : )
Guy F.: I hope to see you guys soon on-line, if not... It's Adamcon baby!
LucMiron: Okay, bye GuyF!
Pamela: gnite Guy
Daniel B: bye GuyF
DaveH: Lokk Fwd to meeting u Guy
rich-c: Guy, when can we expect your registration and payment? and will you want ot join the banquet as well?
Guy F.: A plus, let me know if there are any special requests (ie: to bring a monitor or networking equipement to the hotel, etc....)
Judy: night GuyF
Guy F.: Rich: You will have to give me the options for the meeting room + banquet.
Daniel B: the hotel provide a screen for free.
LucMiron: I have to leave too, I'm afraid. I have a rather big day tomorrow...
Judy: night Luc
Pamela: g'nite Luc
Dale: Bye for now Luc.
DaveH: I should bail too, got a road trip first thing tomorrow
LucMiron: Bye guys and gals!
DaveH: Call u Fri, rich
LucMiron left chat session
Daniel B: a road trip?
Dale: Alright DaveH. We'll see you later.
rich-c: Sessions are $0/day lunch included, banquet about $30 extra
DaveH: Business travel up the 400 to Barrie
Pamela: that's not a road trip, that;'s a commute! : )
Guy F.: Rich: Ok, count me in. :)
Dale: Don't you mean $60/day?
rich-c: see you Dave, Luc
DaveH: Nite
Pamela: safe trip Dave
Pamela: nite
DaveH left chat session
rich-c: yes Dale I do damn keyboard can't spell
Pamela: apparently can't count, either : )
BobS: darn computers inthe Clee household
Guy F.: Rich: And the whole adamcon is counted as 2 or 3 days? ($60 X ?)
BobS: 3 days, Fri Sat & Sun
BobS: or any days thereof
Guy B.: Seems everyone has trouble
rich-c: just download teh form from Bob's ann site, fill it out and send it to me
Dale: 3 days.
Guy F.: Where can I find the link to Bob's site?
BobS: for registration form
rich-c: it's
Guy F.: Bob was too fast.
BobS: fast fingers
BobS: NEVER make misteaks
Pamela: and he always spells that right : )
rich-c: sorry
Daniel B: ? never make misteaks ?
Guy F.: thanks, night all.
Guy F. left chat session
Pamela: night!
rich-c: night Guy
Guy B.: He's fast. Well, it's raining here again. It was coming down hard this morning and more is on the way
Pamela: yes we have rain too
Pamela: rather welcome after so many dry days
Pamela: we certainly need it
rich-c: but our current lot is rapidly passing through, may be gone now
Pamela: I just wish there was more moisture on the ground and less in the air
Judy: we had rain this morning and this afternoon and is supposed to return at midnight
BobS: we are in the middlew of storms.............hopefully not too much the rest of the week, BUT chances every day
Guy B.: May was slightly drier than normal, but it was also a cool month
rich-c: next few days are set to cool off a little here they're calling high 19 one day
Pamela: foggy overnight, showers tomorrow afternoon and evening, Dad
Judy: cut the grass on Tues and already needs cutting again after soo much rain
Daniel B: @Dale, how the scheduling looks like.
Pamela: we've already had more heat alerts than we did in all of last summer
Dale: Unfortunately I have not yet made the progress on it that I promised you Daniel.
rich-c: Bob, do you find that with your meds slowing your circulation down, you feel the heat significantly less?
Pamela: its shaping up to be a hot one
Dale: But I will have a draft schedule soon.
BobS: HECK NO, the heat is killing me
Dale: I think that there is enough content to fill the time. It is just about arranging it now.
rich-c: Dale, we hae a problem with Luc, Yann and friends registereed for Saturday, so we need something for them
BobS: meaning TIME right?????
BobS: for seesions?
BobS: sessions
rich-c: well if they're paying $0 a pop I don't want to say "lunch over, now go home" to them
Pamela: ya gotta quit missing that 6, Papa
rich-c: Luc suggested that he was hoping for a CV oriented session, maybe that would be good?
Judy: you don't have to worry if they are paying $0, Rich
BobS: right Richard. may be time ot scratch an outing, make sat a sessions time all day, those that wasnt can go wherever
BobS: FREE time on Sat afternoon can still be devoted to sessions
rich-c: well the Quebecois, and Dale, are very gameoriented and it might be the time to show our appreciation
rich-c: well, it's something the guys may want and the gals may want to skip
Dale: So they registered for Saturday and Sunday.
Dale: Maybe the trip will happen on Friday then?
rich-c: no, just Saturday Luc is in for both days
BobS: that could happen Dale....GOOD IDEA
rich-c: not sure if we can afford the trip anyway, depends on a number of things
BobS: why can't the "outing" be on Friday????????????????
BobS: make it a non sponsored trip
BobS: it has not always been apid for by convention funds
rich-c: it can be anytime, just don't make it anything that costs money
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Judy: what are our options for an outing??
BobS: as far back as AC02, it was simply a free afternoon for whatever anyone wanted to do.....even thru AC8
Dale: I recommend the Insectarium.
rich-c: the fanciest shopping centre in Quebec, just down the road?
Dale: They have an amazing botanical gardens.
Dale: There's always the olympic dome too I guess, among other things.
Pamela: I'll bet Jillian would disagree : )
rich-c: Jill doesn't like creepiecrawlies?
Dale: Hmm...well, I'll admit that Jillian wasn't so keen on the Insectarium but she went anyway.
Pamela: she's not a huge fan I know
Dale: She gave the live insect displays a wide berth to be sure.
rich-c: the topiary garden down on the riverfront is rally something
BobS: it has been the majority of conventions that everyon paid their own way for any type of outing
Pamela: I was surprised by that - she doesn't seem the sort to be freaked out by bugs
BobS: we were jsut figuring out and it is only lately from about 16 on......(and some not) that the convention paid for the convention outing
Daniel B: I don't have the list of prices, but you can pay to visit the garden and I guess hte biodome as well in one forfait.
BobS: topiary garden sounds good, then otu for dinner
BobS: IF money is that tight, don't include any admissions in the convention budget
Dale: the biodome is on my list of things to see for sure.
rich-c: make sure you're ready to cope with teh Montreal subway, then driving downtown is the pits
Judy: what is the biodome?
Daniel B: like an inside zoo with different places like desert, jungle, etc.
Dale: It is cool.
Judy: sounds good to me
rich-c: is that what they did with teh burnedout frame of the US Expo7 pavillion?
Dale: Like every different environment in one building.
Pamela: you know Dad, I think there's something wrong with your 6 key
rich-c: oh oh I can't seem to get my numeral six to print nope, key is dead
Pamela: are you on the desktop?
rich-c: yes
BobS: Biodome is $16.50 per person unless we can get a group rate
BobS: keyboard issues
rich-c: wonder if any other keys have died yes, hyphen is gone too
Pamela: time for a new keyboard, or a good cleaning
rich-c: major keyboard issues I see
BobS: almost like a Meijer Garden conservatory
Daniel B: I guess you can see it that way, yes
rich-c: keyboard is quite new, though cheap
Judy: that looks like a great place to visit
Dale: I'm totally in, if we can go to the biodome.
rich-c: Montreal is a very fascinating place to visit feels very foreign
Dale: Very European.
Dale: But Quebec City is even more that way, really.
Judy: other cons I had to visit places during the sessions is that the case this year?
rich-c: unless Bob drags you you never HAVE to visit anything, Judy
BobS: .
Dale: That's really up to you Judy, and how much time you have for Montreal before/after the con.
rich-c: I won't go to the Biodome because I can't take transit and won't drive
Pamela: I think I've hit my limit for the night, time for bed
BobS: don't drag the little woman anywhere
Daniel B: goodnight Pam
Dale: Goodnight Pam.
BobS: she is LBERATED
Pamela: certainly not if you call her the little woman : )
rich-c: OK Pam, goodnight and sleep tight
BobS: nite Pam
Guy B.: Nite Pam
Judy: we are not staying extra time this year, don't think Doug has extra days off
Pamela: goodnite everyone, and thanks
Pamela: gnite Daddy
Pamela: Kerpoof
rich-c: nite Pam
Pamela left chat session
Judy: night Pam
Dale: There is a subway station right near the biodome, isn't there?
Dale: Maybe even two.
rich-c: so you folks going to do your exploring Friday?
Dale: That is the suggestion.
rich-c: the biodome is right on St. Helens Island, isn't it?
Judy: meeka and I may have to venture out on our own
BobS: that may be tghe best idea......given the ColecoVision group on sat
BobS: # 1......MAKE IT SO !!!!!!!!!!!!111
rich-c: if her back will hold up maybe you can get Frances to go with you, and/or Samantha
Dale: It's kind of in the middle of the main island.
Daniel B: I see... I did misinformed you earlier. the forfait I've seen with the garden is the insectarium.
Daniel B: anyway, the garden is a great choice
Daniel B: and the biodome is another great choice
Dale: is the map rich-c
Daniel B: all great choices... but the choice is too difficult
Judy: we could make a girls only adventure
Dale: Well we like the biodome, I think Daniel.
Judy: did that in Toronto to the zoo
rich-c: not hard, I might even be able to play chauffeur if you stay suburban
Judy: we will have Meeka's van
BobS: follw me, I will bang the traffic out of your way Richard
rich-c: Bob, you have never driven in Montreal and you don't want to
Dale: shows the two subway stations by the biodome.
BobS: Judy scared the sh*t out of torontorians witht he motorhome
rich-c: the Montreal Metro is modern and runs on rubber tires, very quiet
Dale: Driving near the biodome is no big deal.
Guy B.: Hawks and Flyers going into overtime tied at 3
Judy: drove all over that year in the motorhome
BobS: Biodome on Fri sounds good
Dale: I usually drive in Montreal,and rarely have too much trouble with parking and so on.
rich-c: Montrealers don't scare and don't care how big your vehicle is
rich-c: they will take on an 18wheeler with a Hyundai Accent
BobS: that is why we drive a mini van
Dale: They are agressive drivers in Montreal, but that is also true to some extent in Toronto too.
BobS: piece of cake and ice cream
Daniel B: Ho, I hope you remember the rule that in Montreal (and only there) you can't decide by yourself to turn right at the red light... even if some people probably do all the time there, it's not supposed to be allowed to do so.
rich-c: Bob, if they make ME nervous, believe they're aggressive and suicidal
Guy B.: Well folks, time for me to go. See you all next week
rich-c: night Guy
Judy: Florida is the worse place to drive, all the scamers are down there
BobS: yes Guy time here also.......
rich-c: no Judy, Montreal is worse I've been through both
BobS: us retired......I mean unemployed persons, have to go to bed early so we can look for work tomorrow
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
rich-c: night, Bob and Judy
Judy: night all until next week
Daniel B: so the schedule will be done later, the banquet will be decided later, the activity now during friday pm will be biodome for the most part, and did someone get any video from Ron yet?
BobS: ignorance is bliss and embellishes our driving
BobS: nothing from Ron here
rich-c: no, haven't heard from Ron lately
Judy: good for you Daniel make decissions you are the man
Daniel B: It's kinda limit if he didn't ship to us yet
Judy left chat session
Daniel B: I hope all this wiil fir the budget.
rich-c: if worst comes to worst he can email it, Daniel
BobS: RIGHT ricahrd
BobS: anyway, got to leave next week
BobS: HEY Steve never got back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rich-c: Daniel, the budget is my worry, not yours.
Steve: just got back
Daniel B: me too, have to leave since I should continue my presentation and stuff.
Steve: darn kids
BobS: bout time, we are packing things in man
BobS: enjoy them while they are there Steve
Steve: it's ok. wife wants to watch some of our recorded tv shows. won't be here next week either.
Steve: oh i do
Steve: MOSt of the time ;-)
rich-c: OK Daniel, I will keep you posted, any questions just email me
BobS: read about your exploits on the CV AtariAge group with the ide card.......keep at it
Daniel B: I'm not worrying, just mentioning that I'm concerned about it because you did mention it earlier.
Steve: Will be off on a golfing trip
Steve: will do
BobS: note all
BobS: nite
Steve: nite
Daniel B: errr. my question is do I consider the activity decided or not?
BobS left chat session
Dale: decided.
rich-c: looks like Dale is going to look after that Dale?
Steve: if you wait for everyone to chime in, it'll never get decided.
Daniel B: and it's friday pm, not saturday to accomodate colecovision guys.
rich-c: well, I will either rise heard on the women or catch up on my sleep
Daniel B: and I've now a mission, contacting the biodome to get a price list or something for a group.
Steve: Daniel, do you know the guy who calls himself HDTV1080P in AtariAge? he seems very knowledgable about Coleco and ADAM.
rich-c: your group will likely be about ten, Daniel
Steve: sorry to be off topic
Dale: Groups of 15 or more is $12/each
rich-c: when you talk about Adam you are never off topic here, Steve!
Steve: I figured, but you guys are discussing the Con and I'm off on AA
Steve: not THAT AA!
Dale: lol
Daniel B: @Steve, I don't know everybody, specially on forums. @Rich, so a group of 10... maybe there is no deal possible, but I'll see with them.
rich-c: well, we're working on setting up the 'con to accommodate the gamers on Saturday
Daniel B: So, no, I dont know who is hdtv1080p, unless I know his realname, I've no idea.
rich-c: well basically there's 17 but I can't go and the women won't, so that leaves you 12 max
Steve: I just wondered if you had had discussions with him, seeing as how he is quite knowledgable about Coleco and you, well it goes without saying.
Daniel B: wait a second... hdtv1080p seems to be the guy from ATARIMAX... the coleco usb cartridge I'm using came from AtariMax.
Steve: actually, maybe Rich knows his identity. He claims he used to run a software distribution company and he would buy software from developers, hire programmers to finish-debug it and release it. Ring any bells?
Steve: He may have been releasing it to the public domain
Daniel B: errr... wait a second, his name is Steve?
rich-c: Wasn't that guy down in New Jersey, was it? I forget his name
Dale: Judy said she wanted to go to the biodome.
rich-c: in the Cherry Hill area, across the river from Philadelphia?
Steve: well, my name is Steve. I don't know his.
rich-c: no telling what Pamela and Russell will decide, Dale or Guy Foster
rich-c: Dale, do you recall that guy in New Jersey?
rich-c: believe he said he named his company for his wife
Dale: I met him once.
Daniel B: I should leave now, my eyes are about to close by themself and I want to finish something first.
Dale: Was his name something like Jay?
rich-c: take it easy, Daniel, any problems let us know
rich-c: bingo! I'm near certain you're right, Dale
Daniel B: well, I'll send an email if I've questions to ask.
Daniel B: for now, it's goodnight and talk to you later.
Dale: Maybe Jay Miner? I'm not sure.
rich-c: bonsoir, Daniel
Dale: Goodnight Daniel.
Steve: S.M. Video?
rich-c: no, that wasn't it, but I don't remember what it was
rich-c: I think he had a few rather original ideas on copyright
rich-c: no, S.M. Video was someone else, down in the Washingto area IIRC, ssoon reverted to his own name
Steve: I think he says released games to public domain under S.M. Video and what he was saying in our threrad about the ?IDE cards about licencing from M.I. leads me to believe he is a different guy and believes in copyright for sure
Dale: Shawn McC something, right? He came to an AdamCon or two.
Dale: But the cherry hill guy only came to AdamCon 01.
rich-c: Shawn McCallum right thought he folded long ago
Steve: Yes, he did. He is a frequenter on AA under the Alias HDTV1080P. I'll pm him and confirm.
rich-c: not sure but I may have bought my Adam schematics from him he had one of th few good sets
Dale: I got some from him for sure.
Dale: The clearest ones I'd seen.
Steve: Good enough. Gotta go spend some quality time with the better half. You guys take care and I'll chat with you in a couple weeks leading up to the CON. Good Night
Dale: See you then Steve.
rich-c: OK Steve, good to have you aboard, and chat to you from Montreal next time.
rich-c: night now
Dale: I'm going to go now too.
Dale: Goodnight.
rich-c: goodnight, Dale, see you soon
rich-c: and I'll be off too
rich-c: colour me gone
rich-c left chat session
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