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BobS: Hi Meeka
Meeka: hi
BobS: who's undefined????? here when YOu got here??
Meeka: ya, they were
BobS: hmmmmm
BobS: are you packed for convention???
Meeka: lol, nope
BobS: ANd did you talk to Doug about what we want to take to or van???
Meeka: did start collecting doug shirts though
Meeka: the van
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Meeka: says it has better leg room
changed username to rich-c
BobS: OK works for us
Meeka: hi rich
BobS: hey Richard
rich-c: hi slopsemas
rich-c: so how are things going?
Meeka: okie dokie
rich-c: plotting which cdar to take to Adamcon?
BobS: si
rich-c: pick teh one with teh most room
BobS: Doug says VAN, I offered FIRE car......................................... ;-)
Meeka: just confieming our tra el plans with eCH OTHER SINCE NO ONE ELSE WAS HERE YAT
Meeka: soorrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy
BobS: van prolly has most room
Meeka: hit the caps and didnt realize it
rich-c: that's OK, you may have noticed that's my favourite sport
rich-c: I got the keyboardd working for now so I'm on the desktop computer
Meeka: thats good
rich-c: anyway, I wouldn't trust the fire car (yet) on a long trip
BobS: take a fire porllem
Meeka: it looks good though rich
rich-c: wasn't thinking of fire hazard - more some hidden slightly scorched connection quietly giving way and no clue as to why the car wont go
Meeka: you cant tell anymore that there was a fire
rich-c: that may be so, but there can be hidden damage that will take a certain number of miles to surface
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BobS: nope, cut out the 5 wires that burnt and replaced
rich-c: remember you are going to be pretty time-critical and can't afford en route delays
changed username to Chief Blackhawk
Meeka: hello
rich-c: hello Guy, your guys win?
BobS: Chief is here..................................
Chief Blackhawk: We are tied 1 a piece after 1 period
Chief Blackhawk: Second period underway
rich-c: well go for it - drink from the Cup tonight!
BobS: tonight is the final?
Chief Blackhawk: We hope
rich-c: games are 3-2 - Hawks win, that's it
Chief Blackhawk: Right
rich-c: let's hear it for teh Original Six!
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changed username to Judy
rich-c: btw heard from Guy Foster, he will be coming one day only
BobS: anyway, Richard,.........we are set for convention????
rich-c: hi Judy
Chief Blackhawk: Hi Judy, I will be back
Judy: Hi, Meeka, Guy., Rich
Meeka: hi mom
rich-c: oh yes - what are your feelings on filet mignon?
BobS: visited the hotel page and thought I saw theonly have breakfast Mon thru Fri ???????
BobS: LOVE it @@@@@@@@@@@
Judy: sounds wonderful, Rich
rich-c: that's hot breakfast - they have continental on the weekends, I believe
BobS: hope so
Meeka: hey mom....
Judy: how are you doing, RichZ?
rich-c: if you want something special, talk to Melanie when you get there, she tries very hard to oblige
Judy: sorry about the Z
Meeka: I am trying to decide on a new grouping for the wall. Can I borrow your paula vauchan books?
Meeka: vaughan**
Judy: yes, you may even have them, if you want them
rich-c: a bit bette4r, thanks - saw teh doctor yesterday
Meeka: sure, I will "rescue" any books you want rid of
rich-c: he saw my 48 hour Holter was as good a resylt as coupld be expected
Judy: sounds good, Meeka
Judy: what did the doc say?
rich-c: yes, I have A-fib, but it is as well controlled as we can reasonably expect
Judy: that's good, Rich
rich-c: he was very relieved though when I mentioned we were going to make the run to Montreal a two day trip
BobS: the best controlled is permanent A-fib..........and then control the heart rate
Judy: my mind is bad this week, haven't been able to do the Sudoku at all
BobS: you are coming in on Tuesday ??????????????????
rich-c: yes, I'll be arriving there Tuesday, and staying through the following Wednesday
rich-c: Montreal est une ville tres interessant
BobS: we should come in Thurs 8-9pm hopefully
Judy: then you wil be able to tell us all about the hotel next Wed
rich-c: I hope and expect so, all teh rooms are supposed to have internet
Meeka: rich, have you heard what the weather is posta be while we are there?
rich-c: I've told Melanie to expect very little demand for coffee, a lot for Diet Pepsi, Diet 7-Up, Orange Crush and Iced Tea
BobS: MS Maps saays we should have drive time of 12 hours
Chief Blackhawk: Goal Flyers, 2-1
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Judy: yes,we have to know how to pack, what kind of clothes to bring
changed username to Daniel B
Daniel B: ???
Chief Blackhawk: Be back
Meeka: hi daniel
BobS: he should be here
rich-c: salut, Daniel, comment ca va?
Judy: hi, Daniel
Meeka: we were asking if anyone knew what the weather was gonna be like next weekend daniel
BobS: oh danny boy, oh danny boy, the pipes are calling,.......................
Daniel B: bonsoir
BobS: have ya got a wee bit of the irish in ya????????
Daniel B: nobody can predict the weather after 10 days with precision... or be very lucky.
rich-c: OK, you want and go from there to the individual cities
rich-c: Environment Canada only forecasts five days in advance, feels anything more is not worth it
Daniel B: It's a math puzzle
BobS: IF they are as accurate as the US weather service................FORGET IT
Meeka: we know that, but we need to know what kinda clothes to pack
rich-c: well, in Toronto they are better than Accuweatehr and Weather channel by a huge lot
rich-c: and you can get local weather radar, provincial weatehr, satellite photos
BobS: at this timeof year, what is the normal weather heatwise??????????????????
rich-c: they are more likely to be a bit off in their temperature estimates if anything
rich-c: pack your parka and shorts - anything can happen and likely will
Chief Blackhawk: Hawks goal. Tied at 2
Meeka: ok, i am bad at conversions, what is 25* mean
rich-c: Whew, Guy
rich-c: OK to convert: thke the C, divide by 5, multiply by 9, add 32
rich-c: it is not as difficult as you think
Meeka: oh geeze i gotta do math too :-P
Judy: 77
rich-c: e.g. 25/5 = 5, x9 = 45, +32 = 77, OK?
Meeka: thanks
BobS: just remember 24 to 30 is summer to us
Judy: that sounds like a nice number
BobS: or 28
Daniel B: Well, it's easy if you think about it. Below 0 degrees at 1 ATM it turns water into ice, it's 32F for you.
rich-c: I still think in farenheit, myself, so I'm forever converting
Daniel B: And -40F is -40C, same
BobS: I NEVER want to see that number on my thermometer
Meeka: me either
rich-c: you'll be able to tell it's there when teh street lights go out
Daniel B: I did saw it a couple of times, but it became rare since I'm an adult.
rich-c: they can't maintain their arc when it'sd below -40
Daniel B: cars refuse to start
Daniel B: windows frosted
Judy: that is pretty cold
Daniel B: it's so cold, it burns
Judy: I bet it does
rich-c: you spit, it freezes before it hits the ground
Judy: don't want to ever experience that cold
rich-c: I never have and I'm in no hurry to do so
Daniel B: Well, if the Gulf Stream decided to stop or even reverse its course, you may experience it.
Judy: don't wish that on us, Daniel
rich-c: oh, we'll just throw a match in it and let teh burning oil heat us
Judy: that would change our temp zone
Daniel B: and who is undefined?
Daniel B: someone watching only?
rich-c: whoever it is hasn't signed in, likely went away some time ago
Judy: we have new pond plants that would not make it thru that cold
BobS requested to ban <undefined>
Chief Blackhawk confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
rich-c: doubt it, we harddly ever have any lurkers - they all want to join in sooner or later
Meeka confirmed ban
Judy: and if they are just spying on us they need to be numped
rich-c: although Justin has yet to show up tonight
Daniel B: Did someone replied to Dr.D. ? I can't access my emails at the moment
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changed username to Pamela
Daniel B: Pamela?
Meeka: hi pam
BobS: Daniel, did you get the message that Dr D wants to do a session???????????????????
Judy: hi, Pam
rich-c: hi daughter
Pamela: tis me
Pamela: hi everyone
Judy: how is Pam?
Pamela: disorganized, thank you : )
BobS: HEY PAM !!!!
Judy: why?
BobS: oh oh
rich-c: I told him to bring small toys that would interest the gamers, but no suggestions on what to talk about
Pamela: oh heck, why not?
Judy: just a question
rich-c: he and Erin are taking an American route through Syracuse - big tolls but smaller gas, hotel and food prices
Pamela: no packing list, no laundry done, stacks of things still to be done and a week to go
rich-c: count your bleesings, we leave Monday morning - and this is teh Canadian GP weekend
Judy: I am behind on my laundry also but am busy making curtains
Meeka: i am almmost caught up on mine
Pamela: oh, and we're supposed to go to the trailer this weekend
BobS: oh no, the WHOLE us way would be to got to Vurlington VT and then north
rich-c: Frances doesn't like weather like today's because she can't hang her laundry out
Pamela: is anyone planning to drive through Ontario?
Chief Blackhawk: Goal Hawks. 3-2
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Judy: was working on it Tuesday and lost power so that put a stop to it and other things got in the way
changed username to LucMiron
rich-c: good, Guy, cheer tehem on!
LucMiron: Yo!
Chief Blackhawk: Hi Luc
Meeka: u lost power?
Meeka: hi luc
Pamela: Hi Luc
rich-c: allo Kuc, ca va bien?
LucMiron: Oui Kich
Pamela: LOL
Daniel B: bonsoir
LucMiron: So how is everyone?
BobS: driving to Sarnia and EAST straight thru the mess
Judy: hi, Luc
LucMiron: Pretty good.
Judy: good
rich-c: I'm planning to leave Monday, overnight in Kingston, arrive Tuesday
Pamela: FYI Bob all the rest stops between Toronto and Kingston are closed
LucMiron: You'll be in Montreal/Laval on Tuesday?
Pamela: so you'll have to leave the highway for potty breaks and coffee
Pamela: ya, that's what I said
rich-c: yes, bring a plastic bottle and hold off on teh diruetics till you arrive
Daniel B: ... cold... almost everyone here has a cold... well, mine is tolerable... I was thinking first it was a flu, but no.
Pamela: my sister-in-law was down that way a couple of weeks ago and warned me
LucMiron: @Daniel: Well, better have a cold now than 10 days from now. :)
rich-c: we cannot figure out what idiocy in our government let that slip through
Meeka: better now than next week daniel
BobS: just have to find a Tim Hortons along the way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Judy: why close them all?
rich-c: yes, Luc, we hope to be in the hotel early Tuesday afternoon
Meeka: several of them lol
LucMiron: So guys and gals, I have a few ADAMCon-related questions here...
Meeka: shoot
LucMiron: POW!
Chief Blackhawk: End of second period. 3-2 Hawks
Meeka: hahhhha
Daniel B: I'm hit
LucMiron: It's a magic bullet... :P
BobS: I am DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
rich-c: it's teh end of teh third that counts - everything crossed, kiddiees!
LucMiron: Anyhow, first question...
Judy: we will try to answer
BobS: ok, enough fun...shoot
LucMiron: It's question for rich, mostly...
Daniel B: be right back
rich-c: just dont spoil the fun too much, Luc - there will be an Adam trivia quiz with a nice prize at teh 'con
LucMiron: Can you contact everyone who registered for the convention and ask them if they could possibly be interested in purchasing an ADAM computer from me?
LucMiron: I figure it would be good to avoid shipping issues. They could just take it with them, in their car, after the convention.
rich-c: an announcement could be put on the Adam mailing list, but it isn't limited to onvention members
LucMiron: That would be alright, I guess.
rich-c: anyway, pretty well all Adamcon folks have all the Adams they need
LucMiron: That's what I was thinking...
rich-c: my surplus Adams are being offered on eBay
LucMiron: It doesn't make much sense to bring the ADAM to the 'con if I won't be able to sell it.
rich-c: unless you want to have it in hand while we discuss it
LucMiron: I'll be bringing a ColecoVision and a TV set, with my USB cart.
BobS: except that you are fairly close anyway
LucMiron: @Bob: Yeah, but I don't have a car, and I'll need to take a taxi to bring it.
rich-c: don't know if Yann, Stephane and all will be in the market
rich-c: Daniel, who is teh third one in that group?
LucMiron: Well, I just need a single buyer, really. I won't even asking much for it.
LucMiron: even be asking
rich-c: if they're at the 'con they can likely go to your place to pick it up anyway
LucMiron: That's true. One thing I can do is bring it up during my presentation.
LucMiron: That leads me to my second question...
rich-c: you can always ask Bob or Dave Hill for advice, both sell Adams quite regularly
Chief Blackhawk: Ok Back.
LucMiron: When will I know the date and time at which I will be called upon to do my presentation?
rich-c: Daniel has to answer that one, just remember our times are sort of soft
LucMiron: Yeah, but I also know that there are several presentations, and a banquet on Sunday evening too...
rich-c: by the way, Daniel, when can we have our Mighty Mitchell Prize tribvia contest?
LucMiron: Mighty Mitchell?
rich-c: named for Ron Mitchell - previous year's winner has to do the following year's
LucMiron: Ah.
LucMiron: Anyhow, my next questions are for Daniel and Dale. I hope Dale will drop by tonight...
rich-c: so we figure there will be at least seven people trying desperately NOT to win ; - )
Pamela: the full name being (I believe) the Much Maligned but Highly Coveted Mighty Mitchell Award
Daniel B: I'm back
Meeka: wb
BobS: so.............only he knows for sure
rich-c: you're shouting
BobS: I know
BobS: then luc won't miss it
BobS: HA
Daniel B: Dale is in charge of the scheduling, all I know is that I'm starting.
Meeka: dale tends to be rather last minute
rich-c: OK, I'll speak to him then
LucMiron: So Daniel, do you have a list of all the people who purchased Jeepers Creepers carts from you?
Daniel B: Checking if he's online somewhere
rich-c: yes, Luc will find out he's next about two minutes before he's on
Daniel B: Dale is not online at the moment.
LucMiron: If Dale does the told-at-the-last-minute prank on me, he's going to get it...
rich-c: likely putting Jeffy to bed
Daniel B: List of Jeepers Creepers carts owners?
rich-c: after you've known Dale for a while, you get hardened to it
LucMiron: Yep, because I will have about 55 JC boxes to dsitribute.
Daniel B: err... I guess I can find back some messages, but I don't have a list
LucMiron: Well, do you know some in Quebec, aside from you and me? From memory, I mean.
LucMiron: I'm sure there are several that frequent the AtariAge forums, so I can reach them from there.
rich-c: Daniel, how are you coming down to Montreal?
Meeka: ya, i we were thinking so too
Daniel B: Well, I've find a way to be at the hotel in time for the checkin thuesday night.... but can't be there early.
rich-c: well you can't check in before 3 p.m. anyway - so how are you coming?
Daniel B: I can't find messages regarding those who did bought JC in Quebec, because I did probably sell them during a CCJVQ meeting... so it's more anonymously
LucMiron: In any case, I'll have a few JC boxes glued up in time for my visit at ADAMcon. I assume you have at least one copy of the cart, Daniel, so you'll be getting one.
Daniel B: I did sell my cartridge... someone wanted the game and AtariAge still didn't prepare any so I had to make a choice between getting some money or not.
LucMiron: Oops... :)
LucMiron: Well, I could give you a box anyway.
BobS: tha is what I was thinking.......hotel pics show no refrig in anything would need ice or just drink it
Daniel B: reminds me, I didn't send you yet a list of games.
rich-c: I will be bringing a powered cooler and Pamela was out shipping for one today
Pamela: correction, bought one today
LucMiron: @Daniel: Oh, that's right. With everything that's been happening lately, I kinda forgot about it.
rich-c: I am not sure if you can order a room frig or not as an extra
Pamela: I didn't see that as an option
Daniel B: Well, I've found one email here... not someone from Quebec... it's a cartoonist-scripter. Rob Schrab, maybe heard this name before.
BobS: I thought that it was listed beforre
rich-c: you did buy it, then - OK - won't have to share my beer space ; - )
LucMiron: I came very close to getting a boxed Game Pack #1 on eBay a few weeks ago, but I got outbid... :(
Pamela: nope : )
BobS: drink warm beer???????????????????/I think NOT
LucMiron: Rob Scrab... Doesn't ring a bell...
LucMiron: It was Nathan Koslowski's copy (ColecoNation)
rich-c: good beer actually tastes better warm - but Americans never discover that
Daniel B: well, if you type his name on Google, you'll find a lot about him
Judy: Meeka do you have one of those coolers?
BobS: RICAHRD....shame
Meeka: which coolers mom
Judy: the plug in ones
rich-c: sorry, Bob, I keep forgetting you have boutique producers turning out the real stuff now - good ones, too
Meeka: we have a very small one that runs on electric and holds like 6 cans
Judy: that is what we need to take along
Daniel B: I've found another name here... someone did asked me for a Jeepers Creepers by email... I don't have much information except his name and his email.
Daniel B: I can't remember if he did get a cartridge or not
LucMiron: Okay...
Pamela: I suspect we'll get a lot more use out of it than just long trips
Daniel B:
Daniel B: Rob Schrab web site
Daniel B: he got a Jeepers Creeprs cartridge
Daniel B: directly from me
rich-c: well, we have only used ours for travel so far, but I won't be surprised if that changes
Pamela: I must say I found it useful on that trip to Windsor last year Dad
Daniel B: I know for sure that Steve Begin doesn't have a Jeepers Creepers. I did offer him one but he returned it to me.
Pamela: or whenever that was
rich-c: right - btw do nudge Grame's elbow on Behemoth when you chat, perhaps?
LucMiron: Alright. I suppose Steve won't be at AdamCon. Pitty...
Pamela: I have a couple of times Dad but if I talk to him soon I'll pester him
LucMiron: What about Mathieu Proulx?
rich-c: good, your mother is being impatitent
Daniel B: he's not interrest into Coleco, he just wanted to make a game with my help.
LucMiron: Really? So Maze Maniac was a one-time thing?
Daniel B: Maze Maniac was made by Mathieu Boyer.
LucMiron: Oh, I got'em mixed up. Mathieu Proulx helped you with Bejeweled, right?
Daniel B: Yes, he insisted so hard to do a game project with me, so I decided to let him continue the project Bejeweled that I've started earlier.
Daniel B: he did a great job actually
LucMiron: You know, if I had the time, I would encode and prepare the source code for that Jewel Panic title screen I created for you...
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LucMiron: Then you'd only need to fix those controller issues...
changed username to Coastal Ron
Chief Blackhawk: HI Ron
Coastal Ron: hey all
rich-c: hi Ron, how's the wet coast?
Judy: hi, Ron
BobS: The WET coasters are here?????????????????????????
Coastal Ron: showers sun showers
Daniel B: well, with todays devkit, I'll need more than just fixing an issue. I need to rewrite parts of teh code to fit SDCC instead of hi-tech c compiler systax and libraries.
Pamela: Hi Ron
Coastal Ron: mailed the stuff express post today Bob
Coastal Ron: hi Pam
LucMiron: Yeah, that sounds like more work indeed. Unless you just used Hi-Tech one last time...
Judy: we have been having the same kind of weather
BobS: OK Ronald !!!!!
Coastal Ron: supposed to take 4-6 days
rich-c: surely Expresspost isn't THAT long?
Coastal Ron: the Mighty Mitch prize can be something of your choice
Daniel B: Last time I've used hitech-c, it was to make the final version of Jeepers Creepers.
Coastal Ron: well Rich, they said it might possible arrive sooner
rich-c: heck, we got our renewed passports bhack in under a week, and they came Expresspost
LucMiron: I still have Hi-Tech installed here, some place on my hard disk. I could still use it.
rich-c: well, I have found a verry appropriate prize for the Mighty Mitchell Award
Daniel B: dosbox works with 22nice and the compiler, but that means I can't run it fast and I can't use the interface program called CCI to help me.
Coastal Ron: Daniel - in addition to mailing my DVD presentations to Rich and Bob, I was talking to Dr. D this afternoon and he suggested uploading the whole thing to his site. Doing that now
rich-c: well, as long as teh one for me gets here by Monday, everything's fine
Coastal Ron: as we speak
LucMiron: I can still use CCI on my end. In fact, I used it while programming my Sudoku game.
Coastal Ron: so one way or another you should have it available
Daniel B: Running XP I guess
LucMiron: Yep, I have XP.
Daniel B: it's the last version my CCI and hi-tech compiler than works with
Pamela: be right back folks, gotta run down to the garage
Daniel B: *the last verison of windows... that can works with
Daniel B: anyway, mistyping is fun
rich-c: oh I know, I do it all the time!
Daniel B: yes, Kuc and Kich
Judy: it is a way to type, mistakes are a must
Chief Blackhawk: Less than 5 minutes. Blackhawks still lead
rich-c: well last week I had help - my 6 key wouldn't work
Coastal Ron: teh = the
rich-c: time for them to get another before all the fans have heart attacks, Guy
Coastal Ron: first time since what, 1961???
Daniel B: Yahoo! Mail refuses to work properly tonight
Chief Blackhawk: By the way. I've now lost 18 pounds, hoping to loose 2 more before the con
Daniel B: I can't check or serach emails
Judy: good for you, Guy
rich-c: sounds good, Guy - I'mj down about twn of late without even trying
Meeka: good fopr you guy
Daniel B: My presentation kis ready, btw
Judy: how come, Daniel?
Chief Blackhawk: Annie's been a big help
Daniel B: again... another K
Coastal Ron: Daniel, there was one to the ADAM mail list this afternoon from Dr. D. wondering if you wanted him to do a presentation and if so, on what subject
LucMiron: Dr D. = Dale Wick?
rich-c: seems Dale is handling the scheduling, Ron
Coastal Ron: no Rich Drushel
Daniel B: Well, I've tried to reply to him directly, but I've got an error message, so I've no idea if he got my message. but in it, I didn't suggested any subject.
Meeka: no, dr. d is rich drushell
LucMiron: Ah, ok.
Chief Blackhawk: Flyers tied it up 3-3
Coastal Ron: awww
Daniel B: try typing drushell and coleco as keywords in google
rich-c: also Prof. D. if you want to be formal, but mostly "hey rich"
rich-c: time for teh Hawks to get it back NOW - we do NOT need o/t
Chief Blackhawk: I know. About three minutes remaining
Daniel B: well, maybe try another keyword then
rich-c: climb through teh TV screen and tell them to go for it!
Daniel B: My presentation may be about 1 hoyur instead of 45 minutes.
LucMiron: It's a shame Dale is not here tonight. I wanted to ask him if he could install OpenOffice 3.2 on the laptop he plans to use with his projector.
rich-c: doesn't matter, Daniel, at an Adamcon we always end up taking whatever we need, anyway
Coastal Ron: Is there going to be internet at the 'con?
Daniel B: I can ask Dale to install OpenOffice on his laptop, or you can use my laptop if you want
BobS: yes sir
rich-c: yes, the whole hotel has wireless, Ron
LucMiron: Whatever PC is used, I would only need OpenOffice Impress to be installed.
rich-c: don't know if it's secure or not, but suspect no
Coastal Ron: good. Shall be with you in spirit
BobS: I have Open Office 2.1 Luc
Judy: that is the next best then, Ron
Chief Blackhawk: I have OpenOffice 3.2
Daniel B: Well, I'm using OpenOffice Impress for my presentation.... not the best actually to add multimedia in the slides but it works.
LucMiron: BobS: I wouldn't chance it. I'd prefer to have 3.2 because that's what I'm using to prepare the presentation slides.\
BobS: ANd the annual ADAM chat will be Saturday evening i assuem......................DANIEL??????
BobS: can alwasy BE isntalled Luc
rich-c: ye4s, can anyone bring the CD?
Coastal Ron: hope so
Daniel B: the problem I did find with openoffice files is still using file references instead of adding files in the presentation. In other words, if I change my presentation from one folder to another, the slides lose their images and sounds.
LucMiron: Yeah, with wireless at the hotel, I supposed installing OpenOffice 3.2 on any laptop is no big deal. It's just a matter of having enough free disk space.
rich-c: I have a copy somewhere, I think, but no idea if it is 3.2
Daniel B: I need ot move the presentation file and the associated files in the same folder, all the time
Coastal Ron: Expect you guys might have problems with my DVD. It'll probably play the slides ok, but some of the sound files might not be properly linked
Coastal Ron: same problem Daniel
Daniel B: when I did the nice presentation about minigames 2 or 3 years ago, by trying to copy the presentatin file to Dale, we did notice that the presentation didn't bring the images with it.
Coastal Ron: if my upload to Dr. D is ok, h
Coastal Ron: he
Coastal Ron: 'he's going to see if he can put the thing back together on his Mac
Daniel B: Well, for my presentation I'll simply use my file where it is, and if someone want a copy, I'll try to convert it into a portable slideshow.
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changed username to Guy B.
Guy B. requested to ban Chief Blackhawk
LucMiron confirmed ban
Pamela confirmed ban
rich-c confirmed ban
Meeka confirmed ban
BobS confirmed ban
Coastal Ron confirmed ban
Judy confirmed ban
Pamela: did you get dumped Guy?
Meeka: well folks, i am outta here
Meeka: see ya next
Meeka: week
Pamela: night Meeka
Coastal Ron: be well Meeka
rich-c: night Meeka, see you next week
Pamela: see you very soon!
Judy: night Meeka see you Saturday
Coastal Ron: go straight home now
Meeka: night
Guy B.: Ok Back. Forgot to put the laptop on electric. So the battery was down
Meeka left chat session
LucMiron: Time to go to bed, guys! I'm not sure if I'll be able to come to this chatroom next week (I may be too busy preparing for the 'con) so if I don't drop by, I'll see most (if not all) of you at the ChateauNeuf hotel!
Guy B.: We're going to overtime
Coastal Ron: shoot!
Daniel B: Bye Luc.
Pamela: night Luc
Guy B.: Bye Luc
rich-c: OK Luc, remember I'm there Tuesday on
Daniel B: Send us an email if you still have questions
Judy: night Luc, don't work to hard on it, take time to enjoy
Pamela: do drop in even if only for a few minutes
Coastal Ron: Nite Luc
BobS: nite Luc
LucMiron: Bye!
LucMiron left chat session
Coastal Ron: Remember Bob, I'm still a 2XL
BobS: how's Francesca doing Ron???????
Pamela: we'll be on the road on Wednesday, don't know where we're stopping yet
BobS: oh DARN, thought you shrunk
Coastal Ron: she's ok. Back at work now. Gather she has a follow up medical appointment sometime this week
rich-c: are you doing teh trip as a two-day, Pam?
Coastal Ron: I wish
Pamela: still no cause?
Pamela: yes Dad
BobS: just stay healthy OK ???????
Coastal Ron: nope, no hint at all - except stress
Coastal Ron: she's a terrible flyer, and the Italian flight was on her mind.
BobS: healthy is themolst important,,,,,,,,even if we old folks can't lose weight
rich-c: we are staying at First Canada Inn, Kingston, exit 617 - they have good prices and look good on the website
BobS: shoudl say older retired AND unemployed folks
Coastal Ron: well if some old folks like the guy on the other side of the mirror were to TRY a little harder. ... alas I have the food tastes of a 5 year old. If it ain't salty or sweet, I don't want it
Pamela: I sympathize Ron
Coastal Ron: thank you so much Pam
rich-c: it's called teh Morticians Choioce diet, ron
Coastal Ron: my Doctor said I need a HAM diet
Coastal Ron: ie half-as-much
Daniel B: ham diet? what is that? eating only ham?
rich-c: yes, I have found that works
Coastal Ron: right Rich. I like that one
BobS: if it is healthy, it tastes yuck......if it tastes yuck, it is good for you
Judy: that is a good one, Ron
BobS: THAT is a good piece of advice Ron
Guy B.: No diet for me. Just eating less and walking more
Coastal Ron: He thought my getting married was a good thing. Now he's not so sure. I said, yeah, I blame my wife
Coastal Ron: yuck yuck!
rich-c: btw, the pop will be Diet Pepsi, Diet 7-Up, Orange Crush and Iced Tea
Coastal Ron: no more diet drinks for me. too many adverse effects from aspartame
rich-c: I will supply my own beer and coffee ;-)
Daniel B: I should avoid pops... but I like them.
rich-c: drink teh zero calorie one, Daniel
Coastal Ron: All right folks. Just thought I'd stick my head in here. Now must go and see how my uploading to CWRU is doing. Be well, be good
Judy: does she force you to eat?
BobS: Ron, iced tea, etc.......unsweetened lemonade
BobS: etc
Daniel B: it's not about calorie but about the acid used
Coastal Ron: no Judy. But I accuse her of it anyway
BobS: same to you sir
Judy: night Ron
rich-c: night Ron, take care!
Coastal Ron: night all
Coastal Ron: pooooof!!!
Pamela: nite Ron tell Sue we said Hi
Daniel B: bye ron
Guy B.: Bye Ron
BobS: HI Sue
BobS: tooate
BobS: late
Daniel B: viva mistyping
Pamela: the backspace key is your friend : )
rich-c: can't find that eitehr
Daniel B: too close to the enter key actually
Pamela: it's my enter key that's the problem most of the time
Pamela: right under my pinky
rich-c: keep hitting teh backslash
BobS: the stinky pinky?????
Pamela: oh yeah
BobS: remind me Pam to tell you about little ryan's pig farm
Pamela: I'm a quick typist but I make a lot of mistakes
Pamela: okay, I'll make a note Bob
Pamela: real or virtual?
rich-c: can't be inherited - I'm a slow typist and make more mistakes
BobS: ask at convention dear
Pamela: I will
Pamela: I suspect if you'd learned to type on a computer Dad you'd be faster
rich-c: when I started typing we didn't have computers - recall my first computer came when I was overv 50 years old
Pamela: yes I know
Pamela: I learned to type on that old manual too, don't forget
rich-c: so do I but I shudder to think!
Pamela: might explain why my typing class marks sucked so badly : )
Daniel B: goodnight.... I'm leaving too
Guy B.: Well folks, one week to go. So, I'm going to see if the Hawks can do it here. Otherwise, will see you all next week
Judy: night Daniel
rich-c: but when I react to a computer still as some newfangled toy - I've got teh histopry
Pamela: goodnight Daniel, see you in a week!
Daniel B: bonne nuit rich
Daniel B: Goodnight Pam, Judy, Bob, GuyB
Judy: I am going also, so night all until next week
Guy B.: Nite Daniel
Pamela: night Judy
Pamela: can't wait to see you!
rich-c: bonsoir,Daniel - any difficulties, email me or after Tuesday call me at chateauneuf
Judy: me too
Pamela: safe trip
Daniel B: well, next week, I'll try to be online too... but I'll probably also rush to prepare my stuff to bring at the convention
Judy left chat session
BobS: nite Daniel
Daniel B: bye, take care! see you there!
rich-c: guy, go cheer them on to the win
Guy B.: I will
BobS: time for me to go then also gang. next week, eh???????????????????????????
BobS: poof
Pamela: night Bob - drive safe!
BobS left chat session
rich-c: see you in Laval if no9t online earlier, bob
Guy B.: Poof
Guy B. left chat session
Daniel B left chat session
Pamela: okay I'm outta here too Dad - getting mighty tired
rich-c: well, that cuts it dowsn fast, n'est-ce pas?
Pamela: I will talk to you over the next few days
rich-c: nighty-nite, Pam - take care
Pamela: night Daddy, thanks for the input earlier
rich-c: check out that motel I gave you - most are expen sive and nearly sold out
Pamela: I will but we may go on to Ottawa, haven' t decided yet
Pamela: we'll keep you apprised
rich-c: OK, enjoy the trailer
Pamela: and having exhausted my store of fancy words, I'm for bed
Pamela: kerpoof!
rich-c: colour me gone
Pamela: night!
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