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Article: ac12

AdamCon 0Ch Bulletin:

Well, the dust is settling on AdamCon 11, and in my humble opinion, it was a great success. One thing that always warms my heart is the know- ledge that it's going to happen all over again next year. This is in fact the case for this time around. The next AdamCon (the 12th annual) is to be called AdamCon 0Ch, and is to be held in the northern Toronto area in the year 2000. So BLOCK OFF THE WEEKEND OF JULY 20-23rd

When will all of this happen?

Toronto in the summer is usually hot and sunny. It will be nice weather then, even if you don't go outside for the entire schedule. The middle of July is when Toronto area has hosted previous 'Cons, and so I'll keep with tradition.

What will we be doing?

As always, AdamCon will be a combination of reunion and enriching sessions on everything from the latest in computer technology (with application relating to the Adam) to discussions of old favorite topics and trivia. It is as always a time of renewal of energy towards this great machine we call the "Adam Family Computer System". In the weeks leading up to an AdamCon there is always a flurry of activity, to prepare seminars on all topics Adam, and as a result the fall out stirs up Adam interest, and spurs more activity.

Why AdamCon 0C?

Why you may ask is the twelfth annual international Coleco Adam computer convention called AdamCon 0Ch? Well, it turns out that the official name of the first AdamCon was somewhat jokingly called "01", which I always thought was hexadecimal. Well to prove it, I am calling this AdamCon 0C. It is a tribute to all of the engineers and programmers who ever worked on the Adam, or contributed to the Adam community. As is happening throughout society, the year 2000 is one to look back on past successes and especially future possibilities. That is the philosophy of this upcoming AdamCon.

Location! Location! Location! The dedicated AdamCon staff are searching the Greater Toronto Area for the perfect venue. Because the convention is still in the future, we hope to have jet packs, Virtual Reality goggles and gloves for everyone who attends. We are still researching for pricing on those components. The cost for this AdamCon is planned to be $300 US for a regular full delegate sharing a room for 4 nights (Thursday night to Sunday night) including all breakfasts, lunches and of course the Banquet. The big project will be to premier the Coleco Adam repository -- a CD-ROM with all of the best PD, articles, information and guides for the Adam that we can assemble in one place. If you have any electronic donations contact Dale directly.

Your's To Discover

The Tourism Ontario slogan is Ontario "Your's to Discover" -- and that applies to before and after the AdamCon. The Toronto Zoo (who just celebrated their 25th annivarsary), is among the 10 top zoos world wide. The tallest free standing building in the world is next to the stadium where the Blue Jays play. Just around the corner from Toronto are the wine regions of Ontario and of course world famous Niagra Falls.

Open casting call......

As with all AdamCons, I am looking for volunteers for all aspects of the conference. That includes speakers to give key notes, lectures or hands on lessons. Also, I am looking for a hardware wizard, and help with other before hand setup issues. Finally, I am looking for equipment that can be brought for the conference for the hands on lab.

More to come!

Keep your eyes peeled, because there will be more bulletins on the way with rate schedule and all of the details as they come into focus. look for this bulletin and more at:

	Sincerely, Dale Wick, Chairman of AdamCon 0Ch

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Article: jim2scot

From: Jim Walters <
> To: Scott Gordon < Subject: Re: Does anyone know...

Scott: There was some talk about it, but I don't believe anyone did. Jim Walters

----original message-------- From: "Scott Gordon" <
> To: <
> Subject: Does anyone know...

> ADAM Community:
> Has anyone written a program in EOS that would take a binary file (H
> designation) and convert the data into a SmartBASIC program?
> Perhaps this will make it clearer:
> If File 1 is a binary file and its contents are 1,2,3,4,5.
> Is there a program that will take this data and put it into this:
> 10 lomem: 28000
> 20 poke 16149,255:poke 16159,255
> 30 data 1,2,3,4,5
> 40 for i=1 to 5: real ml:poke 27599+i, ml:next i
> This program would be a great help for me in getting my newsletter off
> the ground.
> Thanks,
> Scott

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Article: readme



This month we have a self booting media copied from the original Coleco cartridges distributed to the stores who sold the ADAM computer way back in 1983-1985. It has a hand controller driven menu. Included are the original store demo of the ADAM functions; a final system test from Coleco itself; the never finished Tunnels & Trolls demo; a music demo with a lot of the original Coleco sounds; a diagnostic program for the advanced user with computer motherboard problems; and a Super Action Controller test.

Also on the disk are some correspondence from the last month as well as the first official ADAMCON OC (AC12) announcement with the date of the convention this year. JULY 20-23 !!!! It will be in Toronto and we urge ALL who can to make your travel plans as soon as possible.

AC12 ADAMCON date announcement; place and details to

          follow, hopefully next month or sooner - you can
          access the ADAMCON webpage with the enclosed
          address IF you have internet access.

Jim2Scott A conversation between Jim Walters and Scott

          Gordon about making SmartBASIC programs out of
          regular text.

Rich1&2 Richard Drushel has some information available

          at his FTP website for youtechies.

Scott1-3 Scott Gordon has some information and input needed

          for his new venture on the internet.  Scott has
          managed to get a VERY good start on an ADAM only
          website with a lot of information and archived
          material there.  As Johny5 says in the movie Short
          Circuit...."NEED INPUT"

Readme This file.

CON OC (AC12) announce

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Article: rich1

	From: Richard Drushel <>
	Subject: ADAM Technical Manual update

I added the assembly source and listings for the ADAMlink modem drivers to the online version of the ADAM Technical manual at

Note on the various .ASM listings: I have to change the MacOS file creator strings so that the http server "knows" these are files that you should be downloading to save, not just displaying them as a continuous stream of characters. Until I sit at the console and do this, use whatever method your browser supports to "force" the saving of a link (e.g., holding the shift key down while clicking in Netscape, IIRC).

        Next:  the keyboard table.  After that, the EOS User's Manual.


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Article: rich2

From: Richard Drushel <>
Subject: Adam Technical Manual update: keyboard codes

The keyboard table has been added to the ATM at the appropriate section. I will probably work next on the internal links before ploughing into the EOS User's Manual.


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Article: scott1

From: <>	
Subject: Newsletter

Dear ADAM Community:

As many of you are already aware, I am planning to start a newsletter to go along with my website, The ADAM Resource. I really need some input from as many of you as I can. If you only write to this list once a year, please... make this that one time...

I'm leaning toward a bi-monthly newsletter filled with orginal articles and ads for all of the remaining ADAM vendors/websites.

This newsletter can be anything that you want it to be. That's why I'm asking for your help so that we can print something that all of us will want to read every one to two months.

Right now, I'm leaning toward a format that's successful in the past -- somewhere along the lines of Nibbles & Bits from Solomon Swift. I'd like to pick up where Sol left off and focus primarily on software development. This newsletter will tie in with my own software releases (for the ADAM).

July 1st is my target.

This will be a traditional newsletter, mailed each one to two months to your door... er, mailbox. I am also contemplating including a diskette or CD-ROM with each issue.

I hope all of you are as excited about this as I am.

Scott Gordon

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Article: scott2

From: <> 	
Subject: The ADAM Resource


Another large update has been added to our archive at (The ADAM Resource)! Over the weekend, we were able to post 18 articles to our site for a grand total of 64 online articles. We're now 64% of the way towards our goal of having 100 online articles available for ADAM owners before ADAMCON 0C.

These articles cover a wide range of subjects. I personally gravitate towards EOS, which probrably explains why we have 22 articles that deal with SmartBASIC and only 4 for CP/M / TDOS. Indeed there are holes and I am trying my very hard to bring you the best, most informative information that has been written on the ADAM.

Some of our new articles include:

Machine Code in SmartBASIC Using TDOS - Advanced Part I Separate Audio/Video Hack ADAMCON 02 Report A complete 10 part SmartBASIC tutorial Reviews of SmartClock, Clip Art Viewer and Visi-Sprite etc., etc., etc...

We've also included quick reference information on Wordstar 3.0 (I'm always misplacing this!).


I would also like to take this time to publicly thank Daniel Pease who very graciously donated his entire newsletter collection to us. This has now doubled my present inventory of newsletters which will now benefit the ADAM community. A few of the articles now online such as "ADAM Makes News" and "CP/M Stuff'" wouldn't have been available if it weren't for Daniel's generous gift. Once again, thank you Daniel.

In the same breathe, I would also like to that Robert Slopsema of A.N.N. He has also been instrumental at providing us with past issues of A.N.N. for inclusion on this site. In fact, I have so many I am completely backlogged... which is a good thing. In the future you should expect to see every issue of A.N.N. on this site.

Quite a feat, eh?


If anyone has any articles on ADAMCON 2-8 and 10-11, I would be most appreciative. Currently we're loaded on reader reactions from ADAMCONs 1 and 9 but are very thin on everything else in between. I am especially thin on conventions 5-8.

As always, if you have something to contribute please <A HREF="">e-mail me</A>. As a publisher, we constantly need new material to print and the more information we can make available to all ADAM owners, the more powerful we can be as a whole.


I envision this site to be the hub of all ADAM activity. Plans are currently underway to bring The Ultimate BBS to our site. I am also looking into bringing a chat room to the site and scheduling AUG meetings.

The ADAM Resource will boast a modest online store. We plan to publish software, an online newsletter, books and provide technical support. We plan to provide you with an extensive online FAQ with answers to hundreds of questions and 24 hour news coverage.

Indeed, our work is only beginning and the ADAM is alive and well. Stop by our site, enjoy the resources and support your ADAM community!

Thank you and enjoy the site!

Scott Gordon (The ADAM Resource)

P.S. If you would like to see more of a particular subject covered, please email me( and I would be glad to expand our coverage.

Click here to jump to our online archive:

(The ADAM International Archive Main Index)

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Article: scott3

From: <>	
Subject: Update

The entire SmartBASIC tutorial, chapters 1-10, is now online. Do you have any idea who actually wrote this? I've been looking around, but I haven't discovered who it might be.

I've also added a reference card for WordStar 3.0 under the manuals section. Exploring SmartBASIC Part IV is now up and completes parts I-V. An interesting e-mail discussion regarding the rights to the Coleco ADAM was pieced together from 4 text files from a previous issue of ANN.

A couple more articles have found their way to the Misc section of the AIA. One is an article published in 1984 from AUGment and the other is from a ColecoVision FAQ on how to create a separate A/V output.

In all about 8 new items have been added to the AIA. That puts us over 50 articles! That's right, 50!!! Just the other day we only had a dozen. Currently we are halfway towards our goal of having 100 online articles for the Coleco ADAM by ADAMCON.

Thank you for the zips of ANN once again. You wouldn't by chance have zips of the very first couple of issues of ANN? I'm sure I could dig out some really interesting info from those.

Currently I am sorting through all of the free newsletters that Daniel Pease sent me a couple of weeks ago. The AUGment article is the first OCR job that I've done from this new set of articles. There's a ton of good information here. It wouldn't be worth my time OCRing some of this stuff if it's already included in some previous issues of ANN.

Many more updates are on the way...


PS - My OCR software works great with NIAD and AUGment! I'm currently getting over 90% results on everything I scan in. I have also devised a format that will get these articles online faster!!!

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