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Article: ac12

                          ADAMCON 12 or OC.....

When will all of this happen?

Toronto in the summer is usually hot and sunny. It will be nice weather then, even if you don't go outside for the entire schedule. The middle of July is when Toronto area has hosted previous 'Cons, and so I'll keep with tradition.

What will we be doing?

As always, AdamCon will be a combination of reunion and enriching sessions on everything from the latest in computer technology (with application relating to the Adam) to discussions of old favorite topics and trivia. It is as always a time of renewal of energy towards this great machine we call the "Adam Family Computer System". In the weeks leading up to an AdamCon there is always a flurry of activity, to prepare seminars on all topics Adam, and as a result the fall out stirs up Adam interest, and spurs more activity.

Why AdamCon 0C?

Why you may ask is the twelfth annual international Coleco Adam computer convention called AdamCon 0Ch? Well, it turns out that the official name of the first AdamCon was somewhat jokingly called "01", which I always thought was hexadecimal. Well to prove it, I am calling this AdamCon 0C. It is a tribute to all of the engineers and programmers who ever worked on the Adam, or contributed to the Adam community. As is happening throughout society, the year 2000 is one to look back on past successes and especially future possibilities. That is the philosophy of this upcoming AdamCon.

ATTENTION: The convention date has been set for JULY 20-23.
Make your plans NOW and start saving those dollars!!!

Location! Location! Location!

The dedicated AdamCon staff are searching the Greater Toronto Area for the perfect venue. Because the convention is still in the future, we hope to have jet packs, Virtual Reality goggles and gloves for everyone who attends. We are still researching for pricing on those components. The cost for this AdamCon is planned to be $300 US for a regular full delegate sharing a room for 4 nights (Thursday night to Sunday night) including all breakfasts, lunches and of course the Banquet. The big project will be to premier the Coleco Adam repository -- a CD-ROM with all of the best PD, articles, information and guides for the Adam that we can assemble in one place. If you have any electronic donations contact Dale directly.

Your's To Discover

The Tourism Ontario slogan is Ontario "Your's to Discover" -- and that applies to before and after the AdamCon. The Toronto Zoo (who just celebrated their 25th annivarsary), is among the 10 top zoos world wide. The tallest free standing building in the world is next to the stadium where the Blue Jays play. Just around the corner from Toronto are the wine regions of Ontario and of course world famous Niagra Falls.

Open casting call......

As with all AdamCons, I am looking for volunteers for all aspects of the conference. That includes speakers to give key notes, lectures or hands on lessons. Also, I am looking for a hardware wizard, and help with other before hand setup issues. Finally, I am looking for equipment that can be brought for the conference for the hands on lab.

More to come!

Keep your eyes peeled, because there will be more bulletins on the way with rate schedule and all of the details as they come into focus. look for this bulletin and more at:

Sincerely, Dale Wick, Chairman of AdamCon 0Ch

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Article: acdetail

AdamCon 0Ch Bulletin

"Dinosaurs into the new Millenium" (ADAMCON theme)

Well, things are heating up. The AdamCon is a few short months away and the excitement is building. The location of the AdamCon is to be the Howard Johnston Triumph Hotel in Toronto near the Yorkdale Shopping Mall at Keele and 401. Our convention comittee has met and decided that this is too good an opportunity to miss choosing a theme. This year's theme is "Dinosaurs into the new Millenium." We hope to suport that with our mascot the pink dinosaur. During the convention we are planning on having a wide array of session including a hands on lab. Also AdamCon is your chance to pick up accessories, replacement parts and trivia about the Adam.

More information

There is now a registration form on the AdamCon site. Register now. Volunteer to lead a session. Look for more details on the hotel and the city in Bulletin 3 as well as directions on how to get there. AdamCon is coming to town! Dale Wick, Chairman of AdamCon 0Ch

Send feedback to Dale Wick

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Article: feb15_2

> I've located all of them.
> Everything my father ever worked on.
> I have it all.
<rich> Would these be IDE interface cards useful for CDROMs and ahrd discs?
> Yes, for both.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> We are hoping to have that done before
> So you want 50 for MTAG.
> I also want a few.
> I doubt we can manufacture less than 100.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> MTAG only has an immediate need for 8. But
there is a minimum run.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> We'll keep the rest, or throw them out as

<rich> Will the same card allow a two-device cable?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes Rich. You too could have 2 hard disks in
your Adam...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> or a CD-ROM and an IDE ZIP disk.
<rich> Better still, an LS120 drive - they can handle standard
floppies too
<rich> In fact with an LS120 you wouldn't need a hard disc
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, get me a per board price, minimum run
and I'll okay the expenditure.
<rich> When you get the price, Dale, fill me in - maybe some day

someone will ask me for one
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, the only problem is a question of

TDOS/EOS driver support for the floppy dirve capabilioty of an LS-120.
<rich> I think the LS120 will also handle the 720K format
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> And of course the Millinium OS drivers for
the plethora of possible combinations of hardware.
<rich> I haven't tried it on mine but think I saw something to that

effect somewhere
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The LS-120 will at least handle 1.44MB 3.5"

<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I don't know about 720k floppies though.

<rich> On a ZIp or Superdisc, will the Adam support anything over 64
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, yes and no. The most obvious way to

support it wouldn't but if someone were ambitious enough it is possible.
<rich> Like, writing an Adam version of System Commander?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Right now the last 32MB are for TDOS. EOS can
using anything up to 16GB.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> A long time software wish list item for me.

But one I'll never write.
> I'm back...
<rich> So on a Superdisc you could have 32 MB of TDOS and 88 MB of
EOS on every disc. Wow!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Absolutley. It would be 4 x 8MB TDOS and 10 x

8.8MB EOS.
<rich> Maybe we can inspire Scott or McQ or Shawn or someone to take

up that challenge
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Or Loren Guyaz. > Sounds intriguing...

> I'd like to help Dale get this CD-ROM interface working...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> All of my programming lately has been on
AdamEm working on a variety of SuperGames and SuperGame prototypes.
> Of couse, there's only so much time...
> You're working on SuperGames? Like Dragon?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, did you ever look into the Mayan
example I showed you?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'm working on 5 I guess.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I work on one then get stuck or inspired and
> Looked, yes. Thoroughly examined it, no -- but I plan on getting

around to it, just too busy at the moment.
<rich> Scot, have you saved teh transcriopt of this session? We're

getting near teh refresh level
> Any chance any of these making it to ADAMCON?
> Yes, Rich.
<rich> OK, do consider posting it around the Adam mailing list
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Most recently I've been working on a kayaking
simulation. I haven't found a satisfactory rendering algorithm yet, So right now I'm doing prototyping of different methods.
> It's going into an HTML file.
<rich> Good, thast should be relatively small and transmit easily
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Has anyone talked to Rich Drushel recently?
> What tools are you using for graphics?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Of course the working versions will be at
AdamCon, but as for finishing any of them, I don't know.
> Are you using PowerPAINT?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> For graphics I use a 4 step process usually:
sketch, convert to tiles, flaten colours, convert to VDP format.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I sometime scan my sketches...
> So you use Photoshop?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I often enter it as source code like: "xxx xx
" in a C program to be translated and converted.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I also have conversion programs for Unix...

<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> and of course there is Marcel's conversion
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> but I haven't been using it lately.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I don't usually use PhotoShop since I need to
end up with some very specific results, and I feel that it is not specific enough.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> But MS Paint in 16 colour mode works well.

> I'm a big Photoshop user.
> Absolutely love it.
> It can do about anything and then its images can be converted over
using Marcel's programs.
<rich> As long as you get a bitmap with 4-bit colour depth, that's

what you need, isn't it?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> PhotoShow is a tool I use for "continious

tone" results. I haven't tried it for fixed palette results. I would

guess that you would be better at that.
> But the graphics still need touching up with some type of Paint

program like a PowerPAINT, etc.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I've actually got an editor that draws on the

Amiga and X Windows in an Adam color palette with the same color restrictions.
<rich> Isd that to get around the Adam bleeding problem, Scott?

> That's what I'm developing. The "touching up" tool.
> I use Photoshop for scanning, titling, etc. I do the color
processing on the ADAM -- the process is still evolving; I'm still learning how to incorporate
> my IBM into the process.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, are you still interested in working
with me on a game before AdamCon, or would you like to wait until after AdamCon?
> I'd love to work on it, but we need some kind of schedule.
> Also, we need to define what tasks remain and who needs to do
what, etc.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Well we need to first agree on the project.

Single Dragon is what we talked about before.
> We need to both be working with relatively the same tools...
> First of all, what projects are open?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> So far I have a scrolling background engine,
and a streetscape for hand to hand combat...
> What are my choices.
> We both need to understand the source code, of which I haven't
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> but I need the graphics for the characters. I

can email you the specs if that would be appropraite.
> You need someone to draw the sprites, okay, what else?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The source code is based on the Mayan
adventure code.
> Okay, I can examine that.
> What about the backgrounds?
> The title screen?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The next be stumper is the playability. I
need to work on my session...
> How large are the environments?
> How many environments?
> Control needs to be the central issue.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> which is about building AIs for non-player
characters. That requires some work on a specification of how the various villans should behave.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I can describe what the concept is so far.

> What other games are you working on?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I've drawn a title screen, though it could be
colorized or animated.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'm also working on a game called "Spin Baby"

which involves a realtime control of marbles...
> Any adventure games (other than Mayan adventure)?
<rich> That sounds about as easy as herding cats
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> there are four colored marbles moving on a
board a t a time. The user has discs that can grab or launch balls and direct them...
> Sounds really good.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> For that game, there need to be features
(extra items which affect the "blowing of wheels" -- the default rule requiring 4 balls and that's all)...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Such as "stop lights" that require a certain

combination of colors in the wheel before it will blow.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> And of course lots of boards are needed.

> For this software development, we could meet here, at this chat
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> That project has a sound track that needs

<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> That would be fine Scott. Email is also a

useful tool.
> If we utilize the CD-ROM format for sound, I could burn a CD-ROM

> I have a good tool called "Acid" by Sonic Foundry as well as other

sound tools.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> There is of course Mayan Adventure...

> Mayan adventure, like Indianna Jones or Montezuma's Revenge?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> which needs an AI, mazes, an intro video (I
have story boards but I need to get the artwork together)...
> What do you want to see finished most of all?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> and of course a scoring system and some
secrets to discover.
> I could handle voice recording on this end if we decide to utilize

the CD-ROM.
> CD-ROM > for a special ADAMCON presentation.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Finally there is my Kayaking simulation which
is a kayaking version of something like Antartic Adventure or Turbo maybe.
> Suprised that you're not much into RPG's.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Anything that you can do in MIDI format is
eligible for the Adam.
> I'm into adventure style games, you tend to be more interested in

arcade style games.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I've seen Acid but I haven't tried it.

> Acid's wonderful. I'll burn you a CD of some stuff that I put
together for fun.
> Are you farthest along on Single Dragon?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Mayan adventure could really be anything. It
could be a RPG. It is not really well enough defined to know for sure.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I am writing a variety of games to master the

OS7 API for my AdamCon presentations. I really don't play...
> Hi Guy!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> many games. I do like Indiana Jones/Tomb
Raider/Relic Hunter kinda stuff in general.
> This game, would it require a 64K memory expander?
<Guy B.> Finally here. I must of reactivated the window. Hang on
I'll be right back.
> Okey dokey.
<Guy B.> I'm back.
> What type of game do you want to create?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I would say that I am farthest along on "Spin
Baby!" but it is hard to tell since I haven't taken a formal design approach. Single Dragon was a project that was made with you helping me in mind.
<Guy B.> Bob, Jeanene's in the hospital. Got a very bad back.

<BobS> oh, oh, serious????
> Sorry to hear about that, Guy.
> Dale, let's make this easy. Let's do Single Dragon.
<Guy B.> Yeah, it is. She's going to have an MRI tomorrow.
> But call it something else.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> What would you use the 64k exapnder for with
a SuperGame? It is all written with overlays which are read in as needed.
> What would you use them for? Large environments.
> Absolutely huge environments.
> And animation.
<BobS> hpe they find the problem!
<Guy B.> Dale, Any word on the location of AC12?????
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Annimation and sound samples are good
> Have you ever played Final Fight CD for the Sega CD?
<BobS> Howard Johnson Motel!!!!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The problem is that you have to coose between
the two. When sound samples are playing, everything else stops.
<BobS> near the Ramada where AC02 was held
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> How do you want to start?
<BobS> were you at AC02 Guy????
> That is the ultimate "Single Dragon" type of game.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Do you need a design document for what is
designed so far?
> Yes, give me an idea what's in the first level or environment.

<Guy B.> No, I missed AC02. I was getting fitted for my Cochlear
Implant that year.
> Does this take place in a limited map of a downtown city?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I haven';t tried final fight. > Have a Sega CD?
> I have an extra copy.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Nope. No sega CD.
> Genesis?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I planned to have a looping streetscape on
the first level.
<Guy B.> Missed three conventions the first one, AC02 and AC08. Been

attending the others since then.
<BobS> too bad! was our first one, and we got broke to

> Have you played Streets of Rage?
<BobS> Rich & Frances were great hosts
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I showed a version of it at my session in the
last AdamCon. I could FAX you my presentation notes.
> Or e-mail me them.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Uh oh. The history just reset.
<BobS> hmmmm, didn't remember youmissed #8
> Don't worry. I have it all.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The theme for the AdamCon is "Dinosaurs into
the Millinium"
<Guy B.> Yep, had to miss that one.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> They are hand sketches, so I'll have to try
and scan them.
<Guy B.> Dale, you going to be updating the website shortly?

> Just saved the transcript of the Chat so far.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes, I've been working on an update this
afternoon. It is almost done.
<Guy B.> So, all of us are looking forward to getting our
reservations in for AC12 then?
> Dale, it sounds like we have alot more to discuss.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'll be publishing a registration form and be
looking for checks. :-)
> Should we meet in the chat room again later in the week?
<Guy B.> Bob, how's your hand now?
> Yes, how's that hand?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, sure. I'll email you some materials
first. Then go from there. Would that be okay?
<Guy B.> Great Dale, I'll be checking there soon.
> Sure. Somehow I need to get up to speed as to where the project
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> When would you be free tomorrow?
<BobS> one finger good! middle finger coming along; swelling down,
looks normal size 'cept for this rather big scar with a nasty acab on it
> For now, I could design some sprites for you.
<BobS> and of course tender and not much feeling yet
<Guy B.> Aiee! Watch that very carefully there. You got to be more
careful with those tools.
> How large are your characters going to be? 16X32?
<BobS> NO keeeding!
<Guy B.> By the way. How's the house coming?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, we need to keep that SD project to a
managable size, and if there are bigger ideas we could shunt them to a sequal.
> Do you have a script or story?
> Any artwork done?
<BobS> can see the end of the y are planning on moving in Apr
15ththing coming! the
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The bad guys need to be 24x40 at most...

<Guy B.> I bet Doug and Meeka are looking forward to that.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> and the good guy can be 32x48...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'll explain the restrictions in email. It
used blended sprite and background...
> I presume we want multicolored characters.
> Okay.
<Guy B.> OK, guys, I got to go. Looks like rich didn't make it
tonight. See you next week.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> With a variety of colours.
> Leaving so soon?
<BobS> Rich was here.....
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich was here earlier.
<BobS> I gotta split also fellas
<Guy B.> Guessed I missed him.
<BobS> see ya next week????
<Guy B.> See you then.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Sure. If I'm free then.
> So the character is a few sprites drawn with the foreground,
leaving the background unaltered?
> Lost Bob too.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The bad guys are entirely background (so that
they can swarm)...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Good guy is sprites+backgrounds for more

color fidelity.
> Gotcha.
> Any artwork completed?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Oh no. I scared them all off.
> Me too.
> I could design the user manual with PageMaker.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> 0 artwork. Except for a title screen. But you
want to rename it. I left the title screen at work...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'll have to post it on my web site for you

to look at.
> Let's put together sort of a "proposal" outlining what the project

is and what needs to be done.
> I could send it to you via e-mail.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Definately.
> Let's rename the game, shall we?
> Single Dragon is obviously a working title.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Neil made some prototype artwork but nothing
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> But you will want a copy of my background for

scaling purposes. It is pretty nice.
> Names taken for this type of game: Bare Knuckle, Final Fight,

> Sounds good.
> Anything I can look at in the emulator?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> At the end of a level there is normally a
"Big Nasty" ,which can be bigger...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> because it doesn't need to have as many

versions available.
> Yes, a Boss character.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes in the emulator. It is on my laptop...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> at work tonight though.
> Sounds like we need to research a name,
> and brainstorm some preliminary ideas for the game.
> This engine that's developed can then be used for other projects.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I envision a main character who on level 1 is
introduced to a ...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> damsel in distress to rescue or something.

> We should both go out independently and collect ideas then meet up
in a couple of days to discuss progress.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Then, waves of bad guys need to be combated

against with karate style moves.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Okay.
> Or perhaps our hero could be a superhero? Scale walls?
> Of course, for some reason, Spiderman just entered into my mind...
> I don't know why...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Makes it more complex. Maybe we should leave
it for a higher level, then add it as time warrents.
> Okay.
> We could also make it futuristic.
> That would be my preference.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> That is an interesting thought.
> Maybe he's a cop trying to fight his way out of the city?
> Or a criminal trying to escape a prison?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It could do that in some levels, and look
like the wild west on others. Depending on how sophistocated. It is the same to me either way.
> Any weapons in the game?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I don't know. Maybe a fighting stick or
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> that sort of thing.
> Do we want this just to be a standard beat-em up or try to create
something a little original?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It really is at it's essence a martial arts

fighting game.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I would be happy with a playable game either

way. A few puzzles are alway good to throw in the fray.
> Okay.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I'm flexible on the (borad) details, which is
why I wanted to collorate on this one.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> broad details that is.
> I like the futuristic element to it.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> We could start with a standard fighting game,
then reuse the basic engine for more original ideas.
> We can be very creative with it and take liberties with how things

<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Futuristic is always good. Lots of fun for

> I'm still trying to think of ways to make it sound more
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The bigest restriction is that I want it to

fit on a 160k media. But I'm pretty clever with compression, so it shouldn't be too bad.
> A standard beat-em up has already been done.
> Why stop with 160K?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> That is the standard format for a SuperGame.
With the prototyping I've done so far, I find it is quite expressive...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It offers a good trade-off between load speed

and variety.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> If we are focussing on the Emulator as our

target then the sky is the limit. But I want it to work on "standard" Adam hardware.
> Ok. So we'll limit ourselves to 160K.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> My compression code can get 10:1 compression
or better depending.
> Wow.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I can usually fit a slide or map in a tiny
amount of space then decompress it as it is needed.
> So how do we get started on this?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I managed to fit a 6k title screen for Single
DRAGON into <1k.
> That's pretty good compression!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Well, I'll send you my plan for graphics. I
have it written up around here somewhere. I'll have to look for it.
> So, is our main character trying to conquer a bad area in a city?

> He wanders through different areas of a map that is presented at
the start of each level?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I think that the rescue a damsel in destress

will stand until you get a better suggestion.
> Okay. Let's each go off and gather ideas, then meet up again.

<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The goal is to get to the hiding place for
the kidnapped victim.
> When would be a good time? I'm thinking of Saturday.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Talk to you later.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Saturday...
> Okay. See you Saturday.
> What time?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Sure.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Sure. How about mid day for you ...
> 2pm EST?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> You are -2 hours from me right?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Sure 2pm EST.
> Yes, so it's 12noon for me.
> Okay, sounds good. See ya then.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Great.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Bye for now.
> Bye.

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Article: feb15cht

Chat 3/15/00 In attendance: Scott Gordon, Dale Wick, Rich Clee, Bob Slopsema and Guy Bona
> You beat me here.
> Rich, are you there?
<rich> Hi and welcome
> Rich, phone home...
> Isn't that what I should be saying???
<rich> Yeah, I'm lurking right there waiting for you
> Hey -- I recieved the masters for The ADAM Resource Directory
<rich> Fair warning though, I gave up going to movies after Gone

with the Wind
> It looks like quite an OCR job.
> The text isn't going to be easy to OCR.
<rich> Yeah, I imagine you're going to have some fun with them
> It looks like the entire project was done on an ADAM -- am I
<rich> Still it's better than the photocopies run from those masters

> True.
> Rick told me that he really enjoyed coming to the
chat room last week.
<rich> I really don't know what computers wre used
> I wouldn't be surprised to see him again tonight.
<rich> I should certainly hope so - hope he comes back tonite
> He should.
<rich> Any new faces we can bring in are really welcome
> So, how are you liking the new chat room?
> Oh my god...
<rich> Well look who's hee
> Is that the Wickster???
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Hiya.
<rich> Hey Dale, have you chosen a hotel yet?
> Wow. It's an honor to have you here, Dale.
> Inquiring minds want to know...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It is going to be the Howard Johnston
Triumph. We sign the papers on Friday.
> What's the date?
<rich> The one at Keele and Wilson?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I have Bulletin 2 almost done.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes Keel and Wilson.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> (Keele)
> Cool. I'll post it in my news section once you're done...
<rich> That's just terrific for me
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> July 20-23 as mentioned several time on the
mailing list.
> So this date is firm...
<rich> It's practically walking distance from my place, Scott
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Date is rock solid as of Feb 26.
> This is good news.
<rich> I may have to walk - or else book a troom to get parking
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, can you keep transcripts of these chat
> So, any idea what we've got planned for the agenda for ADAMCON 0C?

> I have last week's. I just forgot to send it to the list.
<rich> Maybe I'll volunteer to do a seminar
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes, definatley we have some good topics
lined up...
> What've you got so far?
<rich> how to take apart and reassemble an Adam printer without too
many screws left over
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Let me start by asking what was your

presentation? I have the time blocked out, but the topic isn't written in///
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> We are doing a Hands-on LOGO lab...

<rich> had to get the paper tray lever unstuck - that took disassembly
<BobS> YO dudes !!!!
<BobS> ???????
> If this is in July, I will probrably have my new XLR digital
camera to record some of the 'CON.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Creating artificial intelligences (AI

non-player characters) for SuperGAMES
<rich> Hi Bob - you're late
> Hey Bob.
<BobS> well, not much!!
<rich> Should have been here earlier - we've got teh hotel for
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> There is a Geneology topic under

> Well, we need a presentation on The ADAM Resource and ADAM

websites in general...
<BobS> which is??????
<BobS> AND Dale!!! need registration form for ANN
> For me too!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Howard Johnston Tripmph Hotel
near Rich's place.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The reg form is due out with
Bulletin 2 tonight.
<rich> Also teh nearest east to the Ramada we used
for Adamcon 02
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Searching the web using search
<rich> Right opposite Ontario Provincial Police HQ -
keep your halo on straight!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> How long did you want for TAR
and web sites in general?
<BobS> TRIPMPH hotel.....???
> Dale -- any hardware/software unvielings?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Also transfering files...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> "Triumph"
<rich> You mean Adam to DOS and back?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> There is a demo night on
Friday for any new software/hardware...
> It could be a short session -- probably 30 minutes.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Will you be using some of that
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I am as always working on some
possible hardware and software.
> I have a new OS I'm developing...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> So far I have only 1 keynote.
As you'll see in the bulletin there are still some topics to fill in.
<BobS> need a session slot for ADAMBOMB2
> But I have no idea if it could make it to ADAMCON
-- big undertaking...
<rich> Do you expect to have it ready in time?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> What are the objectives of the
<BobS> AND a slot for swapping files from dos 2 adam
& vice cersa
> I could give a product demo of The Font Suite, but
my website's kept my very busy.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> AdamBomb2? What do you want to
tal;k about?
<BobS> show the solution so Richard gets excited
about playing it!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> We are planning to have a game
contest of some sort. Maybe AdamBomb2 could fit into this some how.
<BobS> hints, tips tricks, etc
<rich> Dale, how many Adams are you going to need?
<BobS> too long for conventnion!
> I don't want to talk a whole lot about the OS (did
that in a previous chat session), but it will be a completely graphics oriented operating system.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Allready schedules (re:
swapping files from AdaM to DOS)
> We need a session on creating your own disk images
for The ADAM Emulator.
<rich> We also need a session on how I can email you
guys lots of PD Adam software
> Dale -- I'll tell you what I'm presently working
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Maybe I could talk to Jill
about doing a short session on how to solve "large map" games.
> The Font Suite, Millenium OS, The Animation Studio,
Untitled Paint Program, Dragon Master and Untitled Halloween game.
> There's also my own tools I'm developing for
internal development as well.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, I more need a "Sargent
at Arms" who makes sure the systems work. I'm mostly looking for disk drives on loan. Could you email me a list of disk- drives that you could lend?
<rich> Personal preference: priority to the OS,
balance when that's done
> Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get to it
because of my site and other distractions...
<rich> Does size matter. Dale?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I would say that the OS is the
lowest OS with no software isn't as useful as the software. IMHO
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, I prefer 320k but others
are all fine.
<rich> Yes, Dale, but given a new OS it may allow
much better software to be written
> It's an OS for my own software development that
will make it easier for me to create projects from scratch.
> It can be adopted later.
<rich> Dale, I think I can find 3 or 4 320s and a
720, maybe another 720
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> By whom? My opinion is that a
development tool that builds on EOS/OS7 is a better focus of effort.
> I want to learn how to build one anyway...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, please email the list to
> Problem is, I don't like EOS 7.
> That's why I'm putting together Millenium.
<rich> Depends on what new capabilities the new OS
may offer. It has to be superior to be preferred
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> That's fine. Are you going to
use an existing file system?
> The focus is improving software development...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Writing an OS is always an
itneresting project.
> Yes, I will be able to read/write EOS directory
structures, among other things...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> My approach is to use tools
that make that easy to manage complexity. Only the file system drivers in EOS bother me.
<rich> Any use for an LC hard disc, Dale?
> I don't like most of the routines. Like the Write
VRAM. I have programs that need to call this routines hundreds of times. So I tweaked the routine for
> optimum performance.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, possibly. Which reminds
me Scott, what is the latest update on the IDE slot 3 drivers? MTAG and you were hoping to manufacture some.
> Software drivers or printing boards?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The write VRAM routine has
delays due to hardware wait states for reliable bulk writes on all video chips.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> If you remove all delays, it
will work faster, but drop out bytes here and there.
> It also has an unnecessary jump to a routine that's
like what -- 6 or 7 lines of code before jumping back.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I know, because I've sped it
up for some of my annimation projects, and it doesn't work reliably on all Adams. :-(
> No -- the delay isn't where it needs to be tweaked.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> HAve you looked at Rich
Drushel's EOS version 7 project?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> He made some interesting
improvements. And facilities for other hardware drivers.
> I removed the jump (or was it a call?) and
eliminated an instruction or two to make it more speedy.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It is used with AdamServ...
> Just getting the routine a couple instructions
shorter helps improve performance on my graphic intensive programs.
> No, haven't seen EOS 7. I'd be interested...
<rich> Does Adamserv really exist or is it just a
> What do you have in the pipeline, Dale?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> which uses a serial port link
to a PC to adds harddrives and other PC hardware to the Adam.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> AdamServ is generally
available but ...
> How many boards do you want to print?
> And what are your plans for them?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> you need to get it from
HLM/GMK normally because it needs to be configured for your setup...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> But there are 4 standard
configuratons. The bigest issue is harddisk configuration of commercial software.
<rich> Hope Dr. D. comes to the convention then. I
have an interesting XT
<rich> But I still have to haggle with George and
> What about your CD-ROM project, Dale?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> If you don't need any
preconfigured harddisk software, then you can have any copy. It is free.
> That would be the ideal format for Dragon Master.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> My CDROM project should come
together. I need to set a deadline for submissions for sometime in June...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I would like any .submissions
that you are willing to offer.
> Did you get it working?
> Right now, I'm only willing to commit to a
presentation of my website. Everything else depends on how far along I am...
<rich> Remember my offer, Dale
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> What would be the ideal format
for Dragon Master?
> CD-ROM...
> I'd like the CD-ROM to handle the background music
out speakers, not through ADAM's internal sound chip.
> Which, I figure, yours does anyway...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Ahh. You mean native CD-ROM
support for the Adam. I've actually been working on creating a collection of Adam software on a CD-ROM.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I haven't been working on
hardware support for a CD-ROM lately.
> Yes. The ability to talk to the CD-ROM and tell it
to play a track.
> My father said that the hardrive interface could be
modified to handle a CD-ROM.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Well, my native Adam CD-ROM
support does do background playing of music....
<BobS> HOT DA*M that would be sumthin!!!!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> but I didn't think that it was
a real priority.
<rich> How do you manage the intefrface?
> I don't know a lot about CD-ROM issues, that's why
I'm asking you.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> It is support of transfering
data that is my real proirty, but I plan on completing my collection of Adam resources on CD-ROM first.
<rich> Dale, what software do you need that I can
> If you can read a file from CD-ROM, why can't you
do something easier, such as give it a command to play a track out to an external speaker?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> CD-ROMs use IDE to
communicate. I simply added it as a slave device
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> The Adam supports IDE devices.
<rich> Would that be through some variation of the
Low Cost Hard Disc interface card?
> The idea is to unveil Dragon Master at say ADAMCON
13 or 14, that can play audio through a CD-ROM interface.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes Rich with the standard Low
Cost Hard Disk (slot 3) card
> How many do you want to print?
<rich> The Low Cost is a slot 1 card
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, I can demo that much at
AdamCon for you.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, you said we could do a
minimum run of about 50.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, I can do the background
audio play now.
> But Dragon Master needs to be able to control when
to start and stop playing the music and which tracks.
> Really?
> You can do this now?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, you would have start,
stop, and track select control via software. No problem.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes.
> So if we loaded up the program, then inserted an
audio disk, the program could tell it when to start and stop tracks?
> This is what I'm looking for.
> And this would be an event exclusive to ADAMCON.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Rich, I'll have to meet with
you sometime. I'll phone you early next week and pick a time.
> We create this awesome ADAM setup only to be
experienced at ADAMCON.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I can't demo to you over chat,
now can I?
<rich> Very good, Dale, we have a lot of ground to
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Well, you're not exactly a
short drive from me, are you Scott.
> Not exactly.
> That's a real bummer.
<rich> Hey, it's only about three days
> Dale- forgot to ask- how do you like how my site's
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes software control would
have a play track, start track, pause, stop, etc.
> And you've got the software to do this?
<rich> Scott, I see you have Geoff's pages and the
index looks interesting
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Scott, your site looks good. I
haven't looked around in about 2 weeks. Anythnig major since then?
> Yeah - well it's now the home of Geoff Oltman's
Coleco ADAM Pages...
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Geoff's site has always been
pretty interesting.
> And about half a dozen or so new articles.
> Brings the grand total of online articles up to
<rich> Has he transferred and closed down the
original or are you mirroring?
> He's completely down. If it wasn't for my site,
there would be no web presence for Geoff Oltman right now.
<rich> Don't push it too fast, Scott. It's sometimes
good if visitors find a new treat every time
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Do you collect web stats on
<rich> Is he going back up again and will he be
mirroring you?
> If you notice Rich, Guy Cousineau's EOS manual is
part of the site. I went ahead and left it as is so that you could talk to him about this.
<rich> Didn't see that but my concern is top guard
ANNs interests
> He did get permission from Guy to put it up. I'm
sure he's not aware of ANN's position.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> I plan on putting up a copy of
Guy's manual as a mirror.
<rich> Guy holds the copyright but ANN bought his
stock for resale
> I kinda am caught in the middle of it and want
Geoff to resolve this issue with ANN.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Guy is the copyright holder.
It is up to him, as far as I'm concerned. An electronic document doesn't replace a paper one.
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Does anyone have other
suggestions for topics? Is the proposed Geneology topic a good idea?
<rich> Since I'm busy printing out a 170 page PDF
document, I know what you mean!
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> (Back to AdamCon)
> Guy also gave me permission to reprint any of his
work, but since ANN has plenty of stock on his manual, I'm not interested in having it online.
<rich> Other than the manual, ANN has no monetary
interests at stake
> You know, Rich -- I still haven't gotten around to
promoting your software company on my site. That's my fault...
<rich> The software of course is another matter
<rich> It's OK Scott, us old folks have patience
> So Dale, you want to print about 50 boards, eh?
<Dinosaur Dale/AC 0Ch> Yes. Can to start the ball
rolling on that?
> I have the schematics.

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Article: feb23cht


In attendance: Scott Gordon, Rich Clee and Bob Slopsema.
Wednesday Chat - 2/23/00 <rich> the guy you went for might not win
<rich> so why not at least try for the less offensive
second choice?
<BobSlopsema> true.....
> It is a graveyard at Delphi...
<rich> Was the room even open?
> Nope.
<rich> Not surprised - Michael had it automateed but
I think has stopped
> He has stopped working on the Chat Room?]
<rich> He has more than a few things on his plate
right now and doesn't need that
<BobSlopsema> well gees, WHERE is the world?????
> Does everyone else know to stop by here?
<rich> Maybe someone should open the Delphi room and
post a cross-refernce to here
<rich> Or no, that won't work, will it?
<BobSlopsema> hey, don't look at me!
> We have to catch them as they come in, right?
<BobSlopsema> when i try to open both at the same
time i get bounced!
> Same here...
<rich> Meeka knows, and I'm sure Ron does, and no
doubt Guy if his computer is working
> Who was here last week?
<rich> The Volcano applett appears to be a jealous
<rich> Bob and Meeka and I; and Ron did come in,
didn't he?
> A jealous mistress?
<rich> Go look at another one and she'll swat you in
the memory
> Ahhh!
<rich> Every time I exit here I get a General Protec
tion Fault
> BTW, who is Meeka anyway? How is she related?
> I hadn't met here until I went to Delphi.
<rich> Go ahead, Bob, brag
> Bob?
> Are you alive?
<rich> He's typing shy two fingers, which may explain
> Shy two fingers?
<rich> He may also have gone away for a minute - he
sometimes does
> Well, nothing new went up on the site this weekend,
but I was able to program the entire time.
> It was nice.
<rich> Had a close encounter with a circular saw -
               they're still there barely, but kinda unservicable
> Ouch! Didn't know about that...
<BobSlopsema> was sending meassages to Guy,
<rich> I'm busy trying to reconfigure my computer -
you wouldn't believe what's going on
<BobSlopsema> was sending messages to Guy, Ron and
Jean Stone to come here
> Have any of you had any problems using Volano Chat?
<rich> I'm having trouble with a duff knee and have
sat in one position too long
<BobSlopsema> yea fingers.....OUCH!!!!!
> I got right in -- no problems...
<rich> going to take about a five minute break
> Yet...
<BobSlopsema> Meeka is my daughter in law; son Dougs
<BobSlopsema> you'll like Doug, he's a computer nut
like ya'll
> Ah!
<rich> No chat problems for me - it's great except
teh crash when I leave
	>  And she designed the ADAMCON  t-shirts
or something like that? > Wow! Your computer crashes??
> I guess so.
<BobSlopsema> nope, actually a guy named .......
uh...... Bob Miller (?) did some LOGO work at the hotel he worked at an used it on the tv sets....
> Bob - programming is coming along good.
<BobSlopsema> then he resurfaced long enough to sub
mit the AC11 design
> Bob Jones?
> He wrote an article on that...
<BobSlopsema> that's it!!!!!
> It's at the ADAM Resource.
> It's under the Misc category.
<BobSlopsema> that's the guy! sent him a couple t-
shirts for his effort
> Facinating article...
> As you know, I'm working on a Visual Development
<BobSlopsema> which is????
> Millenium.
<BobSlopsema> actual complete new os for ADAM???
> Not complete yet, but it will be...
> It will be completely visual.
> Never leaving the HGR2 graphics mode.
> More like Windows, less like GoDOS
<BobSlopsema> and you can boot all programs, etc?????
> It will know what to do with EOS applications.
<rich> how about writing in support for a USB
attachment for the bus connector?
> Entirely possible...
<BobSlopsema> RICHARD, and lete all that ibnm stuff
               invade thre ADAM environment?????? ;-)
<BobSlopsema> farn dingers!!!!!
<rich> Hey, maybe we could have a mouse, or printer,
or scanner, or....
> I'd love a mouse.
<rich> though I think there might be memory problems
<BobSlopsema> scanner would be nice.............
<BobSlopsema> mice are here, but not acting like the
ibm mice do....
<rich> there is an Adam mouse, it just never sold and
went away
> There's an article on my site about the ADAM Mouse
that was developed awhile back?
<BobSlopsema> from a Commodore mouse, right???
<rich> yes, I have one I got recently - haven't tried
it though
> The article didn't say :(
<rich> no, this was built by a guy with an electro
nics shop in Saskatchewan
> The Font Suite will be the first full featured
program to use the new Millenium OS.
> I would like it ready for ADAMCON.
<rich> this is sounding neater by the minute
> What I realised when writing my software...
> was that EOS wasn't optimized and there was too
much graphicwise that I needed
> in each project.
<rich> yes, the EOS and whole Adam was a rush job
> So I decided to rewrite the EOS and remove that
which I didn't need.
<rich> still, there are limits to what you can do
with a 256 x 192 screen
> I haven't touched the DOS (Disk Operating System) yet.
> When I do, there will be a new file structure as well.
<rich> Maybe you can pick up some stuff from the emulator
<rich> it seems to support just about anything one's
likely to want
> You'd be amazed what you can do with that 256X192
<rich> If you change the file structure, how will it
work with existing software?
> It will be able to read both :)
<rich> You're going to do this with only 64K of RAM
to play in?
> 64+64K Expansion for the development environment.
<rich> OK, there are still a few 64K expanders
available here and there
> The Expansion memory is up to the programmer to
<rich> There are clues in Sol Swift's work and
SmartBASIC II, I suspect

            >  I've already accessed the 64K chip.  I know how to
use it. <BobSlopsema> should be lots of 64k expanders
available around the continent
<rich> By the way, I'm told you can also get 64K
memory expansion...
> The Font Suite won't need a 64K memory expander to
<rich> by soldering on a mirroring set of chips on
the bottom of the exising ones - back of baord
> Like I said, it's up to the programmer.
> Sounds interesting...
<rich> I wouldn't be shy about making an extra ^$k
effectively mandatory
<rich> that's 64K
<BobSlopsema> in canadianese???????
<BobSlopsema> ;-)
> Millenium helps the programmer choose the OS
routines they need...
<rich> See, Bob, I can do it with no more than one
bandage on one finger
<BobSlopsema> FANTASTIC!!!!!!! :-)
> The Font Suite will use this OS, but will be
standalone. The full version of Millenium will have The Font Suite integrated into it.
> Millenium also will disassemble (working on that
right now), assemble, edit anything graphically, manipulate files, etc.
<rich> I assume then that these will be separately
loadable modules
> One program I'm looking forward to writing is
taking an HTML file and creating a SmartWRITER document out of it (stripping away the code).
> These will be separate modules, but integrated.
Leave one, enter another. Paste items to a clip board, etc.
<BobSlopsema> THAT cna be done with a lot of editing
in Smertwriter.......
<rich> Is that worth it when Adam runs out of support
for anything over a 2400 baud modem?
> Say you want to do a little programming, then
suddenly get the urge to edit a FontSet. At the stroke of a key, you can leave one tool

            >  and  enter  another.  Or  you can  return  to  the
desktop. All of this is in RAM -- extremely quick.
> I'll also be taking advantage of the hardrive.
> Why edit with SmartWRITER when this tool will do it
for you?
<rich> Will you be making up a new driver for teh
hard disc, then?
> Probrably modifying the existing one, yes...
<BobSlopsema> don't know.......
<rich> I use mine so little that I am not sure of the
> I'm also developing a program that will take a
section of code and create a SmartBASIC program out of it.
<rich> but have had the impression an Adam hard disc
is "strictly storage" so to speak
<rich> there isn't anything in TDOS that supports
hard disc caching, is there?
> Man, we are the only people here!
<BobSlopsema> strictly sotroage as in floppy disk
only you don't remove it!
> Not sure, I need to study TDOS more in depth.
<BobSlopsema> storage......
> Millenium will also be able to read TDOS and IBM
<rich> which means that Scott will have to do some
major BIOS work to pull this off
> Just need to look at there file structure.
<BobSlopsema> TDOS uses the hard disk just like an
ibm does.......
> For the hardisk?
<rich> IBM uses disc caching on the fly; TDOS doesn't
> But I'm just talking about IBM file structures
here. The ability to look at the directory and anything on an IBM DD diskette.
<BobSlopsema> ah, when ya'll don't have enough
memory; it swaps stuff in and out, yes???
<rich> that's what I meant, Bob
> What makes you think ADAM can't also swap things in
and out?
> Like editing a 200K text file?
<rich> With provocation, an IBM can read ADam discs
including CPM
<rich> Probably a supported MI drive could be made to
do the reverse
> For my personal use, I need to bypass TDOS and be
able to read both TDOS format and IBM.

            <rich>  Unfortunately,  the  supply of MI drives  has
dried up > Using 22disk is just tedious.
> Glad you remided me, Rich. I need to try to find a
high density disk drive.
<rich> I think I have an available 720K MI, but for
teh price - where's my gun and mask?
> My idiot dad gave my drive, 1MB memory expander and
my MIB2 to Terry.
> I'll never know why. That was awhile ago, though.
> At least I have a hardrive!
> I've got a 720K drive, but not a 1.4
<rich> The MIB2 was a pain with the power supply; the
MIB3 was much better
> I HAD a 1.4
> Can't remember which I had.
> May have been an MIB3. Who knows?
<rich> Dale Wick has a 1.44
> Anyways, the Millenium Visual Development
Environment will be extensive.
<rich> If it were an MIB2 I suspect you'd remember -
it needed the upgrade
> Basically a go anywhere, do anything sort of
<BobSlopsema> MIB2 had the connector which
piggybacked into the power supply connection right???!
<rich> right, Bob
> I think?? Can't remember...
> I just remember it was my only link to an external
> Now I just print on my IBM.
<rich> I have an MIB3 in the company stock - maybe
some day I'll buy it for myself
> I also plan to do a version 2.0 of The Font Suite
later and multiple upgrades of Millenium as it develops.
<rich> In present circumstances, pouring effort into
the Adam is dumb - but long term?
<rich> There does already seem to be a collector
market developing - when do teh hot ordders arrive?
> Most of the program is already written, it doesn't
belong on my shelf, does it?
<BobSlopsema> what was the card which had the 2
serials, parallel

            and the powermate HD connector on it?
<rich> That was the hard disc controller, which was a
modified MIB3
> Figured I'd finish it off since it's a wonderful
tool and people like Pat Herrington would get a kick out of it.
<rich> Back to my point - we already are encountering
collector users
<rich> Many of them do have quite a techie
<rich> How long till they atart looking for upgrade
<rich> If they do the stuff Scott's working on just
might prove quite popular
> There's also alot of people out there who would
love the opportunity to program a game for a console system -- like ColecoVision.
<BobSlopsema> some are already doing it.....
> Millenium will provide this, among other things...
<BobSlopsema> anybody read Japanese???
> Some...
> Why?
<rich> Expecting a copyright violation notice from
> I can read Donkey Kong :)
> Donkey Kong Jr. :)
<BobSlopsema> i don't recall but it may have been
scott that i was joking to about my
> My frustration with EOS and SmartBASIC was that
there was too much wasted space.
> and it didn't have the common features that I
needed. So not I'm writing them myself...
<BobSlopsema> did you (Scott) get the message from
the guy in Japan about the ColecoVision site???
> Oh yeah.
<rich> Migod - an 11K OS with wssted space?
> Great e-mail!
> Yes, LOTS of wasted space...
<rich> Bob, if it's interesting would you forward a
copy to me?
> I don't use half of its routines...
<BobSlopsema> will do!
<rich> I know Tony and Guy kept looking for usable
holes but could hardly ever find any
> The sound routines are buggy, the read/write/fill
vram routines

            aren't optimized, the cold boot -- what the hell am I
going to use that for once
> an application has already loaded.
<rich> set up a three-finger salute, maybe?
> The 1K bank at 56320 virtually serves no purpose to
EOS's disk operating system... see what I'm getting at?
<rich> no, but I'll take your word for it
> The purpose of Millenium is to be SmartBASIC, EOS
and TDOS independent.
<rich> Well, fundamentally, the Adam is SmartBASIC
> Everything can fit into a tighter space with more
functionality, so why not do it?
> True but currently, I'm not.
<rich> and if you have your own OS you don't need
<rich> just as TDOS erases EOS when it's booted in
> I use SmartBASIC to run lots of testing...
> Exactly...
<rich> Is it worth the effort to tighten up
SmartBASIC, maybe do a version lacking the routines you won't use?
> I'm not rewriting SmartBASIC...
> I'm just taking what I like and what works...
> Ditto for EOS and OS-7.
<rich> Is there a tighter BASIC of those that run on
Adam you could use instead?
> I believe Rich Drushel wrote the best version of
BASIC out there, but as I said, I'm getting away from SmartBASIC...
> I'd like ADAM to boot to a desktop setup -- similar
to Windows. You have icons, wallpaper, etc. Eye Candy...
> We lost Rich?
<BobSlopsema> yup looks like it!
<BobSlopsema> hisname is gone from my screen
> As you know, I could go on and on about
> Its applications, etc...
<BobSlopsema> yes........BUT remember, don't overwork
yourslef and lose the FUN factor!!!!
> But I probrably should stop talking about it since
it's still in development...
> There's alot of FUN Factor in Millenium.
> Millenium makes life a whole lot easier!
<BobSlopsema> can't imagine why it won't work on an
ADAM just as it works on other computers.....

            <BobSlopsema> rich is BSACVK!!!!!
> Rich!
<rich> sorry guys - I crashed out with a GPF
<BobSlopsema> farn ibm's
<rich> Java just doesn't get along with my machine
for some reason
<rich> usually though it doesn't crash till I exit a
> Oh boy!
> Bob -- has it ever crashed for you?
> The only problems I've had is getting in!
<rich> I think this has something to do with my
machine as it's OS and browser independent
<BobSlopsema> no crashes 'cept when i try to do too
many things at once!
> If The Font Suite is ready for ADAMCON (my guess is
it will be), I plan to teach a class on how to use it.
<rich> I can get a crash on exit in either 3.1 or 95,
Netscape or IE
> I'd almost need to, it can do alot...
<BobSlopsema> COOL!!!!
> Any of you used FontPOWER?
<BobSlopsema> at least you are not prejediced Rich
<rich> I'll look forward to that
<BobSlopsema> Fontpower, think so, but can't recall
<BobSlopsema> \or what it did.....
> Any of you going to appear at ADAMCON?
<BobSlopsema> yup!
> FontPOWER, Digital Express, edit fonts save out a
font set, use them in your own programs...
<BobSlopsema> all of us!!!!
<rich> will be there - I live there
<rich> only question, do I book a hotel room or
commute from home
> Then you better be there!
<BobSlopsema> your choice Rich
> Any of you interested in designing your own fonts?
<rich> you had reasons to have a room at 09, Bob
<BobSlopsema> got lots already and no time! :-(
<rich> Frances does that sometimes
<BobSlopsema> reasons ..... be there; room doubled as
hospitality suite; be there,,,,,,,,,
> It's actually alot of fun.
> Guess I'll have to show you at the 'CON.
<BobSlopsema> gotta retire..............
<rich> Frances is doing it more on the Amiga now
<BobSlopsema> get more time........
<rich> but at the moment is trying to make the new OS

            <BobSlopsema>  OR  get  a LOT younger  and  get  more
energy!!! > I'll let you play with The Font Suite at ADAMCON
and see what you think.
<BobSlopsema> cool!!!!
> Basically, it can do ANYTHING with an 8X8 font.
<BobSlopsema> and you can play ADAMBOMB2 and be
tutored by an expert!!!!
> You can have multiple sets in memory at one time
and swap images between the sets.
> I need to get a copy of that!
<rich> That would also design sprites, right?
<BobSlopsema> Rich sell the man a copy!
> Actually, it can be configured to edit sprites too.
> It's pretty flexible.
<rich> Just like the sprite edit module in SmartLOGO
> But I'm working on another package to edit sprites,
focusing on animation.
> Yes. Actually the interface is identical.
<rich> Again, I think you'll find that's already in
> As you edit the font, you can instantly see the
> But LOGO isn't a great tool for someone who wants
to create animation from image swapping.
<rich> I'll take your word for it. And, it's a memory
> Play with delays, multiple animating multi image
swapping animations...
<rich> All the gamer goodies
> Can LOGO look into cartridges and help you find
Sprite sets?
<rich> As far as I know, no. That isn't what it was
designed for
> There's a Sprite program that can, but it doesn't
have the animation routines that I need.
> These are all things a programmer needs for a
Sprite toolkit.
> It's what I need.
> Or should I say... want...
<rich> This is something beyond just a screen
capture, then?
> Basically, scan the cartridges memory for Sprite
> I think VisiSprite does it.
> Mine will as well.
> I probrably should pick up a copy of that as well.
> SpritePOWER just doesn't do it for me...

            <rich> Who wrote VisiSprite?
> Can't remember, but there's a review on my site.
<rich> If it's a Walters program, I may have it
> I actually had already dabbled in pulling font sets
off of SmartWRITER and OS-7 before reading about this.
> It's not a Walters Software program.
<rich> Then I'd have to look in the archive, and
that's like the Augean stables
> All of these tools must be made if there is to be a
Dragon Master.
> Our current crop of tools just don't cut it for
serious development.
<rich> Like so many productions, doing teh job is the
easy part, its the geting ready...
> If you've ever used FontPOWER, you'll know exactly
what I mean...
<BobSlopsema> nd the finishing up!
<rich> yes, replacing the used fingers....
> I had a set that I needed to adjust one pixel to
the right for each font. If I were to use FontPOWER, I would have to redraw every single font manually!
> So I decided the hell with that and wrote my own
program to do that!
> Finishing... that's the most important part...
<rich> Isn't that something that could have been
imported into PowerPaint and edited?
<BobSlopsema> hey guys, gotta go here........
> PowerPAINT... there's another one... don't get me
> Doesn't even have white available from the
<BobSlopsema> see ya all next week???
<rich> OK Bob, give our best to Judy and the kids and
see you next week
<BobSlopsema> and hopefully more of us!!!!
> Oh, goodbye! Too bad you're leaving us!
> I'll e-mail you later, Bob.
<BobSlopsema> tired almost falling asleep here......
> Okay. Bye...
<BobSlopsema> bye!
<rich> bye
<rich> looks like he's left us, Scott
> I have to bring pictures in another program just to
add white...
> Then there's that horrible title bar that it puts
on the left side of EVERY picture...
<rich> Haven't used Power Paint enough to have
noticed that
> I have to bring in another program just to remove
> You can't take sections of bit image and move it
over one pixel!
<rich> Yes, that is a pain, though I think the sizing
has something to do with fitting it on a page for a printout
> It's a good program, but frustrating...
<rich> Well, that's something that hasn't changed on
any computer yet
> You also can't edit HGR2 pictures. Every picture
has to be an HGR picture (in relation to size)
<rich> again, you're on unfamiliar turf for me
> So what if you're me and want to create a picture
that uses that entire screen. Can't really use PowerPAINT...
> Like I said, don't get me started on PowerPAINT...
<rich> right, there is that limitation
> How much have you used it?
<rich> I guess Sol had other things in
           mind when he wrote it
> I think so.
<rich> Mainly to set up the letterhead on my price
list, some other small stuff
> Too bad he couldn't design it so that you would
only have one picture in memory but could do anything to it...
<rich> You have to remember I'm not a heavy computer
> True..
> But a heavy ADAM user, right???
> Right.
<rich> basically to me a computer is just a
typewriter that works properly - usually
> So you're a wordprocessor type of user?
<rich> Mostly for Smartwriter
> Guess you use Speedy Write?
<rich> yes, my computer stuff is an outgrowth of my
writing activities
<rich> and no, I don't use4 Speedywrite
> I have a copy of it, but haven't used it. I know
that it is good, though.
<rich> the idea is to get prose on paper in
respectable form - Smartwriter does that just fine

            >  My  problem with programs like  Speedy  Write  and
SmartWRITER... <rich> Some of the folks in 463 Adam swear by
Speedywrite - I just don't need its extra talents
> You can't add graphics along side the text.
<rich> Yes, that is what will yet coax me into using
the IBM for WP
> You can't bring in other fonts and print in those
> WP?
> What about word...
<rich> Power has its price - and its payoffs for the
> Or even better...
> What about PageMaker???
> Pagemaker's only...
> $500.
<rich> No, just Clipboiard or Notepad or Write or
> Wordpad is one of my favorites.
> I would like to write a similar version for the
> It would make my life easier...
<rich> Yes, it does have a number of features that
would be welcome
> Something like that will sneak into Millenium...
<rich> but you'd also have to write drivers for DM
and laser printers
> But it probrably won't have any printer drivers at
<rich> OK, I have two inkjet printers I haven't even
hooked up yet
> Depends on how much time I have.
<rich> You're a working stiff, you have lots of time,
not like us old folks
> Well...
> My job is in web development and computer
> So I'm around this stuff all day...
> Besides...
> I've got to finish some of these projects...
<rich> It makes a difference. We spend only our spare
time playing with our computers
<rich> They are just a tool to help with other
aspects of our lives
> The Font Suite is practically complete, minus the
bootstrap and the disk routines...
<rich> I gather once you know how, bott programs are
fairly easy
<rich> Wouldn't your father be able to give you some
clues on the disc management?
> Oh yeah...
> My father's the master...
<rich> You'll get there. Anyway, the hour is getting
on rather rapidly
> If I have questions, I just ask my dad...
> Yes, I need to sign off to.
<rich> I am going to have to make my exit and crash
(in more ways than one)
> See ya later...
<rich> Will you be joining us again next week?
> Yes.
<rich> See you then. Night for now.

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Article: mar3ch_2

> AOL's screwed up the file. I believe I won't have a
problem with my computer at work.
> I'm also giving Geoff access to my server to FTP.
<Rick> What is the "ADAM Resource Directory" and how
can I get a copy?
<rich> I've heard AOL have a limit on attachment
sizes, maybe they bobtailed it
<rich> It's Adam Survival Guide and Scott will have
it up in a short time
<rich> I mailed the masters to him several days ago
<Rick> I often have to send files to clients on AOL,
and it's always a hassle.
> But Rick could help me OCR it...
<rich> Yes, it's smal;l very black type; you'll need
help I think
> I have an extra copy somewhere in my house...
<rich> Yes, but that's a photocopy reproduction and
not a good one
<Rick> On your site, it was called the Resource
Directory, second edition. Is that wrong??
<rich> In order to keep the price in line, I had to
have it done at a discount shop
> Sounds right to me.
<rich> That was in Staples early days here when they
had real deals on mass photocopying
<rich> Ah - I think there was a more or less excerpt
of the ASG done separately as the Resource directory
<rich> But now it is hopelessly out of date
> Lots of good articles though.
<Rick> Okay, here's a question: Who was Solomon Swift
and what happened with him "making off" with paid orders??? Remember, I know nothing about a lot of this.
<rich> OK, Sol Swift was an erratic genius who wrote
some of the best early Adam software
<rich> He sold programs and published "Nibbles and
Bits" for years
<Rick> Also, I read somewhere that HP/Hewlett Packard
worked with Coleco to develop the ADAM to compete with IBM's Jr.????
<rich> But then he ran into hard times and really
broke up, left a lot of people disappointed
<Rick> Keep going, Rich
<rich> Only Pat Herrington knows the full story
> Sol Swift did himself in with his GO-DOS operating
system that he lost the source to, then lost his client list and then never recovered.
<rich> I believe HP wre subcontracted for some work
on the Adam - the expertise at Coleco was limited
<Rick> Lost the source to who (or should I say
<rich> But for instance I know the OS was apparently
developed at the University of Waterloo
> Well guys, I gotta go. My girlfriend's on the line
and I can't really talk to her and write to you all that well.
<rich> I think he broke up with his wife and that was
the start of the problems
> Rick -- I'll contact you tommorrow. If you'd like
we can meet again in the chat room if you'd like.
> I'll also work on getting you some newsletters.
<rich> OK Scott, time to check my emails. Look for
the disc drive when Uncle Sam's couriers deign to transport it
<Rick> Bye, Scott. And thanks. My wife suggested I
try this out and now she's fallen asleep waiting for me!! I'll be back next week.
> Nice making your aquaintance.
<rich> Look for you next week, Rick12
> Great! Then I'll talk to you tommorrow.
<Rick> Bye, Rich. Nice meeting you.
> Again, nice meeting you.
> Bye!
<rich> Ditto. Bye for now. I'm away.
<Rick> See ya, bye.
<AtariJoe> Hi Scott... Am I early or late? <G>
<AtariJoe> This is a test.
<AtariJoe> Okay, this is NOT a test. <grin>
<AtariJoe> Scott? Are you here?
> Hey
> Are you still there?
> I wandered off for a moment
<AtariJoe> Oh good. I was afraid that I was messing
something up.
> But I'm still here.
> No, not at all.
<AtariJoe> No problem. I do the same thing myself
> Most of the people have already left.
> I'm still here updating my site.
> Glad you could make it.
<AtariJoe> Ah, the never-ending "hobby", <g>
> We never seem to get enough people flow through
> So, who is the infamous Atari Joe?
<AtariJoe> I haven't touched my site in so long that
I hate to go back to it now.... TOO much work.
> Yeah, I know what you mean...
<AtariJoe> Remember that friend of PJ's back when she
was still over on CIS?
> I haven't updated mine in forever.
> Hmmm...
<AtariJoe> That was me.
> Friend?
<AtariJoe> <g> Cleared THAT up, didn't I? <LOL>
> I know of a few good friends she had...
> Sol Swift, Tony Patterson...
<AtariJoe> Online buddy. How's she doing? I haven't
talked to her since I left CIS.
> I phoned her back in January.
> She'd just been through some hard times, but
sounded like she was on the up and up.
<AtariJoe> I miss talking to her. She's a trip.

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Article: mar3chat

Chat 3/8/00 by Joe Blenkle

<rich> Hi! What took you so long?
> I've been here twice already.
> Then AOL decided not to work.
<rich> Oh? I've been here since 9 sharp
<rich> Ah yes - AOL
> Riiiiggghhhttt.
<rich> The Microsoft of ISPs
> I was here about 5 minutes before 9.
> And also a minute or so past.
> That's when AOL crapped out.
<rich> I usually have to wait solong I don't connect
till 9 these days
> It's been a busy day for ADAM stuff.
<rich> I noticed the exchanges on the Adam mailing
> Joe Blenkle's reprints of ECN are coming to The
ADAM Resource.
<rich> This is not a surprise, given the context
<rich> I'll bet Joe is delighted
> I've also got a guy who wants to help.
> Imagine that!
<rich> I noticed that, and there will maybe be more
help too
> I've already tried my hand at OCRing an article
from ECN.
> No major problems.
<rich> There's a return for helping, you know - you
get to read and save the stuff your own=self
> I'd love to get more people involved.
> True.
<rich> The time will come. I've finally got System
> I don't have a complete collection of ECN, but
enough to get started.
<rich> Now I just have to master 170 pages of
> What's System Commander?
> Oh yeah, have you sent out the ADAM Resource
<rich> It's like Partition Magic but allows you to
span over multiple physical drives
<rich> You mean it hasn't got to you yet?
> Neat. (nerdy laugh)
> No.
> How long ago did you send it?
<rich> It's OK, the USPS quotes 4-6 weeks for surface
> Good God!
<rich> So Happy Easter, it's your egg!
> 4-6 weeks?
> I'll be seeing that in June...
<rich> Go to USPS.GOV and see for yourself
> So...
> We have Geoff Oltman's resource coming to my
> Joe Blenkle's resource coming to my site...
> The ADAM Resource Directory coming to my site...
> ANN coming to my site...
<rich> I still like the dual mirrors idea - as in
truck driver?
> Good God!
<rich> The more the merrier; hope you've got a few
terabytes of space
> That's a helluvalot of resources.
> 50 MB. Enough?
<rich> The more resources we can have together, and
the more big chunks of the together we can have spread out too, the better
> I've used only about 3-5.
> Rick!
> Glad to see you here!
> Did you get my e-mail?
<rich> Well, text files are tiny. Even pdf's aren't
bad -
<Rick> Hi there. Yes, I did.
<rich> the SC manual is 170 pages and 550K in pdf
> Yeah, but the printability of the PDF is awesome!
<rich> Hey, didn't see Rick come in. Who dat man?
> Can you say *perfect*
> Did you look at the small article that I OCRed from
ECN, Rick?
> Rick is the ADAM owner who wants to help OCR issues
of ECN.
<rich> Hey Scott, how about introducing our new
> Sorry.
<Rick> Hi Rich. Nice to meet you. Scott, I did look
at the article. I would like to get started OCR-ing as soon as I can get some issues.
> He's Rick Perron.
<rich> How do you feel about OCRing if the original
scans are sent to you?
> All around nice-guy.
<Rick> Is this Rich Druschell?? Did I spell that
> Newest member to the ADAM Community.
<rich> OK Rick, I'm Rich Clee
<rich> Not to be confused with Dr. D - 50 years
younger and 50 times

smarter, he is
> The original scans, as in TIF images?
<rich> I think that is what my software produces, yes
<Rick> Hi Rich Clee. I've read about you. I feel like
I've been "observing" all these people. I know names, but not faces.
<rich> Go to, look at the pictures, and
meet the whole crew
<Rick> TIFs should be fine.
> Like I said in my e-mail, I have no problem sending
you the duplicates of ECN.
> That way you have your own originals.
> We could probrably start there.
<Rick> That would be great.
> 4 of the issues have already been OCRed.
> By Joe Blenkle, that is.
<rich> Before you came in, Rick, I was just telling
Scott I know have System Commander
<rich> It will let me bring an additional 8.4 gig
hard disc on line with my 2.1 gig
<Rick> I would still like to get the issues that have
been put on Joe's website, just to make sure that I can duplicate the original "look and feel".
> Wow.
<rich> Once that's done, I expect to have the
configuration to add the software to do useful Adam things
> How about this?
<Rick> What is System Commander. You have to remember
that I've been "away" for a long time.
> How about we create a Digital Newsletter version of
it that would look as close...
> to the original as possible...
<rich> As I've told you, Scott, I have many lineal
shelf yards of Adam newsletters
> Rich -- you're talking to the two people that can
help bring these

resources to the web.
<rich> System Commander is like Partition Magic but
spans multiple physical discs
> We've both got OmniPage.
<Rick> I wanted to ask you guys just how many
different newsletters were there? What were the names, and where were they located?
> Oh boy...
<rich> I have Textbridge but if you can handle the
raw TIFs that should do it
> Nibbles & Bits, Garden of ADAM (hehe)...
> NIAD, ECN, Sprite Chaser, ADAMLink of Utah,
<rich> Alan Neeley had his in Salt Lake City, the St/
Louis group had one, Orlando,
> MTAG, MOAUG, ADAM'S House Newsletter, AUGment...
<rich> MTAG in Toronto, 463 Adam in Indiana still
> St. Louis AUG, Emerald Coast AUG, Highlights...
> among others...
<rich> And don't forget Ottawa and before that FCAUG
in Montreal of some ill fame
<Rick> I can't believe all those newsletters!! After
Coleco abandoned the Adam, I assumed it was dead. I guess I was dead wrong!
<rich> And David Cobley with VISA on the wet coast
> I haven't seen MTAG, but my absolute favorite has
to be Nibbles & Bits
<rich> Hey, Rick, I'm still using mine and have never
> Followed by NIAD, etc., etc., etc....
<Guy B.> Well, I'm here FINALLY!
> Guy!
> Can it be?
<rich> Bloody well about time, Guy! What's your
> Guy Bona, this is Rick Perron.
<Rick> Hi Guy. I'm new here.
<Guy B.> You don't want to know. Hi Rick.
<rich> You're probably right - I have those days too
> Inquiring minds want to know...
<Guy B.> I haven
<Guy B.> I haven't been able to get on.
<rich> Why? Are you on AOL too?
> Rick, have you taken a look at the October issue of
Nibbles & Bits on my site?
<Guy B.> Delphi has been pretty empty the last two
<Rick> Not yet, Scott, but I'll be sure to check it
<rich> Yes, Michael will knock down teh chat and keep
it as our bulletin board
> Do you have Acrobat Reader?
<Guy B.> So he finally gave in, eh!
<Rick> Scott, are you asking me?
> Yes, sorry, Rick -- Do you have Acrobat Reader?
<rich> No gave in about it - when we started having
the [problems with Delphi, he was part of the group that agreed to move as soon as we found a better answer
<Rick> Yes, I use QuarkXPress to layout the pages,
and then "distill" them into PDF files for Acrobat Reader.
<Guy B.> He was pretty upset about having the chats
moving from Delphi to here.
<rich> Now that we have a better answer - well, if he
weren't tied up with some personal affairs, he'd be here now
> Ah! Quark is a great tool. One of the few I don't
> I'm telling you -- it's my masterpiece of an OCR
<Guy B.> I wonder where Bob is tonight?
> If you want to check out a really interesing
newsletter for free, don't hesitate... Check it out...
<rich> Dunno - he implied in an email last nite he'd
be here
<Rick> Scott, I'm still back on XPress 3.3, but am
hoping to upgrade to either 4.0 or Adobe InDesign at some point.
> It's about 110K.
> I had a chance to upgrade to In Design and didn't
see the need to.
<rich> I'm going to lurk for five minutes while you-
all talk
> I'm actually happy with PageMaker 6.5+
<Guy B.> Probably got tied up with Doug's new house.
Ok Scott.
> Rick -- are you a web developer?
<Rick> Since I'm new here: Where are you all located?
I just moved back to Maine after being in Nashville, Tennessee for ten years.
> I live in Denver, Colorado.
> Rich is from...
> What's that country...
> Canada???
<rich> Toronto
> Country of Toronto?
<rich> ya
> :)
<Rick> Scott, I'm a graphic designer by day. CDs,
cassettes, print ads, brochures, etc. I am interested in learning more about web design. I

hear Dream Weaver (??) is the program to get.
> Yes, I have the latest version. 3.0.
<Guy B.> I'm on Delphi in another window. No one is
> Dreamweaver's an excellent product but there are a
few drawbacks...
> Especially when it comes to dragging and dropping
OCR work.
> It's really bad with the clipboard, ie, Cutting and
Pasting external data.
<Rick> Hey Rich. My grandparents all came from
Quebec. Canada's a beautiful country.
> I use, of all things, Pagemill 3.0...
<rich> It sure is. But so is the U.S.
> I use Dreamweaver for site management and some
editing but not for

<Rick> So Scott's in Denver, Rich is in Toronto where
are you from,

> Who's that guy?
<rich> Been to Yellowstone?
> Could it be...
> ...a Slopsema...
<Guy B.> Yo Bob!
> ...a very, very rare and dangerous predator of the
Canadian outback...
<Rick> No, Rich. Never been there, but I hear it's
really a great place to visit.
<BobSlopsema> hey dudes!!!!
<rich> Hi Bob how's the fingers?
> Rick -- you're job sounds fun. I'm a web developer
for TRW.
<BobSlopsema> was here once, but my laptop didn't
have Java....
<Guy B.> Just checked Delphi. No one is there at all,
so I closed the window.
> As I'm sure you already figured out...
<BobSlopsema> gettin better, one is good other
trailing far behind
> Hey Bob -- could you get me that issue of the Feb
<rich> Just make sure you've got a real good tape
drive available
> Oh yeah, Rick -- there was also ANN.
<rich> ANN isn't a newsleter, it's an anthology
> One of the largest ADAM support groups that sent
its articles on Disk or DDP.
<BobSlopsema> not yet working on it...
<BobSlopsema> and march too....
> I beg to differ, Rich...
<Rick> ANN is still around, right?? I haven't really
gone through the ANN site.
<rich> Are they on your site for download, Bob?
<Guy B.> Any word from Dale about where the hotel is
going to be for

AC12 yet?
<BobSlopsema> not yet, just lazy i guess
> If you discount the medium it's sent on, it's still
ADAM news, articles and programs...
> which makes up the content of an actual
<BobSlopsema> too busy at work....and then there's
doug's housr
<rich> Agreed, Scott, but as one of the founders I
know what we had in mind
> Actually you're right... It's not ONE newsletter,
it's several...
> Yes, the monthly anthology...
<rich> It's basi ally reprints of Adam materials from
other sources
<rich> Now we include the internet and stuff
> Hey, whatever happened to it's founder, oh...
what's his name...
<Rick> I'll have to go to ANN later on.
> Got it on the tip of my tongue...
<rich> Barry Wilson, and we don't know
> Barry Wilson...
> Some of the ANN disks are on my site.
<BobSlopsema> wiil get to it this weekend scoot; one
finger and all
<rich> He was a difficult personality but I never had
any problems with him
> Actually there's two.
> Some of the articles are also from ANN.
<Guy B.> Barry Wilson sent me a whole slew of Adam
software a few years ago that no longer wanted.
<rich> I have a complete set thru about 1997 or 98
> One finger and all? Wait a minute... Did I miss
something here?
<BobSlopsema> let's just say barry was "a"
> What happened to your hand?
> Oh yeah, and who's scoot?
<BobSlopsema> left hand soaking 2 fongers in
antiseptic; so only got

one hand to type with
<rich> I always got along smoothly with Barry and
liked him
<Guy B.> Bob, what happened to your hand? Did you cut
<BobSlopsema> and then fard dingers don't type well
> Yeah, Bob, you're holding out on us...
<Guy B.> How come you don't let Judy do the typing
<BobSlopsema> tried to top off middle 2 w/ power saw
about 1 mi=onth ago
> Barry had some great ideas...
<rich> And he wasn't bad with the execution either
> Ouch! I'm sorry. Ugh!
<rich> Would accept help when he needed it
<BobSlopsema> cause she is soaking 1 finger w/
infection too
> I have an article or two of his on my site...
<Guy B.> How bad was it?
<rich> And went out and pursued it as well
<BobSlopsema> ring finger notr bad; middle almost off
<BobSlopsema> be summer before it is back to normal
> Sorry to hear that, Bob.
> It's good to hear you'll be back to normal in a few
<rich> Let's be glad it's gettable back to normal
<BobSlopsema> me too
<Guy B.> Oh man, you won't be doing that ever again.
<BobSlopsema> ;
<BobSlopsema> -
<BobSlopsema> ;-
<BobSlopsema> ;
<BobSlopsema> ;-)
<rich> Where is Meka tonight?
<rich> Meeka
<Guy B.> My sister was helping my mom cleaning her
place and I have a Packard Bell 386 computer here in my kitchen.
<BobSlopsema> prooly got home by now, judy & i got
home about 9:20
<Guy B.> That was her computer. A demo.
<rich> What do you plan to do with it?
<BobSlopsema> work great to be a slave for adam
<rich> Naw, a simple XT will do as ana Adam server
<Guy B.> Right now, I don't know yet. I may use the
monitor for the 486. I have a brand new Panasonic 24 pin color dot matrix printer.
<Guy B.> That I might hook up to my Pentium and the 9
Pin color may go to the 486.
<rich> Put DOS on it, a 1.2 hard disc with two
partitions, and run games
> Rick, I'm not sure if you're aware of all of the
technology developed for the ADAM...
<BobSlopsema> got a386 setup w/ 4 srives & it makes a
great copy macine for diska & transferring between tdos & dos
<Guy B.> The 386 has Win 3.0, Lotus 123 and DOS 5.0
and the HD is 85Mb. It won't even run Win95
<rich> Bet he hasn't even found the emulator yet
> Awhile ago, my father manufactured a hardrive for
the ADAM called the PowerMate...
<Guy B.> I don't think the emulator will work very
well with the 386, but it will with the 486.
<BobSlopsema> gott have 486 for emultor don't ya??
> Marcel de Kogel developed an ADAM Emulator for
<rich> That's what the docs say, but I've heard a 386
can handle it
<Guy B.> At least that.
<Rick> This is pretty new to me, Scott. Why don't you
bring me up to

date on what's available.
> Rich Drushel got the ADAM Server up and running...
> Geez... where to start?
<Guy B.> Scott, the emulator runs under DOS.
<Rick> What is the Adam Server??
> Your right. DOS.
> But you don't have to leave Windows.
> As in reboot in MS-DOS.
<Guy B.> It works better stand alone, but you can run
it from Windows.
<Rick> How do you get your old programs to run with
the emulator. I've transfered most of what I have to 1.44 ADAM floppies.
<rich> I'd love to set up my 386 as a device to
transfer Adam files to DOS but don't know how
> What do you have for your ADAM, Rick?

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Article: readme



This month we have some late breaking news on ADAMCON with a tentative activity schedule for the convention; registration form for those ready to make those reservations (it's NOT too early); AND the chosen location. The location just announced is the Howard Johnson TRIUMPH Hotel just around the corner from the Ramada INN where ADAMCON 02 was held. For those who attended AC02, you will remember that the hotel was fairly easy to find, right off Highway 401.

Along with this ADAMCON information, we have some text captures from the weekly conferences held WED eves @ 9PM EST on the web at THE ADAM RESOURCE hosted by Scott Gordon. We had previously been meeting on Delphi, but switched due to technical problems with Delphi's server. Anyway, it gives you an idea of what goes on during all those conference calls when you cannot attend in person. BUT! we would like some more particiaption in the Wed evening conferences, so why don't you see if you can't make it some week! Use that infernal dos machine; get on the web; goto: and follow the path thru the

site to the chatroom. We'd love to see it swamped; usually we get only about 4 maybe 5 people per week.

Plan NOW to come to ADAMCON OC (12) this summer in Toronto and mail those registrations in soon!! SEE YOU THERE!!!!

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Article: register


             "Dinosaurs into the new Millenium"

Please fill out this form and submit it BY MAIL with a registration fee(s) in US or Canadian funds. US prices are marked with $US and Canadian prices are marked with $CA.

AdamCon runs from July 20 (Thurs eve) to July 23 (Sun eve). Accomodations include Thursday night through Sunday night. For extra days, please phone me at (416)-225-5884 for pricing.

Lunch is provided with full attendee and a day pass. Spouses get breakfast and the banquet.

Name: _____________________ Spouse or Roommate: _____________

                                  (if sharing)

Address: ____________________________________________________

Arrival: _______________ Departure: ____________

AdamCon registration:

Full attendee (4 nights, 3 bkfst, 3 lunch, banquet) ______ x $300US = ______


Private room (SINGLE ROOM) ______ x $160US = ______

Spouse (4 nights, 3 bkfst, banquet) ______ x $200US = ______

Day pass (includes lunch) ______ x $40CA = ______

Banquet only ______ x $50CA = ______

AdamCon T-shirts: size ______ size ______ x $10US = ______

		( S  M  L  XL XXL 3XL 4XL )     $14CA

AdamCon hats: ________ x $6US = ______


Total due: $______

Payment: $______
Full payment is due June 30. Make checks payable to "AdamCon 12." Please send this form and payment to:

			Dale Wick
                        347 Hounslow Ave.
                        Toronto, ON Canada
                        M2R 1H4
                416-225-5884 (home) or 416-451-2697 (cell/work)


Send feedback to Dale Wick

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Article: schedule

           AdamCon 0Ch Schedule (July 20-23, 2000)
             " Dinosaurs into the new Millenium"

Here is a preliminary schedule (updated March 15, 2000):

	Thursday, July 20   2PM REGISTRATION      8PM RECEPTION

	      Friday               Saturday               Sunday
	7AM                  Breakfast (provided)

	9AM Mastering the web     Geneology             Hands on LOGO
	     with search engines  (tentative)
	     by Neil Wick     (MTAG)Geneology (tenative)
	12 noon              Lunch (provided)
	2PM AdamBomb 2 hints      Keynote:"Why old      The ADAM RESOURCE
	    and tips by           computers are still   & Adam websites
	    Jillian Arnott        interesting"          by Scott Gordon

	3PM Transfer utilities    ADAMEM & utilities    Writing Supergames
	    (Adam <-> PC) by                            "artificial intel-
							ligence"by D. Wick
	6PM                 Free time (supper)
	8PM Demo time             Online conference     Banquet
	    Buy and sell          Delphi or ADAM        &awards
	    store                 resource chatroom
	11PM                Sleep?
Descriptions of Sessions: Watch for descriptions of the upcoming seminars.

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