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Article: 463prof

THE FOLLOWING IS INFORMATION FROM & ON THE 463 AUG. I HAVE WORKED CLOSELY WITH THEM AND THEY ARE AN EXCELLENT & ACTIVE GROUP WHO KEEPS GROWING. Barry WilsonFollowing is the information Dean Roades sends out to potential members: 463 ADAM User GroupOrganized - AUGust 1987Meetings - 1st Friday of each month, 7:00 PMMember Dues - $15.00/year.Newsletter - 463 ADAMSystem The ADAM we use at our meetings consists of: - Base Unit w/ 2 Tape Drives - 160k Disk Drive - 64k Memory Expander - Adamlink Modem - Auto Dialer - Panasonic KX-P1080i Dot Matrix Printer - Monitor/TVCopyrighted Software: We have a strict rule against piracy in any form. We cooperate with other ADAM groups to stop this illegal practice. We review and demo copyrighted software but will not make copies. Some of the software we have demonstrated: SignSHOP NewsMAKER MultiWRITE SpeedyWRITE MegaUTIL SmartTYPE 2.0 Intel-LOAD RAMDISK Flashcard Maker PowerPAINT Lab Mouse The Print Works Plus many games and utilities.Public DomainOur PD librarian, Mike Guill, has assembled the following volumes for our group: 1. Games - Text and Graphic 2. Printshop - printing programs for the ADAM printer. 3. Music + Games - Makes your ADAM play music 4. N & B EZ series - Utilities from Nibbles & Bits 5. File Management - The best utilties 6. Space - Text and Graphic Space Games and Demos 7. Book Reviews by Joe Alford 8. Jerry's Best - HVAC programsMike has drawn on many sources, including the NIAD PD library, for our volumes and has contributed many PD programs to NIAD. Other PD volumes in our library include: Super Sub Roc Pinball Construction/Hard Hat Mac Jeopardy The Best of Broderbund Adamlink II Many NIAD and Nibbles & Bits volumesCurrent ProjectsWe are learning more about graphics and sprites. We are also starting to use the modem to hook up to BBS's.hcard Maker PowerPAINT Lab Mouse The Print Works Plus many games and utilities.Public D

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Article: adamstrg


By KEITH (SL7) On Fri Sep 15 1989 11:29 PM -- No responses --

Here is a little trick that makes your ADAM think it has been online for a long time. When you dial a phone number using ADAM Link press a key on the keyboard just after it has dialed the last number. Wait a sec then press WILD CARD which will put you in terminal mode and examine the on-line clock.

Has anyone gotten the strange SMARTKEYS that says koko and the other says face ?? What do these mean?

NETIN >rcn

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Article: admlkbbs

FROM ADAM LINK OF UTAH BBS comes the following: (as part of their general news announcements or bulletin).NATIONAL FEDERATION OF ADAM ORGANIZATIONS (Mon Sep 11 1989 10:00 AM)In recent months, there have been a few people in the ADAM community who have been working to unify ADAM owners into some kind of national organization. Their efforts should not go un-noticed so I would like to Barry Wilson of the St. Louis A.U.G., has been attempting to organize a National Federation of ADAM User's Group. Barry has started compiling ADAM information monthly on disks and has developed a system to distribute them amongst the MANY User's Groups, Newsletter Editors, and BBS's involved with ADAM. If you would like to get involved in this system, leave a message to Barry (#AN156) in the Mail area, or in the Feedback area on this system. Bob Blair, Larry Overman, and a few others have been attempting to organize a National Network of ADAM BBS's. This idea entails the linking of the Public message bases of those systems involved in the Network. This way, a user can post an idea or question on one system and it will get shared with the other systems generating a larger response on the subject. There are a few BBS's involved in the Network already including some A-NET systems. (as soon as I get a list compiled, I'll post them). This BBS will become a part of the network in October after the ADAM convention (so I can devote more time to getting the network setup on this system).

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Article: akroninf

FROM THE AKRON BBS comes the following message, which should be of interest to User Groups. If you are member of a legitimate (non profit) users group, and would like to manufacture legal copies of the old ORPHANWARE expanison boards, let us know. We are going to order blank PC boards and make them available to users groups and BBS operators at cost. You can then sell them and use the profits to help your groups funding needs. You can save about 70 dollars from the latest advertised cost of the E&T 256K or 30 dollars on a parallel printer board. How about 30 dollars on the cost of a 64K board. These savings are typical and will depend on the cost of the chips that you buy. Let us know in the GENERAL MESSAGE area.If you are contemplating a disk drive conversion, I will do the Press any keylabor for 25.00 if you will send a working disk drive and the new drive mechanics and the required Radio Shack Micro switch. You must also include enough for return shipping. I have just found 3.5" drives for $61.00 and 5.25" drives for $55.00. Call Micro Time Data Systems at 213 746 0308. Your total cost for a conversion is now less than $90.00. I do not think you can beat than anywhere in the country today. This is a service of the Akron ADAM Users and is available to anyone who owns an ADAM. Send your drive to : John Lingrel 5665 Myers Road Akron, OH 44319If you buy the parts, I will build an 80CVU for 40 bux. Leave PRV MAIL to ID # 111. You will need to order a ZRT80 kit from Digital Research Computers. Call them at 214-225-2309. Also, you will need to contact the Washington ADAM Users (ID 72 on this board for a serial port, unless you already have one beyond the one that you will use for your external modem), then you will need to contact ALTEX for 1 foot of 60 conductor ribbon cable and Press any keyat least 2 IDE60 connectors, 3 if you want a Y cable. Call them at 800-531-5369. Last you will need a power supply. Order it from JDR at 800 538 5000. Their part number for the power supply is PS-PLUG. Cost for each part is ZRT-80 = 99.00 (kit), ribbon cable = 1.50. IDE60 = 4.95 each, serial port (talk to Bob Blair ID72 on this board, power supply 9.95. I will provide the case and the labor to put it together. Cost for that is 60.00 + shipping. I will gaurantee it for 30 days after I have built it assuming that all the parts were good to begin with. And I will provide the software (TDOS80 in this case). Anyone having any questions about the 80CVU vs other forms of 80 columns should direct their questions to Bob Blair (President of AWAUG), ID # 72 on this board. He has done it both ways and has some very interesting conclusions about the 80CVU. BJ Send checks or Money Orders to: John Lingrel 5665 Myers Road Akron, OH 44319you want a Y cable

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Article: anetfetr

NEW FEATURES FOR THE A-NET BBS SYSTEM.Downloaded from Adam Link of Utah BBS (80l-484-5ll4, 7 E l, 24 hrs.), this explains some of the new features for the ANET BBS system.So what's all this fuss about the new Text Editing and Display features? Wha t do they allow the user to do and how will A-NET be different from previous BBS HELP FILES Area## Title Source------------------------------------1) Introductory help by Derrick Threatt2) Editor Help by ALAN3) New A-NET features by ALAN------------------------------------BBS HELP FILES:3So what's all this fuss about the new Text Editing and Display features? What do they allow the user to do and how will A-NET be different from previous versions? Well... This file is intended to answer these questions plus introduce you to the new features. SCREEN WIDTH SELECTION Previously, the A-NET system limited its users to only a 40-column display. Seeing how most ADAM owners don't have a telecommunication's program that offers this type of display (the ADAMLink software only has a 36-column display), the display put out by A-NET was not a very pretty sight (and those with 80-column display, tended to get 'tunnel vision' from looking at only half of the screen being filled). The new features no longer make this a limitation. The A-NET system will now allow its users to select any desired SCREEN WIDTH from 30 to 80 characters per line! Here are some typical Screen Width settings for some of the telecommunication programs used with the ADAM computer: SCREEN WIDTH SOFTWARE 36 ADAMLink 39 SwiftLINK (40-col mode) 30 SwiftLINK (30-col mode) 80 SwiftLINK (80-col mode) 31 A-CHAT (SmartBASIC) 39 A-TERM (A-NET software) 80 CP/M software (with 80-column display) 40 CP/M software (normal video display) If you are using a telecommunications program other than those mentioned above, experiment until you get a uniform display. TEXT DISPLAY The new Text Display features are what actually put the Screen Width feature to work. Their purpose is to conform all the text files displayed to the Width selected by the user. There are two different modes that can be selected: NON-FORMATTED and FORMATTED. The NON-FORMATTED display is the fastest working of the two features. It displays the text a character at a time. When it reaches the end of a line (which is determined by the Screen Width selection), one of two things can happen: 1) if the current word being printed is not completely printed, it will be split with a "-" and the remainder of the word printed on the next line. 2) if the current word is completely printed the cursor will just move to the next line. The FORMATTED display offers a very uniform and readable display of text. However, the sacrifice is that the display is somewhat slower. This feature reads in the text and compares it with the selected screen width. If a word will not fit at the end of a line, the entire word will be brought down to the next line without chopping it. If the word in question contains the "-" character, it will be split at that character (provided the first half of the word will fit on the first line). TEXT EDITING There are three new and unique features in A-NET's Text Editor. First, the user can now choose from two different modes for typing in text. They are: MANUAL Word Wrap and AUTO Word Wrap. Second, there is a simple feature that allows the user to cancel the text conforming features now found in the Text Display. The AUTO Word Wrap feature comes from an original idea that Peter Ames shared with me (for which I would like to thank him very much). This feature aides the user in creating messages in the Text Editor. If the user comes to the end of their selected screen width and the word they are typing has not been completed, the word will be removed from the present line and reprinted on the next line. To inform the user of what is going on, a warning bell is sounded (provided the user's system has audio capabilities). This feature should not be used in conjunction with a software program that has a built-in Auto Word Wrap feature (such as the ADAMLink software) unless that feature has been otherwise disabled. The MANUAL Word Wrap feature is the alternative to the above feature. It allows the user to type 20 characters past their selected Screen Width. The idea here is that if they haven't completed the present word they are typing at the time they come to the end of the screen, they can continue to type the word and then press RETURN without having the word needlessly chopped in half. The user can also backspace to the last of the previous word, press RETURN, and then can continue typing on the next line. If the user types 20 characters past their selected Screen Width, the Text Editor inserts a carriage return (chopping any present word being typed into two pieces). This feature is also useful for uploading text to the Text Editor (uploading to A-NET's Text Editor is 95% accurate at 300 BAUD). There is a special built-in text-editing feature that will cancel the conforming of any lines that the user desires. This way, when needed, certain lines can be left in their original form when being displayed under the new Text Display features discussed at the first of this file. To use this feature, simply type in a blank space at the end of the line then press RETURN. An example of where this feature is useful would be for ending a paragraph or for entering an address like this: ADAM-LINK of Utah 2337 South 600 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 Notice how the above three lines do not conform with the text above and below them (it's because they had the space character added at the end of the line before the carriage return was entered). SELECTING THE NEW FEATURES So... How does one go about selecting the new features? The answer is SIMPLE! With the recent introduction of a new area that allows the user to edit the information in their BBS account. To get to this area, use the EA command available from the AN/MAIN: prompt. Once in this new area, choose option 2 to view and edit the information in your BBS account. Next enter E to Edit your account, and then choose option 8 (Terminal Options) to select the new features that have been discussed in this file. After selecting the settings you wish to use, go ahead and change any other information in your account if needed. Be sure to enter the S command to permanently save the information before you leave the area (this is an INSTANT process and your account will be updated when you log-off the system). BBS HELP FILES Area## Title Source------------------------------------1) Introductory help by Derrick Threatt2) Editor Help by ALAN3) New A-NET features by ALAN------------------------------------BBS HELP FILES: answer is SIMPLE! Wit

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Article: awaugblt

THE FOLLOWING IS THE BULLETIN SECTION FROM THE AWAUG BBS (703-922-5497 8 N l, 24 hrs) which contains important Adam information.

** AWAUG BULLETINS ** ** UPDATED 9/21/89 **



WOW!!! That was the reaction of the large audience to the knock-out demonstration by Mark Gordon. His "plug-in" hard drive interface was a smashing success. He received the largest and longest applause ever given to a presenter in an AWAUG meeting.

The AWAUG members were very impressed with a single device that includes an interface for

Press any key a hard drive, two serial interfaces, a parallel interface and connectors for standard IBM disk drives!!! He used an IBM disk drive in the demonstraton and his own software. We were also impressed with his case for the hard drive with a build-in power unit. His complete "turn-key" package (including the hard drive/case/power unit/interface/software and support) is available at just under $400.00.

For those who have not met Mark Gordon, be advised that he is a professional computer builder who has focused his talents on the ADAM because

Press any key his son asked him to build a hard drive interface for him. As his project developed he has made a larger and larger investment in the effort.

Mark says that he now intends to continue to expand his ADAM product and plans to build similar devices for other types of computers as well. Mark advised me tonight (9/21) that he will be attending the ADAM Convention on October 7 and 8 (Fri & Sat) and that he will be domonstrating his interface (et al) on the afternoon of the 8th.

He has also set up a special phone line for orders and questions. His number is (703) 620-1372.



The guy is busy attaching more hard drives to his ADAM. Yes - First it was three disk drives and two tape drives, then it was four, then eight (stacked on on top of the other). Then it was a 20 meg disk drive, now a 40 meg disk

Press any key drive with plans for up to four of them. (I wonder if he still has those tape drives buried somewhere in there?)

Not only that he is running the hands-down best BBS going. Just look in the NET section at his latest messages and bulletins. He calls his place ADAM, GROUND ZERO and it is a deserving title.

BJ - More power to ya!! You make the ADAM world a more interesting place.

Mark advised me to

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Article: barrypch




As you are all aware there has been a continual battle between software pirate and software producer. The software producers now going increasingly to copy protection.

Well I have by chance stumbled onto the FINAL ULTIMATE COPY PROTECTION.

AND SUPRISINGLY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN HERE, it is nothing new but no one has thought of it as copy protection.


What do I mean. Well anyone who has gotten a CP/M program which has been crunched, squeezed, libraried, archived, sterilized, pasteurized and homogenized will know what I mean.

You have the file, it is there. But can you use it ?????? To use it you must now get many many other programs (probably each one of which also has been crunched, libraried, etc.) to use it.

ONLY after you have uncrunched the file can you then unsqueeze it, which allows you to delibrary it, and then un (or is it de-) archive it, etc. etc. etc.

To me this is the ultimate in copy protection. I know of a few pirates who DIED before they had completed the procedures necessary to get a file into a form from which they could actually use it.

Actually I liked this article so well, I was going to crunch it, squeeze it, library it, archive it , pasteurize it, homogenize it, and finally upload it with xyzmodem protocol. But I couldn't delibrary my crunched version of the unsqueezed archive file called CP/M Made Easy.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to pay retail and buy the program if I really want it. Besides the 6 months time I save will be well worth the retail price.



Dear Barry Patch:

I am losing my husband not to another woman but to a computer. Each evening when he comes home from work, he rapidly eats dinner and then goes immediately to his Adam Computer. I do not see him again until bedtime and often I am asleep by the time he finally leaves his Adam Computer and goes to sleep. (Signed) Lonely and worried

Dear Lonely and worried:

What you have described is not an uncommon problem. It is found in almost 98% of all homes with Adam computers. There are several things you might try: (l) buy an Adam computer for yourself and you will have much to occupy your time; (2) sign up for my $l,000.00 learn the Adam Computer by Mail Course which will give you a knowledge of Adam and a nice certificate suitable for framing. Once you have completed my course you will be able to get to the computer first and spend hours &hours on it, thereby blocking your husband from using it and causing him to feel the same lonliness and isolation you now feel; (3) contact a software pirate, they can copy & duplicate anything; have them make a copy of your husband and you can stay with the copy while your husband is with the computer; (4) if you are really lonely and attractive, send a photo and your phone number. I have not mentioned the obvious solution of re-wiring the computer to give your husband an electric shock each time he tries to use it as that was so simple & straightforward I was sure you had already tried it.



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Article: barypch2

THE BARRY PATCH IS INDEBTED TO DEAN ROADES OF 463 AUG FOR THE FOLLOWING CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE BARRY PATCH.OTHERS ARE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE SO THAT THE BARRY PATCH CAN GROW & PROSPER. BITS and PIECESOther uses for the MODEM: Tape or glue your modem to your phone at work. Convince your computer- illiterate boss that you are "using a modem" and the phone company can't charge for that call you made to Uncle Harry in Switzerland.Dear Barry Patch Advisor, Please Help!! The IRS is disallowing my deductions for care and shelter of orphans. How can I convince them that my twins, ADAM and ADAM; the Timex brothers, TS1000 and TS1500; TI99; and Jr. (PC) are really dependent on me? Signed -'In Deep in Indiana'Dear Deep, You made a couple of mistakes. First the ADAM twins are fine. Jr. is also in the clear. Next year refer to TI99 as just plain Ty. The biggest problem is convincing them that anyone would name their kids after a watch! Unload the Timex kids and you should be in the clear next year.BUT I WONDER IF YOU HAVE AN ADAM WHAT IN THE WORLD YOU WOULD WANT ANY OF THOSE OTHER INFERIOR IMITIATION COMPUTERS. PERHAPS THE IRS COULD NTO BELEIVE ANYONE WITH AN ADAM WOULD WANT ANOTHER COMPUTER AND THOUGHT IT BEST TO INVESTIGATE YOU.ADAM LAFFSLittle ADAM was so proud of the red suspenders and tricycle he got for his birthday. He was wearing his suspenders and riding his tricycle up and down the sidewalk when his neighbor pulled up in his 'Big Blue' Corvette. ADAM knocked on the door and said "Hey MAC, do you want to race?" Mac shook his head and pulled up a little. ADAM knocked on his door again and said "HEY MAC, DO YOU WANT TO RACE?" Mac opened his door, gave ADAM a quarter and said "Go buy an APPLE or something. Just leave me alone." Mac pulled away, but there was ADAM pedaling along beside him. Mac sped up to 45 MPH and ADAM pulled out in front of him. 60 MPH and there goes ADAM, pedaling wildly, pulling ahead. Mac punches it to 90 MPH! And there, pedaling in a blur, is Little ADAM out in front. A cop pulls Mac over to give him a ticket. Just then, ADAM opens the door to the 'Vette. Gasping for breath, ADAM says "THANK GOD someone stopped you!! My suspenders were caught in your door!!!(Thanks to Marjorie Roades for this joke.)d suspenders and tricycle he got for his birthday. He was wearing his suspenders and riding his tricycle up and down the

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Article: bbs-user

THE FOLLOWING ARE USER LISTS FROM FOUR BBSs (AKRON, AWAUG, SOCAL & ST.LAUG).Remember that some of the users listed may only call infrequently while others call several times a week.OTHER BBSs wishing to have their users listed should either send a disk with a file of their users SHOWING ONLY USER NAME & BBS ID #, not type nof computer or terminal, area code, etc. as this takes up too much space and is not efficent for our purposes. OR IF other BBSs have a file showing only user name & ID#, I will try to download it upon being notified.Thank youBarry Wilson. A.N.N. *************************************************************AWAUG BBS user list downloaded 9/l5/8924hrs. 8 N l. 703-922-5497. Starlink # 2262 Big John 1Peter Hartzler 2Bob Blair 3Virginia Bolton 4Manfred Patterson 5Richard Bailey 6Chris Blanton 7Robert Koon 8Jay Bolton 9Ken Zwick 10Joe Mendez 11Boni Panglao 12Bill Spruill 13Frank Miga 14Richard Bayne 15Minh Ta 16Ralph Mason 17David Buchanan 18Frederick W Schelm 19William R. White III20Lester Wilsey 21Howard R. Kuhn 22Alex Cooke 23Steve Sandoe 24Jack Mackenn 25Kim Winfrey 26David Zarazan 27Loren Olsen 28John Chang 29Jan Worth 30Shawn Merrick 31Delee Minner 32Jim Goebel 33Larry Overman 34Jerry Dilts 35John Clarke 36Cesare Walters 37Michael McGrath 38Vince Wilding 39Bart Lynch 40Steven Dawes 41Lionel C. Barrow, Jr42Cathy Bolton 43Albert Williams 44JIM DUPONT 45Richard Bayne 46Rob Friedman [CISOP]47Ronald Collins 48Jim Notini/NIAD 49Tim Otty 50Charlie Maher 51ROBERT JOSEPH 52bill morrison 53Doug Judy 54james e howard 55Ron Carroll 56Richard Bailey 57dick Benesh 58bennie montoya 59WARREN FOSTER 60Steve Major 61DAVE GRAF 62Gene Manning 63MIKE 64ALEXANDER KOZAK 65Glenn Blair 66ed costello 67Tarik Oranc 68CLIFTON 69Tony Morehen 70Courtney Hall 71Robert Hook 72moon daniels 73Dick Benesh 74George Radojevic 75Pete Wolf 76GLENN D. 77LLOYD WARREN 78mark 79David Breeding 80ROBERT VAIL 81FRANKW> MIGA 82richard bailey 83RAPHAEL RAWLINGS 84NELSON 85sean navish 86dean 87mike king 88STEVE SANDOE 89dieter knollman 90Scott Gordon 91CLIFTON LEE 92MIKE BLAIR 93JAMES MICHEAL 94Charles Proctor 95robert j. trayhern 96Herman Mason Jr. 97FITZ RYAN 98barbara allen 99zonker 100SYLVESTER PARKER 101jim marshall 102moon daniels 103Jose Vargas 104Robert Seat 105Ed Walton 106bob langston 107Len Beaulieu 108MARION SHIPMAN 109Robet A. Seat 110Michael Burns 111Jim Nielsen 112Patrick McHugh 113Barry Wilson 114gordon chinn 115john 116julien engel 117tom bragg 118Ron Collins 119MIKE CURTIS 120HOSAIN MABUDIAN 121Chris Braymen 122Nat Eiseman 123Bob Wise 124Mark Snyder 125Scott Gordon 126mark gordon 127Berry Shelton 128Jeff Rhue 129russell boyce 130ken zwick 131Marc Weintraub 132Dennis Giguere 133Edward Jorgensen 134DEEPAK VAIDYA 135Sam Schrinar 136GLEN SMITH 137Alexander Kozak 138EDWARD JORGENSEN 139ADAM BBS NETWORK 140DEEPAK 141ZEEK COLLINSON 142Dave Tidman 143Al Fitzgerald 144EDWARD JORGENSEN 145JOE FRIENDY 146John C. MATTOS 147Jeff Jodoin 148George M. Koczwara 149 ***************************************************THE FOLLOWING LIST OF BBS USERS WAS DOWNLOADED FROM AND IS FOR THE AKRON BBS.24 hrs. 8 N l. 403-246-4086. Starlink # 8740.Tony Morehen(SYSOP) 1Ron Collins (SYSOP) 2Barry Wilson AK3Justin Zander(SYSOP)4Gary Conner AK5Jason Bennett 6Rob Friedman CIS AK7Alan Neeley AK8P. J. Herrington AK9Herman Mason Jr. AK10Ronnie Samoset AK11Tom Clary 12BRIAN HOLDEN AK13Curtis Kaylor AK14Mark Gordon AK15Charlie Perry AK17George Koczwara AK18Kerry Morgan AK19Herb Fields AK20Michael Orlando AK21John Villilo(SYS) AK23Jim Clements AK24Mike Keith AK25Mark DeSure AK26Dave Parkinson AK27Vince Dunn AK28Harold Auberry AK31George Radojevic AK32Gary Schoenung AK33Doug Paterson AK34Jason Zander AK35Stanley F. Busby AK36John C. Mattos AK37Thomas Mackie AK38Mario Matos AK39Roger Fillary AK40Rev. Dan Schramm AK41Richard Lingrel AK42Patrick Jones AK43van der Hoek AK44Jim Duffy AK45Al Fitzgerald AK46Irv Hoff AK47Percy Manning AK48Gerry St.Peter AK49Steve Safford AK50Bob Langston AK51Joseph E. Peppers AK52Bob DeHaan AK53Robert Vail AK54Tom Marcinko AK55Jimmy Little AK56Bart Lynch AK57Wayne Collins AK58ADAM BBS NETWORK AK59Randel A Straka AK60Fitzroy E Ryan AK64Steve Major AK65Bill Osburn AK68Mark Mulhern AK71Robert Blair AK72Pat Beers AK74Percy Manning AK75Glen Smith AK79Ted Cody AK80Sol Swift AK81Scott Gordon AK82H.F. Van Der Hoek AK84Deondra Davis AK88Tom Loftus AK89John Etling AK91J. Fred Lingrel AK93Tony Patterson AK95Joe Quinn AK96ADAMzap AK97John Clarke AK98Dave Anderson AK99Bennie Montoya AK102James Lee Porter AK103James Lingrel AK104Harold Auberry AK105Dennis Giguere AK106Mark E. Snyder AK107Larry D. Overmnan AK108Ted Cody AK109George Harpster AK110Big John (SYSOP) AK111Mike Williamson AK113John Botsch AK117Bill Mickow AK119Allen Keltner AK120Bill Repetto AK122Sean Navish AK123Mat Androlowicz AK125Sharon McFarlane AK126Jack Hamel AK127Greg VanValkenburgh 128Richard Byrne AK130Lowell A. Douglas AK131Clifton Lee AK132Darrell Albee AK135James Poulin AK140Rick Lefko AK145Lonnie McClure AK146Edward Jorgensen AK154Shawn Merrick AK156Keith Marner AK160Tim Trier AK161Jerome Hess AK163Chris Braymen AK175Joe Botto AK177Jim Goebel AK179Ron Mitchell AK182Jane Lingrel(LO-OP) 183Stephen Geyer AK184Jim Bohe AK185Dave Starr AK186Alexander Chaney AK204Dale Wick AK208Richard D. Turner AK237Robert Leach AK259Sandy Dykes AK261Jack MacKenn AK277Warren Foster AK280Tarik Oranc AK292Steve Major AK294Tim Rossin AK301Larry Engle AK306Allen Tucholski AK308 310Curtis Kaylor AK313Allan Verhulst AK314Tom Evert AK315Danny Grantham AK317 ************************************************THE FOLLOWING LIST OF BBS USERS WAS DOWNLOADED FROM AND IS FOR THE SOCAL (Southern California) BBS.24 hrs. Weekends. 9Pm - 3 PM (PST) week days. 8 N l. 7l4-775-l603. Starlink # 9l84.Fran Overman(SYSOP) 1John Lingrel 2Larry Overman(Sysop)3Bennie Montoya 4Noah Jackson 5KEENE, Thomas J. 6Bob Langston 7gerald 8Paul Sandner 9darren ooi 10DAN WESTBROOK 11steven martin 12John Goethe 13TIM 14Gord Cook 15Kenneth Luebke 16CHRIS WHITE 17Tony Patterson 18lisa phillips 19Bob Blair 20Solomon Swift 21jacqui 22phillips 23Alan Neeley 24Glen Adams 25Harvey Klein 26ART 27larry David 28Dori Overman-Bell 29RANDY WALKER 30burt 31Stan Busby 32MICHAEL 33Derrick L. Threatt 34Paul Melton 35ART 36Don 38Jim Woodworth 40Don Sloper 41Mike Moody 42Gene Hergereder 43Carl E. Ruhl 44Ronald Collins 46Rick 47Wayne Magill 48ZONKER 50Steve 51CHRIS 52david pauls 53gordon breecher 54BILL MOONEY 55Paul Bell 56Jeff Rhue 57Rex Zonner 59Herman Mason Jr. 60ben 61MIKE 62harris 63John C. MATTOS 64CECIL 65just kd (kelly) 66ray labbe 67Jon Walker 68MATT WES 69gabriel 70WARREN W. FOSTER 71dick hatfield 72PERCY E.MANNING 73andrew 74SHING-HO TIK 75larry overman 12544BARRY WILSON 77CECIL MARTINEZ 78danny grantham 79John Moerch 80Bill Repetto 81BOB LEISINGER 82TO (ID #)>ST.LOUIS AUG BBS: 3l4-773-l55l Thur - Sun 9PM - 6 AM (CDT)Adam Default settings 7 l E. SL1 SHAMAN AL FITZGERALDSL2 ALAN ALAN NEELEYSL3 PILLOW JIM GUENZELSL4 ZONKER BART LYNCHSL5 THE ROWDY ONE STEVE MURPHYSL6 DUFFY JIM DUFFYSL7 MOTI KEITH JEFFERSONSL8 OMAHA STEVE STEVE DAWESSL9 CONNECTION STEVE MAJORSL10 ERIC ADAMZAP SFTWARESL11 BARRY BARRY WILSONSL12 BIG JOHN JOHN LINGRELSL13 JOJO JOE QUINNSL14 JENKS GEORGE JENKSSL15SL16 BIGOTES JOE RASKYSL17SL18 BIGMAK MIKE KEITHSL19 TERRY TERRY DESMETSL20SL21SL22 HERMAN HERMAN MASONSL23SL24 HOOTER ED WALTONSL25SL26 463DEAN DEAN ROADESSL27 RICKI RICKI GERLACHSL28SL29 BUSHMAN EVERETT ALEXANDERSL30 BOB-BLAIR BOB BLAIRSL 79John Moerch 80Bill Repetto 81BOB

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Article: business


There are certain items of business that MUST be handled for this A.N.N. system to work.

l. EVERYONE MUST AGREE TO COPY & REMAIL TO BETWEEN l-3 PEOPLE. I will assign people, but we are approaching the end of my list of those I want to reach and then you are free to suggest others. Look at distribution file to see who is missing that you think should be there.

2. EVERYONE MUST indicate what size drives they have so we can consider sending some on 320K, 720k,etc. for efficency sake.

3. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RECEIVE THESE , LET ME KNOW, we can replace you with someone else that does want these.

4. SOME METHOD OF REPAY FOR THE DISKS USED IS NEEDED. I have received the two following suggestions: l. Each person periodically mail blank disks equal in number to those he received to the person doing the actual mailing to him. (At least every 3 months if not more often).

2. A fee be charged which would be equivalent to the costs of l years worth of disks, mailers, postage, etc. Estimated to be $48.00 at this time This is NOT meant to be a profit making venture but I have expenses as well as those who have been kind enough to recopy and remail. We need to work out some method of keeping this working without undue burden on any one.

5. WHILE MANY GROUPS HAVE BEEN KIND ENOUGH TO CONTRIBUTE ITEMS, OTHERS HAVE NOT. Suggests have been received that ALL groups be required to contribute and IF a newsletter, their ENTIRE newsletter on disk be required.

I would rather not go that far as of yet. First, I do not think I could handle everyone's complete newsletter. Second it would make the amount of disks being sent monthly for A.N.N. to go from l-3 to probably 4-8.


6. I WOULD LIKE YOU ALL TO SOLICATE THE VARIOUS SUPPLIERS, DEALERS, DEVELOPERS, ETC. to send news items about their activities, new products, etc.


Again this is NOT for profit but maybe as an alternative to requiring receipents to pay or people to send blank discs back, etc.

8. YOU NEED TO SHARE THE INFORMATION ON A.N.N. WITH AS MANY AS YOU CAN. Certainly this should be done with newsletter editors, BBS sysops, AUG officers, and other people with big mouths. (Just kidding).

9. FEEDBACK. We (I) need feedback. Let us know if you have suggestions, comments, etc. What you like, do not like about it. (No criticism of Barry Patch or my other articles allowed. Again, kinda kidding).

l0. PIRACY. I am working on a system where ordinary Adam owners from various parts of the country contact suspected pirates and try to order from them. Once we have proof that piracy is going on, I will send an attorney demand letter demanding an accounting, royalty payment and cease activities. If this does not work, we should strongly consider turning the matter over to postal authorities and local prosecuting attorneys.

I ask that you let me know if your GROUP will cooperate in this venture. Basically this means an ordinary Adam owner NOT WELL KNOWN would write (at my direction) to the suspected pirates, etc.

You should report suspected pirates to me with as much detail as possible on their activities. THIS CAN ALSO INCLUDE DEALERS who may be suspected of piracy. While most dealers are activily working for the good of Adam, rumors of a few who buy one copy from the producer and that make many copies to sell keep appearing. If true this needs to be stopped, if not true we need to stop the rumors. DISKS TO KEEP INFORMED.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Best regards,

Barry Wilson

ry to order from them. Once we have proof t

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Article: deadline

DEADLINE Part One Here is the solution for solving Infocom's mystery game, Deadline. All commands which should be typed in exactly as you see them are in quotes. Directional movements are in brackets. E.g., "OPEN DOOR" and [N,N,E].

Robin Hood did an excellent job of explaining the solution, but because of typos or perhaps because of different versions of Deadline, it didn't work on my copy. So, the corrections are attributable to me, Tamerlane of the Ring. From the front path of the Robner's estate, go [N] to the front door of the house. Type "OPEN DOOR" and go [N] into the Robners' house. From inside the door, go [N,E] and type "CLIMB STAIRS" twice (or you can just go [U,U]) to get to the second level of the estate. From there, go [W,W,W,W,N] to the library where you will start the first of a series of Sherlock Holmes-type activities.

In Deadline, you need to establish the motive and method for the murder beyond all reasonable doubt before you can arrest the guilty party. If you don't have an air-tight case, the jury will acquit the defendant. It is here in the library where we go about establishing the method by which poor Mr. Robner was done in.

First off, type "EXAMINE RUG" (or just "LOOK RUG"). You will find some mud spots which is your first clue. Now, "GET THE CUP, PAD, CALENDAR AND PENCIL" and "RUB PENCIL ON PAD" and then "TURN PAGE OF CALENDAR." Aha! Perhaps a clue as to the motive? Let's see if we can substantiate the method a little more...that mud on the rug was very interesting. Type "OPEN BALCONY DOOR" and go [N] onto the balcony. Check out the railing by typing "EXAMINE RAILING" and you will see some scratches, lending credence to the theory that perhaps the murderer climbed up the balcony from the ground below where he (or she) got mud on his shoes. Let's have a look below and check for some indication that the murderer was indeed below the balcony.

DEADLINE Part Two To leave the balcony, go [S,S,E,E,E,E,D,D,W,S]. Type "OPEN DOOR" and go [S] back to the front door. Now go [E,E,SE] to the shed where you will see a ladder. Type "EXAMINE LADDER."

Hmmm! This ladder- and-balcony theory is looking good! Let's see if we can prove the ladder was below the balcony. This will have to wait a while, though, because it's getting late in the morning and we have to do some more checking in the house before the reading of the will takes place. And besides that, we need to talk to Mr. McNabb and he doesn't seem to be in the mood right now.

Go back to the house by heading [N,S,N] and head back upstairs with [N,N,E,U,U]. Let's see what else we can find upstairs. Go [S,S] into Dunbar's bathroom. Type "OPEN CABINET" and "EXAMINE LOBLO." Aha, again! Now we go back downstairs and see if we can find Mr. McNabb to see if he knows anything about a ladder under the balcony. Go [N,N,D,D,W,S,S]. Let's take a break for a while. Type "WAIT UNTIL 11:30."

And now for Mr. McNabb. Let's try the garden path first with [E,NE,E,W]. If McNabb is not around, just wait for a while or snoop around the area and he will soon show up. Deadline is very unpredictable when it comes to the various characters moving around the scenario. Once you spot McNabb, go to him and say "HEY MCNABB" followed by "WHAT IS WRONG." He will tell you about some holes he found in his garden so, naturally, you say "SHOW ME THE HOLES." He will take off and you "FOLLOW HIM." When he stops, type "EXAMINE HOLES." Eureka! The ladder was here and the depth of the holes proves somebody climbed it up to the balcony!

To make sure we cover every angle, type "EXAMINE GROUND" and "DIG AROUND HOLES." Hmmm...wonder what this could be about? To find out, type "ANALYZE FRAGMENT FOR LOBLO." Oops, it's later than we thought! Back to the house for the reading of the will. Go [N,SW,SE,E] to the house and [N,N,W] into the living room. Now just "WAIT" for the will to be read.

DEADLINE Part Three After the will is read, you decide to see if you can roust some of those present into giving you some clues as to the guilty party and, perhaps, the motive for the crime. Let's start with George. Type "SHOW GEORGE THE CALENDAR." He will get very nervous and start heading out of the room. Type "FOLLOW HIM" until he finally goes to his room. He will keep telling you to leave him alone, but just keep following him until he enters his room. At this point, you decide to see if George knows more then he's telling. You aren't going to get anything from him here, so let's go to the balcony and wait to see if he does anything. Go [W,N,N] to the balcony and type "WAIT 10 MINUTES." Voila! Here he comes! Wait until he goes behind the bookshelf and then type "WAIT 4 MINUTES" to give him time to really get his hands into the cookie jar.

When your 4 minutes are up, go [S], "EXAMINE BOOKSHELF," "PRESS BUTTON," and go [E]. Ha! Caught him red-handed!! Type "GET WILL," "LOOK SAFE," "GET PAPERS," and "READ PAPERS." Things are beginning to look up! Let's see if we can substantiate some of this stuff. Go back to the living room with [W,S,E,E,E,E,D,D,W,W]. My, isn't this cozy! Type "HEY BAXTER," "WHAT ABOUT FOCUS." You know he's lying so you "SHOW PAPERS TO BAXTER." Ah, that's better! Now for some clever psycho-detective work. Type "SHOW LAB REPORT TO DUNBAR" and "SHOW LAB REPORT TO BAXTER." Whip around and "ACCUSE DUNBAR." Hmmm...a tad nervous, isn't she? Perhaps we should go off and wait to see what develops. Go [E] to leave the room and "WAIT FOR DUNBAR." Just as we suspected! When she passes you, type "FOLLOW HER." Once outside the house, she will drop a ticket. Type "GET TICKET" and "READ TICKET." WOW! This is getting good! Type "SHOW TICKET TO DUNBAR." You know you've got her on the run now so head off to the shed to wait and see what develops. Go [E,E,SE] and "WAIT FOR BAXTER." When they both show up, "SHOW TICKET TO BAXTER" and "ARREST BAXTER AND DUNBAR." You didn't believe them for a minute, did you?

Due to the dynamic nature of Deadline, there are several ways to end up accusing Baxter and Dunbar of the murder. There are also more puzzles to solve, but this is all that is necessary to put together an air-tight case against them. If you have other methods of solving Deadline, let us know!


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Article: drprofil

ADAMite PROFILEName: Dean Roades Hometown: Munster, INAge: 38 Wife: Lynn Children: Eric - 12, Marjorie - 10ADAM SYSTEM CONFIGURATION: Base ADAM w/ 2 Tape Drives 2 - 5-1/4" 160K Disk Drives Parallel Printer Interface Panasonic KX-P1080i Printer 64k Memory Expander ADAMLink 300 baud Modem ADAM Autodialer Power Supply from ADAM PrinterUSER GROUPS: Started 463 ADAM User Group - AUGust 1987 Member - St. Louis User Group Member - NIAD (Northern Illiana ADam)Newsletters: NIBBLES & BITS ADAM's ALIVE PSAN (Puget Sound ADAM Newsnet)Other ADAM Activities: Member of Barry Wilson's A. N. N. (ADAM News Network) I purchased my ADAM in the summer of 1986 at Kay-Bee toy store for $300.00. I knew at the time that it was orphaned, but I wanted to get a computer "for the kids". They use it of course, when they can get it away from me. I subscribed to Family Computing magazine and to a newsletter, AUGment. These helped me use my ADAM a little. It wasn't until Nibbles & Bits came along that I started to use ADAM more and more. Lyle Marschand supplied me with a list of NIAD members in our area. I used this list to start a small user group - 463 ADAM. (All the original members were in the 463__ zip code) A mention of our group in Nibbles & Bits caused Barry Wilson of St. Louis AUG to contact me. We have traded PD volumes and he has assisted me in running our AUG in many ways.I will be attending ADAMCON 01 in October (it may be over when you read this) and hope to meet many of the people I have heard of and corresponded with.Other ADAM Activities: Member of Barry Wilson's A. N. N. (ADAM News Network) I purchased

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Article: enchantr

THE ENCHANTER Part One Welcome to the wonderful world of Enchanter! Before we start, a few words about the game: first, it helps to make a map as you go along. You will not be visiting all the locations, and if you make a misstep somewhere, having a map will save you a lot of time and trouble. Second, you will need to have food and water with you most of the time. Make sure you eat and drink when the program warns you that you are hungry and thirsty. Also, keep in mind that, if your water supply runs out, you can always get more, but once the bread is gone, you won't be able to obtain more food. So, don't go too far astray, or you might starve to death! Finally, remember to save the game every once in awhile, especially before doing anything dangerous!

Ok, the game begins with your being summoned by Belboz to a council of the Circle of Enchanters. You are told that you must put an end to Krill, a nasty and powerful Wizard, after which, with your trusty spell book, you are sent into the game proper, where you find yourself at a fork in the road. From there, go NE, then North, and you will be in a shack. Get the jug and the lantern, then open the oven door and get the bread. You have food, now you need some water.

Go South from the shack, then NE, SE, NE to the Shady Brook. Here you fill your jug with water. Head SW SE to another fork in the road, and from there SW SW to a deserted village. Well, almost deserted. There's one place that seems to be inhabited. You head South, and run into an old crone who hands you a spell scroll, and pushes you back out the door again. This scroll has the REZROV spell. Use the GNUSTO spell to write it into your spell book, then learn the spell. Now, go NE NE, and you're back at the fork. From there, head along East until you come to the outer gate of Krill's castle. REZROV the gate, then continue East to the inside gate.

Learn the FROTZ, NITFOL, and REZROV spells. FROTZ the lantern, then go North twice to the tower, and then Up the tower steps to the Jewel Room. There is an egg here, with all manner of little switches and doodads on it. You could actually open the egg by figuring out the proper sequence, but that isn't necessary. REZROV the egg, and it will open, to reveal a shredded scroll. There is no way to avoid this, even if you opened it by hand. Don't worry about that, however. Just get the scroll, and drop the egg. Learn REZROV once more (very handy, that spell!), then go Down to the Tower, and from there due East through the four Mirror Rooms to the North Gate. REZROV the gate.

Now move out North through the gate to the Woods. Here you find another spell scroll. This is the KREBF spell, which will repair the shredded scroll. You will only need this spell once, so you don't really have to GNUSTO it. In any case, cast the KREBF spell on the shredded scroll, which will be restored and usable. The spell on this scroll is ZIFMIA. GNUSTO that one, then walk East to the Swamp. NITFOL the frogs, who will tell you how to get the CLEESH spell. GNUSTO that one, too.

Now, return to the North Gate, and from there go back West through the Mirror Rooms to the Tower, and then from there due South until you come to the SouthWest Tower. Go East to the South Hall, then South to dungeon. Open the cell door and enter the cell. Examine the walls. Aha! A loose block! Move the block, and you will be able to move East into a secret room. There is another spell scroll here, the EXEX spell. Get the scroll and GNUSTO the spell. You will also find a silver spoon here, but that item is just "window dressing"; it has no useful purpose in the game, you should leave it behind. Now go back West, then South and Up to the South Hall again.

Drop everything you have, and go East into the Gallery. In the dark, you will see that one portrait is lit up. Move that, and you will find a black candle and a black scroll. The scroll holds the OZMOO spell. Get these items and return West. Pick up your supplies (you won't need the lantern if you take the candle), then GNUSTO the OZMOO spell. About now, you're probably feeling a bit tired. Go West to the Tower, and Up the stairs. Well, look at that! A comfy featherbed. Get into bed and drift off to sleep.

THE ENCHANTER Part Two While you sleep, you have a dream. The dream is an indication of the location of another scroll. When morning comes, get up, then examine the bedpost. Aha! A hidden switch! Press it, and a compartment will open up, revealing the VAXUM spell. Get that scroll and GNUSTO the spell. It will soon be time for you to get yourself killed (among other things), so learn the OZMOO, NITFOL, and EXEX spells.

Go down the stairs, the head East until you come to the South Gate. Go South from there to the meadow, then SE to the Shore. Here you will see a giant turtle with a rainbow-colored shell. Cast NITFOL on the turtle, then tell him to follow you. Return to the South Gate and go East from there to the base of the SouthEast Tower. Go up the stairs, and you will be in the Engine Room, which is full of all sorts of dangerous and incomprehensible machinery. Cast EXEX spell on the turtle, then tell him to go SE and get the scroll.

The speed spell will make him fast enough to dodge safely through that room into the Control Room, where the Kulcad spell scroll is. On his way back, he'll set off a trap, but his heavy shell will protect him. You couldn't have managed it, because you have no protection from the sharp spears. The turtle will give you the scroll, then return to the beach. The Kulcad spell is too powerful for you to GNUSTO, so you'll have to just hold on to the scroll until you need it. And now, it's time for you to die.

Go down the stairs, then West to the Hall and North to the Closet. Pick up the Jeweled Box and continue North to the Courtyard. Don't bother trying REZROV on the Box; even that spell isn't powerful enough to open it. Just go East to the front of the temple, drop everything you have, then go East once more. You will be captured and put in a cell to await a sacrificial ceremony, at which you will be the guest of honor.

Now, OZMOO yourself, and Wait. The creatures will soon come for you, and you will be offered up on an altar and a knife plunged into your heart. Because of the OZMOO spell, you won't really be dead. However, you now have the means of opening the Jeweled Box. Once you are on your feet again, step down from the altar, amd go East back to the courtyard. Cut the rope, then open the box and get the MELBOR scroll. Pick up the rest of your possesions, and GNUSTO the MELBOR spell.

Now, learn MELBOR, VAXUM and ZIFMIA, then head West, West to the Inside Gate, and from there to the Mirror Rooms. Here you must wait until you see the Adventurer on the other side of the mirror. At that point, ZIFMIA Adventurer, and he will appear before you, a little bit upset. Since you have a move to spare here, MELBOR yourself, then VAXUM the Adventurer, who will now be very friendly towards you. He will also be looking at your inventory with covetous eyes.

As soon as he's been VAXUM'd, head directly East until you come to the Guarded Room. Don't worry, your new friend will follow you along. Once at the door (and you should carefully read the description of it; it's really amusing), tell the Adventurer to open it. He will do so, and the illusions of monsters will disappear, revealing only a plain wooden door. Go North through the door into the Map Room.

Here is one of those variable things in the game. There are several objects in this room, two of which, the map and the pencil, are crucial to your success. Sometimes, the Adventurer will pick up one or both of these items. You must get them back from him before he leaves, or you may never catch up to him again, in which case the game is lost. If the Adventurer picks up something you need, tell him to give it to you, and he will. In any case, you should drop the dagger now because you don't need it anymore. You also won't need the purple scroll with the FILFRE spell. Make sure you have the map and the pencil, then go back to the North Gate, and from there South to the Library.

Examine the ashes on the floor, then the tracks in the ashes. These will lead you to a mousehole in the wall. Reach inside, and you will find the scroll with the GONDAR spell. GNUSTO that one. While you're poking about here, you might hear gutteral voices coming towards you. Don't worry; the MELBOR spell will keep you protected from any of the hairy creatures that might enter the room.

THE ENCHANTER Part Three There is also a dusty old book here that you might want to read, as it will help you to understand what you're doing next. From the Library, return to the South Hall, then go down into the dungeon, and down once more to the first Translucent Room. You will probably be tired now, so just go to sleep right where you are; nothing will hurt you. You only had to sleep in the bed to have the dream to find the VAXUM spell.

When you wake up, eat and drink if necessary, then drop your spell book and the jug. Look at the map, and you will see some lettered points connected by lines. This is a magic map of the area where you are now. If you connect two adjacent points with the pencil, an opening will actually appear between those two rooms. Likewise, if you erase a line between two points, then you close off the opening between the two rooms. However, you can only use the eraser twice and the point twice before each becomes useless. Now that you know what you have, let's put it to some good use.

You are standing at the moment at point B on the map. From there, move South, East, NE, SE, and you will be at point F. The point all by itself, P, is where the Unseen Terror currently resides, and you are about to free it. Draw a line from P to F. You will see the opening appear in the wall before your eyes, and then a very scared Belboz will appear briefly with a warning. Now, move SW twice (the first time you won't get anywhere) and you will be at point P, where the GUNCHO spell is.

Now, erase the line from B to R, which will keep the Terror from escaping. Also erase the line from M to V, which traps him in the rooms again. Pick up the GUNCHO scroll, and make your way to point J. Draw a line from J to B, then walk West to B and get your spell book. Learn the CLEESH, GONDAR, and MELBOR spells. The GUNCHO spell is too strong to be written in your book, so you'll have to carry the scroll with you.

Now, go Up twice to the South Hall. MELBOR yourself, then go West to the South Gate, and from there due North to the Junction. At that point, head East twice to the Winding Stairs. This is another powerful illusion; no matter how much you walk up or down, you will never get anywhere. KULCAD the stairs, and they will disappear, leaving you over a Bottomless bannister turned into a vellum scroll containing the IZYUK spell. IZYUK yoursel, and fly East into (ta-da!) The Warlock's Tower!

Here, at last, you come face-to-face with Krill himself. However, before you can take care of him, you will have to get rid of a couple of his friends. When the dragon attacks, GONDAR the dragon, and when the being attacks, CLEESH him. Now, you're ready for the main event. As Krill begins his chant, GUNCHO him. He is banished forever from this plane of existence, and you have become a member of the Circle Of Enchanters!! Of course, this is just the beginning; there will be other tasks awaiting you in the future......

, then go West to the South Gate, and from there due North to the Junction. At that poi

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Article: ezabc123

ReviewEasy As A,B,C & 1,2,3(C) Wizard's Lair SoftwareWizard's Lair has created a large number of high quality pictures for use with most ADAM formats. (SignSHOP, NewsMAKER, PowerPAINT, PrintWorks) They have combined this expertise with a software package for children to make an excellent 'study' program. (The kids will be having to much fun to notice they are learning)There are 2 sections to this package: EA.COMPARE and EA.SPELL. Easy Spell has finally solved the problem of using the computer to study spelling. Without speech capabilities, how can the computer prompt the user for the word to be spelled? Wizard's Lair solved this by using pictures. The Easy Compare section takes input from the controller, and both sections use the same pictures.Easy As A,B,C & 1,2,3 is on one tape or two disks. I reviewed the disk version, a program disk and picture disk. Music plays as the start-up program loads. You are then asked to select Easy Spell or Easy Compare and after it loads you put in the disk with the pictures. Small children will need help with this set-up, but after it is done, they should be able to work with it on their own. EASY SPELLEasy Spell presents a picture and spells the word below it. You are asked to spell the word. If you are correct, you are prompted to spell the word again, this this time with no help from ADAM. Each time you are correct, you are rewarded with winning sounds and encouraging words. If incorrect, you can try again or go to the next picture.EASY COMPAREEasy Compare loads three pictures onto a colorful screen. Two are related in some way, the third does not belong. Using the joystick, you select the one that doesn't belong. Again, correct answers are rewarded.ÅBoth sections include scoring to keep track of right and wrong answers. As a child 'plays' with Easy As A,B,C & 1,2,3, he or she is becoming familiar with the keyboard, and developing cognitive skills. The instructions are well written and easy to understand. Recommended ages are 6 - 9 yrs, but my daughter, who is 10, enjoys Easy As A,B,C & 1,2,3 very much and uses it often. Are your kids "bored!" and have "nothing to do!"? This is a good package to have on hand. If Easy As A,B,C & 1,2,3 becomes as popular as it should, Perhaps Wizard's Lair will release additional picture packs.Rating - A Dean Roades 463 ADAM User Group are

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Article: illusion


by Nice Ideas for Colecovision

This game is one of the most unusual games I've played on the Adam. It has one/two player options and has four skill levels. The instructions come in the form of a poem and gives clues on how to play the game. The game consists mainly of two different screens. The first screen is an angled maze that looks like the ramparts of a castle. In this screen you must merge all your Gleeb's into one in order to pass through the mirror to the other screen. Occasionally, you will need to avoid roaming lizards and birds depending on the level you have selected to play. If you run into either the birds or lizards you will either lose time or gain more Gleebs. When you pass through the mirror to the second screen, you enter a cube-like girder design. Here you reverse your actions of the previous screen. You must now separate your Gleeb into four individual Gleebs in order to pass through the mirror back to the other side.

The fire buttons control the merge and separation moves (this is the hardest part to learn). My younger sons and I had a hard time trying to maneuver through this game, but my nine year old did quite well. It is very important to learn when to press the fire button for merging or separating. There are only certain points on the screen that this can be done. Remember this--when you press the buttons, the action is "saved" until the point is reached. Over zealous pressing can cause delayed action with unpredictable results, therefore try to identify the points as quickly as possible. This is an interesting game, but not one I feel my family will enjoy until they are older. l

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Article: joefrend

POINT OF VIEWAn Opposing ViewBy Dean Roades463 ADAM User GroupA person named 'Joe Friendly' has written a couple of columns for ADAM's Alive. He seems to think that ADAM hardware and software developers are all big businesses or independently wealthy. For those who have not seen his articles, he has refused to purchase copy-protected software because of the bother of getting a back-up, and he want hardware developers to put the money and time into projects without knowing what kind of demand there is.'Joe' is what I call a 'taker'. He wants everyone else to spend the money, take the risks, and use their time. THEN, when it's convenient for him, he will buy the product, IF he feels like it. This type of person is no better than a software pirate. The ADAM community, though we don't want to lose anyone, would be better off if 'Joe' would get a different computer. He'll soon find out that the $30.00 - 40.00 he could have spent for the best ADAM software will only get him PD quality for any other system.OK, 'Joe"! Put your money where your mouth is. Offer to provide the financial backing to any hardware or software developer. If you are so sure that the ADAM community will flood the distributer with orders, you will make a tidy profit.The ball is now in your court!.sed to purchase copy-protected software because of the bother of gett

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Article: larrysft

THIS WAS DOWNLOADED FROM SO.CAL BBS and is about a new ADAM SOFTWARE DEALER located on the West Coast (the Only one on the west coast) which will be getting Software to those west of the Missisippi fairly rapidly) (You won't have to wait for pony express any more).Welcome to Larry's Software Company At the present time we are now taking orders on the complete line of The SoftWORKS Factory Software (which includes Digital Express, Digital Adventures, Ace, Bryans Software, Data Doctor, and The SoftWorks Factory). These Products are designed for use on the Adam Family Home computer System and are for all to enjoy.. Here is a list of prices for you to enjoy: DIGITAL EXPRESS Beyond Trek 15.95 PowerPAINT 29.95 Chess Champ 15.95 ShowOFF I 18.95 Clipper 15.95 ShowOFF II 14.95 FontPOWER 14.95 ShowOFF IIa 14.95 Game I 12.95 SpritePOWER 15.95 Game II 12.95 SwiftDISK 12.95 Intel-Best 3.3 18.95 SwiftPRINT 15.95 Intel-Load 1.0 12.95 TurboDISK 1.0 18.95 Intel-LOAD 2.0 12.95 TurboDISK 2.0 12.95 MegaDISK 1.0 19.95 XRAMpak 14.95 PaintAIDE 16.95 DIGITAL ADVENTURES Temple /Dragon 24.95 ACE StratoZAP 16.95 BRYAN'S SOFTWARE Card Set (1,2, or 3) 12.95 DATA DOCTOR SmartBEST 1.0 12.95 SmartTRIX 16.95 QuikFAX QUEST 12.95 Strategy Strain 12.95 The SoftWORKS FACTORY GoDOS /GoBASIC 34.95 At the present time The orders for GoDos are being delayed by about three weeks as of 9-2-89 Will let you know on actual release Date..... LARRY'S Software COMPANY % Larry Overman 11820 Gloxinia Ave. Fountain Valley, CA. 92708 ___________________________________________________________________________ | QTY | ITEM NAME | DDP/Disk | Price each | TOTAL PRICE| |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| Sub Total | | |------------| CA. Residents add 6% Tax ______________ Shipping/Handling _______________ Total order _______________ Please send check or Money Order at the present time will change as Business increases also for Shipping and Hanldling please add 10% of order to cover the price of postage and packaging. Thankyou Very Much I appreciate your Business.... | | | | | |-----

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Article: logo-4




Now that we understand a little about moving the turtles around, in Logo, we can do some rather unique and pretty designs with Logo. We can write our own procedures, using the complex recursions to draw for us. This program will draw triangles inside of larger triangles (nested so to speak). We can better visualize how this process works if we first remove the recursive call. We enter the following procedure:


Now we enter the procedure


Now we enter the command:


First, we notice that if we remove the recursive call, NTRI draws a simple triangle, so long as the input :SIZE is larger or equal to ten. However, with the recursive NTRI buried in the REPEAT command, we see that it is called again (repeats 3 times) with new inputs, :SIZE/2, before the turtle takes even one step forward. Thus, the smaller, inside triangles actually are called at successively lower levels (and smaller sizes) until a STOP is reached. Then, as the procedures retrace their steps (at increasingly higher levels), the triangle part of each procedure is completed. The last triangle to be drawn is the largestone, done at toplevel. To see this, enter the next procedure:


To run, enter a command, such as


and watch what happens now to the single triangle. Now, lets enter a program to draw other polygons. Before we do, we either have to save the above, by entering


or just erase the procedures, in which we would enter


If you decide to first save it to disk, make sure to erase the procedures after saving them. The next set of procedures will draw squares, pentagons, hexagons, circles, etc. The number of sides to the polygon is given by the variable N. It is possible (and often desirable) to draw smaller polygons inside of the larger ones. Nested recursion makes this possible. The variable DEPTH controls the number of levels of recursion that takes place. If the value of DEPTH is one (1) the recursive process goes on indefinitely, with no drawings made. If the value of DEPTH is large, about 10, then only one polygon is drawn. The procedures are as follows:



Save this under the name NEST.POLY Now, you can try some of the following for different designs:

NEST.POLY 100 4 2 NEST.POLY 30 13 2 NEST.POLY 60 7 2 NEST.POLY 40 6 4

Experiment with the inputs, to get different designs. n by the variable N. I

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Article: microinv

INFORMATION, BACKGROUND AND ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON THE MICRO INNOVATIONS POWERMATE HARDWARE FOR ADAM.Downloaded from AWAUG BBS (703-922-5497, 8 N l, 24 hrs.). Thank you for referring the questions that you've received on the Micro Innovations Powermate products. All interest is genuinely appreciated. However, before I get into detailed answers, please allow me give you a little background on the products. I developed the hard disk interface in response to the urging of my teenage son. He bought an Adam computer several years ago when he decided that he wasn't satisfied using our PC computer for his purposes - it didn't have enough games for him. After using the Adam for a while, he concluded that the tape system wasn't fast enough for him and bought a floppy disk. It didn't take him long after that to realize that there were faster storage peripherals available for other computers - so why not for the Adam? He had been briefly involved with AWAUG several years ago but didn't join because he didn't drive and I wasn't crazy about driving him. Finally, after a significant amount of coercing from him, I agreed to develop a hard disk drive add-on product for the Adam. I began designing the hard disk interface for him this last spring. We didn't know about any other hard disk interfaces until just recently when we discovered that BJ (Big John Lingrel) was developing one. By that time, I had the wire wrap version up and running. When I found out about it, I felt that I had too much time and effort invested to abandon the project. So we decided to proceed. One of the things that Scott didn't like about the design I had develop- ed was that it occupied the center expansion slot in the Adam. He had a parallel printer interface in that slot and didn't want to give it up. So I agreed to put a printer interface on the board so he wouldn't have to. He was also not enthralled with the underwhelming performance of his internal 300 baud Adam modem and asked for an RS-232 port to control an external modem. Okay, I said, I'll see if I can fit a serial port on the interface board also. We had all of that up and running in wire-wrap form when we went to the AWAUG meeting that BJ attended. Not knowing how BJ would respond to a potential competitor, we decided not to mention the product to him. However, at that meeting we discovered that most of the Adam hackers were connecting both an RS-232 80 column terminal and an external modem to the Adam. Knowing of a dual UART chip, we decided that we would further expand the interface board to handle two RS-232 ports, a parallel printer port, and a hard disk interface. About the same time, I discoverd a source of hard disk controllers that also had a floppy disk controller port on them. It took a while but I finally got both the hard and floppy disk controller ports working. We can now attach IBM-style floppy disk drives (360K/720K) to the controller as well as two hard disk drives. So much for the history. Now let me try to satisfactorily answer the questions you asked. 1. Can memory expanders be used with the hard drive interface, since they also need to occupy expansion slot #2 to function? I was not aware of the memory expander products when I designed the Powermate products. Obviously, if they need to occupy the center expansion slot at the same time the user wants to run the Powermate, we have a basic conflict - both can't occupy the same physical space simultaneously. The Powermate interface board can function in either the first or the second slot - all of the signals that it needs are available at either connector. However, since Scott did not want to give up his internal modem, we decided on the middle slot. I could redesign the board for the first slot (and will investi- gate the possibility), but I would need some significant amount of user feedback as to which slot is preferable. This would also delay delivery of the product about two months. 2a. Are we using a PC or PC-XT type of controller? We are not using a PC-type controller. I considered it but did not want to attempt to write drivers for one. There was also no good place to mount it and I did not want to extend the bus by the several feet it would take to mount it in an external enclosure. 2b. Will the serial and parallel ports be compatible with existing Adam add-on products such that Adam software designed for those products will be useable with our board? I assigned the Powermate ports so that they would not interfere with any existing Adam products. That way the Powermate could be added to whatever the owner had already. I provided drivers in the Powermate BIOS to handle communi- cations with all of the ports on the board. I do plan, however, to make bit and address assignments known so that existing software can be patched to work. I also would consider developing specific drivers or patches for a few key programs that need to know how to drive the ports. 3. Are we using surplus boards or custom designed boards to achieve the low price? The Powermate design consists of three circuit boards. The interface board that plugs into the Adam (in expansion slot #2) was designed completely by me and contains the 2 serial ports, a parallel printer port, and a hard disk controller interface port. An interface converter board (which I also designed) is installed inside the external disk chassis and allows the Adam board to interface with the disk controller board, also installed inside the external chassis. The interface converter board provides two benefits - it allows me to use a 25 pin ribbon cable to connect the external chassis to the Adam, and it allows the external chassis' power supply to send plus and minus 12 volts to the interface board inside the Adam to run the serial ports. The disk controller board is a commercially manufactured product made by a large reputable hard disk controller manufacturer. It has the ability to control 2 hard disk drives and 2 IBM-style floppy disk drives. I buy the controller boards in quantity from a reputable perveyor of new and used computer parts. Some batches are made up of entirely new boards. Other batches consist of a mixture of new and used products while others are entirely used. However, no matter what the status of the boards are, they all come tested and guaranteed to work. I then add a new product warantee to the overall Powermate product such that the user need not worry about a malfunction in the first 90 days. I have tried to price the Powermate products as aggressively as I can so that it is not outside the reach of the serious Adam computer buff. I make a modest profit on each sale and probably cannot go any lower on price or I won't make anything at all. The most important aspect of the product, I believe, is that it is a complete turnkey system for about the same total price that you would pay for the hard disk components. It also does not require any modifications to the Adam computer to install it. Bundle that with all of its functionality (two serial ports, a parallel printer port, and a hard disk) and expandability (up to 2 hard disk drives and 2 floppy disk drives) and I don't see how you can beat its' bang per buck with anything else available. new product warantee to the overall Powermate product

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Article: montezum


by Parker Brothers

This is a one player game which you can start on one of three levels. As you descend down the rope into the fortress, you enter a world full of deadly traps and untold wealth. This is a game similar to Pitfall and Miner 2049'er. Your objective is to guide Panama Joe through the fortress to the Treasure Room. As you travel, you will pass through up to 100 different rooms. Among the hazards you'll encounter are: laser gates, killer skulls, snakes, conveyor belts, disappearing floors, doors, ladders, spiders, fire pits, poles, and chains. Besides the jewels you'll collect, you will also need to pick up amulets, keys, swords, and torches to help you on your way.

This game is different from most other games I've played. In other games, the scenes were virtually the same regardless of level and the only difference was in the degree of difficulty in overcoming the hazards. In this game, all levels seem to be equally hard and the rooms are different on each level. The escapes on the rooms that look the same may change drastically from one level to the next, as well as the dangers and rewards. One bonus: on level one, after losing all six of your men, you may continue with zero points right where you ended. This option is not available on the other levels.

If you make it to the Treasure Room, you must leap blindly from chain to chain trying to collect all the loot you can before your time runs out. Montezuma's Revenge actually has nine levels, although noe of us have gotten anywhere near that many yet. My four year old gets the greatest kick out of jumping Panama Joe into the nearest fiery pit. Enjoy. elp you on your way. This game is different from most other games I've played. In other games, the scenes were v

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Article: online10

DOWNLOADED FROM THE AKRON BBS as part of their On-Line Newsletter. This is ONLINE-10.We thank Akron BBS for their permission to use this material.AKRON BBS 216-882-4720, 8 N l, 24 hrs. Author: George Radojevic Subject: Orphanware RS232C serial port device Date: May 15, 1988 This paper will demonstrate the ability of the Orphanware RS232C serial port device for the Adam computer to interface with a dumb terminal while under the CP/M operating system. The RS232C device is a serial port which can be used to pass data from the computer to a peripheral connected by the port. Files can be copied to a serial printer thru the port. A modem can be used with the port to allow communication thru telephone lines. Finally, the port can be used to get 80 columns from your Adam. An 80 column video unit from Ophanware or Eve Electronics will produce 80 columns at a price of about $225 and $325 respectively. They require that you have a monochrome monitor which can handle 80 column output. The color television or color monitor you use for running SMARTBASIC programs, SMARTLOGO drawings, ADAMCALC spreadsheets, ADAMLINK communications, and many other non CP/M type programs will not work with the 80 CVU. This means you need 2 monitors, one for color and one for 80 columns. There is a rumor that Commordore has come out with a monitor which has both modes; color with 40 columns and monochrome with 80 columns. A report on that prospect should be done some time in the near future. The monitor costs about $200. A dumb terminal will cost at least $450 if you don't already have one. But, if you do already own one, you can use it with the serial port to get the same 80 columns you would if you had the 80 CVU. The port costs about $75 and plugs into the expansion slot on the right hand side of the computer. The port was created by Orphanware for use with a modem, but it can be used with a printer and a dumb terminal. For $75 you get a lot of possibilities. The trick of using the port with a dumb terminal is modifying the pin configuration on the cable connector on the serial port, adjusting the port speed and terminal speed to the same settings, and redirecting the console input and output from your Adam keyboard and monitor to your terminal keyboard and monitor. The port connector pin configuration must be changed because it was originally set up for operation with a modem, not a terminal. The correct pin configuration conversion for a terminal follows: Port Connector Pin Terminal Connector Pin ------------------ ---------------------- 2 <-----------------> 3 3 <-----------------> 2 5,6,8 <-----------------> 20 7 <-----------------> 7 20 <-----------------> 5,6,8 The speed at which the port runs is controlled by system software. This means that there aren't any switches to flip on the hardware to change port speed. ABP25.COM and IMP.COM have both been used successfully to change the port speed. It's default speed is 1200bps, but it operates all the way up to 19200bps. When using ABP25.COM, Serial Port #1 is the one you want to change from 1200bps to whatever your terminal is set for. I originally believed that Serial Port #2 was the one which should be modified, but Port #1 had the only affect. The port and terminal speeds should be set prior to redirection. The console device is normally the combination of the Adam keyboard for input, and a monitor or television for video output. CON in the normal combination is set to CON:=CRT: Redirection is accomplished by using STAT.COM in this way: STAT CON:=TTY: The input will then come from the terminal keyboard and the output will come from the terminal monitor. All of this will happen thru the RS232C serial port. Redirection can also be accomplished with ABP25.COM. In conclusion: 80 column video unit $225 Monochrome monitor 150 RS232C serial port 75 ---------------------------------- total $450 With the above setup you can have 80 columns under CP/M and use the serial port with a modem or printer. Monochrome dumb terminal $450 RS232C serial port 75 ---------------------------------- total $525 With the above setup you can have 80 columns under CP/M, but cannot use the serial port with a modem at the same time. The advantage to having this setup is the ability to use the terminal and a modem without the Adam. And if you already have a terminal you can subtract the price of one from the total. This paper was written with the use of: Apple Macintosh SE using MacTerminal in VT100 mode for the terminal. Colecovision Adam using an editor from TURBO PASCAL for the editor. TURBO PASCAL has many possible screen drivers which can be modified for the terminal type you have. I used DEC Rainbow terminal type when asked, because it most closely emulates a VT100 terminal which the Macintosh communications program was running. odem or printer. Monochrome dumb terminal $450 RS232C serial port

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Article: pinball


by Renegade Software

I'm a pinball addict from way back. I've always found pinball a great and harmless way to relax and get rid of unwanted stress or anger. This program is a great way to unwind. This is a collection of ten pinball games, varying in difficulty and graphics.

For a brief preview of the ten games:

1)DEEPSPACE--You're flying in deep space with stars all around. All you can see are the stars, a few space ships, and what you fear might be a black hole.........WATCH OUT.

2)RED HOT--Everything is RED all over....don't get zapped! On this one, there are three plungers and lots of flippers.

3)BARON--This one has some of the nicest graphics. My sons especially liked the plane that is doing the tail-dive. There's alot of fast action, with double plungers and double balls. This one is a family favorite.

4)EGYPT--This was the hardest of the collection for me to play. The plunger seems to lack the power you find in the other games. Bonuses aren't hard to get, but watch out for the .........MUMMY.

5)FAST FOOD--My sons really loved this one--just like a quick trip to McDonald's. Hope you have some munchies near by when playing this one, as the graphics will make your stomach do flippies. This one also has two plungers and a lot of action.

6)N AMERICA--This game honors two of the North American countries: Canada and the United States. The action is slower on this one but you can really add up the bonuses. This one is nicely decorated with the flags of both countries.

7)CLOWN--My youngest son squealed with delight when he tried this one. The graphics are of a simple but silly clown--guranteed to get youngsters attention. This one is a lot of fun and has a lot of action. Watch out for the arrow or you'll get the point....

8)BONES--This is another one of my personal favorites. The action on this one reminds me of the action on the Rock & Roll game of another collection. Get the ball in the rib cage area and you'll accumulate a lot of points--but danger also lurks close by. I especially liked the way the flippers were incorporated into the graphics.

9)DISTORTIN--All is not what it seems on this one. Watch out for an interesting use of magnets. You can really talley up bonus points on this one.

10)CASTLE--This one has great graphics but is similar to EGYPT. Doors can be deadly, if you're not careful. But there's plenty of treasure to be found if you try for the towers.

This is a great addition to the other pinball collections available for the ADAM. You have the choice of one or two players. Logic is stored on the disk so it is not necessary to boot the Pinball Construction disk in order to play the games. This disk will provide all you pinball wizards hours of enjoyment.

8)BONES--This is another one of my personal favorites. The action o

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Article: popeye


My family has played POPEYE for over two years on our TI99/4A, so it was with great pleasure we got to play it on our Adam. Our only disappointment was that this is the only game we've ever played that the graphics were better on the TI version. In every other way, the Adam version was superior. In the first screen, Olive is tossing hearts for Popeye to catch while avoiding Bluto and his henchmen. Bluto is always trying his best to clobber Popeye. Bluto can reach down to the level below or grab up to the level above in trying to catch Popeye. Popeye can only touch Bluto after he's eaten his spinach and turned green. Bluto and his green hag friend throw bottles at Popeye when they are both on the same level. The green hag throws only one bottle (but sometimes there are two, one on each side, at one time). Bluto, on the other hand, will get mad and throw multiple bottles at Popeye. Popeye must either move to another level to avoid the bottles or try to punch them out of his way. At the top of the screen is a boxing glove. If Popeye can hit the glove to release a basket on Bluto's head, he can gain extra points. If a heart falls all the way to the bottom, the music changes and Popeye must go to the bottom to retrieve the heart before it turns white. When Popeye has picked up all the hearts, he advances to the next screen.

On the second screen, Popeye must catch all the musical notes. He still has to avoid Bluto and all his henchmen. Popeye can jump on a seesaw with Wimpy to catapult himself to the highest level. When making this jump, if he hits Sweet Pea, he gets extra points. There is spinach on this screen too. After catching all the notes, Popeye goes on to the last screen. This screen is on board a ship. Olive is up in the crow's nest throwing down the letters to spell "help". As Popeye catches these letters, a ladder begins to be built up to where Olive is. Besides Bluto and his henchmen from previous screens, you also have a rather nasty bird to deal with--but a well placed sock will knock the bird out of your way. This is a fun game that is great for kids of all ages. My kids play this game over and over and over...........

d Popeye must go to the bottom to retrieve the heart before it turns white. When Popeye h

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Article: readme

ADAM NEWS NETWORK......ANN To help solve the problems of Adam newsletters/BBSs having sufficent and current information to make available for their members/users and to help spread Adam information as rapidly as possible to as many Adamites as possible and to hopefully be able to unite Adamites when there are pressing problems and issues which lend themselves to united efforts this monthly disk mailing service has been created.

Presently the following REQUIREMENTS are in effect for using & being a part of this system:

l. YOU MUST GIVE PROPER CREDIT TO THE GROUP, ORGANIZATION AND THE INDIVIDUAL AUTHOR of any material taken from here. Failure to do so may result in your being excluded from this system.

2. To help cut down my time & expenses in producing these monthly mailings each person on the mailing list is REQUIRED to make copies and distribute to at least one other person or group (WHICH I WILL ASSIGN TO YOU) or upto THREE copies & remailings. Obviously, the more (3) you do, the more people we can reach. At this time I will assign these mailings, although you can make your suggestions as to who you would like to remail to or who you think should be added onto the list.

3. IF you would prefer to pay a cash fee rather than do a remailing, contact me and we will see what we can work out. However, this is NOT meant to be a profit making venture (& has costs me considerable in disks & postage upto this point), so I would prefer you do remailings rather than pay a cash fee at this time. But if the remailings are a problem, contact me.

4. BBS SYSOPS ARE ASKED TO UPLOAD TO THEIR AND OTHER ADAM BBSs ANY INFORMATION WHICH APPEARS TO BE OF INTEREST OR IMPORTANCE. This can take the place of your doing a remailing. YOU are invited to upload the entire mailing as one or two large files on your BBS for downing loading etc.

5. YOU ARE REQUESTED TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH your newsletter editor, your BBS sysop, your members & officers.

6. WHILE it is felt that information included is correct and accurate, I take no responsibility for its accuracy, correctness, content, suggestions,etc. and you should use the same at your own risk.

7. I will try to indicate the source of the item in either the file name or internally in the file. Some things may have their own separate disk.

8. IF you do not wish to continue on the mailing list, please inform me so you name can be removed and someone else be added in your place.

9. WHILE IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT AT THIS TIME THAT YOU SUBMIT ITEMS TO ME for this mailing, that is the ONLY way in which we can make this work.

l0. Miscellaneous: Each disk will have a file showing its (intended) distribution. Each disk will be marked to indicate when the material can be used. Usually it will be usable after the first day of the month shown on the label. Of course,material can be saved to fill in at future times when you are short of items.

The initial distribution will be approximately the middle of the month for material to be used starting the lst of the next month.

I hope this will serve to encourage other Adamites to write for several different newsletters. Most of the newsletters do not have a large overlap of coverage or subscribers and therefore no newsletter is really hurt by the items appearing in several newsletters.

Your suggestions are always welcome. I encourage you all to support the ADAM BBS NET pioneered by BJ, Larry Overman(So.Cal) and Bob Blair A(AWAUG-Wash.DC) which is exchanging messages & information from the various BBSs on a weekly basis.

Best regards, Barry A. Wilson

will have a file showin

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Article: readme2


ADMLINKBBS: Information downloaded from Adam Link of Utah BBS. Please read.

ADAMSTRANG(E): An interesting item about modem use by Keith Jefferson.

AKRON INFO: Interesting info off of the AKRON BBS, including some great offers on hardware. Check with Akron BBS to be sure this information is still current.

BARRY PATCH: This month the Barry Patch (l) reveals the secret of the utlimate copy protection and (2) answers another letter to the Barry Patch.

BAR(R)Y PATCH2: Another item from the Barry Patch courtesy of Dean Roades of 463 AUG.

BBS USER: Lists the users of AWAUG, AKRON, ST.LOUIS AUG & SOCAL BBSs, BBS phone numbers, so you will know how you can contact or leave NATIONAL BBS NET messages for & to.

***BUSINESS***. Deals with important matters of A.N.N. business necessary to keep YOU receiving A.N.N. ,etc.

DEADLINE: Hints for the InfoCom game Deadline. From a disk of hints I have, source unknown.

***DISTRIBUTE:*** The distribution list for the Adam News Network (ANN) monthly information disk.

DRprofile: A profile of an Adamite. This month it is Dean Roades of 463 AUG.

ENCHANTER: Hints for the InfoCom game Enchanter, from a disk of hints I have, source unknown.

EzABC123: A review of Easy as ABC,123 by Dean Roades of 463 AUG.

ILLUSIONS: Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

JoeFriend: A response by Dean Roades of 463 AUG to two recent articles by Joe Friendly in Adam's Alive.

Larrysoft: Information on new West Coast Adam Software dealer.

LOGO 4: Lesson 4 in the Ricki Gerlach series Learning with Logo which appears regularly in MOAUG newsletter.

MICROINNOV: More information on this important hardware developement from Micro Innovations.

MONTEZUMA: Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

ONLINE l0: An article by Geo. Radojevic on the Orphaneware RS232C Serial Port Device, downloaded from AKRON BBS to whom we give thanks for permission to use this item.

PINBALL : Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

POPEYE : Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

***README:*** Information on this Adam News Network service.

***READMETWO:*** This file which gives a summary or info on the other files.

SCHOOLDAZE: Review of educational math program by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

SchoolDaze: Review of educational math program by Dean Roades of 463 AUG.

SQUISHEM : Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

STORIES2 : Review of PD childrens program from PSAN by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

TARZAN : Review of game cartridge/disk by Carol Tapia who has several young children whose input is always included in these reviews.

TPOSTUSERS: A list of the users of the Trading Post BBS, so that you can leave messages to them as part of the Adam NET BBS system. Downloaded from Trading Post BBS.

463profile: A profile of the 463 AUG from Indiana.

** Information on this Adam News Network service.


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Article: scholdze



Another GREAT educational package from Wizard's Lair. I sure hope they continue to develop more software of this quality. SCHOOL DAZE is a math skills program. You can choose between MATH DRILLS and MATH CLIMBER.

MATH DRILLS gives you the choice of practicing Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, or Division tables. This drill is fully documented on disk and can be read on screen by selecting "Instructions" on the main menu. Smart keys are used extensively in this program, making it very easy to use. After choosing the type of drill you wish to practice, you choose which math table you wish to work with (from 0 to 12). To move between math tables you press Smart Key I to increase, Smart Key II to decrease, or Smart Key III to accept current math table. Next, you can choose your text screen color by pressing the appropriate Smart Key. The drill screen is divided into four areas. On the left are happy and sad faces which react in response to the answers you enter. In the middle of the screen are the four math signs. The math table you chose to work with will be displayed on the left side of the math sign (+,-,*, or /) that you selected. On the right side will be the number (0 to 12) that you must add, subtract, etc, to the current math table number. On the right of the screen is information, such as how to quit. Below these sections is the scoring area. It will be necessary to explain the younger children how to skip division and fraction problems and how to type the negative numbers sometimes needed in the subtraction problems.

These drills are attractive and very well done. They are not anywhere as difficult as the instructions sound. They are just what my oldest son needs to practice on for fourth grade. My preschooler and first grader have had a lot of fun with the addition and have had some success with the subtraction.

MATH CLIMBER is the entertaining part of the program. It is by far the most popular around my house. It is also documented in the "Instruction" selection on the main menu. The graphics are great. The player must correctly answer math problems to climb the ladder up the castle wall. It takes 16 steps to climb the wall. For every correct answer, you move up one step. For each incorrect answer you move down one step. After five incorrect answers, the game is over.

As in MATH DRILLS, you can choose the text screen color. You can also skip division or quit as in Drills. If you quit, you can select the appropriate Smart Key to reload the main menu, continue the game from where you are, or restart the game. At the bottom of the screen is the talley of the high score, your score, number right, number wrong, and percentage correct. The sound effects and music used in the program enhance it as do the the colors, sprites, and graphics.

Also included on the disk and accessible from the main menu is a database of ADAM Support. This can be viewed on screen or printed out. It is an extensive list of Adam companies and User Groups including their addresses and phone numbers.

I feel this is a must buy program as it has something for everyone. Even I really enjoyed climbing the castle wall. Thanks Wizard's Lair for another superbly done educational package. nswer you move down one step. After five incorrect answers, the game is over.

As in MATH

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Article: schuldze

ReviewSCHOOL DAZE by Wizard's Lair(C) 1989Wizard's Lair has come up with another fine educational program for our ADAM. The graphics are nothing short of terrific! It is refreshing to see new software to help our kids learn with the friendliest computer of them all, ADAM! Wizard's Lair's first software package, 'Easy As A,B,C & 1,2,3', was a spelling and recognition program. This package is a math tutor. There are two primary sections, 'Math Drills' and 'Math Climber'. Both sections use color and pictures to keep interest high.The Drills section will display problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at the lever selected by the user. The problems use the numbers from 0 to 12. The screen is divided into three sections, Report Card, drills, and Mini- instructions. The score in given after each answer. It is very easy to use and selecting higher numbers will challenge older children.The 'Math Climber' section selects random problems for the user to solve. A correct answer causes a figure to climb up a rung on a ladder. If incorrect, the figure falls one rung. If you get fifteen more correct answers than incorrect, the climber reaches the top. Special music and graphics are displayed. BUT WATCH OUT!, five wrong answers and the climber will fall off.School Daze is very well done. It's use of colors, pictures and graphics make it easy to use, and just as important, maintains interest while the kids learn. As an additional point, different colors appear on the screen as sections load, keeping interest high.A couple of things could be done to improve this package. Both sections allow the user to skip division problems with fractions, which is good, but those fractions can only be entered one way. ie; 6 / 9 = .666, not .667; 5 / 10 = .5, not .50. The Climber section is a little slow but still holds interest. When using the Drills, the sequence is always 0 thru 12 factored against the number selected. This results in the answer increasing by one also. (3+0=3, 3+1=4, 3+2=5, 3+3=6, etc) A random selection would make this more challenging and interesting.Overall, this is a tutor that all children should use. All of their math skills will improve if they know the tables drilled with this package. Rating = A Highly Recommended Available from E+T, Niad, and other fine ADAM dealers. Dean Roades 463 ADAM User Groupo use, and

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Article: squishem


by Interphase

In this one player game, you can start on any of the first seven levels. Squish'em Sam's on his way to the top of a 48 story building to collect a suitcase of money. As he climbs, creepy crawling creatures will try their best to knock him off the building. Sam must also watch out for falling objects after he reaches the third level. There are serveral ways to score points: by climbing to the top of the building, by squashing creatures and by jumping over them. The best feature of this game is--SAM TALKS! Yes, without any expensive peripheral hardware, Sam will utter phrases on occasion--especially after squashing a creature. His vocabulary is not very big, but it is fun to hear him yell "money, money, money" or "squish'em".

After you squash a creature, head immediately for the next floor. The creature will turn white and when it's that color you can no longer squish it. Do not let any of the creatures or falling objects touch you--they will knock you back down the building and you will lose a man. There are eight falling objects ranging from hammers to kitchen sinks. If you keep going upward in the same area very long, one is bound to hit you. There is one prize per 48 floor building. By touching the prize, you will gain an extra man. It is easy to distinguish the prize from the creatures. You can earn up to 128 extra men, but only 10 will be displayed at a time. This is a fun game that kids especially enjoy. I've only completed 21 buildings so far, hope you have more agility and better luck. --especially after squashing a creature. His

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Article: stories2


A Public Domain Disk from Puget Sound Adam Network

This is a great children's disk. It can be used equally well by the children who can read and by interaction between parents and younger children who cannot read. I had a lot of fun reading it to my younger sons and asking them to make the decisions necessary to continue the story.

This is a disk of two stories with many different endings. You have a choice between 1) Sunken Treasure and 2) Halloween Party.

In this story program there can be many possible endings depending on the choices you make as you read the story. After reaching the ending of one story, you can go back, make different choices, and have a totally different story.

This really amazed my sons. They really were surprised at the many different ways they could change the stories. Although they like pirates and treasures as much as the next person, they really enjoyed the excitement of the Halloween tale the best.

Besides being used for pure entertainment, I feel this program can be a great tool in teaching my sons to learn and improve their reading skills.

by the children who can read and by interaction

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Me Tarzan...where's Jane???Escape into the jungle and help Tarzan free Nkima, his tame chimp. After freeing his best friend, travel with Tarzan through the dense forest and hidden lakes to free the Great Apes from the hunters and Beast Men who have imprisoned them. Although there are similarities between this game and games such as Pitfall or Congo Bongo, there is no comparison in graphics or game play. This is one of the best graphic games from Coleco that I've played. You can actually see the water splashing as Tarzan swims across the lake. Tarzan swings through treetops and swims through the water on his quest while gaining strength by punching Beast Men and hunters. To punch, you press the left fire button. To jump you press the right fire button. Besides the hunters and Beast Men, Tarzan must also watch out for snakes, crocodiles, gorillas, and pits. To make Tarzan roar his famous roar, press any keypad number. After freeing all the Great Apes. you must face the Flaming Idol at the Temple of the Flaming God. I am sorry to say that I have not yet figured out how to get past the flaming idol...any help/hints would be appreciated. My sons voted this game a 15 out of a possible 10.

who have imprisoned them. Although there are

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