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Adam News Network volume 90 issue 05

Supporting the Coleco Adam since 1992. Founder Barry Wilson.

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Article: adambbss


/-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/-= A LIST OF YOUR FAVORITE =-\=- ADAM BBS Phone Numbers! -=/ \=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

Name : THE TRADING POST Hr/Baud: 24HRS 300/1200 Phone : (216)/791-4022 Sysop : Herman L Mason (HERMAN) Voice : (216)/231-8813 Posted : Tue Jan 24, 1989 8:28 PM

Name : UP - AN - ADAM Hr/Baud: 24HRS 300/1200 Phone : (206)/869-2018 Sysop : Bart Lynch (ZONKER) Posted : Tue Jan 24, 1989 8:28 PM

Name : SLC ADAM-LINK BBS Hr/Baud: 6P-8A & WNDS 300/1200 Phone : (801)/484-5114 Sysop : Alan Neeley (ALAN) Posted : Tue Jan 24, 1989 8:28 PM

Name : THE ST. LOUIS AUG Hr/Baud: THR-SUN 9P-6A 300/1200 Phone : (314)/383-3617 Sysop : Al Fitzgerald (SHAMAN) Posted : Tue Jan 24, 1989 8:28 PM

Name : LITTLE ORPHAN ADAM Hr/Baud: 24HRS 300/1200 Phone : (402)/455-8308 Sysop : Steven Dawes (OMAHA STEVE) Posted : Tue Jan 24, 1989 8:28 AM Name : MACH 1 BBS Hr/Baud: 9PM - 6AM 300/1200/2400 Phone : (414)/762-0492 Sysop : GARY SCHOENUNG Posted : Sun May 21, 1989 7:30 PM

Name : VOICE OF THE EAGLE BBS Hr/Baud: WED&THR 8:30PM-5:00AM 300 Phone : (615)/645-4317 Sysop : Ricki Gerlach (RICKI) Posted : Mon Nov 13, 1989 9:20 PM

Name : MICRO INNOVATIONS BBS Hr/Baud: M-F 6PM-10PM ONLY!! 1200 Phone : (703)/264-3908 Sysop : Mark Gorden Posted : Sat Jan 13, 1990 5:26 PM

Name : MAINE ADAM BBS Hr/Baud: 6P-8A WEEKLY 300/1200 Phone : (207)/583-4923 Sysop : Robert Sebelist (SEBE) Posted : Tue Jan 23, 1990 9:14 PM

Name : THE SOCA ADAM BBS Hr/Baud: 4PM-7AM M-F/24S-S 3/12/24 Phone : (714)/775-1603 Sysop : Larry D. Overman Posted : Sat Feb 10, 1990 12:57 AM

Name : THE AWAUG BBS Hr/Baud: 24 HRS. 3/12/2400 Baud Phone : (202)/56l-2475 Sysop : Jeff Jodoin


E ORPHAN ADAM Hr/Baud: 24HRS 300/1200 Phone : (4

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Article: agendadd

AGENDA ADDON The following should be added to the ANN AGENDA from April ANN.

This is in keeping with the previously expressed idea that all ADAM suppliers, national newsletters, Ruth Co., etc. be very strongly encouraged to periodically print a list of ADAM AUGS and ADAM BBSS, so that we may make ourselves available to isolated Adamites and keep them with Adam.

In that same concept Faye Deere should be very strongly encouraged to do the same in her monthly Vulcan Computer Buyers Guide Column. We need to let those isolated Adamites reading this column know where local AUGS, BBSS, etc. are located.

When Faye asked us to help her try to save HER column in Computer Shopper we wrote letters, published editorials, etc. When Faye asked us to publicize her new column in Vulcan Computer Buyers Guide, we again did all we could.

Now we should ask Faye to return the favor and assist in spreading the word about ANN, local AUGS, local BBSs, etc.

IF Faye is at convention, please try to make your thoughts known to her there. IF Faye is NOT at convention, please write to her to express this idea.


Thank you

Barry Wilson

pliers, national newsletters, Ruth Co., etc. be very strongly encouraged to periodically pri

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Article: anet3

.pl 59 .mt 0 .mb 0 .op .po 5 ..TELECOMMUNICATION WORKSHOP


           (Part 3)
        By Alan Neeley
@ I thi article w wil discus som o th A-NEԠ BBS' option an command tha ar foun throughou th BBӠ sys tem Firs w wil discus th A-NE TEXԠ Edito an it uniqu se o com mands The wil g throug an dis cus anothe se o command tha ca b use䠠 fro mos o th BBS' mai prompts. @
@ Thi i on are o th BB tha seem t confus mos ne user o a A-NE BB system I yo hav calle th BBS you firs experienc wit th Tex Edito wa durin th Newuse log-i proces (whe th BB ask yo t ente som informatio abou yoursel suc a hobbie etc.).. Also i you'v use th BB a all yo wil hav foun tha th Tex Edito i use i othe area o th BB a well.

simpl Wor Processo i al th A-NE Tex edito reall is I ha som sim pl command tha ca b use t correc mistake an mak change t you text bu it mai functio i t jus ente you tex fo sendin messages mail an s forth I i VER simila t mos tex editor use b othe BBӠ system includin Compuserve.

Upo firs enterin th A-NEԠ tex editor a entranc messag wil b displaye tha wil loo lik this:

.po 52

A-Net Editor: 30 Lines available Help: .H, Save: .S -- Enter text now

After you have entered the TEXT Editor, you can start typing in your message (it will look just like this sentence I have just typed).

Yo als hav specia se o editin command tha ar availabl onl whil i th Tex Editor cal thes com mand th DO (o period command be caus eac o the begi wit perio (. an the ar followe b characte an䠠 ᠠ RETURΠ whic complete th command.

Ther ar fe rule tha mus b fol lowe whe usin th DO command i th Tex Editor Firs yo mus ente th a th beginnin o ne lin BEFOR yo hav type anythin els o els th comman sequenc wil no start I yo hav entere th DO (. correctly yo won' actuall se th DO bu wil se
> o th scree instead I yo onl
se '. o th screen the pres RETUR an tr again I onl on arro (lik this show o th scree (instea of > ) the yo hav th LOCˠ o UPPERCAS ke on S pres th loc ke an tr agai (yo wil hav t pres RETURΠ t star fres o ne lin t successfull issu th DOԠ com man again) Her ar som examples:

. (The period wasn't first charac-

         ter entered on line)
> (The LOCK key is in UPPERCASE
>> (A DOT command has successfully
         been entered)
.po 5 Onc yo hav successfull entere th firs keystrok involve i DOԠ com mand yo ar read t ente th charac te whic wil perfor th particula comman tha yo wis t do On o th mos commo DO command use i th Sav comman whic save th tex yo hav entere i th Tex Editor T star thi command yo simpl ente 'S afte th DO comman ha bee star ted Th wor 'Save wil follo th tw arrow (i wil loo like >>Sav i yo hav entere i correctly The t complet th command yo pres th RETUR ke an th comman wil b sen t th computer.

Al th DO command availabl i th TEXԠ Edito ar sen i thi sam man ner I involve thre steps 1 ente '. Yo pres th perio ke o you keyboar -- on your screen yo see:

2 yo ente th characte fo th com man yo wis t sen suc a Ƞ fo Help Yo se this:

3 The yo pres th RETURΠ ke t complet th command... You may get a message like this: Saving your message...

Ther ar man othe DO command avail abl i th A-NE Tex Edito tha jus th '.S an '.H commands Th '.H comman bring u lis o men o th one tha ar available Yo wil prob abl neve us an othe tha jus th '.S comman bu tr th other to (yo ma fin the useful) Her i lis o th DO command tha ar available:

A-Net Editor commands:

 Save: .S	       Help: .H
 Read: .R	     Center: .C
 Edit: .E	     Delete: .D
Abort: .A	     Insert: .I
Clear: .N Abort: .A
List: .L Get File: .G

Some of these commands are only used in the maintenance program. The space- bar will abort a read or list of text. The Delete and Edit have a default of the last line entered.

.po 52 Thes command ar prett self-explana tor s wil no g int an grea detai o wha the do Som o the ar functiona onl whil i th Syste Maintenanc are (accessibl onl b th SYSOPs).

W hav alread talke abou th . an .Ӡ DO commands Th . commanshow th men tha jus liste abov an . save th tex tha yo hav entere int th tex editor.

Th . comman i use t rea wha yo hav entere i th tex editor Thi ca b use t se wha th actua mes sag wil loo lik whe rea an t chec fo an errors.

Th . comman i simila t .Ҡ comman excep tha i display th actua num be o eac lin a i i displayed Thi ca b usefu i yo wis t edi certai lin an wan t kno wher i i locate i you text.

Th . lin i use t retyp i lin tha yo wis t change Afte yo hav entere th . (yo se >>Edit) yo ca ente th numbe o th lin tha yo wis t change The yo pres RETURN Th lin tha yo choos wil the b displayed Yo ca the typ i th correcte lin an pres RETURN I yo decid tha yo don' wan t chang thi line jus pres RETURΠ an th comman wil b aborted I yo don' ente lin numbe afte yo hav iss ue thi command th las lin entere i th tex edito wil b displaye fo editing.

Th .ɠ comman i use fo insertin line int you text Sa yo hav 1 line entere int th tex edito an yo decid tha yo wan t inser som line in-betwee line an 6 T d s yo woul ente '.I5 o you keyboar (yo wil se >>Inser o th screen an the pres RETURN Th lin tha yo typ wil the b adde in-betwee line an 6.

Th . comman i use i th sam man ne a th . an . commands I i use t delet line fro th tex tha yo hav entered Fo example i yo hav line o tex an yo wis t delet lin 7 ente '.D7 (yo wil se .po 5
>>Delet o th screen an thn pres
RETUR an tha lin wil b deleted.

Th . comman wil delet o CLEA al line currentl entere i th Tex Edito s tha yo ca star ove again.

Th . comman abort th Tex Edito entirel an return yo bac t th curren are yo ar in.

Al th othe DO command show i th HELР men ar onl accessibl fro th Syste Maintenanc are s ɠ wil no discus the here.

@ OTHER COMMANDS AND OPTIONS @ Ther ar severa command an option tha ar availabl fro mos o th MAI BBӠ prompts Thes command ar als liste a th en o th menu tha ca b accesse b enterin '? a an o thes prompts Her i lis a the appea i th menus:

Commands available from any level:

F	 Feedback to system operator
O	 Logoff system
+	 Fast logoff
C	 Chat with system operator
U	 Re-Read system rules
I	 System Configurations
Q	 Quit from subsystem
TD	 Local time/date information
ST	 Your current call status

SPACEBAR aborts text displaying CONTRO pause scree display

A mos o th othe command throughou th BBS thes command ar entere simpl b typin i th characte (uppe o lowe case an pressin RETURN Her ar som explanation o wha eac o th command do:

Th Ơ comman leave FEEDBACˠ t th SYSOP Thi are i use t leav messag particularl t th SYSOP(s o th BB system Som goo example o whe t us thi comman woul b 1 i you'v ha proble i usin certai area o th BB 2 i yo hav an question abou th BB 3 i yo ar sendin PRIVAT messag (t th SYSOP .po 52 tha yo don' wan th genera PUBLI t read Afte yo hav entere th command promp wil b sen askin yo th subjec o th FEEDBACˠ file Ente brie definitio (pleas n longe tha 1 characters o wha you messag i goin t b abou an pres RETURN Nex yo wil b take t th A- NEԠ Tex Edito (whic w discusse a th firs o thi article s tha yo ca ente you message Whe yo sav you message i wil b adde t th FEEDBAC file I repl t you feed bac i needed yo wil fin i lef i you mailbo a soo a SYSO ca ge t it.

Th Ϡ (o OFF comman i use t politel log-of o th BBS Afte enterin th command yo wil b aske i yo wis t leav th system Ente (n RETUR needed i yo reall wis t logof o ente i yo chang you min an yo wil b take bac t th curren prompt I yo entere Y yo wil b give promp tha wil giv yo chanc t leav FEEDBACˠ befor yo ar disconnected I yo wis t leav FEEDBACK ente again otherwis ente Π an th log-of proces wil continu ( brie log-of messag thank in yo fo callin i displaye an the yo ar disconnected).

Th comman i use t log-of th BB i muc faste manner Afte enterin thi comman fro th correc prompt yo ar disconnecte fro th syste immediatel (usuall eve faste tha th disconnec command tha ar usuall buil int th termina softwar -- especiall th ADAMLin software) Thi comman i use fo thos callin lon distanc an wan t sav themselve littl mone b no havin t g throug th 'polite metho o loggin off.

Th à comman i use t summo th Syste Operato (o SYSOP s tha yo ca tal t the i 'live mode Thi i commonl know a th CHAԠ mode Durin norma hour o m BBS yo ca usuall fin m ther i yo tr th comman severa time (i ring bel an i a clos enoug t hea it usuall respond) I a no available tur th CHA mod OFF Whe i i of an yo us th command yo ar noti fie tha th SYSO i no i an yo .p 5 ar aske i yo woul lik t leav FEEDBACK Ente i yo wis t d s o ente t retur t th curren prompt.

Th ՠ comman i littl use an I' currentl considerin removin i fro th BBS It mai us i t displa tex fil containin th rule o th BBӠ an wha i expecte o yo a user I d remov thi command wil probabl ad th actua fil t th Gfil are s tha i ca b viewe fro there.

Th comman display fil tha wil tel th use littl mor abou th hardwar an softwar bein use t operat th BB system Her i wha th curren fil o m BBӠ syste look like:

The Equipment:

Coleco ADAM 1200/300 BAUD Avatex modem 320K Disk Drive 720K Disk Drive 256K Memory Expander (RAM drive) 2 Tape Drives

The Software: Operates under SmartBASIC 1.0

A-NET ADAM BBS Version 4.1 (TEST) Available as "FREEWARE" through: ADAM-LINK of Utah 2337 South 600 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

RAM drive created with RAMDSK available through Walters SOFTWARE

Extended storage and RS232 port for modem courtesy of: ORPHANWARE

Th comman i use t qui fro th curren are yo ar i an retur t th TC/MAI prompt Thi comman mus alway b use t retur t th centra are o th BB (TC/MAIN befor yo ca g t anothe are (suc a goin fro th Publi messag are t th th Pri vat messag area) I th comman i entere fro th TC/MAI prompt i i exactl th sam a i yo ente th (o OFF command.

.po 52 Th TĠ comman display th curren loca tim (Th SL ADAM-LIN BB i i th Mountai tim zone) Th curren dat i als displayed Anothe helpfu bi o informatio tha i displaye i th amoun o tim yo hav lef o th BB fo th curren call.

Th SԠ comman i use t vie you curren accoun statu (o cal status) Thi comman let yo vie som o th record tha ar kep o you account Th A-NE BB keep trac o thing suc as ho man call yo hav mad t th system ho man publi post an respo nse a wel a mai yo hav left an i keep trac o th amoun o uploa an download yo hav done Thi com man als display th curren acces leve tha yo hav t th BBS

Ther ar tw othe command tha ar use whe tex i bein displaye ( goo exampl woul b th comman o whe usin th t rea th menus) Pressin th SPACEBA wil abor th tex fil tha i currentl bein displayed.

Th nex comman i on tha ha recent l bee adde t th BBS I i PAUS featur tha allow th use t freez th tex tha i bein displaye s tha yo ca momentaril rea i befor con tinuin on Thi comman wil b VER helpfu t thos o yo wh wil b callin wit th 120 bau modem (th 30 bau user wil lik i jus a well) T perfor thi command yo mus pres th CONTRO ke an th ke a th sam tim (know a CONTRO̠ Ӡ o ^S) Thi wil effectivel sto th scree s tha yo ca rea it T con tinu on simpl pres an ke o th keyboar an th tex wil continu on.

I conclusio o thes firs thre arti cle o ho t us th SLà ADAM-LIN BBS al o th genera informatio o ho t ge logge o a ne use an th BASI command hav bee discussed I th upcomin articles w wil dis cus th specifi area o th A-NE BB i greate detail Thes area includ th Publi Messag area Th Privat Mai area an th Dat Library. @

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Article: anet4

.pl 59 .mt 0 .mb 0 .op .po 5 ..TELECOMMUNICATIONS WORKSHOP


            (Part 4)
         By Alan Neeley
@ Al previou article discussin th SL A- BB hav involve jus th basic o th A-NE BB system The included 1 Ho t creat a accoun an ge logged- o a ne user 2 Th centra are o th BB (TC/MAIN) an 3 Ho t us th A-NEԠ tex edito an othe genera option foun throug ou th A-NE system I thi articl an th one t follow w wil concentrat o som o th mor specifi area o th A-NE BB system. @ The PUBLIC MESSAGE AREA @ Whethe you'r lookin fo th lates inf o th ADAM hav questio o problem o hav somethin t shar wit al th othe user o th system th Publi Messag Are i th plac t visit Thi are als provide mediu i whic yo ca mee othe ADA͠ owner al acros th country.

T ge t th Publi Messag Area yo mus firs b a th TC/MAIΠ promp (Note othe A-NE system acros th countr ar startin t us thei ow identificatio letter i fron o th /MAI promp bu i stil represent th centra are o th BBS).

Onc a th TC/MAI prompt yo hav tw option tha wil tak yo t th Publi Messag Area 1 Ente followe b RETURΠ t g t th defaul messag boar #1 o 2 Ente followe b th numbe o th specifi messag boar tha yo wis t g to Th secon choic i use afte yo hav visite .po 52

th Publi Messag Are fe time an ar familia wit th variou messag boards Eac messag boar ha nam tha represent particula rang o topic (se th comman late o i thi articl fo inf o ho t lis th availabl messag boards).

Whe yo firs ente th Publi Messag Area messag i displayed Thi mes sag contain th nam o th messag boar yo hav chosen whic user' hav acces t tha board an th nam o th Sub-Boar Operato (Sub-op o th board The th Publi Messag Area' mai mod promp i displayed.

Th SL A- BB a presen use promp tha look like SUBx (Wher th i th numbe o th messag boar tha yo ar presentl at) I shoul b note tha mos o th A-NEԠ system acros th countr ar beginnin t us promp tha look like MESSAGŠ BOAR i th othe prompt) Th SL A-̠ BB wil probabl begi usin tha promp a wel (o somethin similar) Jus remem ber n matte wha promp i used yo ar i th mai mod o th Publi Messag Area.

Ther ar tw differen mode (eac wit thei ow prompt tha ca b foun i th Publi Messag Area Eac mod ha it ow specifi se o command (an i cases th exac sam lette i use bu produce differen result i eac mode) Th firs mod ɠ hav alread introduced I i th MAI MOD tha spok o above Yo ar alway i th mai mod upo firs enterin th Publi Messag Area Th secon mod i know a th REA MOD an i i entere b .po 5 usin specifi command fro th mai mode No wil g throug an discus th option (o commands tha ca b foun i eac mode. @

@ Lik mos othe prompt foun throughou A-NET enterin questio mar (? wil brin u lis o th option o com mand availabl i th are yo ar presentl in Enterin an pressin RETUR fro th SUBx prompt wil brin u simila lis o option o al A- NE BB systems:

Public Message Area Options:

P Post a public message Rx Read specific message x S Scan message headers K Kill messages L List available boards x Change to specific base x <,> Forward/Back one board M Feedback to Board Sub-Op V View Sub-Operator's Name

Special READ MODE commands:

RETURN reads next message CONTROL S pauses text reading CONTROL C skips through responses SPACEBAR aborts message reading

General commands: (Available from Subx: prompt)

F Feedback to system operator O Logoff system + Fast logoff C Chat with system operator U Re-Read system rules I System configurations Q Quit from subsystem TD Local time/date information ST Your current call status

Let' g throug an discus th speci fi command fo th Publi Messag Are tha ca b entere fro th Subx promp (o mai mode) wil discus th REA MOD command late o an th Genera command wer discusse i previou article.

Th o SCA comman i use t pul u th headin o eac message I display th numbe o th message th numbe o .po 52 response t eac message an th sub jec o th message Her i wha typica lin woul loo like:

1. (15) "THE TOPIC" 2. (3) "FOR SALE"

Currently Th tota amoun o message possibl o on boar i 15 I ther ar alread 1 message o th boar and a new one is posted th firs pos i remove an th ne on adde t th en (fo thi reason mos operator o A-NEԠ board wil delet th olde an les importan message alway leavin roo fo ne post) Ther i n limi t th amoun o response mad t eac message.

Th fo POS comman allow yo t ad ne topi t th messag boar tha yo ar in D no us thi comman whe ther ha alread bee messag poste tha cover th sam topi (us th for Respond command instead).

Whe th comman i entere fro th Subx prompt yo wil firs b aske t ente th nam o subjec o th ne messag tha yo wis t post Typ i th subjec (pleas kee i withi 10-1 character an n commas an the pres RETURN

The afte fe seconds yo wil b take t th A-NE tex edito (discus se i th las issue) A thi poin yo typ i th tex o messag usin th edito an the sav i (yo us perio an a o '.S o lin al b itsel an pres RETURN) Yo wil ge messag tellin yo tha th ne pos i bein save an i littl bit yo wil ge messag tellin yo i ha bee stored

I yo don' hav enoug roo t ente al you messag i th A-NEԠ editor us th fo RESPON comman discusse late o i th REA MOD section.

Th fo KIL comman allow thos wh hav prope access t delet message s tha there wil b roo fo ne posts Currently onl thos wh hav SYSOР statu (leve 10 ca delet message i th publi area.

.po 5 Th fo LIS comman i use t lis th availabl messag board tha ar availabl i th publi area I simpl display eac boar number th nam o eac board an the brie messag i sen tellin yo t ente th boar numbe o th messag boar yo wis t g to A th Subx prompt yo ca ente th numbe an yo wil b take t th boar yo choose.

Yo wil als notic tha yo ca ente '> o '< t mov fro boar t board Th comman (greate than wil mov yo u on messag boar (i yo ar o boar 3 yo wil g t 4) Th comman (les than wil mov yo dow on boar (i yo ar o 3 yo wil g t 2).

Th o VIE comman allow yo t vie th nam o th Sub-o fo th particu la messag boar tha yo ar on Thi comman i ther s tha yo wil kno wh t addres i th even yo nee t contac th sub-o o proble o ques tio an don' kno wh els t addres i to.

Th comman allow yo t sen pri vat messag directl t th sub-o o th boar yo ar presentl on Thi comman i ver usefu i yo discove tha ther i proble wit th boar yo ar o an wan t advis someon wh wil b abl t correc i (o yo ca us th comman s tha al sub- op o SYSOP wil b notifie o th problem)

Afte enterin th command yo ar aske t ente th subjec o th pri vat feedbac an the yo ar take t th A-NE tex editor Ente th messag an the follo th prope procedure t sav it I th sub-o need bette explanatio o wha th proble i o i som othe kin o repl i needed yo wil mos likel fin th answe i you privat mailbo (th privat mai are wil b discusse i futur article). @

@ No let' discus th REA MOD are an th command tha ar accesse fro tha are o th Publi Messag boards Th rea mod doe jus wha i sound lik i doe -- i allow yo t rea th .po 52 message an response tha hav bee lef o th messag boards.

Ther ar tw command tha ca b use fro th Subx promp (o MAIΠ MODE tha wil caus yo t ente th REA MODE The ar th RETUR ke o R (wher i th numbe o th messag yo wis t star reading) Whe yo us eithe o thes commands yo wil ente th REAĠ MODŠ an begi readin th selected message

No a A-NE messag boar i littl bi differen tha conventiona mes sag board Mos messag board o othe BBS' stor al message an response o th boar i chronologica order Th A-NE messag board stors th mes sage an response i STRIN order. Althoug curren version o A-NE don' offe REA NE command thin tha yo wil fin thi for o boar ver organize an tha i give yo chanc t choos only wha yo wan t read.

Whe messag i read yo wil notic tha som informatio i displaye be for th actua messag an eac o it responses Thi i calle th HEADING Th headin contain suc informatio a th subjec o th message wh lef th message th dat th messag wa left an th dat o th las response alon wit th tota amoun o response fo tha message The afte th headin ha bee displayed th origina messag i displaye followe b eac o th re sponse (eac respons ha it ow head in tha i simila t th origina heading).

Usin th R comman alon wit th fo SCA comman ca b ver useful Yo ca firs sca th heading t se whic messag tha yo wis t rea an the us th th R messag t begi readin tha particula messag (remembe represent th numbe o th messag yo wis t read).

Th RETUR ke work littl different ly I read th nex messag tha i i lin t b read I yo hav jus en tere th publi messag are o change boards th messag rea mod i se t rea messag numbe 1 I you'v pre viousl rea message o use th R .po 5 comman t rea specifi message th nex messag i lin i read Thi hold tru anytim th RETUR ke i presse whethe i th MAI o REA MODES.

Whil messag an it response ar bein displayed ther ar specia command tha ca b used Th CONTRO comman allow yo t freez o paus th tex o th scree s tha i ca b read Pressin an ke afte thi allow th tex t continu on

Th CONTRO comman allow yo t SKI FORWAR throug th messag response s tha yo ca quickl ge t th newes response (conside i manua REA NE command) Eac tim i i pressed i wil ski throug th tex unti i reache th nex response The i dis play th headin o tha respons an continue o lik normal.

Pressin th SPACEBAR allow yo t ABORԠ th curren messag an th re sponse t i an g t th REAĠ MOD prompt

Th REA MOD promp i displaye afte messag an al o it response hav bee rea o th SPACEBAҠ ha bee pressed Thi promp wil loo somethin simila to:

End of message -- Option?:

I yo nee t brin u lis o th option tha ar availabl t you a gain yo ca ente th questio mar (?) Yo DON' nee t ente th t actuall us th availabl option i yo alread kno them The ca jus b entere fro th REA MOD prompt Th lis o option tha wil b brough u i yo d ente ? wil loo somethin simila t this:

RETURN to read next message. R-espond to message. P-rivately respond to message. Q-uit message read mode

W hav alread discusse wha pressin RETURΠ wil d -- i wil simpl con tinu o an rea th nex messag i line.

Pressin th comman fro th REA MODŠ prompt wil allo yo t ad .po 52 publi RESPONSŠ t th las messag read Usin thi command wil tak yo directl int th A-NE tex edito s tha yo ca ente th respons an the sav i (whe i i saved i i adde t th en o th fil tha contain th origina messag an al th othe re sponses) Remember don' confus thi comman wit th R comman availabl fro th mai mod prompt.

Th comman i th REAĠ MODE allow yo t sen privat respons t th origina use wh poste th las mes sag read Thi i ver simila t send in perso mai fro th privat mai are excep tha yo don' hav t leav th publi are t d so Yo wil b aske fo th subjec o th mail Afte enterin it a usual yo ar take t th A-NE tex editor Ente th privat messag an the sav it Remember yo ca onl us thi comman t sen pri vat mai t th perso wh originall poste th las messag tha yo read Again DON' confus thi comman t th Р fo POS comman availabl fro th MAI MODE!

Th Ѡ fo QUI comman allow yo t exi th REA MOD an retur t th MAI MODE I yo pres th RETURΠ ke again yo wil ente th REAĠ MOD starting with the next message in line.

That' al ther i t kno o ho t efficientl us th Publi Messag Area No al that' lef t d i cal an tr it Th A-NE BB syste i a on goin effor t provid th bes BB syste fo th ADA possible Becaus o this ther ma b som actua change t operatio o th command tha hav bee describe i thi articl o ne one ma b adde (a whic tim an nouncement ar mad an ma includ a additiona articl o ho t mak us o them).

a currentl considerin severa dif feren method o addin REAĠ NE comman t th publi area I ɠ ca com u wit on tha i efficient wil mos definitel ad thi feature ma als g wit chronologica messag bas bu wil tr t kee availabl comman tha wil strin th origina message an thei response togethe fo thos wh lik thi feature

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Article: aprfool3



PAT HERRINGTON ARRESTED IN ASSAULT INCIDENT! Patricia J. Herrington, alias "PJ", was taken into custody today following an armed attack on prankster Barry Wilson of Saint Louis. Ms. Herrington showed no signs of remorse. "I did it, and I'm glad," she told reporters. "I have warned Barry repeatedly, and this time he went too far." Acting against the advice of her attorney, the unrepentant [SEE "REVENGE",PAGE 178]

SOLOMON SWIFT LOCATED ON DARK CONTINENT! Several months after his latest move, premier ADAM programmer Dr. Solomon Swift was discovered in Ujiji, Central Africa, teaching natives to count by using their feet instead of their fingers, to lay a foundation for understanding the binary system. Intrepid explorer Sir Henry Morton Stanley encountered the missing ADAMite as the latter was combing the jungle in search of a power supply. Sir Stanley is quoted as saying, "Dr. Swift, I presume?" [STORY, PAGE 902; RELATED PHOTOS, PAGES 348-350]

NEW NATIONAL COVERAGE ANNOUNCED! At a national gathering of media luminaries, Faye Deere announced last Thursday that she will be writing a Classic Computer column for TIME magazine, as well as editing a humor page for Reader's Digest, tentatively titled "Computer Comedy". Readers are invited to send humorous anecdotes for use [SEE "FORUM" PAGE 49]

^ NOT SO ABOMINABLE AFTER ALL! Joe Quinn was given a clean bill of health today and released from Mobile General Hospital after being treated for overexposure resulting from his month-long expedition to the Himalayas, where he was conducting research for SON OF THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN. Quinn suffered minor frostbite and windburn during marathon discussions with a confused Yeti. Graftex Software plans to release the new program later this summer [SEE "SNOWMAN" PAGE 97]

^ "THAT'S RICH" COLUMNIST ROASTED! Richard Lefko was the guest of honor last Monday at a Press Club luncheon honoring the outstanding columnists of the decade. Lefko sported a bright blue T-shirt emblazoned with the ADAMCON 01 logo. During the ceremony, he modestly [SEE PULLITZER, PAGE 299]

^ ADAM FOWLER, JR. COPS TOP HONORS! Six year old Adam Fowler, Jr. took first place in the Texas State Science Fair earlier this month with a perpetual motion machine contrived from three ADAMs, a doorbell, a refrigerator, and a snow blower. Young Adam was surrounded by his family, including brothers Adam Joe, Adam Bob, and Adam Lee, and his twin sister, Adamette. Proud grandfather Terry [CONTINUED ON PAGE 61]

^ TRISYD REVEALS NEW TAPE FORMATTER! Plans were unveiled today for Syd Carter's latest innovation, a formatter which will turn standard videotapes into media with the storage equivalent of a hard drive. Simultaneously, Walters Brothers announced the release of an expansion module which will access the new videotapes. Plugging into an adapter which is connected to a splitter device inserted in the [CONT'D, PAGE 107]

^ LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT! Norman Castro, making use of new Japanese breakthroughs in micro- mini reproduction technology, recently copied the entire Library of Congress on the head of a pin. The significance [CONT'D P.73]


irst place in the Texas S

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Article: awaugbbs

AS MANY OF MY ARTICLES COME FROM THE AWAUG BBS, I THOUGHT I WOULD GIVE YOU SOME BACKGROUND ON THIS FINE ADAM INSTITUTION. 24 HRS. 202-561-2475. The pi symbols are left over from either the xmodem download or the CPM to EOS conversion process and apparently mean carriage return, line end or something.

                         THE AWAUG BBS IS THRIVING

Begun in March, 1988, the AWAUG BBS now has over 150 active users and is averaging almost 200 calls per week. The "Bulletin Board System" consists of an ADAM operating with a 20 megabyte hard disk drive and an AVATEX 2400 baud modem. It also uses an Orphanware 80 column Video Control Unit and a monitor. A 3-1/2 disk drive is used to boot up the system and add programs. The ADAM runs off of an IBM XT poser unit which also powers the hard drive. Use your phone modem to dial (202) 56l-2475. The opening screen asks for your ID number and password. If it is your first time, you simply type NEW and press return and it will prompt you to enter your name and address etc and you pick a password (7 characters or less). The BBS then assigns you an ID number.

There are four different areas to the BBS: A Main Command Menu, a Message Section, a File Library section and a Section for the user to change their password or screen width. They look like this:


* * * THE NEW AWAUG BBS * * *

**************************** * Author's Notes in this column *

COMMAND STRUCTURE B - Display System Bulletin -Scrolls text across screen (news/for sale) C - Page the SYSOP -type back and forth live with SYSOP F - Leave SYSOP Feedback -leave private message to Systems Operator H - NETWORK Files -Takes you to messagesfrom other BBS' I - Display System Activity -Shows number of calls to BBS by baud rate M - Message Base -takes you to the AWAUG Message sections T - Display Time -time of day & time remaining on hour limit

U - Change User Setting -takes you to User Setting Menu X - Files Library -takes you to over 800 free ADAM programs ? - DISPLAY THIS MENU -helpful if you turned menu's off OFF or BYE SIGNOFF THE BOARD MAIN> -this is where you enter the above commands


+---------------------+ | | | Messages Menu | | | +---------------------+ * Author's Notes in this column * C - Change Message Base -this command moves to 5 Message Sections P - Post Message -allows you to enter your message PM - Post Private Mail -leave your msg for addressee's eyes only

S - Scan Messages -shows from/to/subject, optional read R - Read Messages -prompts for message number to start reading RN - Read New Messages -starts at the new messages only RC - Read Continuously -otherwise msgs stop at each screen-full RCN - Read New Cont. -same as above but for new msgs only RP - Read Private Mail -read private mail to you (if any) T - Display Time -time of day & how much of your hour limit left

X - FILE LIBRARY -takes yu into the File Librarys Q - Quit Messages -takes you back to the MAIN Command Menu OFF or BYE SIGNOFF THE BOARD GENERAL > -this is where you enter the above commands

There are five different message sections (use to C command to go from one to another): GENERAL (We keep about 100 of the most recent at all times)

             FALCO (for those of us who have the Falco 80   column terminal)
             JUST-FUN (for Jokes -and jokers- only)
             AKRONBBS (about 100 of latest messages from    the Akron BBS)
             SOCABBS  (recent messages from the Southern    Calif BBS)
              (Note: other BBS' messages are in File        Library - NET section)


+---------------------------+ | | | File Library Menu | | | +---------------------------+ - Author's notes in this column - C - Change File Sect -Move from one file section to another F - Listing of Files -shows name of all files in current section. L - Locate files(s) -searches for a given file, gives Lib. Sect. M - Message Base -takes you to Message Section T - Display Time -time of day & time remaining on hour limit

S - Show file with paging -prints a text file on screen, page at time SC - Show file without paging - " " " " " " , cont. scroll D - Download file YMODEM -downloads 1024 characters at a time DX - Download file XMODEM -downloads 128 characters at a time U - Upload file X/YMODEM -you designate X or Y in your modem prog. UB - Upload YMODEM BATCH -use IMP or ZMP to send two or more files ? - Display this Menu -lists this menu (you can turn off menu's) Q - Quit File Transfer -returns you to MAIN command structure OFF or BYE SIGNOFF THE BOARD CPM1> -this is where you enter above commands

Author's Note: There are 7 File Library Sections: Two for CP/M programs, (CPM1 and CPM2), an EOS section (for SmartBasic programs etc.), a section for TEXT files only, a RLE section (pictures - in color), an UPLOAD section (for new files), a section for AWAUG members only (has the

best stuff of course) and a section of text files containing messages and bulletins from other ADAM BBS' around the country (called NET for NETWORK).


+---------------------------+ | | | CHANGE USER SETTINGS | | | +---------------------------+ W - change screen Width -set screen display to 40/60/80 columns M - toggle Menus on or off -turn off menu's once you know commands P - change Password -change your password periodically S - Save setting changes -after you change, store changes with S Q - Quit -returns you to MAIN command menu Note - Press S to make any

       setting changes
       permanent. However,
       ALL setting changes
       will remain in effect
       for the rest of the
       online session.
User> -this is where you enter above commands

Once you go through the BBS, you will see it is easy and FAST!!! Hope you use the AWAUG BBS often!!! Remember - 922-5497 in Northern VA (703)

                                                 by Bob     Blair                                                      |    CHANGE USER SETTINGS   |
| | +-

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Article: badblock


HAS COPY PROTECTION GOTTEN YOU DOWN. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE MAKING THAT EXTRA BACK UP COPY FOR YOUR COUSIN...............and EACH of his six kids, as well as their baby sitter, ??????????????


MOST copy protection schemes and I do call them schemes as they are trying to take away our basic constitutional right to make back up copies for ourselves and our immediate family, their family, etc.

Well As I started to say most copy protection schemes work on a BAD BLOCK THEORY.

The BOOT program LOOKS FOR A BAD BLOCK in a certain location (such as block 2 for example) and if it does NOT find it, it does not boot.

Adam copy programs will NOT copy bad blocks. So when you copy the copy protected material , you get an empty but GOOD block where the BAD BLOCK SHOULD BE. So when the boot program looks for a bad block, it does not find it and won't boot the program.

WELL SUFFER NO MORE BECAUSE THERE IS ................................... BILLY'S BAD BLOCK EMPORIUM. We BUY & SELL Bad Blocks of all types. You need a bad block 2, we've got it; a bad block 7, well they're on sale this week THREE, yes I said THREE bad block 7's for the price of ONE. THIS WEEK ONLY.



Bad block 12,13,& l4 subject to availability.

Sale prices on bad blocks, 6, 7, 9, 38, 89 are good only with coupons.

COME ONE COME ALL TO................................. BILLY'S BAD BLOCK EMPORIUM 23454 Pirate's Alley Pittsburgh, PA 09302


and if it does NOT find it, it does not boot.

Adam copy programs wi

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Article: bios9004


BIOS CALL by MOAUG CP/M librarian Jerome Hess

As printed in April '90 MOAUG newsletter

Welcome to April! Spring is in the air, the days are get- ti ng longer, and time is getting shorter (until I get married, that is!) Yes, indeedy; only 22 more days until I am a legal- ly ti ed and gagged individual!!! ^ But enough of that for now. Let's mount our modems! ^ In previous sessions, we've called with MADAM7, and we've se t up our own personal phone library. Now let's put together a ni ftly little library to save on some keystrokes!!

^ M7FNK.COM is a program that is used to alter the function ke y assignments for MADAM7. What this means is that you can prog ram ADAM's function keys to print out almost anything you want t hem to!!!

^ This program will allow you to do many of the things th at you normally use several words for in just a few keys!

^ In order to get the ball rolling, you need to boot CP/M and true30 just like always and then type M7FNK MADAM7.COM, Your datapack or disk will start buzzing, and then finally come to rest after it has opened and read the current function key directory from MADAM7.

^ In certain versions of M7FNK you will be prompted for the file name after you've already booted M7FNK. If this occurs just type in MADAM7.COM and hit return.

^ After M7fnk has loaded MADAM7 it will display the current settings. Free Memory is also displayed. Command options are prefixed with a character (A...k,Q and S.)

^ In order to change the intercept character, the character that will turn control over to the funtion keys, you enter an A. It can be any character that you want, but my suggestion is that it be a rarely used key like WILDCARD.

^ Enter any of the other characters (B - K) in order to change their meanings and uses.

^ When you're done, merely S)ave or Q)uit the program. If you quit without saving, then you will lose all your new con- figurations, and they will default to their previous settings.

^ Now the question may have passed through your mind, "Fine, but so what? Why should I want to reassign some of the keys on my keyboard?"

^ Well, the answer is fairly simple: if you are a constant user to a BBS and like to sign all your messages with your name or nickname, then instead of typing it out all the time just plug it into a function key and use 3 keys instead of several I imagine typing "Patricia Herrington" can take awhile! <GRIN.> [^I Which is why I use "PJ" whenever I can! --Ed.^J]

^ In addition, you can program in often-used salutations or other phrases that you frequently use online.

^ The best use, as well as the most dangerous, is to program in log on information for online services.

^ In the case of Compuserve, you could program "B" to print CIS02, "C" to print your user ID, and "D" for your password. As a former user of PC PURSUIT, I can tell you that this will save a TREMENDOUS amount of time.

^N ^A BUT!!!!!!! AND THIS IS IMPORTANT! ^M ^B You must be very careful whom you share you software with (you know, safe floppies and all that.) Because if you load up your function keys with all that pertinent information and then "lend" someone your MADAM7 disk or even just give them a copy, you are inviting BIG problems.

You may have known Bob a long time, but even the best of friends find it difficult to reseist "just a little peek around Compuserve" on your bill instead of theirs.

Trust me; I have seen it happen. I personally know of a case of an ATARI user who got a new copy of a term program that was loaded with passwords and ID's and "stole" time to the tune of $600, in just 1 month. In addition, by using the other guy's passwords for local BBS's he got the poor soul into 12 different kinds of trouble in his own home town.

So, please, practice safe swapping.

=============================================================== NOTE: Neither the Author nor the Organization assumes any responsibility for stolen or misused information due to the use and distribution of this program!!!!


That's pretty much all there is to M7FNK. By now, you should be very secure in your telecomputing powers. And, for those of you with external modems who can't get the enclosed copy of MADAM7 to run because it's configured for the ADAMLINK, I have a copy that is set up for external modems. I'd be happy happy to pass it on to you. The same rules apply: send me your medium along with an SASE, and I'll send it right out! Coming soon: NEXTPAK! But before I get too far along on it, would someone drop me a line and give me some suggestions as to what they would like to see??? I'm a utilities freak and could fill a hard drive with file fixers and other assorted goodies, but I'm not compiling this software for my own use. I'm doing it for you; so give me a clue! What are YOUR needs or interersts? I'd hate to bore my audience.

Questions? Comments? Ideas? (Remember, the contest RAGES on!) ^N

                         Jerome Hess
                         P.O. Box 678203
                         Orlando, Fl. 32867

lecomputing powers. And, fo

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Article: carnival

CARNIVAL By Sega Plays sounds and scores just like the CARNIVAL arcade game!!

Hurry hurry!!Step right up and prove your skill at hitting targets in this challenging carnival shooting gallery. Authentic carnival music and gallery sounds set the mood as you build up your score with good aim and a careful choice of targets. But watch out for the bullet eating ducks. Once you clear the gallery, you get a chance at hitting a special bear target for extra points.

Fire Away! Watch out. A surviving duck may fly down from the bottom row and eat ten of your bullets if you dont shoot him first. Knock out the pipes by aiming for their bowls. But be accurate. The pipe value decreases with every shot that misses a target. Hit the same color pipes with two consecutive shots and you get four times the pipe score value for the second pipe.

Knock out pipes early in the game. If any pipes remain, on the wheel while you are hitting the moving targets, ducks, ducks, and more ducks start coming out. Score extra points by hitting the plus-minus target at left. But look out. If the minus sign is displayed when you hit the target, the points or bullets shown are SUBTRACTED from your total.

BONUS SPELL Spell BONUS in the correct order and you win the points shown below the word at right. But keep sharp. Hitting a letter out of order cancels the chance to win the bonus points.

The more targets you hit before the letter B the higher the Bonus points when you do spell the word. If your bullet suppply runs low, aim for the 5 and 10 boxes in the target rows to stock up on more bullets.

Beware in higher skills, the longer you take to knock out all the targets, the faster they move. Hit the music target at right to turn off or on the music. Clear the gallery of all moving targets and pipes and your remaining bullets are credited to your score as points. Then you move on to the bear rack screen. Each time you hit the bear you earn bonus points but he also moves faster each time you hit him so be fast.

After the bear leaves the screen you go back to the gallery. Then another bear rack with two bears etc.

HAVE FUN our total. BONUS SPELL Spell BONUS in the correct order

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Article: concntst


Push in May for month of June. The BEST ideas for Adam Conventions, be it program ideas, promotional ideas, etc. Any idea you have which you feel will help make Adam Conventions better should be submitted to:

Richard Clee 21 Rondale Blvd. Toronto Ont. M6A lH6 CANADA AIR MAIL


Richard or someone he designates will judge the entries. The lst and 2nd best entries will win prizes, which include $ 20.00 WALTERS SOFTWARE OR $ 20.00 ADAM SOFTWARE SUPPORT Software YOU SHOULD BE SURE TO LET WALTERS SOFTWARE & ADAM SOFTWARE SUPPORT KNOW THAT YOU APPRECIATE THEIR CONTINUING SUPPORT OF ADAM AND ANN AND THE ANN CONTESTS.

You could suggest to other Adam dealers, companies, etc. you are in communication with that it would be nice if they would consider sponsoring future A.N.N. contests.

This contest starts NOW and runs thru the end of June.

ALL entries must be in writing OR on disk or tape and sent to Richard Clee as indicated above.


l. Contest Rules are subject to change without notice before, during and/or after any ANN Contest at the sole option of ANN. 2. ANN reserves the right to substitute, change or modify prizes at any time, before, during or after contest.

3. In case of ties, ANN reserves the right to divide the prize between those who are tied, to substition or change the prize or to break the tie in any way or manner chosen by ANN , all of which shall be at the sole option of ANN. 4. Contests will run for the month indicated by ANN in the USA and for the month indicated by ANN and for the month immediately prior to such month in Canada only, to allow for delays in communication with Canadian AUGS.

5. ONLY entries which are recieved by ANN not later than l5 days after the contest ends and post marked not later than the day after the day the contest ends shall be eligible for prizes. 6. It is the obligation of the participating groups to send the entries to ANN. It is NOT the obligation of ANN to download these entries from BBSs nor to take any positive action to see that entries are received by or sent to ANN.

7. Individual paid subscribers to ANN are allowed in addition to any votes, guesses, entries, etc. through AUGS, newsletters or BBSs, an additional 5 entries by mailing same directly to ANN (Barry Wilson) subject to the contest time limits. 8. ANN contests are made possible in part by those sponsoring them and donating prizes. Please patronize these groups and let them know that you appreciate their sponsorship of the contests.

9. The purpose of ANN contests is to promote interest and activity in and with the ADAM computer; to give individual Adamites, especially those not in AUGS and isolated, a sense of community or belonging; to make adam computer use fun; and other such good and noble purposes.



Jan. promote Feb. Contest Feb. Weight Contest. Winner Lola Cowan PSAN, 2nd Jeff Jodoin AWAUG, 3rd Jeff Wilson SLAUG. SPONSORS: AWAUG (for BJ), SOFTWORKS FACTORY AND AWAUG. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS AND LET THEM KNOW YOU APPRECIATE THEIR SPONSORSHIP. Plug them in your newsletters, BBSs, AUG meetings, etc.

Mar. promote Ugliest Sysop/Editor Contest. April UGLIEST SYSOP/EDITOR CONTEST.


May promote Convention contest. June Convention contest. Best suggestions for ADAMCON02, such as program ideas, promotional ideas, etc. Any suggestions to help make ADAMCON02 a success.


July Promote August Contest Contest

August Contest Contest. Best suggestion for future contests. SPONSORED BY WALTERS SOFTWARE AND ADAM SOFTWARE SUPPORT


Oct. WALTERS SOFTWARE CONTEST. James Walters will pick out his personal favorite three Walters Software programs, you only have to guess which ones they are . SPONSORED BY WALTERS SOFTWARE AND WALTERS SOFTWARE.

Nov. Promote Dec. contest Dec. Contest (probably winner of Contest Contest)


Please push and support all contests. They are for ADAM'S BENEFIT and YOUR benefit. We need to keep Adam interest up and alive, we need to let all feel they can participate in Adam regardless of their technical knowledge or skill, we need a feeling of family, community, group, etc.

SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS who help make these contests possible. Let them know you appreciate them.


ADAM SOFTWARE SUPPORT is now an ANN sponsor and will be sponsoring several contest. They also deserve your support. (8l25 W. Catherine, Chicago ILL 60656). Barry Wilson

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Article: contestg


l. Contest Rules are subject to change without notice before, during and/or after any ANN Contest at the sole option of ANN. 2. ANN reserves the right to substitute, change or modify prizes at any time, before, during or after contest.

3. In case of ties, ANN reserves the right to divide the prize between those who are tied, to substition or change the prize or to break the tie in any way or manner chosen by ANN , all of which shall be at the sole option of ANN. 4. Contests will run for the month indicated by ANN in the USA and for the month indicated by ANN and for the month immediately prior to such month in Canada only, to allow for delays in communication with Canadian AUGS.

5. ONLY entries which are recieved by ANN not later than l5 days after the contest ends and post marked not later than the day after the day the contest ends shall be eligible for prizes. 6. It is the obligation of the participating groups to send the entries to ANN. It is NOT the obligation of ANN to download these entries from BBSs nor to take any positive action to see that entries are received by or sent to ANN.

7. Individual paid subscribers to ANN are allowed in addition to any votes, guesses, entries, etc. through AUGS, newsletters or BBSs, an additional 5 entries by mailing same directly to ANN (Barry Wilson) subject to the contest time limits. 8. ANN contests are made possible in part by those sponsoring them and donating prizes. Please patronize these groups and let them know that you appreciate their sponsorship of the contests.

9. The purpose of ANN contests is to promote interest and activity in and with the ADAM computer; to give individual Adamites, especially those not in AUGS and isolated, a sense of community or belonging; to make adam computer use fun; and other such good and noble purposes.

the contest ends shall be eligible for prizes. 6. It is the obligation of the participating groups to send the entries to

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Article: cpm1a

\r~05,80\ \K\W\Q\CPAGE 26.\ \ CP/M FOR THE ADAM.\ \ BY THOMAS J. KEENE.\ \r~05,40\K\Q\A\ As I advised the membership, in recent issues of the ADVISA, I have been trying, for some time, to obtain a comprehensive series of articles on the use of CP/M with our ADAM'S, to reproduce in our newsletter. On March 7th, in response to a request to a fellow newsletter editor, I received, in the mail, a disc full of such articles, written by an acknowledged master of the subject. Here is the first of those gems.\

\ This article commences a lengthy series on CP/M for the ADAM, written by the Editor of the Inland Empire ADAM User's Group Newsletter, Tom Keene. Tom has generously provided these as software copies of 19 articles he has written over the years. Compiling the series involved his searching back over several years of material, and he warns that some of the material is inevitably dated by the changes that have since occurred within the ADAM community. Rather than try to update the material, I have decided to reproduce it in it's original entirety. You can read the articles and make your own judgements on the validity of some of the content. Our sincere thanks to Tom for his kindness in providing the series for our use. I hope we do it justice. EDITOR.\

\ \W\CCP/M FOR THE ADAM, PART 1.\w\A\ As we all know, the ADAM computer is an extremely well conceived MICRO. Fortunately for us, the designers provided the CP/M system for ADAM before they closed down. For us, CP/M is a window to the world. Without it, our communication with the rest of the computer world couldn't happen! Almost no software could be downloaded from the many public domain libraries around the country without CP/M. Even the superb modem programs that make ADAM the equal to any other computer are all written in CP/M. \

\ While I personally think SMARTBASIC is a terrific version of BASIC --- and superior to most other versions, there ARE other versions of BASIC. Some versions such as MICROSOFT BASIC are extensively used in the non-ADAM world. But we aren't limited to just SMARTBASIC. Many of us use MICROSOFT BASIC where its advantages are important. But there would be NO MICROSOFT BASIC for us without CP/M. And what about COBOL or PASCAL or FORTRAN. Who, other than an ADAM user, would think that the ADAM could use these powerful languages? And the beauty of it is, that we have many of these languages in our own public domain library --- but in CP/M, of course.\

\ For now, let's look at the use of CP/M as a way to communicate with that big outside world. When Coleco sold us the modem, they provided that infamous ADAMLINK I which was virtually worthless. With 9 bucks, a lot of luck and patience, we could (in the past) obtain ADAMLINK II. At least with ADAMLINK II we can talk across the country with another ADAM. \

\r~45,80\ \K\Q\A\ \ \ \ \ \ \ And within very restricted limits, we can download some programs from a very few libraries. COMPUSERVE has a few useful files which ADAMLINK II can get. But ADAMLINK II can't process binary coded files, which a good many files are. For that, you need CP/M to get a modem program that will handle binary coded files.\

\ There are several excellent CP/M modem programs in our public domain library. One is MBOOT, another is MADAM7 (and several earlier versions) and in my opinion the best --- MEX!\

\ With a good CP/M modem program you can share those programs you wrote with the rest of the world by putting them in the COMPUSERVE libraries, or other bulletin board libraries. With COMPUSERVE, you can send and receive some stuff without CP/M. But with almost every other bulletin board I'm familiar with, you can't even access them without CP/M.\

\ Can you send SMARTWRITER files (that is, text files) to and from libraries using CP/M? I can't think of a better way to do it. Any file you have written, whether it is a BASIC language program, or a documentary can be readily converted to a CP/M file. Suppose you have a text file that must be very accurately transmitted to COMPUSERVE for example.\

\ There is one terrific advantage in sending a high accuracy transmission via a CP/M modem rather than by the ADAMLINK II. With the CP/M modem you can use one of the error checking protocols of transmission rather than just shooting it over the wire and hoping for the best.\

\ Coleco provided a file in the CP/M package which will convert any ADAM EOS file to a CP/M file. The name of this file is ADAM.COM. The file extension after the decimal point in the title is COM. This means that it is a COMMAND file. To invoke a COM file, all you have to do is type the file name and carriage return. All files of the file type COM automatically execute. The first thing you do is insert your CP/M disc (or datapack) and pull the reset switch. At this point I am assuming that the CP/M disc is the one you got from COLECO. (Later I will point out how you might pull the reset switch and nothing happens.) As soon as the CP/M system is loaded into ADAM memory, you can start converting. I am going to assume that you are using two disk drives, but you could just as easily use a single disc drive and a datadrive or two data drives. If you loaded CP/M from disk drive 1, then that drive is identified as drive "A".If you had put your disk in drive 2 then drive 2 will be identified as drive "A".\

\ Put the SMARTWRITER disk in drive 2 which will be identified as drive "B".(the left data drive is "C" and the right data drive is "D"). This might sound a bit confusing, because you can boot CPM from either disk drive or either data drive. See page B24 of your CP/M manual for alternate setups.\

pe COM automatically execute. The first thing you do is insert your CP/M disc

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Article: cpm1b

\r~05,80\ \K\Q\W\CPAGE 27.\ \ CP/M FOR THE ADAM \ \ PART 1, CONT.,\ \ \r~05,40\K\Q\A\ As soon as you type ADAM <CR>, you will get a screen prompt:\ \ ADAM to CP/M FILE COPY UTILITY\ \ ADAM TAPE/DISK IS DRIVE\ (A,B,C, or D) ?\ \ Then it pauses and you type in B (or whatever drive your SMARTWRITER file is on). ADAM will then respond with a screen prompt something like this:\

\ VOLUME = FIRST DIR\ \ TYPE FILENAME\ A SORT\ A CALTEC\ H HOWTODOIT\ h REJECT\ \ TRANSFER ADAM FILE ?\ \ It stops for you to type the file name to be converted. If the file SORT is to be converted then you would type SORT --- just as it appears. Then you will get the following screen prompt:\

\ ADAM FILE TYPE (H,h,A OR a) ?\ \ At this point it stops for you to insert the TYPE. In the case of SORT the TYPE is A.\

\ Then you get the next prompt:\ \ NAME CPM FILE ?\ \ It stops again for you to give your new CP/M file a name and file extension, if appropriate. I will identify the new file SORT.BAS. The extension (or filetype) of BAS indicates that it is a BASIC file. This doesn't mean a lot to ADAM SMARTBASIC, but for other BASIC programs such as MICROSOFT BASIC, the file extension of BAS is important. If the file is just a text file I usually write TXT for the extension. Actually, you don't have to give any extension. Sometimes .001 or .002 help identify which version of a file it is.\

\ Anyway, as soon as you type the file name and extension, the transfer process starts. It is usually pretty fast and as soon as the file is in CP/M you get this screen prompt:\

\ ANOTHER FILE TO TRANSFER (Y or N) ?\ \ \r~45,80\ \K\Q\A\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ If that's all for now, --- then type N . Normally you should be able to take a look at the transferred file by typing TYPE SORT.BAS <CR>. (SMARTKEY VI will enter TYPE which is easier than typing it).\

\ Try it. But you won't be able to read it, because it will fly past so fast it is impossible to read. OK! How about typing it out on the printer? In CP/M you can direct anything that goes to the screen to be printed, by just typing ^P (control-P) that is simultaneously pressing the CONTROL KEY and P). Do that and then type TYPE SORT.BAS followed by pressing <CR>.\

\ The printer begins to type and the first line looks good. But from there on, it just types over and over and over that same line. You can stop it with a ^C (CONTROL C). One of the problems here is that we have carriage returns but no line feeds. Is this anyway to run a railroad?\

\ Did you ever notice in the back of the CP/M manual, in APPENDIX D, beginning on page D35 there is a thing called ADAM Filter Program? It was written by Stephen Munnings. Coleco didn't say what is was for or what you did with it. And nowhere (that I ever found) was there any comment about the weird behavior I mentioned above. There is a really strange comment in the manual on page B45 that "You might notice some unrecognizable characters--garbage. These characters were used to tell SMARTWRITER what margins, spacing, and tabs the file required. Now that you've converted the file to CP/M 2.2 these characters are unnecessary and can be deleted."\

\ Well here's where that Filter Program is used. It will rectify those missing line feeds and other extraneous "garbage". But that will have to be our topic next time. The Munnings Filter Program does work, but there are shorter and superior filter programs which I will discuss in our next article.\

\ Thomas J. Keene I.E.A.U.G.\ \ EDITOR'S FOOTNOTE. Let's have some feedback on this series. Should we print one chapter each issue?. Or should we print more. Until I know how many of the members are interested in acquiring a working knowledge of CP/M, it is impossible for me to accurately gauge the effect printing one or more of these articles, will have on the readability of the newsletter from the point of view of those people for whom it is intended, the group members.\

\ Just take the time to let me know your wishes regarding this excellent series.\ equired. Now that you've converted the file to CP/M 2.2 these characters are unnecessary and can be deleted."\


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Article: diskndat


THAT'S RICH by MOAUG columnist Richard Lefko as published in April, '90 MOAUG (his title for this column was DISK&THAT; I used the title "And the Beat Goes On..." PJH)


It has been called our "ever-changing" world, and for AD AM users it's really no different. Some things end, others c ontinue, and still others seem to rise from the ashes. Set forth are some examples of each: Some things end: BJ and Orphanware are gone again. The difference this t ime is that they are REALLY gone forever! The OBS/AAUG bul letin board has closed down and BJ is selling the last of his ADAM equipment, including the hard drive that contains the v ast amount of files his board collected. One can only hope that some ADAMite, somewhere, will buy that equipment and beg in anew!

I personally had many conversations with BJ over the pho ne lines and found him to be honest, sincere, outrageous at times, but ALWAYS willing to help out. BJ and his OBS boar d and everything that went along with his organization will b e sorely missed by all and we certainly wish him well on his future endeavors. Good Luck, BJ!! Others continue: Have you gotten an A.N.N. disk yet?? If you haven't, you're probably missing one of the best ADAM deals around!!

ANN is the ADAM News Network. ANN disks are regularly mailed out to editors, sysops, and AUG officers as a source of information for their newsletters or groups. ANN disks contain various articles, programs, and reviews just like newsletters. In fact, ANN is exactly that: a newsletter on disk! They are distributed by Barry Wilson of the Saint Louis AUG, and are now available by subscription to all! Right now you can subscribe on a trial basis for $4 a month, three months for $11, six months for $20, or one year for $35. It's $2 more for datapack versions. An ANN mailing is usually at least 250K on two disks (though I've received THREE at times!) What a bargain! Write ANN c/o Barry Wilson

               12967 Weathersfield DR, St. Louis, MO 63146.
Checks should be made payable to Barry Wilson. STILL OTHERS RISE FROM THE ASHES: If you haven't already heard, Sol Swift is no longer associated with TSF (The Softworks Factory.) That's the bad news! The good news is that Sol is still with us and back on his own again programming and postulating his position in a new publication entitled, "ADAM COMPUTING TODAY".

By the time you read this the first issue will have already been sent out as well as GoDOS 1.1!! ACT will be published semi-monthly. Yes, that means TWO ISSUES EVERY MONTH, one on the first and the other on the 15th. I've spoken with Sol personally and feel we've really gotten him back this time, for good!!

His new company is called PHOENIX 2000 and they will be handling all of the Digital Express products. Now maybe we can get started on GoWriter, GoCALC, GoLINK, go Sol...just keep goin!!!! His new address is PHOENIX 2000, PO BOX 1292, KINGS MTN, NC 28086. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editor's Note: I received an advance copy of the new ACT newsletter last week. It is 23 pages long, including advertising. It's much like NIBBLES AND BITS. There are some changes, though. There is less space devoted to product descriptions (as of this issue, Sol no longer includes listings of most outside PD software.) In case you're wondering, ACT will be sent to all N&B subscribers. I also received a copy of the PHOENIX 2000 catalog. I understand that M.W. RUTH will be the main distributor for PHEONIX 2000 products. Jay and Ruth Forman have also volunteered to accept telephone messages and relay them to Sol until he gets a business line.

                    M.W. RUTH: (609) 667-2526          PJH

on GoWriter, GoCALC, GoLINK, go Sol...just keep goin!!!! His new address is PHOENIX 2000, PO BOX 1292,

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Article: editimp


Most are authored by Nat Eiseman, a very knowledgible Adamite and were left on the AWAUG BBS for the newsletter. But feeling these were important and have some vague general type permission to do so, I grabbed them immediately.


The pi symbols are from the xmodem download and represent carriage returns in the CPM to EOS translation. Maybe Nate will write an article on that one time.

                                 EDIT(11)IN IMP
                                   Nat Eiseman

There have been a number of question/comments recently, both at meetings and on the BBS concerning edit programs, program patching, and the problem of IMP not handling files over 128 records. There is a nice little (2K) program available on the AWAUG BBS called EDIT11. It is a good editor, excellent for

patching, and can be used to modify IMP to handle larger files. The LBR file contains the COM file, an easy to read DOC file and QRF. I use EDIT for lots of things, including looking up words in a large dictionar file I wil als giv yo dis directory cop files prin files giv he dum an edi tex an programs Bu fo quic an eas patchin o programs wher yo ar give th patc addresse an value t b

substitute i DO file, EDIT1 can' b beat.

Afte loadin th progra th firs thin yo hav t patc i EDI itself Th clear-scree code(s ar no installe Fin ou wha th he code(s fo

clearin you termina scree are Ther ma b one two o thre two-digi numbers Fo th Falc termina the ar 2 an 43 Thes ar entere a addresse 855-857.


2 Th compute wil respon ADDRESS?

3 Ente 855<CR>

4 ADA wil respon BYTE=00 CHANG TO:

5 Ente you cod <CR>

6 Repea fo addresse 85 an 85 i necessary carriag retur a th addres promp terminate th editin session ne EDIT11.CO wil b writte

t dis an th origina save a BA file.

A for IMP hav foun tha th progra abort whe i trie t writ t dis a 12 record (16K) IMP-DISK.NO report tha thi i du t slo dis

system takin mor tha 1 second t writ 12 record t dis an suggest changin byt 0BF fro 80 (16K t 40 (8K) Whe di thi IM aborte itsel a 8K!

Us th procedur describe abov t chang byt 0BFF (th "fil extent" t FF Thi wil preven ADA fro writin t dis unti th fil transfe i complete O unti th TP i full Whe memor i exceede ADA lock u an

hav foun n othe wa t ge ou o i excep t pul th rese switch Th availabl memor varie wit you system A firs wa abl t downloa file

u t 24 record wit thi modificatio o th program Now wit Powermat an TDO 4.1 ca ge u t 27 records Runnin TPA.CO an subtractin th

siz o th progra fro th TP valu wil ge yo clos t th maximu fil siz fo you configuration The experiment Th AWAU BB (an mos others

wil giv yo th fil siz i record befor i begin t download s yo ca abor th transfe yoursel i th fil i to big.

Whe di thi IM

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Article: editor1

\r~05,80\ \K\W\Q\CPAGE 1.\ \ FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK.\ \r~05,40\ \K\Q\AI thought that for this editorial, I would just sit down and rattle off the things I want to report, as they occur to me. That way we will avoid any formalization of the piece.\

\ For those of you who didn't make the March 3rd meeting, you missed a very pleasant informal session. In attendance were members Bob Stroud, about who more later, Charles Smith, Jack Forsythe, Don Mason, Michael Lyons, Ted Underhill, Francis Naish, yours truly, and a potential member Garry Chater. I say potential, because I haven't yet received his annual dues.\

\ After a brief opening statement by Bob Stroud, Ted Underhill demonstrated the simplicity of replacing the printer ribbon in one of his original Coleco cartridges. The whole operation can be accomplished, as Ted easily demonstrated, under less than ideal conditions, in just a few minutes, using only a pocket knife, a pair of scissors, and a small piece of Scotch tape. I think that most of us who had religiously wound the refills on to the original spool, were surprised to find that, at least in the case of Ted's cartridge, it was simply a matter of pressing off the empty hub ring and pressing on the new refill. We only have 18 or so pancake ribbon refills left out of the fifty I originally purchased, so, if you want any, now is the time to say so. Keep your unused ones in the refrigerator. It improves the storage life.\

\ Garry Chater, our potential member, brought up a problem he was having with scrambled texts in certain of his files. One of the suggestions that was made was that he clean the read/write heads on his datadrives. Remember, the coatings from datapacks do slough off and some of this material deposits itself on various parts of your datadrive mechanism. I intend to publish an article in the next ADVISA, dealing with cleaning and care of datadrives. Watch for it!. You may be amazed at how little foreign material it takes to cause read/write problems.\

\ As a result of a discussion on the relative merits of Diablo Hytype 1 ribbons vs Coleco originals, the members decided it would be a good idea if we ordered a dozen of the Diablo ones, to examine and test them. They have been ordered.\

\ Ted Underhill demonstrated a SmartBASIC programme he wrote, which provides accurate determination of additives needed to be mixed into a "must" in wine-making. The programme prompts the user to provide certain relevant information, then, using that data, plus data resident in the programme, it calculates the amount of sugar, etc, that needs to be added to the "must" to provide the means of achieving the desired specific gravity. I have the program on file and will publish it in a future issue of the ADVISA.\

\r~45,80\ \ \ \ \ \K\Q\A\ Ted also demonstrated using SpeedyWRITE. Many of us are somewhat overwhelmed by the tremendous array of commands that are part of SpeedyWrite. I know, I am!. But Ted made it all look very simple. It's probably a case of perceived, as opposed to real difficulty. Ted certainly made it all look very easy.\

\ Towards the end of the meeting, I proposed to Bob Stroud that he consider taking on the role of President of our group. Although the proposal was new to Bob, I had discussed it with several of the original members, and they all agreed that Bob would be an ideal person to take on the role. I was extremely pleased that Bob agreed without delay to adopting this newly appointed responsibility, and I must echo the other member's sentiments. Bob is an ideal choice to act in his new capacity, despite his protestations.\

\ Now that we have a President, you can enjoy Bob's regular input to this newsletter. See his first article " A President's Prerogative" in this issue. You can also read reprints of two reviews Bob originally had published in the Edmonton ADAM User Group's newsletter, ADAM'S LEAF.\

\ You may recall that I previously mentioned that Dave Sands, the ex-editor of ADAM'S LEAF was coming to live on the Island, in Deep Bay. Well, he sent me a cheque to cover his membership in our group, and we expect him to take up residence, on or about May 1st.\

\ In addition to the potential member I have already mentioned, as a result of a series of ad's I have placed in the Buy, Sell & Trade weekly, I was contacted by a gentleman from Bowser, who came to see me after our initial phone contact, and subsequently joined our ranks. His name is Roy Frederickson, and he wants to use his ADAM to create and maintain a database for his collection of movies on Beta VCR tapes. He has some 300 of them. He also has an extensive phonograph record collection, which he wishes to catalogue. Because the movie titles are changing as Roy records new titles over old ones, he needs to be able to update his directory frequently, and to be able to "sort" under several different categories. I suggested that ADAMcalc was probably the best database for his purpose because you can "sort" by column, or by row, and you can "search" for specific "names".

For the record collection, he wishes to be able to "sort" and print the database into several different categories, including artists name, music titles, music type, and etc. Once again, provided these categories were identified as individual columns in ADAMcalc, they could easily be sorted alphabetically in each column. I am hopeful that Ted Underhill will be able provide some knowlegeable advice on using ADAMcalc as a database.\ \ He has some 300 of them. He also has an extensive phonograph record collection

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Article: editor2

\r~05,80\ \K\W\Q\CPAGE 2.\ \r~05,40\ \K\W\Q\CEDITOR'S DESK CONT.,\w\A\ \ As we go to "press" with this issue, the first press release concerning ADAMCON 02 is out. The party is to be co-hosted by the Metro Toronto ADAM Group, MTAG and The Loyal ADAM User's of the Golden Horseshoe, LAUGH. Names of contacts and fee structures are contained in the press release. I plan to attend, and I hope some more of our members can find the time to join me there. It should be a good show, especially since it is timed for those days in August when the Canadian National Exhibition is underway.\

\ In addition to the press release concerning ADAMCON 02, you will find two articles by Richard Clee, President of MTAG, in connection with getting to Toronto, and the things to do, once you are there. No doubt the LAUGH group will be producing something similar extolling the virtues of the Niagara Peninsular. If they do - we will reproduce those too.\

\ In an effort to accumulate a reasonable supply of back-up materials for my own, and other member's ADAM'S, I recently ordered, ex-Princess Auto, a complete ADAM, minus the outer casings and without a printer, but with a power supply. Princess were selling these, from their Edmonton store, for $99.00. At the same time, while ordering this from one of the store personnel, who happened to be a member of the Edmonton ADAM User's Group, he told me that they were "stripping" down Expansion Module #3 CPU's and selling the logic boards they enclosed for $10 each. I told him to send me six at that price, and to save himself the bother of "stripping them down", to leave the cases on. Which he did!. So now I have an additional ADAM minus printer, in it's underwear, so to speak, and six Expansion Module #3 CPU's minus datadrives. All are Revision 80 units, and all work fine.\

\ In some other group's newsletter I read that Jameco Electronics, in Belmont, California, were advertising Coleco game boards, that's the Colecovision and ADAM gameboard, which includes the Z80 microprocessor, for $3.95 each. So I checked their catalogue and indeed, that was correct. As well as the game boards, they were advertising a "small Coleco circuit board" of unknown description, for 2 for $1.99. I ordered five of the game boards, and five packages of the other boards. When the shipment arrived, I found that the game board price had been further reduced to $1.95 each, and the smaller boards, which turned out to be SmartWRITER Printer Logic Boards, were reduced to 2 for $0.95. Of the game boards, two are fully operational, one has a video fault, and the other two I can't tell because there is no video or audio. I haven't had a chance to check the printer logic boards as yet, but I suspect that several of them have problems. But, they are all "loaded" with components which we may be able to use when the parts for our ADAM'S are in short supply.\

\r~45,80\ \K\Q\A\ \ \ I have received my package from Practical Programs, which, as you will read, I ordered as a result of the catalogue reproduced in this issue. Haven't had a chance to try those out yet, but I am hopeful I can bring them to the next meeting on April 7th.\

\ As you will read, further on, I have finally been successful in obtaining copies of an extensive series of instructional articles on CP/M, written by Tom Keene, of the Inland Empire ADAM User's Group, IEAUG, of Orange CA, USA. I had previously received some issues of the IEAUG newsletter, but they were too recent to give me the opportunity to start the series at it's beginning. IEAUG is noted for it's use of CP/M, and although Tom Keene earnestly upholds that he works in Basic and other languages, as well as CP/M, which is certainly true, it is the opinion of those ADAMites with whom I have discussed the matter that Tom is one of the ADAM fraternity's leading lights when it comes to CP/M. \

\ I have also contacted MOAUG to try to obtain a copy of their CP/M wizard, Jerome Hess's, Starter Kit, which is necessary to properly utilize his series on CP/M called "BIOS CALL". I want to publish these as a alternative to Tom Keene's articles, because I think Jerome's articles will provide a different approach to learning about CP/M and one which may be more suitable for those of us that are less knowledgeable in data processing matters.\

\ Had a pleasant phone conversation with Ron Collins, President of The Northern Ohio ADAM Hackers, NOAH. I was trying to elicit Ron's help in my continuing struggle to convert my disc drives to double sided. The ADAM News Network had recently released copies of the instructions issued by Orphanware on how to use their kit to accomplish the change, so I phoned Ron to obtain a copy of his "formatting" software and some advice. He told me that John Lingrel had returned from Japan, where he was presumably working, and had closed down his BBS and instructed the phone company to disconnect the line. Ron didn't know why, although he mentioned that Big John had said he was "through" with ADAM. If that is so, the ADAM world has lost one of it's "greats". BJ was responsible for many "first's" in ADAMdom, and he has generously donated most of his efforts to the public domain. Let's hope it is really all a misunderstanding.\

\ Ron told me had received his "release" copy of GODOS and was busy trying it out. He seemed impressed. I had heard that the Softworks Factory were intending to ship an interim release of GODOS to keep things going until Solomon Swift was satisfied with a final version. If you have one on order, look for it in the mail soon.\

\ As you will read later in this issue, the statement I made about the RF Modulator from Radio Shack, not being available in Canada, was entirely a figment of my local affiliate store owner's, imagination. See John Forsythe's article in this issue.\

closed down his BBS and instructed t

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Article: editor3

\r~05,80\ \K\Q\W\CPAGE 3.\ \r~05,40\ \K\Q\W\CEDITOR'S DESK CONT.,\w\A\ I recently received a catalogue from a company known as ELECTRIC IMAGE, Box 890, Palmerston, ON, N0G 2P0. (519) 343-2406.\

\ They offer a wide range of software and some hardware for the ADAM. I suspect that they carry minimal stock of the items they advertize and just order from the suppliers/manufacturers as the situation requires. Some of the manufacturers and the titles are entirely new to me.\

\ I checked several of their prices, in Canadian dollars, with US prices in other catalogues, and came to the conclusion that there were no real bargains here. Their mark-up appears to vary from US+24% to US+28%. And I have some concerns that not all of their offerings are "kosher". For example, they offer THE PICK, which runs under ADAMcalc, for $19.95. Complete with ADAMcalc, but without the ADAMcalc manual, they offer a package price of $39.95. This makes me suspicious that the ADAMcalc is not an original copy, but I have no way of proving that. \

\ In addition, they offer, under the heading of "Cartridge Games converted to TAPE and DISK format", a selection of games which according to the Coleco Checklist, are not in the Public Domain, and should not be sold except in their original form, CARTRIDGES, sold by or under licence from the copyright holder. As far as I can determine, selling these games in Datapack or Disc format is an infringement of that copyright.\

\ I will pass the catalogue to Michael Lyons for our Product Library.\ \ I also received a new catalogue from a company run by Ken Batcher, Librarian of The Loyal ADAM User's of the Golden Horseshoe, (LAUGH), and Convention Director of ADAMCON 02. The company is called ADAM Distribution And Marketing, or A.D.A.M. for short. They also have a wide range of ADAM supplies available, but in this case, the prices are generally the same figure in Canadian dollars, as they would be in US dollars from a US supplier, including the manufacturer. So that is a reasonable discount for you to consider. In any case we should support Canadian suppliers to the greatest possible extent, especially if there is a price advantage. Michael has this catalogue now.\

\ According to David Sands, writing in the Edmonton ADAM User's Group (EAUG), newsletter, ADAM'S LEAF, Gary Bowser has completed his ADAM IMAGE MAKER, and it is now for sale from him at 432 Jarvis Street, Suite 502, Toronto, ON, M4Y 2H3, phone (416) 960-0925. The price is $250 CDN plus $9.00 Shipping.\

\ Apparently Gary also converts ADAM disc drives into 720K, 3 + 1/2" units for $120.00 CDN. I have no idea about shipping and handling costs. And finally, Gary has 64K Memory Expander Boards for $30.00. That's a good price. Now that the Orphanware 64K board is in the public domain, we may see more of these inexpensive boards.\

\r~45,80\ \K\Q\A\ \ \ John Forsythe sent me a copy of a letter he had received from Thomas Electronics of 151 Devonshire Cres., SASKATOON, SK, S7L 5V6, phone (306) 384-9322. The letter was in reply to his phone enquiry regarding the ADAMOUSE. It seems that the ADAMOUSE has become very popular and is now selling for $69.95 CDN for the internally connected version, and $79.95 CDN for the version that simply plugs into a gameport. ADAMOUSE does not require an external power supply, or a battery as do many others. They are working on several programs designed to take advantage of the capabilities of the ADAMOUSE, which is fully-proportional, and 100% compatible with ALL joystick controlled software.\

\ Thomas Electronics are developing a Graphics Utility which will allow high-resolution graphics picture creation, storage, retrieval and conversion. They are also in the final stages of completing a MOUSE MANAGER package which will be a complete file and media management system, with built-in support of ALL types of drives, including hard and ram drives. Work has also started on a mouse-driven word processing package using the ADAMOUSE, and consideration is being given to developing a terminal program controlled by the mouse. All in all it looks exciting, and the price of the ADAMOUSE is certainly very competitive.\

\ According to Richard Clee, the President of MTAG, Allied Business Machines, of La Mesa, CA, the company from whom I ordered the Diablo ribbon cartridges, also carry another high quality, inexpensive replacement ribbon cartridge for the ADAM. It is the PELIKAN 521 which sells for 30.00US per dozen, plus S & H. He assures me that the PELIKAN is a superior ribbon to the original Coleco, and MTAG are supplying this product to Canadian Tire, on special orders. MTAG also supply CTC with LORAN datapacks, which they purchase direct from Loranger. Maybe we should consider ordering some for club use.\

\ I have now installed 3" muffin fans, purchased from Jameco Electronics, in two of my ADAM printers, and have both my "ready-use" ADAMS powered by printers once again. This gives me the flexibility to choose between using the ADAM printer or the dot-matrix, without switching computers. I found that I could mount these units entirely within the upper printer case, which made the installation easier than that described in ADVISA 1-9. The total cost was a under $10.00CDN per unit. I chose to install an additional power cord and separate switch. They work fine and my power supplies stay really cool.\

\ As you will see on the last page of this issue of our newsletter, Bob Stroud and I have agreed to bring the publishing date forward, so that we can distribute copies of the newsletter, to those attending our meetings, in the even numbered months. We felt it might be an added incentive for members to attend the meetings, and would save a little of the club funds in postage.\

\ HAPPY HACKING.\ \ DAVID COBLEY\ fans, purchased from Jameco Electronics, in two of my ADAM printer

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Article: fbuilder

FORTUNE BUILDER This game has it all!!Educational and fun. Fortune Builder lets you plan, build and run your own commpunity. Race against time to achieve your financial goal in a One player game or compete with another tycoon in a two player game. Either way, Fortune Builder is a challenge.

Your community will be laid out on a map of undeveloped land, consisting of a seacoast, with beachfront, two mountain ranges, midlands, a river and a lake, with a main highway running north and south. Youll start with a fixed amount of cash, enabling you to buy and build a large variety of properties, from hotels, condoc, etc. to roads, amusement parks and video arcades. The challenge is to build them where they will draw the most traffic, therby increasing profits. And all the while, you must keep an eye on bulletins that may affect your efforts, watching for changes in everything from consumer trends to the weather. Fortune Builder teaches problem solving and helps you learn, in a way both fun and realistic about economics, geography, sociology, invetments and the effects of environment and current events on industry and the marketplace.

One or Two Player Game In Two player game screen is split in half, Player 1 uses top half, Player 2, bottom half. Whenever either player builds a property on his half of the screen, that property also appears on the other players half of the screen. Both players make their decisions and use their controllers to record those decisions at the same time.

After the title screen, if no option button is pushed the game goes into a demo mode showing how roads are built and properties are placed on them. Press any button for game option screen.

The lower the skill level, the more money you start out with, from a low of $2,500,000 to a high of $100,000,000. (Two player game low on skill 4 is $1,000,000 each, Skill One two player is also $100,000,000.

THE GAME BEGINS TYCOON!! Welcome to the world of high finance fellow YUPPIES!! As the game begins you are looking at a tract of undeveloped land(Map Screen, keypad button 1)Enterprising person that you are, you sense a vast potential for development and profits awaiting someone like you...the budding real estate tycoon. Your goal, to make a cool $250,000,000. If you are playing a One player game, you have five years to earn it, then the consortium youve put together for this project will demand an accounting. If youre playing a two player game, theres no time limit, but remember that the consortium expects you to reach the same goal before your opponent. The Two player game continues until one player has built his fortune and is declared the winner, or until one player goes bankrupt.

Theres already a main highway running north and south and you can see partially constructed roads to the east and west. You'll want to build a network of additional roads connecting the ones already existing so that cars may travel freely over all the terrain. More roads mean more potential places to build. The calender says its January of the first year of your construction program, so there is no time to waste.

A quick glance at the finance screen(Button 3) gives you the money picture. Youve got $100,000,000 in cash to work with at skill level one. You can take out loans when you need extra funds for those large expensive ventures. Always try to borrow when the interest rate is low. At the end of each month you will see a report on income received and payments made during that month. In addition, before each December's financial report, the entire map scrolls across the screen to display your development. Now go to the Build Screen and pick your project!

Time to build. (Build Screen-button 2) Run through your options(See using your controls below)...You may want to start out with a modest development-some additional roads, a gas station, some apartments or condo units for example. Or you might head straight for the beach or mountains and build your dream resort complete with hotels, casinos, marinas, ski lodges, restaurants and other properties to attract crowds of vacationers. Don't forget shopping centers and industries-factories, coal mines, offshore oil and fishing boats. Shortly after you begin building, youll see results of your investments. As new roads you construct make the various facilities accessible, cars begin appearing near them. The more attractive your developments, the larger the number of visiting cars and the more income you earn.

Not all construction is good though. The cost of building a property varies, depending on where you build. The computer lets you know the cost of building each type of property in a specific location. You can see the cost of a property by placing the small black frame(The frame) on the spot on the Map Screen where you want to build and then finding that property next to the blue arrow on the Build Screen. The cost of construction will appear under "COST IN 1000s" on the Build Screen. Moreover, if you try to build a prject when you don't have enough cash to pay for it, the computer will alert you. Youll hear a buzzer while on the Map Screen, and you will automatically return to the build screen. When this happens, make another selection or go to the finance screen and negotiate a loan. If you try to build in an inappropriate place (building a cinema in the ocean for instance) the word "SORRY" appears on the build screen under "COST IN 1000s". And if you try to build on a spot where property already exists, the word "YOURS" or "SOLD" appear in the same place.

As time marches on, and your five year limit approaches, or your competitor nears his goal sound strategy and astute play will make or break you. You might have to borrow large sums or sell some property to get cash for a big construction push. Events beyond your control, reported in the game as news bulletins, can then hurt you badly if you arent prepared. On the other hand, good news can greatly increase your income and your net worth if you are in a position to take advantage of it. Will you reach your goal before time runs out? If you do, youll hear a congratulatory fanfare for your financial savvy. If you dont, or go bankrupt, youll hear a dirge.

USING YOUR CONTROLS Move the control stick to move the frame across the map screen button 1 to the place where you want to build.

When the build screen is showing move the control stick up or down to view the selection of properties for sale, lining up the one you want to build next to the blue arrow. When the build screen is showing pressing either side button selects the type of construction project from which you can choose properties-Resort, Highway, or Commerce.

When the Finance Screen is showing pressing either side button selects the transaction you want to conduct, borrow, repay or sell. Press Appropriate keypad numbers to enter dollar amounds when conducting transactions on the finance screen.

Button 1-Map Screen Button 2-Build Screen Button 3-Finance Screen 5-Scroll to see entire map. Building Properties-When the Build Screen is showing and the blue arrow is next to a property you want to buy, press #. This automatically sends you to the map screen with the property you selected flashing in the frame. Use control stick to move frame where you want property to be . Press # again and the property you picked is placed in that spot. Repeat process for each property you want to build.

Completing Financial Transactions-When the Finance Screen is showing, use keypad button # to borrow cash, to repay a cash loan, or to sell a property. When borrowing or repaying, enter the amount you want to borrow ore repay by using the numbered buttons on the keypad then press #. This completes the transaction, and you will see the result immediately reflected in your financial statement. When selling a property, place the frame over the property you want to sell while the map screen is showing. Then go to the Finance Screen and press either side button until you get the sell option. You will see the property you want to sell inside the frame . Press # again and the sale is complete. The result will be immediately reflected in your financial statement.

the * can be used to pause the game as well, and # can be used to return to the option screen after a game ends.

HINTS STRATEGIES Sabotage is a useful tactic in two player games. You can do this by building properties that have an adverse effect on the income of existing properties owned by that player.

For instance, you can build a smog producing factory, next to a competitors beach front marina property thereby decreasing its popularity. Another two player game tactic that can drive your opponent crazy, though it may stretch your own resources, is to build properties in the secluded area to which the other player just built a road or a bridge.

In some cases building a property identical to one your opponent has built, near the same location as his is a good strategy. Youll reduce his income, but you should realize you wont be helping your own. Do this only when you have a lot of ready cash and your opponent doesnt. Itll hurt him a lot more than you.

Cooperations may also be a tactic to use, especially when sabotage has had the effect of reducing the income of both players. Make a pact with your opponent, you wont sabotage his beach property if he will leave your campground alone for instance. Fishing boats begin to earn income almost immediately as they dont need road access and fishing is year round. Buy these early in the game.

The time of year has a lot to do with strategic developmental planning. It takes time to build access roads, construct properties, and it takes time for traffic to discover these new developments. Plan ahead. Start building your beach resorts in the fall and your mountain ski resorts in the summer. Then theyll be open for business as soon as the season begins.

At the higher skill levels you may find that the best strategy is to borrow heavily at the beginning of the game, when the interest is low. Youll need plenty of cash to make your planned projects become reality, but be sure to keep your loan payments up to date.

All the ideas in this section are tried and true strategies. You will discover man y more as you play. No two games are exactly alike. Each higher skill level gives you a new goal to achieve and greater challenge to be mastered.

The Financial Page This game is an accurate reflection of real life economics, interest rates and money supply, and how they relate to financial gains and losses.

You can build only with available cash. Lacking cash, you must borrow. However, all borrowing involves monthly interest payments that are automatically deducted from your ready cash. Although the interest rate starts out low, it tends to increase as the total debt rises. Keep an eye on the interest rate. When it gets high, borrow cautiously. At the end of each month both your income and your interest payment for that period are automatically computed and entered in the financial report. If you cannot meet interest payments, the bank automatically increases your debt and deducts the amount due from your ready cash.

You can sell any property, except roads, bridges, tolls, fishing boats, ski lifts, oil wells, and parks, to the bank for its purchase price, as another means of raising cash. Roads and bridges are automatically deeded to the stat when built. They cant be sold and are not counted in your net worth. Be alert for the sound of beeping . That means a special bulletin is on the way. Try to cash in on trends indicated...

Bad news bulletins appear only once. There is nothing you can do about them. Road-Vital...All properties except ski lifts, boats, and oil rigs need roads for access.

Gas-Cars cant get to your properties without gas. Build plenty but not too close together to avoid price wars.

Motel-Dont build them near each other or near cottages and large hotels or you will decrease the income they produce. Toll Booth-Useful in decreasing income to surrround properties while producing modest income themselves.

Bridge-Expensive but neccessary for access to the two islands and crossing the river. Apartment-They benefit all properties except ski lodges, cottages and campgrounds. Dont cluster too many together though.

Condo-Dont foget to build plenty in MT and beach resort areas and near shopping centers and industries. THey only decrease income from campgrounds so build them wherever else you can. Mall-Wont make much near ski lodges, cottages or camps only. They make a lotta money especially when paired with fast fod restaurant, and cinemas...

Fast Food-Build anywhere people work for gold mine business. They will reduce the income of nearby restaurants, ski lodges cottages and camps though. Restaurant-Best place is near hotels, motels, casinos, ski lodges, condos, cinemas and stadiums. Dont put them near campgrounds or cottages.

Arcade-Dont put near coal mines or oil wells. Make the most money situated near malls, fast food joints and amusement parks. Factory-Produce most income if built near places where people live like apartments. Also real good if built near power units. Avoid building near cinemas, hotels, boardwalks, ski lodges, casinos, and recreation areas.

Power Unit-Best near factories, ski lifts, and coal mines...Reduce attractiveness of other properties. Cinema-Good with restaurants and hotels. Cinemas are only bad for ski lodges. Ocean Oil Rig-Keep away from beach resort properties. Profits only soar when oil strike is found.

Stadium-Draw big crowds depending on season. Stadiums hurt amusement parks, ski lodges, cottages or campgrounds but help fast food, restaurants, power units and hotels. Coal Mine-Can only be constructed on mountain slopes or in timberland. Its best to build near factories and power units. Keep away from residences, and recreation areas.

Fish boats-General store nearby can be a gold mine. General Store-Keep away from condos. Hotel-Powerful moneymaker, especially near casinos, cinema, stadium, boardwalk or restaurant. Keep away from cottages and campgrounds.

Boardwalk-Only be constructed in shallow water near the beach. Most facilities benefit. Amusment Park-Crowd drawer anywhere. Marina-Only in shallow ocean or lake. boat owners will throng to nearby properties, cottages, campgrounds, rest. and gen.stores...

Ski Lodge-Must be built on moutainside or in teimberland. Dont forget ski

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